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  1. thank you. It looks like I haven't played a network game for a long time.
  2. Today I created a new online game for playing with friends. None of us have a sleep function when interacting with beds, sofas, chairs, etc. I tried many options. More. At the very beginning, I noticed that garbage bins do not have a garbage disposal function. There are no mods. The duration of the day is set to 8 hours. We played for several hours. It turned out to be a very good start. What should I do in order not to lose and be able to continue?
  3. Today I found another bug on the map. Coordinates 11688 x 8268 In an office building, there are three kitchen drawers in the dining area, but loot appears there as in office desks - pencils, notebooks and magazines. The game version is 41.78, there are no mods.
  4. Today, when playing at 41.78 without mods, I noticed that there are two large branded trash cans on the map in Pizza whirled, which do not have a garbage disposal function. Coordinates of the garbage cans: 11662 x 7080 11667 x 7089
  5. I play at 41.78.4 without mods. I started this game on 41.78.2. Now I was doing cooking in the game. First I noticed that when you preserve vegetables, you put 5 eggplants or carrots weighing 0.2 kg in a jar with a lid, add water, vinegar and sugar, and in the end you get a ready-made jar weighing 0.5 kg. Probably, it is better to fix and make the weight of the finished jar 1 kg. Second I found pizza slices, they give -25 hunger and -10 unhappiness. Nearby I found a blank for pizza, which only needs to be cooked in the oven. I cooked, cut and received a slice of 6 pieces from one pizza prepared by me from a pizza preparation. each of the pieces gives only -17 hunger, but does not reduce unhappiness. Is that right??
  6. It's very sad. Previously, when I found a burner, I could pump the skill of gas welding without worrying about refueling it. Now I have found one burner and was able to disassemble only a few items with its help. It wasn't enough to learn gas welding. I also noticed that by disassembling large beds, you can only get four boards, although previously you could get twelve!
  7. It seems to me that this proposal is very appropriate in relation to vans.
  8. And what kind of update did the game download tonight at 481.2 kb?
  9. We have already written about this. At least twice.
  10. This is a known problem. It does not occur after updating the game, but after updating the video driver. Roll back the video driver update. So far, only such a solution.
  11. I think giving the player the opportunity to learn how to dig a well is a good idea. It's hard and long work, but if a player wants to play for a long time, then he will do it.
  12. mimo_za


    Maybe make it possible to study all professions in the game, in the sandbox settings on/off?
  13. mimo_za


    I've just run the game three times specifically to check if there are any unauthorized zombie appearances left in the cleared buildings. I have not observed any problems with the appearance all three times. Good job!
  14. I hope that shooting in the game is something that will be further developed in the future.
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