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    Can you move a car without a key?

    Hotwiring doesn't make any sound. It's like connecting two wires or something like that. Why would it even make any sound?
  2. Burger_Time

    Can you move a car without a key?

    Yup. If have 2 mechanic and 1 electric skill, you can press V and start the car without the key aka hotwire it.
  3. Burger_Time

    Interactions in a car

    Also this can make Zombies-in-the-car thing real. Like they would be able to crawl inside the car through the window and you will be able to fight against them.
  4. Burger_Time

    more weapons

    Most of these are planned/done already and probably will be implemented with Anims.
  5. Burger_Time

    Iron bars

    You can already lol.
  6. Burger_Time

    Having Kids

    Be able to born child is a bit horrific thing to see, but be able to find woman with children would definitely be a great thing.
  7. Burger_Time

    Some bugs i've found...

    1. Door's window clipping through the sheet. 2. Light inside and outside at night. As you can see on the pictures above, if you look at the window\door, it will appear to be pretty bright as it is day right now, but if you go outside, light outside will be way more darker. 3. Sink counter on top of another counter (?) Everything is on the picture below. House coordinates - https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.37972016666799946,0.21256939868509717,961.2975336298607
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    Some fire related bugs.

    1. Metal items like forks in turned on Microwaves don't make them explode, however, this nasty sound still plays. Same with Gas canister in Ovens and Campfires. 2. For some reason metal roofs, concrete floors and brick walls can burn, and this will make them look like a wooden burnt walls and floors. 3. Maybe it's just me, but for some reason I could set oven on fire by not turning it off only while sleeping. 4. Fire doesn't destroy items on the ground. 5. Burnt down houses still have electricity in it. 6. If multi-tile wasn't burnt fully, the last part of it will float a bit and have "transparent spot" (side of the item that is transparent and you can look through it).
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    Some medical suggestions.

