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Small but Important Suggestions Thread


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1131. Keys should and keyring should have weight, keyring should have limited capacity, offer weight reduction and have to be found.

1132. Key as a weapon (it would break easily similar to spoon etc. but you could use it for jaw stab – I know it's a stretch, but it would probably add a fun element, similar to the spoon spear currently :)) – of course broken keys could not be used to open things again.

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1148. Some visual indicator on how much a tree is cut – it'd be really helpful when you forget what tree you were last cutting when your raw axe broke

1149. Some visual indicator on how damage construction/item is (preferrably something that wouldn't need a new model for each item; maybe simple crack marks?)

1150. Ability to repair walls and/or reinforce them when you get higher construction level / find someone with handy trait – right now you need to break it down and place new for it to have full HP again.

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1151. Throw items for distraction. A stone thrown into a wall or a bush should make a faint sound that might draw attention of zombies in a small area. Throwing a glass bottle will cause the bottle to break making a louder sound attrackting more zombies' attention. Throwin primed mechanical alarm clocks to use their ringing to draw zombies away from where you want to go. Mechanically should not be hard. There already is a throwing mechanic for Molotovs and grenades (awful as it is...) that can be used if the item marked as throwable is placed in main hand.

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