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  1. Axezombie

    New combat system

    Hi everyone, Before you read please take this suggestion more like a question than a suggestion, I'm saying that because I already know what you're gonna say: "we didn't release IWBUMS version and you guys already want changes..." As most of you who have seen the streams of Mark.exe and Cromulent Archer on the build 41you have noticed that it is very hard to handle several zombies now because it seems we can't push more than one like before or hit several with one hit, maybe it'll be balanced or the wrong weapons were used... Anyway I'm not gonna talk too much about this build since it's not out but it made me think about how we could fight zombies in a more interesting/stragic way instead of just hitting and hoping for the best. For example, being able to hit a zombie in the legs so he could fall down and you can finish him later while you deal with another zombie, or prefering a direct hit to the head which could be fatal but with less chance of success. It could be done by hovering the mouse cursor where you want to hit, the head would be harder to aim too with this system except if you zoom a lot which could be explained IG by your character needing to focus more to hit the head. So I wonder if you guys (devs) have thought about this or have you other ideas to make combat more interesting?
  2. Axezombie

    Settings to Nerf Using Cars to Kill Hordes

    These settings can help CarDamageOnImpact DamageToPlayerFromHitByACar PlayerDamageFromCrash=true If you set it to max then crashing into zombies should deal more damage to the car and player, I don't know how much damage but that's the only settings I can think of to do what you want
  3. Axezombie

    Tripwires as Traps/Defenses

    It would be great especially since it seems that killing zombies will be a lot harder now, so we need more ways to protect us and deal with us. Like spikes barricades, I know it has been suggested a thousand times but it becomes more necessary now, stop 4 zombies for example and if more come it breaks Bear traps, hard to find and craftable with metalwork to stop one zombie and of course reusable. Something not too OP but still very useful and making the game more interesting by dealing with zombies in smart ways instead of walls and walls and walls again
  4. Axezombie

    Suggested Zombie Behavior Changes

    What would be nice too is making the zombies dumber, right now their pathfinding is way too good, it's easy to see that when you're behind a fence, the zombie should try to bite you through the fence, right? but no instead it goes all the way around the fence even if it's 30 meters long. Something else I noticed is that when zombies are thumping on windows/doors etc they ignore totally sounds, you can scream right next to them they'll keep thumping. Talking about meta events only gunshots and helicopters attract zombies, people screaming, dogs barking... do nothing but I guess it's a bug
  5. Axezombie

    game lacks common sense realism

    You don't need a hammer just a nail
  6. Axezombie

    game lacks common sense realism

    Something you didn't mention, you can remove car radios from the outside even if you don't have car keys
  7. Axezombie


    but why do you need a compass if the game's camera can't move? North is always up, south always down etc Maybe what you mean is having real coordinates like on a GPS
  8. Axezombie

    69 Zeds

    I think what would be nice is fight scenes, signs of fights in houses but also in the streets, blood on walls/floor, broken furnitures, bullet holes, more corpses... Talking about gore, do you plan in making the game more gory? Like some zombies cut in half with their intestines dragging on the floor, cut limbs/heads... Yeah I know it's a bit too stereotypical but hey that's a big part of the zombie culture to lose some parts everywhere
  9. Axezombie

    Bug with rain drops

    yes I've seen this but never thought it was because of looking far away
  10. Axezombie

    Functioning trains

    yeah but the railroad doesn't loop so... talking about trains it would be nice already to have some wagons to loot, randomly set on the railroad
  11. Axezombie

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    Okay, thanks for this answer. There is also a big problem with zombies, what should they do? Swim or drown? Swimming for zombies would be weird but drowning would be too easy to get rid off zombies, so yeah I guess it's better to let it be a "wall"
  12. Axezombie

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    That's what I thought when I saw this picture, I wonder what devs think about this subject. Good news for stealth, right now stealth doesn't really exist, it's just walk slowly and praise to not be spotted, not much more. I hope you gonna code it very well so it works behind bushes, furnitures, cars etc
  13. Axezombie

    The Sound of Mucus

    It's already a masterpiece in zombie game's genre, according to me it's the best zombie game ever made.
  14. I don't think it works like that, corpses act like containers and you can't take containers like that, except for bags. Someone should try, I'm too lazy to do it right now
  15. For items it is pretty easy, just use the floor icon, but for anything else I think you are right. If we could right click on the corpse icon then have an option "grab" it could be nice. or maybe by using the feature to move furniture