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  1. Lemmy: My (private) views on any particular other game, discussed privately between people I considered friends, are irrelevant. Only reason I've not publicly shared these points of view is exactly the same reason I disapproved of the comments in this thread. I never said anyone wasn't entitled to their own opinion. But yes, for knowingly breaking the rules of Special Infected and divulging information (which I've removed in this edit) and opinions shared in there on a confidential trust basis, literally the biggest betrayal possible for any member of SI, you're certainly entitled to a ban.
  2. I don't think anyone was being rude, unless airing opinions (which is done quite a lot on these forums) is the new norm for rudeness. I think Dean dropping in and lending his voice to the matter probably instituted a "O NO!" moment from the moderators... But I can see now that there is a 'DON'T CRITICIZE' label regarding DayZ and its development due to the relationship shared between Indiestone and DayZ And in regards to Identity; after contacting the devs behind Identity, it seems RingoD has confused Altis Life with ArmA 3 Life, as ArmA 3 life is the one that was hit with all sorts of controversial stuff.
  3. *Off Topic* Dean Hall's popularity confuses me. He has yet to actually finish a video game, yet he's very popular within the indie circuit. I suppose it comes down to the fact that he kickstarted the whole zombie survival craze, which to be fair, he did. Before DayZ, mainstream zombie survival games were, well, none existent. Now look at the market! You've got tons of them, and most of them are completely rubbish, but DayZ did it first in terms of getting the zombie survival genre mainstream and making it popular. My issue with the whole DayZ thing is that by the time DayZ Standalone gets to say 40% feature complete, I'm betting that Rocket will get burned out by it. He did it with the mod for DayZ that never progressed beyond its alpha stage, and it is the mods of the mod that make the original DayZ more fun. Every developer gets burned out now and again on what they're working on, and I foresee it happening here considering the snail pace that DayZ development takes place at. There's also their priorities which is messed up. Who cares about picking berries? "O great, they've added a new dress to the game! O look, a new type of hat! Yay!" .... Half the things that go in the patches just make me want to ... cry. *OnTopic* Anyhow, regarding Identity... So this is news to me... I've done some digging around and it seems that these Aslyum guys indeed make the bold claim that Altis Life is 'theirs' while apparently Tonic, the original coder, is the owner to the framework, although he releases it freely, just not to any new one that might pop up. The issue concerning the stealing of assets is a bit... muddy. Apparently someone called Caiden (whose now banned from the forums) along with other parties are involved mainly with accusations going back and forth. No idea if the dev team behind Identity are associated with that, but they are most definitely WRONG in taking credit for Altis Life, and that alone has me loitering over my 'cancel pledge' button...
  4. So I've just discovered this game on Kickstarter, and it has me drooling... It looks very ambitious, but judging by the video prototype they've shown, well, it looks promising! Check it out - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/asylum/identity
  5. It's a great survival game aright, but suffers from really bad narrative flaws. Not the actual background narrative or the lore, but the players story. You could end up playing it and accidentally find yourself in a dead end or rather, completing the game without even knowing it! With that in mind I tend to play Neoscavenger by avoiding all the rather mundane narrative missions (there isn't that many anyhow) and enjoy it for what it is, a somewhat flawed but excellent survival game.
  6. Try out some of the cdkey sites, such as G2A or Kinguin. I rarely if ever buy my games direct from Steam now, as their EU conversion rate does be a rip-off and hardly ever consistent.
  7. O well, guess its steam offline then when I play KSP ... Going to wait for the next big update since I've only just started, and not in the mood to start over again and have all my mods broken.
  8. So here's my completed Lander with Skycrane in tow - And its payload rocket - Never actually built a proper Skycrane that works before... that was fun
  9. Here's another one that I have finished, I call this the R2-DroneBuddy It's basically a launch & recover science package mainly for Kerbin science, but it can also be used on other planets but there would be no way of recovering if done so.
  10. Here's a Lander I'm currently working on - The bottom part is just a decoupler, which will come off. Here's the internals - Science equipment, small energy package and capacitors for emergency power. All the science equipment would be tied to action groups because there would be no way to click on them once the lander is complete. This thing is very lightweight at 0.15 so its ideal for budget launches in career mode. Course the downside is that it has a limited lifespan on the surface and I'm against putting solar panels on this thing, to keep the weight down and keep it 'neat' looking, although I'll have to experiment with power consumption as those science equipment will be power hungry. It's not completely finished yet; still deciding on its descent package. There isn't any room for fuel of any kind, other than small quantities of RCS fuel and the underbelly could fit some RCS thrusters, leaving its descent with little room for error. The other option is the more expensive and heavier skycrane which negates the lander needing any fuel or thrusters of any kind.
  11. Hate those save kerbal from kerbin's orbit missions... I find it a tad silly that they are available in the first place despite the fact that I've not lost any Kerbals in orbit, so I've just turned it off.
  12. Did it see you go into your hiding space?
  13. Finally... an Alien game worth waiting for! Even though I've only played about 30 minutes of it or so...
  14. We're not alone.Even more hilarious when you have Voice Attack: http://www.twitch.tv/geekdomo/c/4798274 LMAO!!! That made my day!
  15. I think you meant @Tomwa since none of what you said actually applies to anything I said...
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