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  1. Burger_Time

    Stealth System Concerns

    You can't put stone in an empty can, but you can make an electric noise maker.
  2. Burger_Time

    When Will We See Visible Backpacks?

    Gonna come in with the next update.
  3. That would be pretty cool. Don't forget to change your tires to the snow ones if you really wanna stay on the road in winter.
  4. Burger_Time

    Combat Renovations

    Seems like no tbh. No horde killing for y'all!
  5. Burger_Time

    Combat Renovations

    Daily reminder that an Animation update is not just Animations, but also heavy balance changing, new mechanics, crafting and also a base for the future NPCs.
  6. Burger_Time

    Combat Renovations

    Devs got their priorities, and they won't delay an animation update to add Blacksmith occupation back. All of the stuff is gonna be released after/alongside the animation update's patching.
  7. Burger_Time

    40.43 (Steam) Wrong overall car state count

    Damn, never noticed that.
  8. Burger_Time

    40.43 (Steam) Wrong overall car state count

    Check your engine's condition. It's not presented in this list on the right and you gotta point your mouse on the engine icon in order to see it.
  9. Burger_Time


    You are not the first one to suggest this, but I agree anyways. Also ability to attach random stuff to it like Wheelie bins would be quite fun.
  10. Burger_Time


    I do actually lol. Roof collapaing right beneath you due to amount of shit you've built sounds like an absolutely great thing.
  11. Burger_Time

    proper nutrition

    Those two are just "Light eater" and "Nutritionist" traits. They are called like that in Russian translation.
  12. Burger_Time

    Replace broken glass on windows?

    You need to use a Furniture moving tool to pick up windows.
  13. Burger_Time

    Big Pan Thursdoid

    Always wanted to see zombies pulling me into the window as I pass by. Btw I'd absolutely love to see an animation for climbing through not broken window. Currently you just seem to teleport through the chunk of glass everytime you climb through the open window, but maybe instead character should slowly crawl underneath it (Kinda like zombies do in the vid)?
  14. Burger_Time

    Game Freezing every few seconds

    That happens with me too if I turn on Post-processing and Dynamic Skybox at the same time. Try turning these two off.
  15. Burger_Time

    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    That's very LIT. Btw will there be any Debuffs from wearing some clothes like unhappiness and encumberence? Also will Unfitting clothes be a possibility? Just curious...