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  1. Perhaps this is the first time you live to turn off the water? The first time is always unexpected.
  2. vek

    Well Ztocked

    Dear developers, I am optimistic about the new map and new events with the sounds of screams and gunshots that can be explored. I'm really looking forward to it! But I have a question: after the introduction of Louisville and new twists, will the old saves work on the new patch?
  3. It will already be more like a city planning simulator.))
  4. It seems to me that it would be unrealistic if people could destroy a reinforced concrete or brick wall of a building without tools. Similarly, zombies will not be able to destroy such walls with their bare hands.
  5. I'm playing at 41.55 without mods. Yesterday I noticed: 1. In some shoulder bandoliers that I found, there is no record that they accelerate the reloading of weapons. There is no way to know if they really speed up the recharge. At the same time, they are also equipped for the character. Of the 10 shoulder bandoliers I found, 4 pieces have no records. 2. There is a restaurant in Muldrow called "Twisted Pizza". It has a large urn that does not remove items placed in this urn.
  6. It would be interesting to know what the developers think about this idea.;)
  7. Great idea. I also rarely find candles. I'm collecting, but I've only used it once.
  8. After a long game, you may get tired of scrolling through the inventory. Again, I want to suggest developers to make a regular game inventory of the character, as in many role-playing games.
  9. The developers showed a heat map of zombies. the map shows where Louisville will be located - north of the mall, but not where on the real map. https://projectzomboid.com/blog/content/uploads/2021/04/HEATMAP2.gif
  10. Manufactured Boxes painted in any color after lifting and installation, become white. 1. Create a mailbox. 2. We paint it in any color. 3. Promotion. 4. We put. 5. It turns white. I noticed this bug about a year ago, but thought it was fixed a long time ago.
  11. What's not clear here? The promised deadline has passed. A long time ago. It would be nice to learn a new one - the right one.
  12. You focus your attention on this fact twice. What for? Do you really think this will make me delete my already published replicas?
  13. And you with the help of your posts?
  14. Hasn't even the middle of the week come to an end yet?
  15. And hasn't the beginning of the week moved into the middle yet?))
  16. In the library of your games in steam, you need to right-click on the PZ game, select properties, there select beta versions on the left in the menu and select the version of IWBUMS Beta: 41.55.
  17. And also, it seems to me, there were no CDs and CD players. At that time, 5-inch and 3-inch floppy disks were mainly used for transmitting information not over the network. There's nothing wrong with that. Don't swear, friends.
  18. It turns out that the game developed before your eyes. How many new things have appeared, how she began to look good. Now you can play this game with pleasure even without an NPC. And someday there will be NPCs.
  19. I also checked it out in the evening. A game without mods. A new character with a level of possession of a short cutting weapon "1" killed zombies with a hunting knife. The knife got stuck on 22 and on 49 zombies out of 73. Then the character was eaten by zombies, who jumped out of the room in a crowd, where I opened the door.
  20. Of the more than 7,000 zombies I killed during the last pass at 41.55, I killed no more than 100 with a knife. Previously, when playing on 41 patches, I also killed relatively little with a knife, but never once did my knife get stuck in a zombie so I could pick it up later. Maybe I was just unlucky?
  21. Now I often see knives, scissors, screwdrivers and even metal pipes stuck in zombies. But I've never had one where I hit a zombie with a knife and it gets stuck in a zombie, then I can go up and pull my stuck knife out of a defeated zombie.
  22. The idea of knives and swords getting stuck is good, but the probability of this should be extremely small and in no way depend on their strength. Otherwise, no one will use them. A new knife can also get stuck. It will depend on how and where the blow is struck, and not on the strength of the knife. A flimsy knife would rather just break than get stuck.
  23. I also think that the weapons system is unrealistic now. But she's like that for the sake of balance. The game forces the player to constantly look for new weapons and tools or make them. If the developers make the power of weapons and tools more, then there will be no need for such a large amount of all this on the map. Therefore, I think that if the developers change something, then not much.
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