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    Yup, pretty much. They could even let us reuse existing planters in the game. Just get rid of decorative plant and sow some delicious potatoes in there. i.e.,0.10404227320468437,580.618556701031
  2. 1006. "Random" option for game starting point.
  3. Geras

    More corpse position

    A ragdoll system for zombies would be EPIC. Imagine hitting zombies with cars with ragdoll.
  4. Geras

    More details

    The world of PZ definitely looks too clean. Every chair is neatly tucked in, all furniture is standing upright, no hastily-built furniture barricades, basically 99% of homes look like an Ikea showroom. Also, every car is parked in between the lines in car parks...
  5. Geras

    Heatmap Migration

    This + ubran focused zombies turning with time to uniform distribution.
  6. Geras

    What is the ultimate base location?

    I really like this spot, but it's actually too quiet. I'm over 7 months in (6 months later scenario), and there are no zombies over there whatsoever. There's also foraging spots just behind the house, a river, and a gas station nearby.,0.03870237714869407,143.0943249661034
  7. Geras

    Forking Hell

    Lemmy said on Reddit that they want to implement weight to be visible, so maybe muscles as well (not in the initial animations build, though).
  8. Geras

    Running Zombies - More Zombie speed presets

    +1 for runners and random speed zombie preset.
  9. 983. Empty glass bottles should be added to loot tables. As of now, the only way to get them is to drink wine and whiskey. 984. Reverse car lights with cone of light. 985. Rear car lights should give red cone of light on the ground. 986. Breaking car lights should give increased cone of light compared to above. 987. Emergency vehicle lights should give cone of light of appropriate colour.
  10. Geras

    Higher Fidelity

    IMO there's really no need for Blunt Guard and Blade Guard, just merge them into one skill. Same with Lightfooted and Sneaking, they even lvl up at almost identical speed.
  11. Geras

    Expanding the Sandbox Options

    The things I would like to be added as default settings are: 1. Random zombie migration times. 2. Random zombie respawn times and numbers respawned. 3. Random zombie group sizes, random group diameter, 30-40% zombies not participating in groups at all. 4. With time, Urban zombie distribution should slowly become Uniform, so no place would be safe from zombies (i.e. it would take a year of in game time for Urban focused distribution to change gradually into Uniform).
  12. Geras

    Higher Fidelity

    This looks promising. As @Zorak said, I hope some rebalancing of skills will take place sooner or later. There's no need for a few skills to exist.
  13. Geras

    Puddle of Zudd

    Epic puddles. Well done.
  14. Geras


    Thanks for looking into the stuttering.
  15. Geras

    Disassemble cars

    We should be able to scrap every car regardless of its condition imo.
  16. Geras

    Sunday driver/Speed demon need changes.

    This makes more sense then current iteration. The engine revving sound of speed demon alone is unbearable plus it also increases fuel consumption by about 5%. Also sunday driver increases fuel consumption by over 100%, and it's not even in the description.
  17. Geras

    40.37 — upstairs interaction.

    It's been like that forever, but yeah, I'd also would like it fixed.
  18. Geras

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

  19. Geras

    Mist Me

    Are new animations tied to the weight & perk system? Fat & skinny people? Fat & skinny zombies? Well build people? Feeble people? Also, tall and short people (new perks? slider?) Tall and short zombies?
  20. Geras

