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  1. I saw that someone suggested fireworks (for distraction) a long time ago. It seems like a good small feature (place firework, use lighter, stand back).
  2. It would be cool if you could spinkle gravel or broken glass on the ground, so it makes an audible 'crunch' when stepped on. I would use it to give me an alarm if i'm out farming at night or in the fog. Or put it around the entrance & exit of a building you are camping in. Twigs/sticks could work also. A louder alarm could be a string of empty tin cans that you attach to a doorway, so they clatter of anyone (or anything) pushes past them. Neither of these ideas is new ; the tin-cans were in Fallout 4, and the glass-on-the-ground was in Thief
  3. Yeah - agree the heliopter event needs extra 'spice'. One simple thing i'd suggest is that the helicopter has a spotlight that you can see sweeping across the ground. If the helicopter sees you, the spot light would lock onto you
  4. I like this as it would support people who want to play as medics in multiplayer
  5. This could add a lot of mood. Reminds me of Stalker : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By1b2GLzDUA (edit: also note the great environmental sounds)
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