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  1. Axezombie

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    I think like that because I play PZ since the beginning, when it was impossible to survive forever because the map was very small (not even the half of March Ridge) and farming wasn't a thing so you had to survive with food you found in buildings, so the quote "This is how you died" was very accurate, but now you're right it's more about surviving/living, there is more content added for long term surviving. To go back to the main subject, I think it's not only PZ's problem, this problem is in every survival sandbox games, if you don't create your own objectives then yes it'll be boring
  2. Axezombie

    Project Zomboid's biggest problem

    As you said you're not supposed to survive a very long time in PZ, that's why if you do you should make a new game but harder. Make it so hard that each day passed is an accomplishment PZ is a game about challenge, if you survive easily for months then you're not playing it how it is intended, at least that's how I see it. In the settings I'm playing with right now there is no endgame, or there is one but I'm not good enough to achieve it. (sandbox preset down there) Zombies are so powerful, so many and the conditions so hard you can't even feel bored for one second. You constantly need to get rid off zombies, make your safehouse stronger, find food etc I even almost died of thirst because I couldn't get next to a building or a river to get water after leaving the area where I was established, because it was ovetaken by zombies. I had to live in this cabin for some days to recover from the last attack. But yeah I understand that some people would find that more frustrating than fun and would want other objectives than just survive Edit: I also attach to my comment my modified spawnpoints.lua file for Wespoint and fireofficer, to have the best experience of it, if it interests someone. It spawns you in some houses of the south east corner of the map extreme.cfg spawnpoints.lua
  3. Axezombie

    Unable to pick up generator from car seat

    Oooh okay, well it's still a bit weird but at least now I understand how it works, thanks
  4. Axezombie

    Unable to pick up generator from car seat

    Okay but then why once it's on the ground we can grab it?
  5. Axezombie

    Unable to pick up generator from car seat

    I have the same problem and I have no mods, always have to put it on the floor before being able to grab it, not really annoying though
  6. Axezombie

    Need water in inventory to clean bandages.

    I don't think it's a bug, it is supposed to work like that and they made it that way because it's easier for them to code But yeah it would be better to be able to clean bandages with water around your character instead of using water in your inventory
  7. Axezombie

    Zombies in my house

    For me it happened here:,0.27824909164627404,322.6177108767989 Almost every nights and I slept on the second floor
  8. Axezombie

    Zombies in my house

    Yeah it happened to me too because of night events, so I disabled it. It doesn't make sense that zombies spawn directly into or even next to your safehouse. And of course all doors were closed and windows boarded AND there were walls all around my safehouse
  9. Axezombie

    Zombies everywhere on the map

    Cool, thanks a lot ddraigcymraeg Then there is a problem with some places of the map, as I said this little town (,0.19043884677366213,9.420933630719487 ) shouldn't be a ghost town
  10. Axezombie

    Generators and fumes in open garages?

    Yes it will, if the game thinks it's inside then you'll suffocate
  11. Axezombie

    You Shall Not Pass!

    Now take out your gun and paint the walls red
  12. Axezombie

    Invisible Cars

    and maybe you need Double-sized textures too
  13. Axezombie

    Urban or not?

    Maybe I'm totally wrong but I guess the map maker is the one deciding which zones are urban, same with the forage zones
  14. Axezombie

    Spooky Santa

    Are you planning to make the character's movements a bit faster? Because as "many" other people we are concerned about how slow those movements look like right now.
  15. Axezombie

    Any. Ver — Items on car seats.

    yeah and if the door is closed he'll still move the items he can't normally reach