    Press "E" for last action

    Also consolidating large numbers of items could benefit from this.
  21. I copied the bugs I found from my topic in general discussions and pasted them here so they don't get lost. OP: Issue #1 Clipping / draw order issues with cars and foliage / buildings / other cars (marked in red). Also, since snow coverage has been updated to look more natural, maybe if there is an overhang, snow should also have a more natural border (marked in yellow). When you park cars close to each other, every time you save and exit your game close by, when you load your save, cars spawn above the ground and fall down getting damaged (glass breaking sound plays) against each other and change their position a bit (marked in yellow - it took a few game loads to happen). Another clipping issue: Issue #2 Any building or deconstructing action should be changed so after i.e. interrupting the action half way, next time you start it you should start where you left off (screenshot of deconstructing a fence), and not from the very beginning as if we didn't start at all. Building actions would probably require some "work in progress" art, i.e. a simple recolour of existing assets or some new ones. Also, when reading a book and interrupting and starting again, progress bar should start where you left off, not from the beginning (I know progress goes quicker, but it would be nicer if it remembered its last position). Issue #3 Some items cannot be consolidated: - matches (maybe not entirely realistic, as those aren't matchboxes, but why not?) - wire - twine Issue #4 Cannot paint signs (arrows and what not) on walls with windows. Issue #5 Cannot paint crafted metal crates. Issue #6 A lot of movables cannot be deconstructed. Screenshot only represents some examples. I'd suggest going through your entire list of movables to identify all furniture that can't be deconstructed. Stuff that cannot be deconstructed for metal and/or electronic parts: - fridges - freezers - washing machines - household ovens - tumble dryers - tall lockers (in changing rooms - those that require 9 metalworking to craft) - metal cabinets (in offices) - BBQs - fitness equipment - folding chairs - metal barrels - street lights - metal shelves (often in storage rooms in houses) - cash registers - probably more Issue #7,0.1297278161345657,492.2235242952022 This building has no door leading to the balcony. Issue #8 You cannot tell which car battery is charged and which is not, you only see their general condition. Issue #9 Clothing cart and tall bar elements are not containers. Issue #10 You cannot hang a sheet rope from short crafted metal fences, just from the crafted wooden fence. Issue #11 Shading issues with crafted walls with windows, large bed with light from lit oven, and shadow-leftovers from destroying walls. Issue #12 Floors, mirror, road sign and log stack than cannot be picked up. Issue #13 Cannot place hanging kitchen counter above normal counter. Issue #14 Cloud reflections on car windshields are heavily distorted on some windows (red circle - distorted, blue circle - okay). Issue #15 You can literally go across the map and see your generator status window and fuel level. I think it only disappears when you go to sleep. Issue #16 Applying cataplasms does not grant first aid XP. Issue #17 Afaik this font does not support extended characters resulting in extended characters not being displayed. In this example it should say: "Nie mogę wysiąść z jadącego samochodu." Issue #18 All metal gates leave planks when destroyed. Issue #19 It's almost impossible to interact with plants and stuff behind barricades. After some time I just stopped planting there because it was too tedious to water the plants. Issue #20 Fish are too heavy compared to their hunger value. This results in fish being harder to store in freezers compared to birds. A bird that weigh 0.3 can have -15 hunger value. A fish that weigh 1.09 can have -7 hunger value. Issue #21 If something blocks the front of a car, pressing "V" will not bring up radial menu while in driver's seat and under certain angles outside the car, instead the entire UI will dissappear and reappear. Issue #22 If you put fuel into charcoal BBQ and pick up and place down the BBQ the fuel counter will reset to zero. Issue #23 Varmint rifles differ in weight. This could be linked to what upgrades they initially spawned with (I removed all the upgrades before recording the video). Issue #24 I don't remember exactly how I caused this bug to happen but there are 2 options: - crate on the left was built in place - crate on the left was picked up somewhere else and placed there Trying to place a picked up crate will result in this bug. Issue #25 Barricading with sheet metal is only marginally stronger compared to barricading with planks (tested with cheat menu and all skills maxed and spawning a single zombie in front of each barricaded window). Sheet metal barricade endured maybe 1 or 2 in-game hours longer than 4 planks. Same goes for barricading with bars as metal sheet and bars barricade seem to have the same HP. Issue #26 Charcoal and buckets with paint don't change their weight when they're half full, almost empty, etc. Always 8.0 and 5.0 respectively.
  22. Geras

    The Darkness

    Shhh... don't give them ideas! The rest of the environment should be upgraded to match the pretty water
  23. Geras

    Trunk Capacity 20 (Franklin Vauline) [40.36]

    It's because that's a 6-seater. It's still one of the best cars for hauling loot with 128 total capacity (seats, trunk, glove box).
  24. 932. QOL: When foraging, stuff you find should be put into active inventory slot of your choice (main inventory, backpack on back, backpack 1, backpack 2), and not to be limited only to main inventory. Same goes for digging for worms, disassembling electronics and picking up world items.
  25. Geras

    Undismantleable Furniture

    There are a lot more of those. issue #6