    Disclaimer — some symptoms of the injures I've suggested may be not implemented currently (Like passing out). This post can also contain some type ofof injures that have already been suggested (even if it was me ). First of all — I want to suggest some sort of rework of the Frist aid skill. Currently, first aid skill only makes healing wounds more effective and IMO is useless. So here's my suggestion about First aid skill — a person with low skill can misdiagnose some injures. For example — if he got a fracture, he can think that it's only a twist or something like that. But if he gets checked by a doctor, he will know exactly what injures he have. So, there's a another one suggestion — we need more ways to hurt ourselves. Here's the list of injures I want to see in game: Twist — an injure that can be gained if you: Run on the stairs; Jump from not-so-high spots; getting hit; got into car crash. Symptoms: Moderate pain, slight damage and reduced walking/fighting abilities (Depending on what you've twisted) To heal you need to reduce it (Or how do it called) and rest few days. The higher your/your teammate first aid skill, the higher your chances to successfully reduce (?) Twist. So ummm. Not very painful fracture. Concussion of brain — an injure that can be gained by: Getting hit; Car accident; falling from the high spot. Symptoms are: short/medium pass out (Depending on the state), pain, insomnia, stress and (?) hallucinations (?) To diagnose it, you/your teammate need to have a 3 first aid skill or higher. To heal it, you need to: Rest for a week/two weeks (depending on state). Healing can be speedup by taking the right pills. Injure of the brain — more serius type of brain injure than concussion. Can be gained by: A car accident; Getting hit; falling from high spot. Symptoms are: Medium/long/Very long pass out (depending on the state) (The last state (That accompanies with very long pass out) Have a very high chance to be lethal if not treated by a professional), moderate pain, moderate/several/very several damage, nausea, insomnia, stress and (?) Hallucinations (?). This injure can be mistaken with a concussion of the brain. To diagnose it, you/your teammate need to have a 5th level of an first aid skill. To heal it, you need to rest for a few weeks/month/A LOT OF TIME, BASICALLY and take some pills. Bruise — an injure that can be gained by receiving any blunt weapon damage I.e zombie hit, slight car crash. Symptoms: none. That's a Bruise, what did you expect? You don't even need to treat it — it will go away after a few days regardless of treatment. Contusion — an injure that can be gained if something exploded near to the character. Symtopms are: hard of hearing/Deafness, stress, insomnia. To heal it, you need to rest for Few days/Weeks depending on severity. Frostbites are skin injures, that can be caused by standing outside house at cold windy weather. Usually affects Toes, feet, fingers, hands, ears and noses. Symptoms are: insensetivity (if frostbite haven't been heated), minor pain/severe pain (depending on state and if frostbite have been heated up), reduced speed (if feet is injured), reduced fighting abilities (if hand is injured) or even (?) Immobility of injured limb (?). To heal it, you need to: bandage injured part of the body, enter any house and slowly heat up injured limb (if you heat it up fastly, you can make it even worse). When your character starts to feel pain, bandage frostbite and stay in a warm place from 5 days to 4 weeks depending on severity. Healing can be speedup by consuming hot food (?). If your character got the last state and doesn't feel pain even after long attempts to heat frostbite, limb most likely needs to be AmPuTaTeD. More stages of wound infection. Usually happens when you gain scratch in dirty place. Has four stages: Slight infection, Moderate infection, severe infection and deep infection. You can prevent your character from receiving severe stages of wound infection before/when only the first stage appear by disinfecting the wound. But when you gain moderate infection, you gotta treat it more. Symptoms: sight/moderate pain, higher body temperature, wound purulence. The first stage isn't dangerous at all. You can just disinfect the wound and you should be fine. If not treated well enough, it will go to the next stage... Moderate wound infection is the thing you should really worry about. To treat it, you need to disinfect it sometimes and take antibiotics. Severe infection may be fatal because it quickly grows into Deep infection. To treat it, you need to take antibiotics, disinfect wound and rarely do blood transfusion. Deep infection. The virus going to kill you. To treat it, you need to amputate part of the body where infection appeared before it reaches main blood flow. P. S. To wound infection: slight infection won't grow into higher stages in normal conditions, so you won't be dead only because you've cut yourself when tried to climb through broken window and you don't have any disinfectants around. But if you got several unbandaged and not disinfected wounds, then sure it will grow. Really need to think about it more... Artery rupture — an injure that causes large blood lose which will kill you very quickly if you won't do anything. Appears after recieving a deep wound on a specific part (I.e neck). As I said before, it will cause a huge blood lose. First thing you need to do is apply tourniquet like belt or something like that. After that you need to stich the wound and you should be fine, however, it's highly not recommended to do any tiring activities because the stitch may break up. Eye injure is a very rare injure that will make your vision abilities worse. Has a very small chance to appear (1—5% depending on accuracy) when recieving damage on the head. Usually makes your character feel severe pain which can lead to to unconscious due to the pain shock. Has four three stages: slight temporary, severe temporary and severe permanent. Slight stage will simply make your vision a bit worse, but the severe stage will make your eye unable to see. Treatment for the temporary stages is fairly easy — you need to bandage your eye and disinfect it over time. The permanent stage is unhealable. Traumatic shock is not as much as injury or disease but a state. Depends on the severity of pain and blood loss rate, so the more character feels pain and the more blood lose rate, the higher state of shock will be. Traumatic shock have two stages: Erectile and Torpid. Erectile state happens when character feels medium/severe pain and have Medium blood loss rate. Character is more active due to Adrenaline boost (I will talk about it later), usually accompanied with screams/moans. Torpid state happens when character feels severe and higher pain and have Fast/very fast blood loss rate. If gained after the erectile state, character will slowly lose all the strength and eventually will become unconscious/unable to move. Char don't scream or do any activities, he's just lying on the ground or somewhere else. Adrenaline boost, again is nota an injure, it's a state. Usually appears when character's stressed, panicked or injured pretty badly. In this state, character will have more strength, become more active, feel less pain, hunger and fatigue. However, this state doesn't last very long, and soon adrenaline boost effect will stop, which will bring back all pain and hunger effects, give your character Fatigue boost and make your char's limbs shake. Paralysis. A very harsh injure to have. Usually appears if char experienced some things that normally would have make him dead. I.e falls from 5 story building. Symptoms: loss of control, insensitivity. Have a very high chance to appear after the Spine fracture (Everything below the fracture spot will be paralysed) and 100% after the neck fracture. Pretty much can't be healed. Internal bleeding is another pretty much dead sentence. Same as Paralisis, appears only if you will get into situation that will 100% kill you in any other conditions. Everything is simple — your character begin to lose all his blood until he dies. However, there can also be minor internal bleeding, which will disappear over time, but will make some serious damage. As I've said several times before, happens in extreme situations like car crash, falling from high place. Also may happen because of rib fractures. Next my suggestion is to add more infections and make them ableto to spread from person to person. Currently, we have only 3 illnes. It's the: Cold (even thoif it isn't a illness that cause smth. It just reduces your immunity), food poisoning and the "Zombie virus", and only the last is contiguous. First af all — flu. The simplest infection can ever suggested. The symptoms are: sneezing, coughing and other evident flu symptoms :). To treat, you need to stay in a warm place and eat hot food. It's also pretty contagious. If you stay close to sneezing and coughing person for, let's say, 20 minutes, your character have a chance to catch a flu (doesn't matter if your character have a outdoorsman or not). The other thing I want to suggest about infections is a complications. They can appear rarely and may cause serious problems. I.e — pneumonia. The symptoms is: fast extortion progression, long resting etc. If you won't heal it in time, your character starts feel lack of oxygen and will suffocate at one day. Pneumonia can be treated by taking Antibiotics for a week/month depending onon severity. Stay tuned! I can add more injures in any time. You can write an injures that you want to see in game too in comments. Bye! MEDIC!!!
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    Some medical suggestions.

