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  1. I think it makes somewhat sense. The living can't stand the excruciating pain very long and would drop pretty quick.
  2. Some more details would be needed to understand what your ideas are exactly with those traits. "poor driver": what would it technically do because there is "sunday driver" already. "mute": would not be really an issue in multiplayer and in single player none at all. "scared of guns": what do you mean by "having a hard time" using them? instant panic, low aim or you simply can't use them? "driving instructor": what does "good at driving" mean in game terms? "half dead": the points-system does not work well with traits that have positive and negative effects at the same time. "delicious/disgusting": would be a multiplayer-only trait - at least for the time being. "shut in": "hard time" from a health perspective or stress?
  3. There is a dedicated server included, but never used it. I use a docker container for me and some friends ("afey/zomboid") - easy to host and manage, needs no maintaining and just works (aside from server state info which we don't really need).
  4. As for the newbie-introduction - it would actually take much from the game that makes it great and frustrating at the same time in your first tries to survive. I would agree that normally a game where you need to die many times to learn the basics of the game is a really bad design. However in pz it's exactly what this game is about. It is about exploring your possibilities and the "no-no"s and "do it better the next time".
  5. Interesting idea... should be a sanbox setting I think and maybe have its own setting when it will occur and with what chance. If it does would it be every tap or just some? Or all in one town?
  6. That would make sense of course but it would also reduce the necessity of some of the tools which would in turn make the first days way easier. If there would be a chance to injure yourself by being unskilled and increased by using (bad) improvised tools then there would be a tradeoff and I think it would be ok to implement.
  7. There is a mod you can use for the time being. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2737665235
  8. especially since a bite already leads to your death... a broken bone on top would not make much difference, I guess.
  9. I'd also guess that this is likely caused by a mod, also never seen such a moodle even with massive encumberance while wearing two duffles and armor. But maybe you could tell us which mod it is, with some tweaking it actually could be fun I guess *g "Fun" as in Project Zomboid fun...
  10. I would not really understand why a zombie could cause a broken bone under normal circumstances? What other deep wound than a bite or laceration would be reasonable? I actually like the idea of risking some other unexpected wounds like a tiny chance to inflict a laceration while crafting something with low skill or even break a bone when disassembling something and "fail" or a bleeding cut to the hand when using a knife. But zombies?
  11. Yes some sort of slider/percentage setting would be nice to have
  12. I like the idea of makeshift power generators with high electrical skill
  13. Would make sense to have in nearly all public buildings and even some (a few) private houses, at least in the kitchen.
  14. Not only the looks do change but also the stats. Crates for example have more capacity with higher carpentry level (40-60).
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