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  1. Tails

    Brush with Death

    awesome cant wait for this update to come out.
  2. Tails

    Search and DeZtroy

    I love the that new foraging system and cant wait to try this once it get added.
  3. I would support more types of crops to grow just need some more items to grow like eggplant, Zucchini
  4. 1150. Sound effects for pumping gas into car from the gas pumps.
  5. Looking forward to Louisville and making a base would be something quite nice to do.
  6. awesome love the new sound effects this is very nice update.
  7. Tails


    looks very nice cant wait for this amazing update to come out and I do love the new sounds this will make things more interesting.
  8. Tails

    MiZe en Scène

    3D items looks amazing cant wait try this next build
  9. Tails


    Louisville is looking nice cant wait to explore that city and all its districts. new lighting on vehicles very nice way to light up the night. Cant wait for these noiseworks also cant wait to hear how the car horns will sound like.
  10. The display counters loot tables seems to be giving the wrong loot items shouldn't there be some food in these containers. So far these loot tables offer some Cigarettes and have found some nails.
  11. I am glad single player content has returned its been a long time. But now everything much better now.
  12. Tails

    It's Coming to Roam

    Awesome cant wait for the next IWBUMS update. The vehicle sounds are very nice even those sirens are very nice cant wait for the noise works to get added.
  13. This is a good idea since I have wanted some better loot on zombies with more better loot items that would make it feel more rewarding. Military zombies Military backpacks should have some realistic loot like some ammo , higher end guns such as an assault rifles like the M16 and M14. They could add some handguns as well. Student zombies Other items for those backpacks like lunch boxes with random amounts of food and snacks to have even some cookies as well.
  14. Tails

    Jumps n' scares

    Very exciting to see more single player content to get added cant wait for this update. 3D items look amazing even on that table.
  15. Tails

    MP Status Update

    I guess we will have to wait for July 1st for a new dev blog. RIP weekly dev blogs.
  16. 1141. Allowing rain water to wash the blood off the car naturally.
  17. Tails

    MP Status Update

    Very excited to see some more single player content like noise works get added since us players were deprived of any new content for 6 months. Take your time devs for the multiplayer update.
  18. Tails

    For cars.

    very good ideas other things that would be nice for car maintenance such as... - engine timing belts and timing chains - Car starters so that cars could be better at starting while damaged starters could affect the amount of cranks to start a car. - Alternators
  19. Tails


    Finding a police cars road blocks with badly damaged cop cars on every part of the car. Would be nice if vehicle scenes had more better condition vehicles.
  20. Tails

    Bohemian Rhapzedy

    The noises are very nice cant wait for this to get added to PZ.
  21. Tails


    new sound affects are amazing. I hope that vehicles also get some new sound including the horn as well.
  22. Tails

    Ohio Orio

    love the new sounds on that dryer also hope the washing machines also gets a new sound. That mall looks nice cant wait to loot up that place.
  23. Tails

    Mascot Mayhem

    cant wait to see the next update so I can use those worms for trapping.
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