    Upd: Added Traumatic shock and Adrenaline boost states, Paralysis and Internal bleeding death sentences.
  11. Burger_Time

    Cities are boring.

    Pretty sure Muldraugh and West point are Boring IRL, and of course Louisville will be more fun place to be in because Firstly it has several different areas with different architecture and secondly it's Unironically ~1000 times bigger than Muldraugh/WP.
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    Showing State of Player in Model on Anim Update

    But I hope it's planned, right? I will be sad if I unable to see my character's fat ass.
  13. Burger_Time

    Vehicle sound option.

    Very short post. I think that Vehicle's engine sound should be one thing with other sound settings because it's kinda confusing for new players when they start car at first time and it's being loud as hell.
  14. Burger_Time

    West Point Food Market. (Before, After,)

    Epic. Also I wanna be able to do the same thing on the second picture without sledgehammer and furniture moving thing.
  15. Is there? I thought it's ORGM thing.
  16. 961. That's probably have been suggested before, but... Guns should be cleaned over time. If you won't do that, your gun will start jamming, be less accurate and maybe even break if your gun won't be cleaned for a very long time.
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    Any. Ver — Items on car seats.

    If you try to sit on place in vehicle that have item on it, your character will start to move stuff around (Or what's he doing?) And then open door. I think these actions should be in different order — firstly char should open door and only then move items.
  18. Burger_Time

    Any ver. — Car sounds in MP.

    If other player tries to start car when he's offscreen, you will hear it the same as if he would do it right in front of your face, which can be very distractive especially on PVP servers.
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    Some mood suggestions.

    Mood follows us everywhere we go. We always feel sad, happy, nervous. But the only thing your character feels in-game constantly is a panic or Stress if you're smoker, and in ZA it shouldn't be like that. I've decided to make a suggestion that should probably remove thoughts that the only thing char can feel is the fear. 1. More mood changing factors. Almost every decision and action you make should affect mood. Even watching TV should make your char's mood change. I.e when you see how general says that "There are no mortalities inside zone, everything is under control" your char should become angry or sad. Here are the mist of things thay could change character's mood: • Killing people first few weeks should make your character feel Anxious and sad. • Setting alarm off will definetely make your character panic. • Watching TV/Listening to radio should make you Sad/Anxious/Angry/Happier depending on programm and maybe even temperament (you can search for my "Four types of temperament" post if you want to). • Being under attack most likely make you feel Anxious and panic. • Being inside burning building should scare your cahracter for sure. • Discovering a bite on you should make your char anxious. • Simply existence in this apocalyptic world should make character depressed and anxious. 2. Insanity state. If you've been feeling sad for an unreasonable amount of time, kill thousands of people every month, spend a lot of time near big bloodstains or being alone for a very long time could really mess with your character's mind. Insanity state should affect mood changes and communication with other people. Have four stages: Starting to lose wits — something's really messing your mind up. Talk to someone if you don't want to be insane. Slightly increased Unhappiness gaining and slightly worse interaction with people. Crazy — you've been doing too much even for apocalypse. Moderately decreased chance of successful interaction with people. Psychopath — stop doing these things, goddamn it! Severe communication with people debuff. Completely insane — absolute loss of mind. Human interaction is almost impossible from that point. Your character starts to rave. 3. Make depression more severe. Depression right now is not a problem. Like you can remove a damn mental illness with one-two books. Doesn't sound severe, does it? As I said before, depression is an Illness , and it should be treated as any other sickness. The treatment is fairly easy, but it should take some time. To treat depression you need to periodically entertain your character and talk to others. With antidepressants treatment can go faster, however, your character may become addictive to them, which means that you will constantly be depressed if you don't take pills. 4. Short comments. Depending on personality, mood and health character should comment some things. I.e if your char depressed, he can sometimes say "Why am I like that? Why am I still alive?!", if you set off car alarm, he can say "Shut up you rusty piece of crap!" E.t.c. 5. Mood-exclusive actions. I don't think it's need to be explained much. Some actions like suicide should be available only if you are stressed or desperated. Maybe, you shouldn't even be able to eat food like dog food and worms unless you are very hungry. Can also be commented by the character like "I'm not eating THAT" Or "I'm hungry, but not that hungry to eat this".
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    Dark as night while raining

    Yeah. That's extremely cool. But not being able to see anything at midday because of the rain? That sounds a bit too much.
  21. Burger_Time

    Going in and out to make it work

    I have the same issue sometimes but I'm pretty much sure it's because of my PC.
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    Build 40.40 - Patch Released

    If you turn off all the lights and look outside at night, the wall around windows looks like something's emits light from outside even tho everything outside is pitch black. I feel that this light should be far less bright and maybe a bit more white.
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    Build 40.40 - Patch Released

    Holy fuck I laughed at this post so hard.
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    Whats the first thing you’ll do In build 41?

    Gonna play as a Freddie Mercury.