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  1. As of right now, zombies can only grab your character when they try to bite you, leading to situations when you just run around them and there's nothing they can really do about it. So I thought it would be good to have the grabbing system reworked for a bit. Now, I have two examples of games with those systems. The first game: Resident Evil 2 Remake. In this game, zombies grabbing you was actually the only way to get injured by zombies. If Z's hand reached Leon or Claire (Depending on what you are into) they'd immediately grab you and if you don't have a knife, flashbang or a grenade, you'd get damaged. While this might be a bit overkill for the game where only a single bite is what takes you to die, we could take a few things from it such as depending on what weapon you're holding right now, the chances of getting out uninjured will vary. The second game: ZombiU. This game's system, in my opinion, will be a good base to work around in PZ. In ZombiU Infected can sometimes lunge at your character, making him unable to do anything until the player shakes them off by widlly swinging their controller. Except in PZ it could be made so you have to push them away by mashing spacebar. The way I imagine those systems in PZ is that if Zombie's hands reach your character the Z will grab them, making you unable to actually do anything. While you're grabbed, depending on your strength, the weapon you're holding and the amount of zombies holding you, your character will have a varying chance of successfully pushing away Zs. This system will prevent player from doing some wild shit and cater to the whole "Zombies ain't no toys" thing well enough. Fin.
  2. That's the thing, you shouldn't be able to use them at all, because how much sense does it make? None. How unfair is it? Very.
  3. I'm not saying characters should freeze at this temperature. The character of the one's I quoted was feeling fine with a varsity jacket (which isn't really good at keeping you warm tbh) at 6 degrees, which is OK.
  4. He's wearing a Tank top, t-shirt, denim shirt and a varsity jacket and his character is feeling fine. I didn't take hat and pants into account, because as you can see, those parts of his body are real warm. Idk about you, but that seems ok to me.
  5. That seems reasonable. You ain't gonna walk around without a jacket at 6°C and feel comfortable.
  6. So, recently I was thinking how can the crafting system be improved, and I came up with an idea of tool quality system. While it may not be a very hard thing to implement, I think it could make the crafting system a little bit more in-depth and allow to implement more complex crafts and tools. Firstly, how's it gonna look like? Every tool, or item that could be used as one, will have a quality of some sort. There will be five qualities: "awful", "bad", "normal", "good" and "excellent." So, for example, a simple stone would have a hammering quality of "awful", a club hammer — "good" and a proper hammer would have an "excellent" quality. Here's a quick mockup of how you'd check the quality of an item. What is it gonna do? Firstly, some of the crafting recipes and building stuff will require tools with different qualities, and depending on how high the quality of the tool is, time required and quality of the crafted item will change. Example: Hypotetical Mister X has caught a rabbit and he wants to butcher it. Depending on his own skill, quality of his workplace and quality of the tool he owns, the results will differ. So butchering with, let's say, a hunting knife is going to be faster, yield more useful parts and less garbage than butchering with a sharp stone. Same with tailoring, hammering, screwing, bolting, cooking and many other stuff that you can do. Secondly, some of the crafting recipes will have the lower limit of the required tool, which means you will have to find better tools than you already have. Example: Mr. X moved into a new place and he decided that the first thing he'll do will be barricading. Now, while that one stone in his backpack might be good enough for denting stuff, cracking nuts and breaking windows, it's not the best tool for hammering, and he'll have to find a better tool for that. Or, perhaps, make a stone hammer, which is good enough. What good is it gonna do? Well, besides making the crafting system at least somewhat better, it'd slightly improve devs' ability to add new crafting recipes and tools, because instead of manually adding every possible tool to the craft, they'll just need to assign the required quality and set quality definitions for the tool. Fin. Thx to ma boi Vunder from discord for helping me with pics.
  7. Just decided to attach a screenshot of it's wild range. I could hit that zombie from this distance. Upd: it seems like some other new weapons have the same issues. E.g nightstick.
  8. No. That's not what they said. They said that they had to make character stop while hitting to prevent Horde-slaughtering, but y'all find a convenient way to cheese through that. Good on you, "hunter."
  9. You can't. At least not supposed to. Otherwise shit like you've shown in the video happens.
  10. It is intended. Upon attack your character usually stops for a bit, then continues to walk. So yeah, you're cheesing.
  11. ^ Especially noticable when you fight a Z while moving backwards. At some point the model won't even reach a Zombie, but hits will still register.
  12. And you just want it to be more powerful? No, no thanks.
  13. Wood axe is not supposed to be a very useful weapon. It's a tool to cut trees down after all.
  14. By the way, unlike PZ's zombie virus, Rabies actually can be prevented by simple disinfection, especially if the wound has been disinfected immediately, so you don't always need to waste a vaccine.
  15. It doesn't. It just makes them able to spawn naturally/makes them more common.
  16. Would be also good to have some antivirals to help treat viral diseases like flu and Anti-rabid vaccines. Other than that, all of this is pretty freakin' great.
  17. I think it would be good to have some sort of Zed grabbing you anim before the attack, which would slow you down/make you unable to move until your character breaks the grab. I get in a lot of situations where zombie starts attacking me, I just make one step back which makes Z stop it's attack animation and go idle for a second, and I think proper grabbig mechanic would solve that. Also, I think it'd get rid of complaints about "insta-bites" that are posted everywhere because time between zombie grabbing you and attacking would be big enough for players to realize what's going on.
  18. So what? You can enable debug mode already, which gives you access to stuff like Item spawner, Zed control population and many other fun stuff. I think it perfectly fulfills your desires, no?
  19. Sounds like not a good idea.
  20. M16 doesn't even spawn in the main game right now. You must be using mods or something. Also spears durability depends on your carpentry level.
  21. Slightlly more military clothing would indeed be nice. Considering the timeline, I think it would be cool to have some jackets like this one below in some houses, like the house was owned by Vietnam war veteran.
  22. 1. Sometimes character faces the wrong way while doing some actions (e.g Drinking, filling up bottles, barricading etc.) 2. Some layering issues. If you wear a hiking bag or a vest over a jacket, you can see it clipping while walking. 3. Ties, bow-ties are worn on a wrong level. Character puts it on the skin layer, which makes it invisible if you wear any other clothing. 4. If you sneak and aim while moving, character will make a few steps in the direction of where he's aiming, regardless of the movement direction. (E.g if I'm walking to NE and aim to SW, character will stop and move a little bit to the SW.) 5. While filling up pots, bowls or saucepans, char holds those items in the wrong hand. 6. Weapons won't show up in character's hands while doing certain actions like opening the window, climbing through ut etc. 7. Turning while eating/drinking/smoking will cause character to stop for a very brief moment. 8. Some moodles like Bleeding and drunk don't seem to affect walking speed anymore.
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