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  1. @nasKo downloaded xx.13 from gog offline installer,in game main menu says it's xx.14,error? oversight? aliens?
  2. don't know then,waiting for gog update
  3. on the main website top left corner XX.12 is the latest Stable XX.13 is Beta, so they must be playing beta is my guess,GOG only updates stable releases Edit: Btw i use offline installers,maybe try launching beta trough gog launcher? don't know don't use it
  4. when stable branch gets released is my guess
  5. When can we expect stable release?
  6. okie dokie,thx for the info
  7. @nasKo don't forget to send an e-mail to gog staff when it goes to stable branch or we the ordinary folk will be waiting for a long time for offline installers
  8. Dtoxic

    41.78 Released

    When it comes to propane torch,it should have 0 uses,instead the propane tank should have a it's capacity buffed by a lot and should be made that you would need to connect the propane torch to propane tank like in real life, you first place the tank on the ground and then use it to dismantle stuff,also there should be a portable propane torch witch can be used to dismantle smaller stuff,can't use portable torch to dismantle a car
  9. Dtoxic

    41.78 Released

    Rejoice the offline installers on gog have been updated to the latest version,the gog staff finally woke up
  10. Dtoxic

    41.78 Released

    Yeap i am still waiting for GOG staff to wake up from hyper sleep,that of course is needed for interstellar travel to other galaxies...sit down with me and let's keep waiting
  11. Dtoxic

    41.78 Released

    Will someone wake up the GOG staff so they release the offline installers,or are they off planet?
  12. Dtoxic

    41.78 Released

    Like i said...they are still sleeping...no worries thou it will be soon i guess
  13. Dtoxic

    41.78 Released

    GOG release will happen when GOG staff wakes up i assume?
  14. off topic question,Gog release late again?
  15. Did you happen to find a solution to your problem? i have the same problem,trying to create a Can of Liquid Cleaning product by poring 4 Liquid cleaners into 1 Can and vice versa,can't seem to get washing menu nor to pour it into the can,presumably because the game considers them 2 different types of liquids?
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