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  1. We definitely need metalworking to be useful to make makeshift metal weapons.
  2. Geras


  3. BUG Sandbox game with no zombies will spawn zombies in the new vehicle scenes.
  4. Or just to make zombies fall into it as defensive measure.
  5. Add the same function to gas mask. Or at least slower sickness rate significantly when wearing gas mask and disable sickness completely in hazmat suit.
  6. As in title. Charcoal weigh 8.0 even with 1 usage left. Weight should get lower with each use. I pretty sure this also applies to paint buckets. They're always at 5.0 weight.
  7. Currently all zombies are ninjas and make no footstep sounds. Plz fix
  8. I know siphoning gas from a generator probably didn't save anybody's life or anything, but it would be a cool option. Also, a small suggestion - generators should spawn empty or with random amount of fuel.
  9. True. They are easy to make, though. Also, maintenance skill helps a lot.
  10. I'd also be happy with trailers for normal cars. Also: Buses (there are bus stations in game) Fire trucks (in fire stations and/or near burned buildings) Garbage trucks Tractors (on fields and in big sheds/garages) Combines (as above) Forklifts (in warehouses) Golf carts (on golf course - electric!) Motorcycles Bicycles
  11. This. You can hit up to 4 zombies with 1 shot, so it would be a waste shooting a single zombie with a shotgun. Try to herd groups for shotgun training.
  12. Spears. - unlimited availability provided you have kitchen/hunting knives or chipped stones - easy on endurance - great range - fast - good 1-hit kill chance - can be upgraded with knives/screwdrivers, etc.
  13. Don't move while shooting, you'll have a hard time hitting anything. Start leveling with a shotgun, not a pistol.
  14. They can climb those, but it takes some manoeuvring and effort to make them do it. I've experienced this as well.
  15. Um... nope It's easier than ever! Now they only very slightly re-adjust their trajectory when they fall down, and keep orbiting the player. https://streamable.com/27l6q
  16. My favourite fix. Thanks!
  17. I have only found 1 machete since iwbums started. I haven't found a katana yet. Both are super-rare. I understand that katana is OP, but yeah, machete could use a spawn buff.
  18. One can wish for 144 fps around the mall in 1440p. Maybe one day
  19. See video. https://streamable.com/6mwjn
  20. I think they only run when they see you atm. I shouted at a zombie once, and it didn't start running until it saw me (inconspicuous). I think RJ said in discord that he was still working at making them run to sound sources. Not sure if this got finished yet.
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