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  1. I think I'm personally one of the most opinionated and arguably most inflammatory people on the forum. I've been here a real long time, to get banned from the forum you basically have to be an incredibly awful human being with no capacity for remorse. The thing I want most is NPCs I've read every Mondoid and Thursdoid I'm still waiting, I'm skeptical that NPCs are going to be some form of Skynet AI but I hope they'll be adequate and I'm certain they will be iterated upon until they are. Vehicles are huge, natural degradation of the world makes it feel more alive (er...dead?) and better weat
  2. Would be nice (and slightly more realistic IMHO) for the zombies to have a chance of knocking the door open rather than obliterating it to it's components.
  3. Quite cool - I've got a bit of experience with Java but Lua, for whatever reason, tends to throw me in a loop. Take this with you: if self:language("lua") then break end Should get you out of your loop
  4. I watched that for like 3 minutes.
  5. . notebook is about 2 month old - got a geforce gtx 960m inside, new driveras are available as it tolds me =) . A GTX 960m in a NOTEBOOK?! Holy shit, how? My old laptop (used Alienware M15x) had a GTX 260m, and if you look up a picture of it you can see it's huge. You do realize the 'm' stands for mobile don't you? It would only be surprising if it wasn't in a laptop. It is significantly slower than the 'actual' 960 (It's desktop counterpart).
  6. You could try a clean install onto your SSD? In order to get the free upgrage you must upgrade. You can then do a clean install but you must upgrade first. This is because Windows 10 stores your HWID in order to activate you with microsoft. If you want to do a clean install without upgrading first you must buy a retail copy of the software.
  7. I will not be upgrading to Windows 10 as it is (And if I do it will be quite some time from now). It's not like the OS itself is a monstrosity but it has some features/non-features that irk me to no end. Besides W7 is fantastic and I've had no issues with it.
  8. Apparently I like songs by U2, who knew?
  9. What does a topic have to do to get stickied around here?
  10. I don't put money into games that aren't finished anymore. Tired of getting burned (looking at you Early Access). Will keep an eye on it post launch.
  11. Just paste the youtube link into your post. It get's embeded automagically.
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