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  1. You need a screwdriver and a fresh battery. Open the hood and right-click on the battery in the car menu. You'll get the option to take the battery out. Right-click the battery spot again, and install the new battery.
  2. Same treatment should go for potatoes.
  3. Currently trapping requires an appropriate item to have at least -5 hunger to be used as bait. This creates a logical issue if you have i.e. 2 cabbages, one -2 hunger, and other -3 hunger, you can't use them both to bait 1 trap.
  4. Geras


    High beam, reversing, and braking lights when?
  5. Geras


    Are flies going to be visible in winter? I always found the flies sound in winter to be out of place. I suggest adding an animation of holding one hand to your nose when there's corpses overload. The flies visuals and sound should only be there in seasons other than winter imo.
  6. Sneaking skill doesn't change zombie sight detection range, only sound detection range. 1. I think cover only works when your character crouches lower when near cars/walls/fences. 2. It doesn't, but it's planned afaik. 3. Afaik no. 4. No difference. Unless you want to have the advantage of cover as in point 1. afaik. 5. Sneak is for sneaking, light-footed is for walking/jogging etc. 6. Afaik no. 7. Afaik no.
  7. I think dirtiness works on a timer now, so the more time passed, the more dirty you are. I could be wrong, but that was my experience.
  8. No, not really. I specifically chose flat mohawk as my hairstyle, but sweat band changes it into short mohawk.
  9. As on video, the sweat band changes my nice flattened mohawk into ugly short mohawk. https://streamable.com/srlhqd
  10. You can only place sheets on doors. Curtains only on windows.
  11. Geras

    It's Coming to Roam

    Wow, with the cool little LCD displays for radios and TVs I wish we had a UI overhaul for these. Something along the lines of having a low poly radio/tv model open in a new window instead of the current UI, with usable knobs and controls.
  12. I agree with the last paragraph, the zombie pushback from behind seems like a bug.
  13. I don't like this idea, I'd rather have normal zombies get the 'player movement slowdown' effect sprinters have. This should solve all kiting issues with all weapons.
  14. Geras

    Jumps n' scares

    - Reduced number of hunting knives stuck in zombies. Not sure if this is needed, they are very rare now anyway. In my latest run I think I maybe found 6 hunting knives in close to 1500 zombies killed. It would be cool if the number of better weapons on zombies increased at least slightly with time passed.
  15. There's already an extensive list of what can't be disassembled created by @FaalagornI don't have a link handy, though.
  16. Hm, actually you can interact with the lamp, now I see 2 "Turn on" options. Maybe it depends on where you click.
  17. If you place the red grill near containers with fuel and kindling, you don't get the option to add fuel or start fire in the right-click menu, but you get these options with a campfire placed in the same place.
  18. This brown-leafed sort of bushy plant cannot be removed neither by digging a patch, neither with sledge, and neither by right-clicking.
  19. It's super-minor, but the swimsuit icon has no legs, but its texture on character has them. Also the cleavage is much smaller on the texture.
  20. 1143. More foraging zones. I find it strange we can't forage i.e. on farmland, or in green areas in towns. I'd be cool if foraging in these places was possible for stones, branches, earth worms, insects, etc. 1144. This one isn't probably a small suggestion, but the fitness system should be reworked. Every exercise, however small, should be beneficial for the player, increasing the damage/carry weight and endurance pool by tiny increments. This way we'd know that however small our workouts are, we get some bonus out of it. As it is now, there's no point in using the fitness system if you have 6 or more points in strength or endurance - gaining the 7th point would take ingame months to get afaik by mostly exercising and doing little else. 1145. Removing grass should give us grass to use as kindling or to use in composter. 1146. Painting picket fences using different paints and colours. 1147. Cigarettes should spawn in random amounts from 1 to 20 in a pack, not always 20 in a pack. 1148. Traps with bait should have bait visible in the world to know at a glance which traps have bait, and which don't.
  21. 1140. It would be cool if houses didn't hold so much heat during winter, so actually having a fire going for the night, or sleeping in warm clothes would have an impact on sleep quality.
  22. I've added some patches to clothing, but the clothing tooltip (on the left) doesn't display updated values.
  23. In this configuration you can't turn the lamp on or off, only the generator.
  24. 1139. Washing cars should prioritize using tainted water if available in inventory or bags on the player. Currently if I have a water bottle with clean water in main inventory and buckets with tainted water in backpack, the character uses clean water from the water bottle.
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