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  1. Psymong

    I thee Zed

    Congratulations guys!
  2. Yeah man, bullfrog games were an integral part of my youth. Theme park, syndicate, dungeon keeper... If i did run into molyneux i probably wouldnt be picking a fight but waffing on about how much i loved those games though i might give him a little slap for the time i had to spend operating a giant cow in black & white
  3. I'll be there! I was sad to have missed the recent meetup. You'll find me in the smoking area of wetherspoons, trying to pick a fight with peter molyneux.
  4. The steam forums are all well and good, but nobodys playing persony-persony-rhymey-timey, are they?
  5. Oh dear, I'm sad to report my computer is not up to the task. As soon as I start recording at full quality my framerate takes a nosedive, and i'm sure you guys dont want low quality/low fps footage. With that said, here's a clip of me crafting a Hot Cuppa, for all the caffeine fans out there http://www.sendspace.com/file/qnyf7l
  6. OBS is free, and seems to work pretty well: http://obsproject.com/
  7. Sounds fun. I'll get recording and see if anything suitable comes up. Congratulations on your steam launch!
  8. the first picture could be replaced by this image from project zomboid:
  9. so its a steam beta with a little plastic toy inside?
  10. I really like the new combat system! However I've noticed a bit of strange behavior crop up since it's arrival: Sometimes after hitting a zombie a few times it'll start to get up then snap back to the ground, dead. Also i noticed the last version swinging a shovel didnt cause exhaustion, making it an unstoppable superweapon. (didnt find a shovel in this playthrough though, so apologies if this is already addressed)
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