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  1. Burger_Time

    This Is Peak Zomboid

    Good luck reaching that point.
  2. Burger_Time

    Next update

    Meh. Doesn't sound like a good idea.
  3. Burger_Time

    More RP Oriented Features

    It's in already anyways. I doubt it'll change anyhow, considering there's no point in doing so.
  4. Burger_Time

    More RP Oriented Features

    It's not overcomplication though. Pens and pencils are very easy to find, and I don't think anyone was ever annoyed by the fact that you need to have a pen in your inventory to write something.
  5. Burger_Time

    More RP Oriented Features

    Sounds like not a good idea for me. Why making them absolutely useless if you can use them to mark/write something?
  6. Burger_Time

    More RP Oriented Features

    You can make notes on Maps already though.
  7. Burger_Time

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    Just a 'lil note — March ridge is real. Mostly.
  8. Burger_Time

    Door Overhaul

    Firstly not every door would be locked. Not a lotta Americans lock their houses apparently. Secondly, why do you have to lock/latch a door when you enter a house? Even if zombies would be to open doors (which I really doubt), it will happen very rarely and won't be possible for zombie if you have to pull the door, not to mention you have to do it anyways in MP/Once NPCs come out. Thirdly, you don't have to pick a lock to enter your house, and if it's not your house, why'd you lock the door? And finally, when you exit the house, unlocking and unlatching can be done automatically, like it is right now if you have a key for a house.
  9. Burger_Time

    Door Overhaul

    Lock complexity is absolutely fine. I can see nothing wrong with it. Potentially you'd be able to build doors which would be very hard to open without a key. And skill should affect chance of success too. You wouldn't know how to lockpick a door without any skill, would you? Why not? Bathrooms always have a lock inside, so why not using it?
  10. Burger_Time

    Katana and Turn Animation Super Weird?

    Maybe that's because Katana is still kinda WIP, unbalanced and clearly uses blunt weapon's attack anim due to lack of it's own one?
  11. Burger_Time

    Add Guns that add to world building

    Where the hell would you find a Katana in Kentucky? In the 90's? Also i don't think Katana is good enough to chop heads right off (I doubt anything is tbh.)
  12. Burger_Time

    Stop the DEPRESSION!!!

    I just don't get it... Why?
  13. Burger_Time

    Stop the DEPRESSION!!!

    In 1.5d music was absolutely everywhere and constantly looped, which would make music really annoying as the time goes on. Now one track plays at a time depending on what you're doing and was doing earlier. That's one of the reasons you can hear some heavy ass music when doing basically nothing — you did some stuff earlier. Most of the music plays depending on actions/surroundings. For example, it seems that "Ambient piano" track plays only while it rains, and you don't do much. Same thing with "Maybe we can win this" and "run", except they on mostly play when some action is going on. Regardless all of this though, it still could use some rework. Just i tiny bit. Some slow quiet guitar/violin/piano solo in between actual music tracks would help a lot.
  14. Burger_Time

    Stop the DEPRESSION!!!

    Doesn't it already exist?
  15. Burger_Time

    game lacks common sense realism

    The worse quality of the battery is, the less charge it can hold. Absolutely broken battery can't hold any charge.