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  1. Running with the fracture.

    If you have a pretty big sprinting skill, there's a running animation playing while shifting. So umm, maybe we shouldn't be able to use Sprint with a broken leg?
  2. Four types of temperament.

    For real? That was cool.
  3. Gunshop In the Mall

    One exists, actually. It's near the bar in west-point.
  4. 924. More situations that affects character's mood. Character should become anxious when watching news, unhappy when infected, panicked when being shot or activating an alarm, etc. Also player should become very anxious at the start because it's god damn apocalypse going on outside! 925. Umm... Let's leave it untitled. If ability to kill your self will be added, there should be a goal to reach if you want to do it. I.e you have to reach "Desperation" sadness level to do it.
  5. Four types of temperament.

    There are Four types of temperament, each of them affects changes of mood and Communication with NPCs (Last, what a surprise, haven't been added yet.) You need to deside which of type of temperament your character will have. 1. Sanguine. Those guys usually have a good mood. They're less prone to become sad, bored or angry (Yeah, there IS anger in the moodles if someone didn't know.) and it's easier for them to become happier again. They can easily start an conversation with survivors, however, not with everyone... 2. Phlegmatic Those dudes have a pretty stable mood. Mood changes real slow in any way. Communication with survivors doesn't affected, however, phlegmatic person will have less noticeable mood "Symptoms". I.e he still will be able to answer positively even if he have a slight anger, but again, if he will be pissed off, he still will be able to spoil for a fight... 3. Melancholic. For persons with this type of temperament it's easier to become Sad or Anxious and harder to become happy again. Less communicable and prone to become unhappier if somebody talks about them bad. 4. Choleric. A person with fast mood changes. Communication doesn't affected, but it's very easy to piss them off... That's all of the types exists. Now let's talk about one more thing... Contradictions between persons with different types of temperament. Yes, IMO it should exist. I.e a sanguine person should make a big effort to become a friend of Phlegmatic person, but it will be hard to divide them if they will actually make it through. !eyB Also need to add a different reactions on different situations for each type of temperament but I haven't reached my desidion yet.
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    You can, but sound doesn't get too far.
  7. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Updating of trees and doors sprites should be disabled when your character doesn't looks on them. You can easily detect those guys that are sneaking to you through the woods when you don't even look at them.
  8. Light Drinker Trait

    N... Nobody?
  9. Fracture Clinic - Broken Thigh

    Would be good if fractures will be more severe when NPCs come out.
  10. Changed the title so it would be more understandable what am I writing 'bout.
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    What's that mysterious "unused code"?
  12. Favorite Foods to Cook

    Pasta with ketchup and chicken.
  13. (Iwbums 40.25 steam) items from trunk gone

    Is there? I never saw that something fall out of my trunk. Also, would be good if chance will be increased.
  14. Putting gas cans in ovens and metal things into microwaves doesn't seem to light them up. You can only put oven on fire by overholding food on it.