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  1. I think it would be mostly the same sound but louder if they hit harder, anyway you don't think this is a problem the fact we can't tell if zombies are hitting the windows or not? With the old sound we could tell and then adapt to the situation. "Not to mention we can't hear the sound isolated. " that's the issue I'm pointing out, we should be able to hear the sound isolated
  2. No, that's how it sounds when someone/something hits your windows car : couldn't find better example, it sounds nothing like that in game
  3. Zombies hitting car windows sounds weird, it sounds like they're not hitting windows. Why not going into a car and recording someone hitting on a window like zombies do?
  4. Being a sprinter zombies adept since they first came out I like this idea but it's too rough for players who would like to try sprinters, because the goal to have such a setting is to highlight sprinters, right? So if you put those players who never played with sprinters directly into hell they gonna be fed up and will give up quickly. I'd suggest survival settings with sprinters and 28 days later just for the reference to this famous movie and therefore name it 28 days later and another challenge called 28 weeks later which would be closer to your settings (again a ref to 28 weeks later movie) basically it would be the 6 months later settings but with sprinter zombies. AND maybe a third one which would be hell, population set to insane, 1 year later starts in december, helicopter event set to often, meta event set to often, instant water/power shut off, almost no loot... basically the worst conditions but still possible to survive (no super zombies being able to detect you from a mile away) I uploaded my settings, if you're interested. extreme with migration.cfg
  5. Axezombie

    Home on the Range

    or just add a sandbox option: unlimited gas. But anyway with Louisville there will be so many cars and gas stations that we will have enough gas to survive for years IG even in a multiplayer server (I hope)
  6. Axezombie

    Down Under

    I'm not so sure about that, I can't test it right now but if you build a wall behind this car, what happens? Do zombies will crawl and attack the wall while crawling or will they simply not crawl at all because their path is clearly blocked? But still makes it more difficult to have a well protected base
  7. That makes sense but please add knives to the list, you can totally hit a zombie through wired fence/chain link. Does it work the same with other fences ? Talking about those :
  8. Totally agree, that's what I suggested, either make it happen with the cursor or where the character is looking if it's too hard to always cut away. Also they made fences not transparent anymore, it cuts away only around your character, which sucks, it was way better before.
  9. After more tests it seems that those bugs always happen when I first hit the zombie with my weapon then try to stomp it. I guess the shoving is what makes the zombie flipping over like that edit: I confirm, it happens very frequently with how I described it earlier. Here's exactly how to make it happen: shove zombie on the ground, hit it with a weapon, stay still and stomp it (shoving animation) then stomp again, zombie will flip over if not already dead.
  10. No mods 2 bugs shown in this video: https://streamable.com/t84p9 1) instead of the stomping animation I get sometimes the shoving animation but still it gives damages to the zombie on the ground. 2) zombies on the ground sometimes flip over for no reason Something else we can't see here and is not really a bug but feels like one is that crawling zombies can still move and spin when you are on top of them which, I think, doesn't make sense since when you are on top of "normal" zombies they can't move at all.
  11. No mods. As you can see on my screenshot fences are not transparent like before, if I get close to it only a part of it gets cut, like walls. is this intentional or a bug? If it's not a bug please how can I make it transparent like before because this was perfect. Thank you.
  12. Does it work with erosion? I mean does the map get more forageable zones if there are enough grown trees in a zone where no tree were there at the start of the game? I'm 99% sure it doesn't work like that but it could be nice, not very necessary and probably difficult to do but would make sense Windows should get damaged, same thing when cars are running even without a player in it, it would make sense
  13. yeah at least make a little popup with text when you hover on it if it's too much work to redone signs, and it would work also for the signs we can't read because they're facing the wrong direction: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.6205451333780729,0.2924787317713733,1392.179775280899
  14. I don't know if it is a bug or not but you can push some furnitures but only in one direction, you select the rotate feature, hover a 2 tiles table and just click on the table, if you're at the right of the table and nothing is blocking its way then you'll push it to the left, but it's probably just a bug.
  15. Disable 3d models and try to turn on double-sized textures For your perfomance issues try to put the game in a lower resolution
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