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  1. Burger_Time

    Effects of Winter on Player/Zombies

    Maybe not if the ground is covered in snow, but if a snowdrafts appear? That'd require you to remove snow sometimes so you'd be able to move faster in some area. Also some ice if the temperature was changing constantly for some days (especially in the late fall/early spring) would be nice.
  2. Burger_Time


  3. Burger_Time

    Animal Fear Index and General Animal Ideas

    No vaccines thing only spreads to ability to cure zombie virus, so i don't think Anti-rabid vaccines would be a problem here. According to Wiki, the only strain that could be survivable is the one that's being carried by bats in Amazonia, which is like pretty far away from Kentucky, so i don't think you should survive it unless the vaccine was used before you got the symptoms. (Or you were put in coma and got shittons of meds being injected in you... I know, this is pretty hard to implement, but WHY THE HELL NOT? That would just add more depth to the game) I don't think it's that hard of a job. The hardest thing to do will be models and behaviors, however they could just modify wolf's AI a bit and get, let's say, a lion's AI. And again, why not? I don't think these things will harm the game in any way.
  4. Burger_Time

    Animal Fear Index and General Animal Ideas

    I like it. Would be cool to have rabies too. It'd randomly appear in dogs/wolves/maybe a few other animals idk and make them aggressive towards absolutely any living creature, though the carrier will die pretty soon. Could easily infect player and unless the vaccine was used, you're pretty much dead in a few months. You could find vaccines in medical clinics, and maybe even produce em yourself by murdering shittons of rabbits. About exotic animals. I think they could spawn once in one specific area like zoo. They'd be kinda harmless as long as they are in cage, though if they get out... You don't want to appear anywhere near zoo. And one about animal fear. Instead of having an info box that would show all the info about animal, it may be shown as animation. E.g animal would back off upon seeing player, constantly look around and get scared of any noise. However, high leveled players could Still get basic info about animal's condition (type, approximate level of fear etc.) if they'd hover their cursor over one.
  5. Burger_Time

    game lacks common sense realism

    Battery's condition and charge are very different things I'm just sayin'.
  6. Burger_Time

    Stressed Out Efforts

    Some actions should definitely cause this, but i think this would work better with Anger moodle?
  7. I'd really love that, except one thing... I would make it forced hard.
  8. Burger_Time

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    Why the hell should it be? There are lots of other stuff that need to be added. Shooting rework is one of them, but it's not like the most needed thing right now. It is not. Even if it is on some servers — that's not the game's problem. You can freely do that.
  9. Burger_Time

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    It's not their priority right now, but you can find some preferences to it sometimes, like the one in the most recent Thursoid. Also Devs showed a concept of aim Highlighting, but that happened a few months ago.
  10. Burger_Time

    Another Aiming Suggestion

    It's already confirmed that Shooting's gonna get changed in Build 42. I don't think you should've revived this thread.
  11. Burger_Time

    Pitch for a Pitchfork

    In this by 0:47 you can see character running with a pitchfork. They appeared in some other videos too, but this one's the first that came in mind.
  12. Burger_Time

    Pitch for a Pitchfork

    Pitchforks are getting added anyways, but making it more than just a fighting tool would be cool. Though maybe it's already planned.
  13. Burger_Time


    i hope not TOO easy, I'm just sayin'
  14. Burger_Time


    Well, let's be honest here, being able to carry ten planks in your arms and somehow still being able to swing your weapon freely... Sounds a bit dumb. And if they implement Pockets AND keep the main inventory, it will be too much carrying space, considering that player can already bring too much stuff with him imo.
  15. Burger_Time

    Feedback on July 4th Video + UI Feedback

    Well how else can it be done? Tell us.