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  1. Light Drinker Trait

    Kinda true but it could become a trait like smoker forcing you to smoke. The thing is that is going to be very hard to find alcohol for the character's addiction in the long run, maybe making beers spawn on zombies
  2. Development Direction.

    This is normal, it's to allow you and zombies to climb through windows else you would be stuck inside those solid objects You have to build a stair to make a roof which is kinda normal They're currently working on new animations so it would be a waste of time to create a new skin now when in probably few months it'll be replaced. And since vehicles there is a lot of stuff they've worked on, see by yourself:
  3. Frozen food fresh to rotten in no time.

    I noticed a similar bug, if you freeze food then turn off electricity, food will stay frozen for an unlimited amount of time, except if you look into the container if you do that then it turns directly into rotten food, if you waited long enough to be rotten of course
  4. Hotwiring vehicles.

    how much did you try? It can take a lot of attempts (more than 10) to succeed and I think it has nothing to do with your skills level
  5. Bird Traps Not Working

    Are you sure zombies and players are at least 75 tiles away from your traps? and of course you wait long enough before checking them, ike 7-8 hours?
  6. Zombies catapulte cars

    Hi, Sometimes when I drive slowly with a lot of zombies (20-30 zombies) behind/next to my car, my car is like capatulted and it goes from 5mph to 60mph in one second and I think it mostly happens with slow vehicles like vans. So yeah it's fun to have such a boost but when there are trees everywhere you get an instant crash and that's way less fun game's version : 39.67.5 but it does that since the beginning of vehicles I didn't see anyone reporting this bug, I'm playing with sprinter zombies so maybe it has something to do with that It's very easy to make this bug happens, just take a slow van, attract a lot of zombies and drive slowly next to them or even in circles
  7. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Just to be clear I wasn't talking about the 6 months later mode, I was talking about a sandbox game where I survived 6 months and only the newly discovered cars have dead batteries, all the cars discovered since day 1 are 50-80% charged
  8. trunk of car

    Hi, do you have a mod called "easy access" or any other mod? If yes then disable them and check which one is creating this bug
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    @EnigmaGrey, I tried and it didn't work, new cars discovered have dead batteries but maybe it's supposed to be like that and the ones I found day 1 should be dead too
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    I think you didn't understand what I mean, let's take an example : day 1 I find a car in Riverside with a battery 100% charged, I let it like that I don't start the engine, I don't use the lights... Let's say there is another identical car's battery in Muldraugh but I've never went there. 6 months later I go back to the car in Riverside and its battery is 60% charged, ok normal, in 6 months car's battrey lost 40%. Now I go to Muldraugh for the first time and I see the car I mentionned before, this car's battery should be at the same level as the one in Riverside, right? Well no, it's 0% charged because I never went there before and it's the same thing for ALL CARS not being discovered since day 1 Ah sorry I thought it has been fixed but I wasn't sure, I'm going to try that and tell you how it went.
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    It's very nice to have a way to recharge batteries now even though it would have been even better if we could've done it with another car but it's okay like that. There is a bug (not a new one) with how batteries decharge themselves, it has been 6 months IG (not talking about 6 months challenge) and the new cars I discover (where I didn't go before) have dead batteries (0% charged) all of them, but the ones I discovered the first day are 60% charged or at worse 50%, so the new cars I find should be at 50-60% too not 0% or all cars I didn't use since the first day should be at 0%
  12. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    Of course but I'm talking about a way to recharge dead batteries
  13. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    There is something I think you should change, I'm dying because I'm working on cars to up mechanic skill, how is it possible? Well when I remove a heavy part this part is in my inventory so I'm carrying too much and my character starts losing health, so after 1- 2 hours IG I can see the injury moodle. I guess you should add a timer before making health decreases, at least enough time to put a tire on
  14. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    Too bad you didn't add a way to recharge batteries, I hope it's planned
  15. Double doors sometimes lock themselves

    Build tairs if you can then add a sheetrope to get on the other side. Or create a new game, copy your map_p.bin file from your save folder then paste it in the new game's save folder, you'll spawn in this new game with your character so now there is no wall, you can go where you want. When it's done you copy your map_p.bin file then paste it in your game's save folder