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  1. Aging was never actually a thing, but age affecting gameplay would be nice nevertheless.
  2. It doesn't work like that. Behind every mod there's a person who does things their very own way and that combined with most of the mods having absolutely no regard for the base game's balance, you'd have to rework most of it if you wanna bring it into the game. But at that point you might as well make a feature from scratch, with everything fitting the style, similar code as the rest of the game and proper balance.
  3. There literally is a hardware store. Two even. You can get all the axes you need from there.
  4. There's already been DOZENS of suggestions like that and the answer remaind unchanged: no.
  5. It is a thing. You don't get completely desentisized but you will get significantly less scared over time.
  6. It's not dual wielding. If you equip a weapon in a secondary hand it will be visible but it cannot be used.
  7. I mean that's really just your fault isn't it?
  8. You have to consider that zombies don't gently tap Windows with their hands, but rather shoulder-check the thing with the highest force they can. Not to mention we can't hear the sound isolated.
  9. The game takes place in 1993, there definitely would not be any smartphones around.
  10. You just completely missed the entire point of the game, which is to create a classic Romero-like zombie experience with absolutely fatal zombie infection.
  11. The game's design has been built around the idea of bites being a guaranteed death. Please don't drop phrases like "Bad game design" if you know about nothing about it. You can always turn it off in sandbox either way.
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