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  1. I too got the feeling that staying out of sight doesn't help at all...this damn thing "just knows"
  2. And I really hope this was a scene from some movie because otherwise I would be very disturbed by this... and you should be too
  3. No but "somewhere south of rosewood near the farmstead" is And usually a map has quadrants irl so I agree with SeanBK - it would make some things easier by not breaking immersion.
  4. IRL also nothing prevents you from adding (too much) bleach to your glass of water and drinking it except hopefully your common sense Just because you can doesn't mean it is safe to do so - in fact pz-characters die from drinking bleach on accident *g Though I find this "feature" somewhat dumb - it could at least ask if I really want to do this.
  5. I think that would only make sense if the knowledge of this was bound to some survival skill. Normal people just don't know how much bleach would be safe to use (and hopefully don't try to find out by experiment)
  6. This actually would only make sense if not wearing them had any consequences like temporary hearing loss or bad hearing in the long term. Afaik this is not a thing?
  7. As I see this it's more like "seasoned soldier". Veteran is maybe the wrong wording but makes clear what is meant by it - "active duty and seen real combat", I assume.
  8. While I agree with the fact that it would be incredible stupid to use a chainsaw as a weapon and gun-akimbo is actually just a silly hollywood-move, but I think you should be able to do... well try this - it may well be part of your story If some kentucky-joe thinks he'd arm himself with a chainsaw and dies trying than it's his end of the story or maybe he gets lucky enough to learn from his mistake *g But I agree it should NEVER be an effective way to defend oneself.
  9. Quite a lot action for such a lonesome experience I'd say. I like most of the ideas but I also think that this would only make sense when npcs finally arrive because at the moment hearing that much action but seeing none would feel strange and artificial and break immersion.
  10. Even if I wouldn't know how to do this properly without breaking some parts of the game - the risk/fear/despair part - I really find this idea appealing =)
  11. Hmm i think actually there are candles in the game... not?
  12. I see where you are going and in part agree with you. I for myself would never use mods that change the game in its fundamental idea. I run a private MP server with a few friends and we only use mods to increase immersion and would also never play on public pvp servers because of the said "cs:go players"... and there is the big but - I also don't think that limiting the possibilities for modders would be a good idea and it's not neccessary too - you just have to stay away from those servers. Start your own server with friends, agree with them on vanilla or a set of mods you like and have fun =)
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