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  1. Ok, sorry for the repost then.
  2. Seems that players on Reddit like this idea, maybe it's something to consider? I'd personally prefer default settings to be that maybe 1/3 of the zombies creates groups and 2/3 don't.
  3. 1162. 'Take mattress' option for existing beds. Would probably need some new mattress-less art for beds, and mattress art though.
  4. It would be cool if you added an option to play with sprinter zombies for all the challenges, i.e. 'Winter is Coming', 'You have one day', and others.
  5. The new "Add all" (or whatever it's called in EN) to add all fire fuel of a given type only adds 1 unit for charcoal, instead of the entire thing.
  6. Same goes for Spiffo's garbage bin, not sure if it's the same one as in the Mall.
  7. As in title - Spiffo's garbage bin doesn't have "Delete items" option. The only visible option on the screenshot is "Take all".
  8. 1161. Ability to replace/repair broken locks on car doors.
  9. Geras


    Great work as always!
  10. There was also a model of a rabbit posted years ago.
  11. Geras

    IWBUMS 41.44

    Animation for opening doors would be nice. Like a simple hand extension.
  12. Thanks for the sapling fix!
  13. @Zorkthe thing is if you scratch your arm you basically can't fight, as your damage and swing speed are terrible. If you don't stop the bleeding, you die. If you scratch you leg, you slow down and limp (which is death with sprinters). I like your idea of adding clothing resistance tiers, though, but I'd extend it to trees as well.
  14. Can we not have samplings tear our clothing and injure us? Bendy twigs shouldn't cause that kind of damage. On top of that, saplings are hard to distinguish from harmless bushes in winter. Thanks Clothing top status bar is durability. https://streamable.com/agesq3
  15. These stone tiles: https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.4544293967131684,0.06587934320650404,680.1798177148173
  16. No, respawn and migration are 2 different things, and they happen independently of each other. I want for zombies to migrate into my area from other cells, even if I live in the woods. This is not working correctly now.
  17. Let us cycle through / reset to default all the new "lived in impression" furniture variants. Some players on Steam forums are upset about not being able to remove dirty dishes from their sinks etc. The only way to reset the sink to default is to pick them up (risk of destroying), and putting them down again. But it would also be nice to setup a nice set of granny chairs, ngl
  18. Can confirm. I survived for 7 months in this place here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.39902734136614454,0.038777983386069026,253.34010852616257 And after killing the initial population, no zombies ever came there.
  19. IMO a solution to end game safety would be to turn 'Urban focused' distribution on zombies turn slowly into 'Uniform distribution', let's say within a game year. This way, eventually, no place on the map would be safe from zombies, as they would naturally move/spawn around to equalize their numbers across the entire map. Or maybe more of them would stay in the cities, but wilderness would also have some population, but not as big as cities. To my best knowledge zombies currently move naturally from one adjacent cell to another, but their migration gets bottlenecked by cells with very low population limits. My solution would increase these low population limits as time progresses, removing the bottleneck.
  20. I'd rather have the helicopter crash in a random place on the map so you could go and search for it, and maybe loot something useful.
  21. These counters: https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.54676947731891,0.08937794927221147,696.7422680412373
  22. These red desks: https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.547438705674679,0.08893792548641366,696.7422680412373
  23. Some good ideas there, and some of them implemented already. Thanks I have lots of ideas for electric stuff, but that's for another topic.
  24. Geras


    I'd very much like to see 1 and 2. Maybe we'll get 3 with farming rework.
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