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Small but Important Suggestions Thread


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1160. Some more clothing and customization stuff.

   1160.1. Some new clothes: Cargo pants/Shorts, Sweatpants, Compression pants/top, Denim/leather skirts, Mini skirts, Short-sleeve lumberjack/plaid shirts, halter tops, different colored formal shirts (like TINT version for T-shirts and other clothes), Cardigans, Sandals (especially great combined with socks), Canvas shoes, sweatshirt, wool socks, rubber gloves, mittens, cooking gaunglets.

   1160.2. Ability to cut off sleeves/pant legs to turn sweaters into sweater vests, shirts into short-sleeves, pants into shorts etc. with a cutting tool and a needle. Maybe the other way around as well with enough tailoring skill.

   1160.3 Ability to wear T-shirts over Button-ups. Not sure how hard/easy would it be to do, but AFAIK both of these are drawn as a texture over character's body and they don't have a separate model, so I think changing the layer priority wouldn't be too challenging.

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1167. Ability to place sheets outside the window.


Since you can barricade both sides too, you should be able to place sheet to outside as well, as long as you have access to the window from outside – it also shouldn't be possible to uncover outside sheets from inside (which may be reason why you want them there in the first place, to prevent accidental uncover and being seen by zombies)

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1169. Washing items in water bodies should be somewhat loud and use a sound cue (probably something from fishing sound effects).


Possibly animation should be slightly different too since you are basically putting items in water and not just rummaging through your inventory :) – foraging animation seems to fit nicely for now.

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