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  1. This is a known problem. It does not occur after updating the game, but after updating the video driver. Roll back the video driver update. So far, only such a solution.
  2. I think giving the player the opportunity to learn how to dig a well is a good idea. It's hard and long work, but if a player wants to play for a long time, then he will do it.
  3. mimo_za


    Maybe make it possible to study all professions in the game, in the sandbox settings on/off?
  4. If you like an RPG survival game with elements of hamster life surrounded by zombies, then you will play for hundreds of hours. At the moment I have played more than 2000 hours.
  5. mimo_za


    I've just run the game three times specifically to check if there are any unauthorized zombie appearances left in the cleared buildings. I have not observed any problems with the appearance all three times. Good job!
  6. I hope that shooting in the game is something that will be further developed in the future.
  7. I wouldn't spend points on equipment that can be found in the game. I always choose traits that give not +1 to something, for example, but give a unique ability - immunity to the weather, better hearing, etc. After all, equipment is easy to find in the game, and any characteristic can be pumped, and you will not acquire unique abilities in the game, they can only be taken at the start.
  8. I don't have such a file in this folder... https://dropmefiles.com/hJwXK
  9. I support the request to add to the game the ability to disable the sharp sound of panic. I have already written that when I hear this, gray hair is added to my head!!! Please!!!
  10. When you just click "install the game" in the very first window that opens at the bottom, you can select the installation location - disk and folder.
  11. Just started a new game on 41.73 without mods. Launched a sandbox at West Point. In the east of the city, in a shopping district, in a hardware store with tools, she began to create a base. Of course, she killed all the zombies and took the corpses out into the street. Barricaded all the windows and doors. I quit the game, came back, and I have zombies walking around my database! There were also a lot of zombies in the neighboring hotel building, although I had already killed everyone there too. The problem with spawn has not been solved!!! The fix didn't help. I also remembered that almost everywhere on my database after loading the save, along with the appearance of zombies, the lights were turned off. Although at my base I left the light on before leaving the game. I thought maybe this problem wouldn't happen again. Out of the game again, not on base. Booted up and again my base was full of zombies.
  12. After fixing it, I noticed that my shoulder bandoliers were missing from my inventory and from the box at the base. I had one with me, and three more were in a box at the base.
  13. I have a number of questions: 1. In practice, after disassembling an electronic watch or walkie-talkie, he puts a screwdriver in his inventory, but when disassembling a TV or radio, he does not remove the screwdriver, but leaves it in his hand, which is very inconvenient, because he really has a keyboard. 2. When we just disassemble the table lamp, we can only get some spare parts where the bulb does not go, what can be the first thing before disassembling the table lamp? Maybe it would be wiser to leave both spare electronic parts and light bulbs at the same time with the disassembly of the table lamp? Don't you want to take the praetorkeum light bulb first? 3. It has already been written about this, but I will say that I am tired of constantly removing the welder's mask after disassembling it in a microwave or microwave oven. It should be placed in it, but it should also be automatically deleted after use. After all, there is no propane burner left in my hand! It would be great if he still had a propane burner in his hand. 4. At 41.73, zombies were often given weapons in the inventory that were not related to weapons.
  14. I found a Pancake Hedgehog!
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