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  1. Hey, I found a decent enough workaround to the point where it sounds normal. sound FirearmDEShot { category = Item, is3D = false, clip { file = media/sound/DEshot.ogg, distanceMin = 0, distanceMax = 0, reverbMaxRange = 10, reverbFactor = 0, } } The is3d Line is key in getting rid of the weird ear to ear distortion, but then you can physically move around the gunshot sound ingame, the distance min/max 0 gets rid of that problem, finally
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to give the DE pistol its own firing sound as I think it should sound different and more powerful than the m9/m1911 If i just change the swing sound on the deagle in scripts/items_weapons.txt to point to a wav it works ingame but when I turn my camera or move the sound distorts as if I'm moving around the sound, even If i grab the default 9mmshot wav it does the same thing. If I try add a new sound to the game itself I'm obviously missing something, so far I've made a duplicate of the Firearm9mmShot in sounds_items.txt and renamed mine to FirearmDEsh
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