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  1. Axezombie

    proper nutrition

    Set up a farm, you won't have to spend a lot of time on it, or you could just disable the nutrition system. That's what I love the most in this game, something you don't like? Just remove/disable it
  2. Axezombie

    proper nutrition

    more than 10 birds, I feed myself until I can't eat anymore, then I eat again when needed but I do that only when I'm losing weight which doesn't happen a lot. I have only 6 traps, I check them morning and evening and it's enough.
  3. Axezombie

    proper nutrition

    No, not in a single time but 10 in a very short amount of time, I make a salad with one then eat it, then another one etc
  4. Axezombie

    proper nutrition

    I only eat birds and I'm doing okay, I eat a lot of them ( 8 - 12 in a row) if I'm losing weight and eat less to reduce weight
  5. Axezombie

    Thunder can start fires and electrocute you

    Yeah except that all these situations happen because of you not because of RNG, if being hit by thunder doesn't kill you right away it's okay but else...
  6. Axezombie

    Drink to the Memory

    I didn't see it but I guess you made animations to throw things like molotovs... It would be nice to be able to throw stones, balls etc to divert zombies's attention
  7. Axezombie

    how much does a light bulb work?

    uuuh never, it never breaks, as far as I am aware
  8. Axezombie

    Graceful vs. Inconspicuous

    I vote for Inconspicuous because it gives an advantage on all senses (-50% chance to be spotted) unlike graceful giving advantage only for hearing (-60% noise)
  9. Axezombie

    Zed Inn

    Unike everyone else I'm still not convinced by the new animations and kinda scared about the consequences on the gameplay, I hope I'm wrong and it'll be awesome but... I like how it is right now in build 40. So here's my question: Will it be possible to stay on the build 40 on steam? like you did for the build 39?
  10. Axezombie

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Did you guys think about glasses too? Not just for a cosmetic aspect but also to fix bad eyesight, it could be pretty hard to find glasses in perfect conditions so it doesn't make the short sighted trait a free points kind of trait. Adding effects on the screen of the player wearing glasses would be cool, like condensation or water drops but not a big necessity... Edit: I've just seen the new Thursoid, you indeed thought about glasses, just have to hope that is not only for appearance
  11. Axezombie

    Bug with red BBQ Build 40.43

    Nope, not using any mod. Even on the wiki it is mentionned : "While you can use ripped sheets to light a campfire, it doesn't work with charcoal BBQ. Use paper (magazine, newspaper, etc) or gas. " So I guess it's not actually a bug because it was designed like that, but to me it doesn't make sense, it feels like a bug. Well bug or not it should change, except if there is a very good reason to not be able to lit a BBQ like a campfire
  12. Axezombie

    Bug with red BBQ Build 40.43

    Hi, the red BBQ can be lit only with magazines and newspapers, it should accept the same items as the campfire, right? I would like to fix it myself, what file I have to modify to fix this? Thanks
  13. Axezombie

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I have something else to suggest, shoes: - Sport shoes to make you run faster/longer - Football/soccer shoes to make more damage when stomping zombies - Boots for better insulation Feet injuries if you walk/run for a long time with unadapted shoes like city shoes/heels or even bare feet or with destroyed shoes. And of course socks being finally equipable for better insulation and comfort
  14. Axezombie

    Welp. No More Sprinting Through Hords.

    Lemmy said on Reddit that clumsy characters will fall more often which means, according to me, that there will be a positive trait to be more agile, making it more difficut for characters to fall. I really wish I'm right because I already know I would hate A LOT to see my character fall randomly and die because of that... Maybe a new profession/hobby as an American Football player to push more easily zombies and not fall because of them
  15. Axezombie

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Also coud make beard and hair grow More importantly, making possible to protect ourselves temporarily from zombies with magazines duct taped to our arms and legs like in World War Z and of course leather jacket as mentionned before but not only for design also to protect us. Oh and clothes with pockets which can be used to carry more objects and get them in hands faster like a holster for example, and bumbags, very trendy in 90's