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  1. Making a wall out of cars just because they used to be invincible wasn't creative.
  2. Yes, you can write in the game. On maps too.
  3. You can write down everything you need on a sheet of paper or a notebook and then mark everything you've got during the run.
  4. On default settings helicopter happens only once, before everything else collapses.
  5. There'd be no one left alive to drop those in the first place. The whole world kinda dies in about two weeks and I'd say those remaining survivors would neither know how to control planes nor want to share their supplies.
  6. If you have watee and some soap in your inventory you should be able tp wash it off.
  7. You've already had your answer.
  8. I've had one pretty interesting concept on my mind for quite a bit now that I think would help expand on the game's RPG aspect once the final iteration of NPCs come out, which is character backstory generator. Basically, the idea behind it is Rimworld's childhood/adulthood thing, except working the other way around: instead of character's abilities and skills varying with background, we could have some randomized brief stories of our characters that would reflect character's traits, occupation and maybe even scenarios they're in. A general background would consist of a
  9. You can repair it if you take it off.
  10. Why would they rewrite the lore of the game if everything in this article (written by the players, by the way) is true? The map is based off of the area in Northern Kentucky and it shares a lot of similarities in general landscape and town location. Also Knox Country is not even the real name for the area the game takes place in.
  11. Based on =/= A full on copy. I don't see how a single building can hurt a whole map. If you believe the map should be a 100% accurate recreation of the real world towns I think you need to reconsider the things that you value in games. You don't even live there, and I'm certain you didn't even know those towns existed before you played the game, so there's no way a building can ruin your immersion or whatever.
  12. The map was never really supposed to be a 100% copy of the real world and I don't really see how adding some new buildings could possibly hurt the game in any way?
  13. You can already move windows with a crowbar and carpentry skill.
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