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  1. We already have random car stories like the bandit event, police blocade, special police blocade, crashed ambulance, crashed regular vehicles and so on, they can easily add heavy/commerical vehicle wrecks along or on the roads, they're still random in form of stories that appear as you expore in different locations. It would be probably easy, I just don't understand why we don't have trucks.
  2. This is still in my head, in the walking dead game season 1, 3 months into the apocalypse Lee's group is unable to go to another city with a train because of a "heavy vehicle wreck" type of situation, an even like this would be cool too. Sadly the picture wont show up https://walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/Highway_Overpass but this link will show you what I mean if you're interested.
  3. In my left hand is a red pill, if you eat it you'll be able to make wells in a specific amount of time, months - years In my righ hand is a blue pill, if you eat it you'll be able to craft rain collector barrels in a day which will provide water as long as the rain keeps falling Which pill do you choose?
  4. Right! Heart attacks, herpies, fever, numbness, rabies, HIV, schizophrenia no reason not to add these and so on, I mean you're just an average Kentuckian in 1993 prone to anything and everything. This is just my sarcastic respone to a silly idea of micromenagment among MANY other things that we don't really need nor want, but could be great or just as RP mehanic in a form of a mod like defecation mod. In general this would only annoying for people and by the first month those who don't get infected will be blind as bats.
  5. Some time ago they buffed the speed up which was a 100% improvement but it was much faster then the average shoving animation which made it much more op than shoving zombies with hands so they reduce the speed to (default) this absurdy slow animation which is 1000 times worse when you do it while standing and it stunlocks you for 3-4 seconds in place, in ground as if you became a potted plant. They should really do something about this...again
  6. Gosh no! I'm not saying I don't like the idea, it'd be a nice touch to have snakes, but this is an isometric game, there's no way you'd be able to see one from this perspective in a forest like enviroment, maybe in the open fields but otherwise no, It'd be a very unecessery danger factor, although you'd be able to produce your own antivenom in 18 months from larger animals like horses/sheep etc. Overall it's cool, but not so fair in the isometric view if you know what I mean, devs would need to add tornadoes, flooding, pooping system since it's all relevan and does happen to people of Kentuckey every now and then like snake bites.
  7. In this video a guy from reddit as he said hit an invisible wall that got him killed, there are many who claim that it's because of the modded vehicle, but it's not. It happend to me in a vanila playthrough when 2 zombies spawned on the sides of a wrecked vehicle on the highway, when I drove by they acted as If my car hit them even if I was nowhere near those two zombies which stunned me twice and took 10-30 hood condition. Similar thing happens here inside of the red chevalier, but it can happen on vanila so it's def something that should be looked at as a potential error/bug around vehicles.
  8. This was solved for a period of time when roof tiles existed for a brief time, now just like before that brief period you fall through the roof and end up in the house again. Devs probablly made ghost roof tiles again so you could fall from hights and die over and over... I mean BALANCED the game so you don't have any chance of surviving.
  9. Nevermind the game forces you now to have more then 1/3 of gas to be able to fill the generator a bit (30%) that is. So I'll leave this to those who don't know it yet.
  10. I tried disabling the mods, but it did nothing, it's just stuck like this
  11. Oh man, I've just noticed why you're being so overly dramatic, well good day to you too sir/lady/it,
  12. Sorry this has to be a missunderstanding, at no point in time have I ever replied or written anything to you, this is just my "overall" opinion on the post "LOWER THE AMOUNT OF SPRINTERS USED IN THE SANDBOX'S "RANDOM" SPEED OPTION." which sounds is if someone's setting this guy up.
  13. By definition something that is RANDOM is unspecified. Random things can be: Events Personalities Numbers A tone of other things Most of the time you'll use logic, math or both to solve randomness of certain things (if possible). If someone you know has a 120 year old family member and they die, that death wouldn't be random to anyone who knew him. Logically they knew that the person was very old and their end was nearing, but ther's only one thing random and that' s the time of the death, you can't pinpoint the time only specualte therefore the time is random. Lottey and gambling in general are a business in which majority loses while one may win and in between 1.000.000 people that 1 could be you (you can see on what shear level of randomness this thing is played), but owners get a profit 100% guaranteed. Now if there are 10 zombies and zombie speed is set to random speed, by randomness all 10 of them can be sprinters, it's very much unspecified (RANDOM) but mathematical odds that all 10 of them are 100% sprinters is very low and MUCH MORE LOWER with larger numbers - in 100 zom let alone 1000 zom and so on. There's another factor that's being played here. You don't really care about those 15 shamblers that noticed you, it'll take them an hour to reach you, those 7 fast shamblers COULD become a problem, but when 4 spriners noticed you and swarmed you in seconds it made you angry "Why so many wtf" you said. You're going through a phase known as being salty, but don't blame it on the randomness of stuff, you can try random zombie speeds on builder mode through sandbox, it will give you time to breathe and it won't seem as if devs hired "specified" amount of sprinter zombies to kill you.
  14. That's why I said that for the balance you wouldn't get 100% of the xp boost/multiplier, but rather 50% of more, now depending on the teachers skill is rather an interesting concept, but it'd be cool if slow learner/fasat learner or no learning trait had an effect on the boost too. Reading out loud would still force you to idle for a long time, or bound you to the the camping place, but since it's not you, you could do some storing/organizing meanwhile the other player is reading and you're listening for an xp boost, though still it'd be nice how have this feature because why not?
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