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  1. 1086 More material to make a spear with a blade using adhesive tape , leather strips and denim strips for tying the blade weapon to spears if you dont want to use tape. 1087 Spears with a sharped stone tip.
  2. I feel like some existing occupations could use some better skills such as - Police officer needing some small blunt skills since police officers would have a melee weapon called a baton/ nightstick - Park Ranger could use some firearm experience since that park rangers in the USA and Canada have used to kill an animal that can be a threat to camp grounds. - Veteran could use small blade skills since military have used a combat knife as a type of melee weapons. Some ideas for occupations are - Prison Guard/ Corrections officer reloading and Accuracy skills - Paramedic First aid skills - Exterminator Trapping skills Traits - Gun enthusiast (Positive Trait) having some skills to use some firearms reloading and accuracy skill.
  3. those spammers ruined the PZ discord server now having to wait until the moderators remove the phone number restriction so that we could be able to freely type for those who dont have a phone number. I think a better solution for slowing down the spam is to use a cool down function delaying a user from typing until the cool down timer expires.
  4. thought about some more trailers for semi trucks here are some other trailers to show. Livestock trailer used for to transporting farm animals maybe find some of these trailers in rural farm lands of Kentucky. These longer combination trucks usually towing 2 or more trailers.
  5. pretty cool idea for some semi trucks and trailers here are some ideas for some those trailers and semi trucks. Trailers Car carrier trailers used for shipping cars across North America for shipping .
  6. interesting new update not sure why tailoring is a survival skill shouldnt that be crafting skill?
  7. Paramedic uniforms would be nice to have in PZ
  8. Firearms spawns on zombie corpses : Currently only M9 and 1911 pistols only seem to be found on a zombie corpse as well as 9mm and .45 ammunition it could use more types of gun spawns on zombies such as revolvers of all types and D-E pistol as well as other types ammunition. Also would be interesting to see some 2 handed guns spawn on the back of zombies. :Revolvers: Speed loaders would be nice to have for reloading a revolver much faster than slow bullet by bullet reloading.
  9. Tails

    Thermal Expansion

    love the new holster system for guns could imagine chest holsters and shoulder holsters. it going to look nice to see some zombies with a gun in the holster or a rifle strapped to the back.
  10. I have had this issue as well.
  11. nevermind I have found some car battery chargers consider case closed.
  12. Since this build I have not found a car batter charger yet and it will be quite the battery consumption and swapping car batteries so that may have to let car charge at the moment by leaving the vehicle engine running. it may be a bug with the loot tables in this build since I have checked gas stations, sheds, warehouses and trunks of vehicles.
  13. that would be cool to have some new attachments including some suppressors. Some other cool ideas for firearm attachments such as - Speed loaders for revolvers to help revolvers reloading speed. - High capacity magazines for so that you can fire more rounds before reloading and help take one larger hoards of zombies.
  14. I like the new loot tables in the grocery stores since they now feature better realistic loot like non perishable and canned food on the shelves even the perishable food are a lot better now with its new realistic loot tables.
  15. since this new build came out most vehicles seem to be spawning in poor conditions I have been having cars falling apart too quickly. I have set my sandbox settings for car conditions to high setting as well as high car spawn rate but car are still in poor conditions.
  16. pretty fun build with its new challenges. I notice with vehicles there spawning in very poor conditions in this update even with a high sandbox mode condition spawns.
  17. This new build made PZ much better thank you devs for this new big ticket update.
  18. Tails


    The Zed rotting look interesting I could imagine the zombie corpse rotting into a skeleton. Also I love the new spiffo art.
  19. Tails


    cant wait to watch the live stream this is going to be exciting.
  20. That new video makes me want to change my combat tactics but it looks amazing cant wait to play this new build.
  21. pretty cool idea. I was thinking of some door breaching methods like using a crowbar to pry a door open kinda like what a burglar would do to break into a house or a car. Another idea is breaking the window on the door without destroying the entire door to find a way in.
  22. Tails


    That video was amazing with its character creation and combat shown. Thank you for showing off a katana now im excited to kill some zeds with. Im glad you are working on the single player Would you ever consider some minor injuries from tripping like skin peeling and scabbing?
  23. Tails

    Flashing in the Dark

    That is really cool muzzle flash it really brings some good details to PZ. Also that snub nose revolver look interesting I might even know the caliber of that gun might be a .38 revolver.
  24. Tails


    Getting excited for that new vehicle design.
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