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  1. you need a needle not a suture needle
  2. In build41 you can already wash your clothes with washing machines, even the driers work.
  3. that's because you clicked on the little icon in the top right corner of the window to let it open, click again on it
  4. It always happens to me in Westpoint gunshop, I've never seen any magazine spawning there and nothing in guns either, it happened so often I thought I was dooing something wrong with guns
  5. Try to turn on double sized textures
  6. This post on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/ehb8we/tried_to_enter_a_building_and_this_happened_the/ shows a bug about climbing on furnitures and going through a barricaded window. You can do the same with a wall in front of it and it also works with player made windows (not if there is only a window frame, it needs a real window in it) https://streamable.com/5wi0i With fences it doesn't work, the character refuses to climb a fence if there is something on the otherside, however you can still do it if you run instead of pressing "E" but he/she falls down on the first furniture tile which prevents this exploit with fences. I would like to suggest a fix to this problem, I think the best fix (not the easiest for sure) would be to allow the player to move around on these furnitures, at least allowing the player to go forward and turn around to go back so he/she doesn't get stuck on a very long line of crates like we could see here and I guess if you make the player in control the walls would stop him/her, anyway, you know better than me how to fix it.
  7. well same as IRL, undress him/her
  8. I have the same problem sometimes but not everytime it snows, probably when it's a storm: https://streamable.com/dus0z Be sure to enable post processing so the game is less dark
  9. So a zombie ripped off the motorcycle helmet I was wearing with ONE hit AND scratched my head at the same time. It happens often that even with a 100% protection on head that zombies successfully hurt you on the head, and I can understand it with other helmets because they don't cover all the head and can be removed more or less easily but with a motorcycle helmet it shouldn't happen at all.
  10. Yes it happened to me with a scratch in build41.22
  11. I have this problem too and thought it is normal since I always play in 6 months later. Ambiguousamphibian seem to have the same problem:
  12. You sure it's not the truck hitbox being too large? You should try with different obstacles. Also please precise your game's version
  13. Okay thanks, still think it could be nice to have this list publicly for the reasons I mentioned but I guess you would've done that since a long time
  14. Is there a way to see if the bugs we report are seen by the team? Sometimes I feel like the bugs I report are totally missed out, like there is a bug pretty important making zombies stuck in furnitures when they climb a window: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27109-build4122-zombies-get-stuck-in-furniture/&tab=comments#comment-287392 Not saying the bugs I report should be fixed right away but sometimes it's frustrating to not be sure if the bugs we report are seen, considered by the team as bugs worth to fix now or not, you get what I'm saying? Would be nice to have a public list of bugs reported, also it would avoid getting the same bugs reported a million times like the one with frozen ice cream giving depression (not even sure if it's a bug but people keep reporting it...)
  15. Well, yeah it always worked like that
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