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  1. Display resolution

    It's somewhere in graphic settings.
  2. Some medical suggestions.

    Disclaimer — some symptoms of the injures I've suggested may be not implemented currently (Like passing out). This post can also contain some type ofof injures that have already been suggested (even if it was me ). First of all — I want to suggest some sort of rework of the Frist aid skill. Currently, first aid skill only makes healing wounds more effective and IMO is useless. So here's my suggestion about First aid skill — a person with low skill can misdiagnose some injures. For example — if he got a fracture, he can think that it's only a twist or something like that. But if he gets checked by a doctor, he will know exactly what injures he have. So, there's a another one suggestion — we need more ways to hurt ourselves. Here's the list of injures I want to see in game: Twist — an injure that can be gained if you: Run on the stairs; Jump from not-so-high spots; getting hit; got into car crash. Symptoms: Moderate pain, slight damage and reduced walking/fighting abilities (Depending on what you've twisted) To heal you need to reduce it (Or how do it called) and rest few days. The higher your/your teammate first aid skill, the higher your chances to successfully reduce (?) Twist. So ummm. Not very painful fracture. Concussion of the brain — an injure that can be gained by: Getting hit; Car accident; falling from the high spot. Symptoms are: short/medium pass out (Depending on the state), pain, insomnia, stress and (?) hallucinations (?) To diagnose it, you/your teammate need to have a 3 first aid skill or higher. To heal it, you need to: Rest for a week/two weeks (depending on state). Healing can be speedup by taking the right pills. Injure of the brain — more serius type of brain injure than concussion. Can be gained by: A car accident; Getting hit; falling from high spot. Symptoms are: Medium/long/Very long pass out (depending on the state) (The last state (That accompanies with very long pass out) Have a very high chance to be lethal if not treated by a professional), moderate pain, moderate/several/very several damage, nausea, insomnia, stress and (?) Hallucinations (?). This injure can be mistaken with a concussion of the brain. To diagnose it, you/your teammate need to have a 5th level of an first aid skill. To heal it, you need to rest for a few weeks/month/A LOT OF TIME, BASICALLY and take some pills. Bruises — I've already made a post about it. You can find it in the "Suggestions" thread. Contusion — an injure that can be gained if something exploded near to the character. Symtopms are: hard of hearing/Deafness, stress, insomnia. To heal it, you rest for Few days/Weeks depending on severity. You can write an injures that you want to see in game too in comments. Bye! MEDIC!!!
  3. One more thing — the more your world stays, the less garbage can be found in the forest.
  4. Display resolution

    There's an option to change text to the bigger one, so you won't need to break your eyes.
  5. You can find windows in car services or steal one from another vehicle.
  6. "don't fall off from stairs"

    It's very interesting idea. It would be even better when animations come out.
  7. Break/Uninstal window, open the door and take the key. You can also hack the door using crowbar, but this will break a lock so you won't be able to lock the door you hacked again (But maybe it will be even better for you )
  8. It's a good idea, but only for singleplayer. In MP this will be just another reason to kill someone.
  9. 40.6 — can't drive while drunk.

    Title says all, I guess. I simply can't move a car after I've taken some shots.
  10. Holy hell. That's a lot of fixes! You did a VERY good job!
  11. Well, there can't be any panic where there isn't any person that can panic, am I right?
  12. Wait for the NPCs if you really want it.
  13. How long do YOU survive?

    No, please.
  14. How long do YOU survive?

    I don't live very long because I like to do an experiments. But I know a lot of people that live for a long time (3 months or even 2 years).
  15. Sleeping inside car

    Have you ever played PZ? You can sleep in the car.