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  1. Burger_Time

    Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    1. Exists. 3. Exists. 4. Exists.
  2. 957. Different way to heal faster — rest. Maybe instead of eating lots of food, we should rest more in order to make our health restore faster? 958. Make overeating a bad thing. IRL, overeating is bad thing. So why is it good here? Maybe it should make your character, ahem, puke if you run, make healing a bit slower due to organism spending more time digesting food rather than healing wounds and some other things, however, it will make your character happier especially if he was hungry before. 959. Analog/mechanic watches. A much more common type of watch than a digital one. Should be a bit heavier, not show temperature and maybe even have their own interface.
  3. Let's be clear — These two perks are pretty unrealistic. Like really? Why can't you press that gas pedal a bit stronger? Or how did you drive faster if your car can't? My suggestion is — depending on perks, your character should panic when driving fast, and only the panic should affect driving. I.e if your character panic, he will turn worse. So, let's begin to talk about perks. Sunday driver should not affect speed. It should decrease the speed limit before yiur character starts to panic. Let's say, if you have this perk and you drive faster than 30 mph, your character will start panic. Speed demon should remove this speed limit. If you don't have a coward perk, your character won't panic if he drives fast. This would make a lot more sense than it does now.
  4. Burger_Time

    40.36 — Rain sounds.

    Yeah, but it shouldn't it be a bit smoother? Like in game it changes literally in one moment.
  5. For some reason if you've burned the house down, you still can use switch to turn on/off the lights. Same with any electrical item if there left any.
  6. 952. We have a scissors and razor in game, but they don't have any use right now. So umm... Maybe hair and beard should grow and you need to shave it over time? That could make your character less sad and decrease chance that zombie will grab your hair.
  7. Burger_Time

    40.36 — Rain sounds.

    Sometimes, same as the light and time of day, rain sounds changes are too edgy. The rain can be pretty quiet, and then suddenly become noticeable louder and vise versa.
  8. Burger_Time

    40.37 — upstairs interaction.

    Really? I've never noticed that before.
  9. Burger_Time

    40.37 — upstairs interaction.

    If you go upstairs and click somewhere, you can interact with items placed downstairs. I.e once I clicked on the bed and game offered me to remove broken glass. I clicked on it and my character went downstairs.
  10. Burger_Time

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    The night are fuggin awesome, but I find it a bit strange when gamma instantly changes when entering the building for all the environment. My suggestion is to gradualy change the gamma ONLY inside buildings when getting closer. Same when inside buildings: gamma should change only inside, but the outdoors area should always have same gamma.
  11. Burger_Time


    Well, maybe not because of that but because you are super unlucky.
  12. Burger_Time


    That would be epic. Imagine the lightning strike somewhere in the forest which will cause a massive fire.
  13. Burger_Time

    Some medical suggestions.

    Upd: added artery rupture and controversial eye injure paragraph.
  14. Burger_Time

    Building stuff in jewelry store.

    https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.55461118980399,0.09376378744635193,1467.4164653565927 for some reason this jewelry store sells concrete and nails instead of rings and necklaces. Maybe this is okay for Kentucky, but I'm not sure.
  15. This is already a thing tho. I once started a fire in the house and the entire neighborhood burned down. The only thing about that every house burned only partly (I.e one room was destroyed but the other ones was fine). Probably it would also be good if brick walls didn't catch up fire if there's no wallpaper or something else on it.