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  1. Dtoxic

    Mannequin vs. Zed

    Yes yes all nice and shiny....but when....we are starving here :D
  2. Dtoxic

    40.43 XP Multiplier bug?

    Hi all, i noticed a thing when changing XP Multiplier from 1.0 (default) to say 0.01, then doing some sprinting (or whatever) raise it to say 0.05 quit the game load back in the 0.05 experience gained in sprinting is gone. Can some one check this out? i tried it with mods and without same story
  3. Dtoxic

    The Sound of Mucus

    This game is slowly but surely shaping up to be a true masterpiece in zombie game's genres! Keep it up devs!
  4. Dtoxic

    Crepe Expectations

    Animations are looking awesome!!! keep it up