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    School Reopening

    Overclocking confirmed? xd
  2. It's been like that since car stories became a thing, but it's just seems strange that police cars at road blocks or maintenance pickups, or any other car from car stories, spawn at ~10% durability? Even the car accident story shouldn't have both cars totally wrecked with no useful parts left, but rather only have the impact zones of the cars damaged.
  3. I really like one of the new car stories with a car missing a wheel, and tools lying about. It would be cool if this could be expanded and for erosion system to be tied with an increasing % of cars missing parts at spawn simulating they've been scavenged for parts.
  4. As a suggestion: it would be cool if sprinters that fell down on their own, if we attack them in this pose, would rather fall flat on the ground rather than stand up. Edit: nvm, seems already in the works
  5. I'd definitely like for the "queasy = quit" meta to go away. I think every scratch, laceration, and bite should have a certain % to make you sick (so queasy and the other moodles), but even though you were unlucky and got sick, it doesn't mean that it's the virus, as there would be another roll for the virus. This way you wouldn't automatically quit when queasy. So, to put it in a real scenario: 1. You get scratched/lacerated/bitten. 2. Roll for normal sickness. 3. If you don't get sick, you're okay. 3a. If you get sick, roll for zombie virus. 4. You get sick, but not the virus, so you treat your sickness, and after a few days you're okay. 4a. You get sick, you get the virus, and you turn into a zombie.
  6. It's definitely not easy. Most of my characters die before I manage to secure a working car (I play with instant water and power shut-off, December start, and 6 months world advance, so most cars have dead batteries). Securing a working car or repairing one (usually gas + battery + key) is my number 1 priority after looting immediate surroundings. Once you have a car you can carefully drive over smaller groups or lure them away from important buildings (libraries - mostly for hunting magazine with bird traps recipe, petrol stations, hardware stores, groceries), and go to the countryside (preferably with lake/river and woods nearby) and work from there. Fighting 2 sprinters at once is okay - you push one down, step on it, and fight the other one. 3 at once is risky, as you need to push 2 down. You can also run away and wait for them to trip and then hit the closest one once or twice, run away and repeat. If more zombies chase you get to your car and drive away, or enter a building, close the door behind you, and leave through other door/window. If there's a group of them, I approach slowly from an angle where only 1 or 2 of them face me, so they see me and separate from the group. I then move away a bit, so more of them don't spot me if they turn around, and kill the ones that run towards me. Most of my deaths are caused by bites from behind when I try to turn around and run.
  7. About 2 months with Apocalypse with sprinters.
  8. Geras

    Slightly ajar

    No, aliens confirmed!
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    I think it's the one with 20 capacity. Hiking backpack.
  10. I agree, and I was thinking of the same thing.
  11. I'd just like to add to this great feedback: - When making car hoods repairable, please consider removing/extending the number or possible repairs and diminishing returns. Maybe tie the number of possible repairs to car fixing skill? Consider car mechanic and welder professions having this limit lifted? - Car mechanic profession special trait: can fix all car parts (suspensions, brakes, mufflers etc) with metal and welding parts + spare parts of any quality i.e. fixing performance brakes with cheap brakes + welding and metal parts.
  12. I agree. Also, let us repair trunks (and other car parts) indefinitely (or at least increase the limit a lot) as long as we have the tools and materials. The repair limit and diminishing returns do not fit this context much.
  13. Saplings no longer damage your car since a few updates ago.
  14. See video: https://streamable.com/o0q0wb Also posted here:
  15. Could you guys add river/lake cells to the foraging formula? As far as I understand foraging now works only if a cell is surrounded by forest, but because of that there is no foraging near river/lakes, even if deep in the woods. Please make foraging possible near water in forests. Thanks! IWBUMS 41.34
  16. I agree with the slow turning animation, it's a frequent cause of death for me - just as you said: I want to disengage and run, but get grabbed from behind for a free bite. I also don't mind the current aim cursor. Edit: I'm also playing with sprinters, but my character jogs faster than zombies.
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    Image's broken, could you post it again, please?
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    Can we please wear 2 bandanas at the same time? It would be cool to have the over-the-face bandana and default bandana. Or a hat and the over-the-face bandana.
  19. Now also as a mod on steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2038609846&searchtext=
  20. Geras


    Looking good. Nice screenshot. I also hope you guys will consider adding more vehicles to the game sooner or later.
  21. And a tiny tobacco ember when inhaling.
  22. I'd go a step further and add the alarm UI to to the on-screen clock display as well.
  23. I think car storage space need a little rebalance. As of now Ambulance is the best car in the game as far as storage space is concerned: - 6 seats - 150 space (big seats) + driver - 90 space in trunk - plenty of engine power as a bonus It makes little sense for an Ambulance to be the best in this regard. As a rule of thumb heavy duty cars should have large trunks for them to have better storage capacity, as well as convenience of filling just the trunk, and not all the seats, compared to normal cars, but normal cars can be quieter still + have better fuel economy and better acceleration as a bonus. Car model Proposed trunk storage Seats storage (big seats) Total Notes Chevalier Step Van 220 30 250 Less torque and acceleration + worse fuel economy + more noise than Franklin Valuline (2 seater). Franklin Valuline (2 seater) 170 30 200 More torque and acceleration + better fuel economy than Chevalier Step Van. Dash Bulldriver 150 30 180 More convenient than Franklin Valuline (6 seater), as you only need to fill trunk + seat, instead of trunk + 5 seats. Franklin Valuline (6 seater) 30 150 180 Ambulance 80 90 170 Changed to 4 seats total instead of 6. Chevalier D6 140 30 170 Franklin All-Terrain 70 90 160 Much more power and torque compared to Cerise Wagon + good offroad performance. Chevalier Cerise Wagon 70 90 160 Chevalier Nyala 50 90 140 Chevalier Primani 50 90 140 More power, torque and acceleration compared to Chevalier Nyala. Dash Elite 45 90 135 More power, torque and acceleration compared to Chevalier Nyala and Chevalier Primani. Quieter than Chevalier Primani Masterson Horizon 45 90 135 Mercia Lang 4000 40 90 130 More power, torque and acceleration compared to Chevalier Nyala, Chevalier Primani, and Dash Elite. Quieter than Chevalier Primani and Dash Elite. Added 2 more seats. Chevalier Dart 40 90 130 Chevalier Cossette 60 30 90 Most powerful and quietest of all performance cars. EDIT: Forgot about Dash Rancher. It can stay the same but add 2 more seats.
  24. From my own experience as a self-defence practitioner, if you don't put your weight behind a strike, punch, whatever, it's going to be more of a slap than a strong strike.
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