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  1. Oooh okay, now I feel dumb, English is not my native language so I never thought game could mean meat, sorry
  2. So I can walk on water, that's all... https://streamable.com/ Seriously, I made a path of dirt (1 tile wide) on water to protect my traps and the day after I came back to see that my dirt path was gone, but actually it is still there, just hidden by water so I guess it is a bug, right? (my settings about water are set to medium) Bonus bug: I can add a random game to my salad, yes I had the same reaction as you when I read that "wtf?" it should be random meat instead of random game of course... Don't play with your food, kids
  3. No mod So here's the bug, if a zombie climbs through a window and there are 2 tiles of furniture behind the window then zombie will be stuck in the second tile, as you can see in this video: https://streamable.com/97s1e it happens all the time and more than one zombie can be stuck at the same place, it doesn't only apply with furniture moved by players but with all kind of funritures. Bonus bug: you can see in this video sometime zombies run/walk instead of climbing through windows
  4. I didn't run into them, just walking. I don't mind having scratches, I mind about having them for unjustified reasons, but if they do almost nothing when bandaged then everything's fine
  5. scratches don't have an impact on combat anymore?
  6. I'm not really sure if it's a bug but it feels like it, I passed through a tree and got scratched, I wasn't even running! It's a bit ridiculous to get injured like that, and yeah if it was just a tiny scratch okay fine, but no, in Zomboid a scratch on your hand or arm is a big deal No mod.
  7. Damn it, no fix about zombie sprinters walking when they hear helicopter, gunshots, cars, well I'm gonna wait.
  8. That's what I mean too and by the way it's not only sport cars, all vehicles do that when you load a game
  9. it always has been like that, I don't know why but each start of a game it makes cars move slightly which means if you parked a car to block an entrance it could at some point move enough to make zombies pass. I learnt that the hard way...
  10. Night events are not really easy to spot, it's not a particular sound like meta events, it's just 1 or 2 zombies spawning during a night and attacking your safehouse, from what you say it doesn't seem like this zombie spawned from night event but you could try the same settings with nigth events disabled and see if it happens again to be sure (assuming no other event can spawn zombies)
  11. I think we can already burn corpses with gas, not so sure about whisky I always thought the character felt sick because he was disgusted and not being really sick. My character never got sick by corpses, the worse I got was nausea and I always played with prone to illness and hypocondriac
  12. you sure this zombie didn't spawn from night events?
  13. No mods In 6 months later trees can grow under cars and this is the result: I have found the car like that, I didn't drive it, I can enter it even open the trunk
  14. is it really necessary? You just need a dirty rag to craft a campfire, it's like the easiest object you can get in the game. Sure it would make more sense to use paper
  15. It'll probably be a thing when they'll have an animation for sleeping and when they'll reintroduce passing out from tiredness
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