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  1. Axezombie

    69 Zeds

    I think what would be nice is fight scenes, signs of fights in houses but also in the streets, blood on walls/floor, broken furnitures, bullet holes, more corpses... Talking about gore, do you plan in making the game more gory? Like some zombies cut in half with their intestines dragging on the floor, cut limbs/heads... Yeah I know it's a bit too stereotypical but hey that's a big part of the zombie culture to lose some parts everywhere
  2. Axezombie

    Bug with rain drops

    yes I've seen this but never thought it was because of looking far away
  3. Axezombie

    Functioning trains

    yeah but the railroad doesn't loop so... talking about trains it would be nice already to have some wagons to loot, randomly set on the railroad
  4. Axezombie

    Idea for Endgame

    Okay but are you really gonna play for 50 IG years just because you can die of old age? Having to find insulin for your diabetes could be more interesting as a -12 malus trait to take. According to me PZ and endgame don't go well together because we're not supposed to survive long enough to reach endgame. I think it needs more danger. When we ask ourselves "what I'm gonna do now?" it should be about what we gonna do to survive not what we gonna do to make time passes. What could be interesting is more dangerous events Imagine having a tornado approaching your safehouse, you pack your car with all you can quickly and escape the area to start over somewhere else. Big snow storms reducing your chances of survival to zero if you're not well prepared, impossible to use a regular car, movements reduced a lot except with a proper gear, so you have 6 months to prepare yourself Meteorite fall! No, maybe not... Also farming shouldn't be as easy as it is now, same thing with trapping and fishing. Why? Because food should be one of the main problems, right now who had problems with it? Except with extreme settings it's impossible to die of hunger. Being self sufficient should be way harder and it would be a big and important goal to achieve, which means you gonna need to scavenge for nonperishable food before reaching this goal if you want to survive, right now it is so easy to get food I don't even have to eat nonperishable food and it's not because I'm a good player, it's because it is too easy to get food, even at lvl 0 farming and lvl 0 trapping I can get food as easily as someone with 10 points in farming and trapping. Having to take care of your constructions, after some big storm or flood, I don't know so scavenging is always needed and not just to accumulate a ton of loots for centuries I don't know if these are good ideas or even realisable for some but my main idea is to make survival a thing to care a lot about every days and not only for the first days
  5. Axezombie

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    Okay, thanks for this answer. There is also a big problem with zombies, what should they do? Swim or drown? Swimming for zombies would be weird but drowning would be too easy to get rid off zombies, so yeah I guess it's better to let it be a "wall"
  6. Axezombie

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    That's what I thought when I saw this picture, I wonder what devs think about this subject. Good news for stealth, right now stealth doesn't really exist, it's just walk slowly and praise to not be spotted, not much more. I hope you gonna code it very well so it works behind bushes, furnitures, cars etc
  7. Axezombie

    The Sound of Mucus

    It's already a masterpiece in zombie game's genre, according to me it's the best zombie game ever made.
  8. Axezombie

    Does Trapping Work in Winter?

    Yes you can and winter doesn't affect it at all, at least from my personnal experience winter changed nothing with birds
  9. I don't think it works like that, corpses act like containers and you can't take containers like that, except for bags. Someone should try, I'm too lazy to do it right now
  10. For items it is pretty easy, just use the floor icon, but for anything else I think you are right. If we could right click on the corpse icon then have an option "grab" it could be nice. or maybe by using the feature to move furniture
  11. Axezombie

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    You're right, it seems to be lighter with this option enabled, thanks
  12. Axezombie

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    Same for me, if at least the flashlight could actually work it would be okay. Sometimes it is like night time at 12pm when it's raining
  13. Axezombie

    Combat Renovations

    Ah nice we can sneak faster now and combat doesn't look like that slow Will we be still able to push down 3 zombies in a single hit? I don't get people complaining about bites being so deadly, they always have been deadly, now you'll just bleed to death instead of waiting a day to get zombified, it doesn't really change that much
  14. Axezombie


    Nice idea but you're definitely not the first one, I already suggested it in some post before and I probably wasn't the first one either, anyway you can dismantle burnt cars with a blow torch to make a path. I still agree that tow trucks would be really nice and I guess devs will add them at some point
  15. My favorite is two-spirit person. We need those genders in the game, it's not politically correct enough!