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    proper nutrition

    if you are looking to gain weight try eating more fatty types of food such as ice cream (even melted ice cream) or any meat food items since there is a lot of calories and fats that will help gain weight.
  2. Tails

    proper nutrition

    if you want to lose weight eat some berries or other low calorie foods.
  3. Tails

    Big Pan Thursdoid

    looking quite amazing for the animations build now that the sauce pan is confirmed as a weapon to kill some zombies.
  4. Tails

    More corpse position

    I can agree that no zombie falls on its stomach touching the ground even if you hit a zombie from behind and does a slip and fall onto its back like slipping on a wet floor or banana peel slip and fall. At least the good thing to see this in the animations build in the future.
  5. Tails

    Drink to the Memory

    The vehicles sizes do look much better which is good so that the car looks more reasonable size. Hopefully the car crash sound effect will be different so that it wont sound like breaking a window. injuries animations look interesting I hope to see some visible bandages and watches on the player. Hopefully some animations on fracture injuries animations like crawling or limping. interesting work done on the digging graves animations and pouring some whiskey on the grave. Im excited for the animations update cant wait to play that new update.
  6. Tails

    Zed Inn

    Survivor zeds are now looking worth looting thank you. The changes to the new car sizes are going to be much better than those oversized car models. im glad that its going to look much better. As for other occupational zombies will they have appropriate themed loot items such as weapons, components ect? Nice to see that baseball cap can be worn reverse I like it.
  7. Tails

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I got some more clothing ideas to add. Hats - Fedora - Cowboy hat - Baseball cap (wearable front and backwards function) Footwear - Steel toe boots - Dress shoes/ Loafers - Sandals - Clogs
  8. 1001. Naturally spawned vehicle gates such as in locations like gated community areas. 1002. Zombies wearing backpacks, hiking bags/duffel bags should have some rewarding loot 1003. Guns should spawn with or without a magazine as well as having a chance to spawn loaded or have random amounts of ammo in the chamber. 1004. Naturally spawned crawler maybe from a crippled person could have been crippled before he/she would turned into a zombie to make it as some random crawling zombies since there none crawlers that spawned naturally. 1005. Naturally spawned sawn off shotguns instead of just the normal shotguns being found.
  9. I do like that the developers are adding some functional garage doors. Just need to make sure that the vehicles could fit in the garages.
  10. Tails

    Red Hand Gang

    Interesting injury animations I would be interesting to have some visible bandages shown on where the injury happened. As for the garages good job on confirming the garages being functionible so that will no longer need to have to sledgehammer the way through walls to loot those closed doors garages.
  11. Tails

    Hotwire system

    According to howcast the screwdriver method to start a car was effective on cars made before the mid 90's
  12. Tails

    Hotwire system

    its a good idea to have a screwdriver method to start a car as an alternative if you dont want to mess with those wires to start a car. I think this would be better if this was in the suggestions section.
  13. Tails

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I thought about some prison jumpsuits with different colors for different inmate before they turned into a zombie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prison_uniform#Color_designations Dark red: supermax, or "worst of the worst" Red: high-risk Khaki or yellow: low-risk White: segregation unit or in specific cases, death row inmates Green or blue: low-risk inmates on work detail (e.g. kitchen, cleaning, laundry, mail, or other tasks) Orange: unspecific, commonly used for any status in some prisons Black/orange and white stripes: unspecific, commonly used for any status in some prisons
  14. Tails


    The animations video looks awesome I do like the random occupational zombies at their appropriate locations. As for some special zombie spawn zones I would like to see- -Court house zombie spawns with Lawyers, Attorneys, Judges, Jury, Police officers, defendant wearing inmate wearing jumpsuit or suit with tie awaiting trial and some witnesses. -School zombie spawns such as teachers , Principle , janitors - Church zombie spawn like Funeral spawn and also a religion ceremony type spawn. Zombies would be wearing some traditional clothing colors to mark a funeral. -
  15. 992. Car alarm should also be trigger from bumping/ crashing car into parked car like in GTA and also have car alarms go off if you hot wire a car. 993. Rotten food should attract flies. 994. Each vehicle should have a different fuel consumption rate so that certain car will consume more fuel than others. 995. Threats to crops like weeds that can harm crops. But you can be able to treat the weeds threat to your crops by digging out the weeds or raking. 996. Random chances of getting rotten or stale food items from foraging. 997. Speed loaders for the revolvers to make reloading more faster for that animations update in the future. 998. Farming and First aid should be a survival skill instead of a crafting skill.
  16. Tails


    pretty cool image at the top of the page with all those zombie inmates and prison guards. Its looking exciting for the animations build.
  17. Tails

    Forking Hell

    That animations video was amazing climbing that tall fence to evade a hoard of zombies. One thing I have notice on the animations progress video is that the weapon icon shows a scythe but the weapon model seems to look like a sickle. The melee combat look awesome cant wait to kill some zombies with those new weapons.
  18. Tails

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    adding more suggestions on the clothing list - Life guard uniform. - Hunters orange vest - Sheriff police variant uniform - hockey mask (Jason Vorhees mask) - FBI uniform - General rank military outfit and hat.
  19. Tails

    Car Parts Breaking Incorrectly

    I have had some car wheels taking damage even with the recommended skill showing 100% of success.
  20. Tails

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Thinking about some types of clothing shown in the list below. - Paramedic uniform, - Boonie hat (military and civilian variants) - Military Beret - Church Priest uniform - Religious Cross necklace - Combat helmet - Ghillie suit - Hoodies - Coats for different seasons such as winter coats and rain coats - Combat medics outfit including the helmet - Doctors face mask
  21. Tails

    Zed Tumble

    zombies look amazing with that new clothing. im getting excited for this animations update.
  22. Tails

    Higher Fidelity

    This is some nice work you are showing us this weeks Thursdoid. The clothing looks and suitable locations for zombies wearing certain clothing to look amazing. Hopefully have more starter clothing options for character such as wearing the uniform of the occupation that the player has chosen. Another thing that would be interesting is the loot on the certain themed zombies for example like a police officer zombie with pistol , radio and ammo. The skill system looks amazing with its combat section. Hopefully firearms category will offer some types of skills depending on the firearms class such as a Pistol skill, shotgun skill, rifle skill ect.
  23. When taking a look at the nutrition system in PZ it seems that weight is the only thing I have seen for the nutrition but I would like to add some better improvements to nutrition on food items as well as adding more types of malnutrition. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_types_of_malnutrition#Dietary_vitamins_and_minerals Here are types of nutrients to be added to PZ such as... -Calcium - Vitamin B - Vitamin C - Sodium - Vitamin D Types of Malnutrition that would be interesting to have are.... - Rickets (caused by a lack of calcium and Vitamin D) - Osteoporosis (Caused from a lack Calcium and Vitamin D) - Beriberi (caused from a lack of Vitamin B1 ) - Pellagra ( Caused from a lack of Vitamin B3 ) - Scurvy ( caused from a lack of Vitamin C ) With the Vitamin nutrients category some ways to help prevent problems from consumption of Vitamins that are already in PZ to help control vitamin levels in the body other than just reducing fatigue.
  24. Tails


    very interesting video of those animations video. I love that inmate jumpsuit clothing item as well as all those other cool clothing items.
  25. 976. More types of nutrients values in foods like vitamin A to C, calcium , ect 977. More hairstyles and facial hair styles for survivors. 978. Foraging toxic plants that could poison and kill you if consume plants such as water hemlock, foxglove, poison sumac.