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  1. You can show support by buying a new copy i am planning to buy another (GoG) version to support the dev. So i got the steam one for messing around iwbums and the GoG version for actually owning a non drm version of this game :). Some others have done similar things to support TIS
  2. ShuiYin

    Profession Mod

    Sorry for the delay i added a zip file in the bottom on the 1st page. I hope i did this right since i never add a direct downloadable file in the forum before
  3. ShuiYin

    Profession Mod

    I will try and add a link outside of steam today or tommorow. So sorry i read the forums in a weekly basis and didnt know the request until just now.
  4. ShuiYin

    Stash in the Attic

    Yea hoping for bears(big slow predator), wolves(fast medium predator), snake (small sneaky predator), horses(rideable fauna), rabbits(Small easy hunting) and deers (large hunt) at least to give a picture of nature dangers and bounty
  5. ShuiYin

    Profession Mod

    Updated to v1.1 Adds new unique traits to Elite Survivor: 1. Cook 2. Nutritionist Adds new Metal Worker recipes to Elite Survivor recipes
  6. ShuiYin

    EasyAccess v1.4

    Updated to comply with latest build 36.4, enjoy
  7. Happy Lunar new year to any that celebrates. I wish for prosperity and good fortune for the devs of Indiestone. Gongxi Facai
  8. Nice addition to the mapmaking community thanks for the updated tools
  9. This might be hard to implement but allowing the addition of a column in 4 corner of a game square might solve this problem (yes this means that all walls have columns in the end of them) , so like walls are easily destroyed but columns needs a lot of damage to take down so then in order to bring down a building they need to sledge not only the walls (whch came down with a few hits) but also the column which needs about 2-5 mins of constant hitting of the column with a sledge. This will make the column become a critical thing in game to protect or to reinforce.
  10. Wow holiday just got a bit merrier with the new recipe override thx RJ and happy holidays
  11. Hi i think that this thread is already over its usefulness time period its better to post on suggestion forum for any thing you want added to the game. For future small additions to the game it might be better to create a new thread when the need arises have a happy holiday
  12. Also been waiting for this i really hope i can modify base game recipes with lua so if i can add alternative components instead of cluttering the drop down context menu.
  13. search for "oncreate" on recipes to return more than 1 item result from a recipe (i dunno if this is what you are looking for) i been away from modding for a while Lol, hope this helps
  14. I really would like the game maker names to be immortalized in game in the form of spawned characters like maybe Romain The Farmer (He made the farming thing a part of PZ) Batsphinx The Radio Broadcaster (He made the radio thing to PZ) Mash the Construction Worker (She is building the towns after all) Lemmy the Programmer (Well he is the main programmer to my understanding) Nasko The Postman (He likes to publish mondoids in this forum :p) Enigma The Police Officer (Maintains order of the forum) Sorry if i missed a few of the peoples in TIS
  15. ShuiYin


    Yea double tile moveables is an unexpected bonus and the multi part execution is very realistic for big items like that i just nominated this game with a new category on steam btw "The Most Hardcore Survival Game" :))) wahahahah
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