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Kerbal Madness

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no doubt these Kerbals are living the dream:




It managed to make it to 16,000 meters, traveling at 1,300 m/s a second before the engines flamed out.

One segment is capable of lifting and deploying a nice big tank of gas and an engine into space. This single component can reach 1,000 m/s and and ceiling of ~14,000 meters, before releasing it's payload. Unlike the above monstrosity, it is fully functional.

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I might... play... a bit.
Sometimes I fail.

Sometimes I fail hilariously.


But sometimes, it works.

And yes, I managed to return those Kerbals safely home.  I had to use all the delta-v from my emergency escape stage and have my Kerbals get out and freaking push.  But the important thing is I got them home.
Do you guys use any mods?  In the interest of full disclosure, most of my interplanetary maneuvers are done with MechJeb.  I also have KW Rocketry to add additional "near-stock" parts (and extra stuff like fairings) and Ferram Areospace Research to provide a more realistic areodynamic model.

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All my parts are stock. I use Engineer to get a quick look at ISP and mass during construction, a simple plugin that allows you to select the angle of attachment (1 degree to 90 degrees, but I cannot recall the name), and I usually use MechJeb for anything more serious then the above. ;-)

I've been too focused on building something to get me out of Earth's gravity with only jet engines to attempt anything more than crash landings on the moon. :lol:

So those screenshots are quite awesome.

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Oh god, ksp, so many brave kerbals won't be home this yeAr, god I went to dock a fuel container to my station, bye bye station hahaha.

Crashed my lander into the moon, had multiple rockets hit the floor of the space station, had an incident where I was transferring a kerbal to a pod and all hell broke loose in a zero g spin, he want flying and ran out of RCs, so many brave kerbals, such little time.

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Proof of concept for the engine component of a horizontal heavy lifter (boxed wings added for . . . no real reason):

Keg in oribit:

Early successes in the plane-o-motive program (one eight long):

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You guys should check out Scott Manley on youtube, he's got some great KSP videos of him doing flights to the Mun and showing off other cool aspects of the game.  It's also a good way to learn the basics if you're having trouble getting off the launch pad.


Also, if one wishes to Kerbal there's a free demo here: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/demo.php


I have literally hundreds of screenshots of this game.  I'll try and grab some more interesting ones. :)

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"Engines on standby, Cap'n!"

"Good work, Scotty. Take her out."




Is essentially what happens when I try to play this game. I so want to play it, but the learning curve is over 9000. I'll get it one day. Hell, I might even make it past fivehundred meters one day! But I doubt it.


Also, am I the only one who thought that the editor was essentially Hardcore Spore? Imagine if they actually made Spore a complex, interesting game with editors with purpose, such as Kerbal's...  :geek:

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I love this game.




Taken during my first orbit.







One of the spaceplanes I used before installing FAR, seen here coasting juuuuuust above the atmosphere.  The plane is single-stage-to-orbit and has enough fuel to de-orbit itself and make a powered landing.  It includes RCS for performing maneuvers in space (including potentially docking for a refuel) and an emergency escape stage in case of Kerbilization.




An earlier design of the same plane in low orbit around Kerbin.  I'm pretty sure I got this one home.  Pretty sure.



Landing a probe on Eve




This probe, to be exact.  It's in here:




The white cone at the top of the rocket is actually a set of fairings.  The probe is tucked in there to protect it during takeoff and transit and make the craft more areodynamic (which actually matters with FAR installed).


Most of that fuel is spent by the time we reach orbit.  The probe in this case is very light - only about 15 tons - and the trip is one-way.  It won't take much to get there.




The interplanetary stage of the probe launcher.  This will carry us out of Kerbin orbit and all the way to Eve.




Once we hit atmo we don't need the engine anymore.  All that's left now is the probe, still housed inside the fairings.




The fairings pop off to expose the probe housed within.  Once the drogue chute on the probe slows us down the bottom section is also dropped to allow the landing legs to extend.




Eve's atmosphere is much thicker than Kerbin's.  As such, we don't even need an engine to slow us down on descent - a few parachutes will do just fine.


I managed to land at night, so this is about the only thing you can see until the sun rises on that first screenshot.




Actual Spoilers


During my early attempts at landing on the Mun, I managed to put a capsule down softly but with nowhere near enough fuel to get into Munar orbit - let alone home.  I called it a partial vicroty and started exploring.


And wouldn't you know it, I had landed very close to a Munar Arch.




They're the only object on the Mun that isn't just random boulders.  And they're huge.  here's a shot of my Kerbal standing on top of the arch - you can just barely make him out as bump on the horizon.




Mission to Duna in the next post because I hit the image limit. They're behind spoiler tags so I figure they're not too obtrusive, but let me know if I actually shouldn't be linking this many images. :P

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Mission to Duna




This is the stock version of the launcher that brought that landing craft to Duna.  The lander weighed over 70 tons, and as you can see, the vehicle required to get that lander to Duna is massive.  This thing was almost 700 parts (though a large portion of that are struts).








Here's the interplanetary stage of that rocket.  It's got five atomic rockets firing for the highest possible fuel efficency.  Unless your craft is small enough to move with ion, atomic is the way to travel in space.


This is from one of my many, many failed attempts to land:













Hehehe. :P





This is basically the same rocket redone with KW Rocketry parts (and MechJeb 2).  It's about the same size as the stock rocket overall but the individual parts are much larger.  They even scale accurately so they don't provide an unfair amount of fuel or power for their weight and size.  This helps keep the part count down and makes your rocket look a lot cleaner.


Except that horrible spiderweb of struts and fuel lines in the middle.  The thing was designed to fly with a very complicated series of stages that relied on engines drawing fuel from specific tanks and engines higher up on the rocket fring as lower sections dropped off... yeah.




The KW Rocketry lander on the surface of Duna.  I went with much smaller solar panels on this one.




The fuel tanks with landing struts attatched are already empty, so those detach as soon as I lift off.  The lower engine and tank are designed to get me into (or nearly into) orbit around Duna.  




That stage detaches, revealing a single atomic engine connected to a fuel tank.  At this point my craft is so small that this is more than capable of getting me home.




Re-entry burn looks so cool.  This is from the stock version of the ship.




We've dumped the rear of the landing pod into the ocean and the drogue chute has been deployed.  And I swear I didn't intend for this to happen, but:




Parachutes deployed!  You may now return to a seated upright position.






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If you do, I wouldn't use the medium landing legs shown on the Eve probe.  They have a tendency to glitch out when the physics loads, and that probe had to be written off as a loss when the legs glitching out flipped the probe over and smashed the solar panels.   :D

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