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    Getting excited for that new vehicle design.
  2. Tails

    New Foods

    Decided to add some more ideas for food items Seafood * Clams/ Oysters * Octopus * Scallops * Clam Chowder Frozen Foods * Frozen Vegtables other than peas * Alcohol and other Drinks * Bubble Tea * Champagne * Energy Drink * Anisette * Rum Baked Goods * Croissant * Gingerbread Cookies ( for those good time of the year.) * Samosas * Yule Log cakes Fruits & vegetables * Grapefruit * Pomegranate * Coconut * Kiwi * Pumpkin * Cranberries * Brussel sprouts * Squash * spicy peppers such as Ghost peppers, chili pepper, Jalapeno peppers . ect * Cali flower * Lime * Olives * Asparagus * Artichoke * Green Peppers * Spinach * Cantaloupe * Papaya * Kale * Wild Onions * Cayenne Peppers Meats * Salami * Ribs usually from pork, Lamb, Venison * Sausage * Pepperoni * Bologna * Egg rolls * Duck Meat * Goose Meat * Meat balls Snacks * Jelly beans * Dips such as Sour cream, onion dip. ect * Cinnamon buns Sauces , Dressing ,Condiments and spices * Tarter Sauce * Ranch Dressings * Duck Sauce * Italian dressing * Relish * Jam * Cream Cheese * Cottage Cheese. * Basil * Parsley * Turmeric * Chili Powder Others * Military Rations/ Military Ready to EAT (MRE)
  3. Tails

    New Foods

    Interesting ideas for food items here is my suggestions for foods for PZ. * Seafood such as shrimp, lobster, crab ect. * Ice cream sandwiches * Graham crackers ( For making S'mores with some marshmallows and chocolate) * chewing Gum * Alcohol such as beer, vodka, absinthe ect * Whole Turkey * Brownies * Baguettes * Fettuccine Alfredo * Cesar Dressing for salads to make some Caesar salad, * Alfredo Sauce * Coffee cream * Cucumbers * Celery * Rasins * Bagels * popcorn flavoring to make popcorn have more flavors to it such as butter popcorn. * Tortilla wraps to make some burritos. * Pudding
  4. Tails


    Wow some new occupational themed clothing looking nice. Vehicles designs are looking pretty cool with its animations system just hope for some pop up headlights to be a function on that car shown in the image.
  5. Tails


    Nice new guns and combat look excellent. Character creation screen sounds excellent and looking forward to this new system. Keep up the good work devs.
  6. 1016. Instead of generators exploding at lower condition why not have generator break down like a car at a lower condition. 1017. Burned corpses should not turn into a pile of ash instead it should be a charred body so that you can carry the burned to find a way to dispose of since a camp fire would not be hot enough to cremate a corpse unless the corpse was cremated at a crematorium. 1018. Firearm cleaning kits for maintaining a firearm.
  7. Tails

    Secret Government Base

    Until the map gets updated then the official map website will show that secret government base location but more likely if the devs add some more map expansions which will cause the new map to be updated.
  8. Tails


    this inventory system looks interesting and having clothing as extra storage pockets to carry more items. keep up the good work devs.
  9. Tails

    More Math(s)

    Amazing video of the animations progress cant wait to play this new update.
  10. Tails

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    Some other types of zed scenes that would be interesting such as.... Broken Down Car Car stranded due to the vehicle having some mechanical issues and the vehicle hood opened there would be the stranded people that turned into a zombie. Burglary Having a zombie break into a house or any other building that cause them to end up turning into a zombie. Burglar Zombie still wearing the mask (Maybe the owner turned into a zombie attacked the criminal which lead to the death.) Illegal gambling den This scene to show some crime but in an gambling den with a card games, lots of cash and some casino chips. Handcuffed/Restrained/ Solitary Confinement This idea of having some zombie that have been handcuffed and even shackled may affect their ability to attack with their hands. For some cool scenes I am thinking of with zombie that are wearing handcuffs such as in the police station criminal being questioned with hands behind back, Inmate awaiting trial wearing handcuffed and shackled depending on the type of criminal trial in the court room or maybe a zombie in solitary confinement with a straight jacket.
  11. Tails

    Mannequin vs. Zed

    very interesting animations to eating and sitting I do like. Keep up the good work devs.
  12. Tails

    Anim-Transition Blog

    The player movement animations are looking cant wait. That creepy malformed zombie is creepy but im glad that will get fixed. Keep up the good word for the animations update im looking forward to playing.
  13. Tails

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    Here are some new zombie scenes locations Arms Dealers With some illegal firearms trade having lots a guns and ammo left inside houses that were never bought or taken before zombies attacked and killed the arms dealers. Highway Scenes Traffic jams of workable cars to make it more realistic instead of burnt cars which look like a riot broke loose. Maybe less burnt vehicles would be more better. Maybe a big group of zombies around that area with some abandoned emergency vehicles on scene. News Reporters Some news reporters that were investigating chaos inside the knox events having the reporters, camera man and other crew members that have turned into a zombie and wearing some news station clothing. Even the radio van has a great location of spawning with some news crew members near by. Roadblocks Both military and Police roadblocks trying to hold off an area from the dead but failed having some military and police zeds roaming around that area maybe some sirens still flashing. Red Necks house These locations of people wearing some rural themed clothing with some big beards and some guns.
  14. Tails

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    Some new ideas for the zombie scenes - Drug dealers house/ drug house with some illegal drug deal gone bad - Homeless people area with worn down and dirty clothes. - Gang members house/crib with some zombie gang members leaving some guns behind. This could range from bloods and crips to even some hispanic gangs or some biker gangs. - Pill overdose scene where a person takes his own life to avoid suffering in the zombie apocalypse.
  15. Tails

    69 Zeds

    that was an interesting stealth game play video even though that one zombie feasting on the corpses private areas. As for a female corpse feasting where zombie might be feasting on the womens breast areas not sure if there will be some programming to make a female corpse feasting not look like a motor boating. overall this was a interesting thursdoid for this week.
  16. Tails

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    Court house scene where you see a person awaiting trial for a crime with a suspect wearing jumpsuit or a fancy suit as well as the jury , lawyers , judge , prosecutors and witnesses.
  17. Tails

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    I think with backpacks, hiking bags and duffle bags there should be more variety of colors and patterns to make them look more cool looking as well as some military grade backpacks and other bags.
  18. Tails

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    Nice beach themed zombies. interesting new weapons to kill some zombies imagine using them to lose some weight lol. Stealth system is something I would like to sees since. I do like that Art gallery for Louisville some day I hope to loot to decorate my base with some art.
  19. 1007. Repairing trunk lids, hoods, mufflers.
  20. Tails

    The Sound of Mucus

    Those new sound effects are amazing and makes PZ feel more intense. This is exciting and I cant wait to play this new build keep it up developers.
  21. Tails

    Missing vehicle varient

    I havent seen a Chevalier D6 Police variant in a while. It might be a bug that this vehicle variant is not spawning since the Dash Bull driver variant is spawning normally..
  22. Tails

    Little Red Guitar

    That was some awesome melee combat system. I think the machete might be the next favorite weapon.
  23. Tails

    Advanced Zedonometry

    The limping animations looks interesting I hope to see some zombies with a limping animation as well to show its condition.
  24. Tails

    Combat Renovations

    Combat is looking quite nice with that new weapon that was shown off and having that zombie sitting down near that wall of that house. zombie feasting on a corpse is looking much better with its positions. Cant wait to play this new build.
  25. Tails

    Night Drivin’

    Those Animations look amazing, very exciting to try on all those cool clothes and kill some zombies with those new weapons.