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  1. On the topic of burning zombie bodies, I think the campfire working like an "oven" - where you can drag zombie corpses into and "cook" them until they burn completely - would work fine in addition to the current system. I am not sure if this works as intended yet, but storing the bodies in the back of the truck in large piles would also do wonders in the ability to mass-clean the area.
  2. First of all - yes I'm back, albeit briefly. Hello there. Second - to the actual suggestion. So I've seen numerous attempts by the developers in the past to create a need to remove zombie corpses, to make them dangerous to be around in, but anything that was introduced might have been a bit too much in terms of player satisfaction of the game - just slowly dying with fly noises all over you doesn't sound like the most fun or engaging way to die. People took ages to figure out that using generators indoors will kill them - and that's with amount of warnings that generators have every time you try to use them. So I thought of a better, a bit more interesting (in my opinion) ways that dead zombie bodies might influence the game. 1) Dead zombie corpses in the game cell increase the chance of the crops spoiling. This one is a bit self-explanatory. The more dead zombies you have in the area, the more chance you have of not eating fresh cabbages every few months. Given how Farming has been a staple to "long-term survival", making you go out and have to clear dead zombies from your yard could be a hurdle that will directly impact your survival chances, without players going "Why did my character suddenly drop dead again?" 2) Infected crops. Infected crops will grow if you don't tend to your garden and let a dead zombie decay nearby. For gameplay purposes they should have a clear distinction from just "spoiled" food - those might have worms crawling over it, or something to indicate that those crops are more dangerous and will cause more than just "pain in a tummy". Eating those will more than likely get you infected same as a zombie bite would. Using those infected crops for compost will probably be as dangerous for your garden as dead zombies. Those are a few ways I thought dead zombies should impact your survival chances, without being too intrusive or annoying to the clueless players.
  3. I'd have to re-iterate on something I've said in another post about a week or two ago, because I can't stop feeling bad about it. My problem with the game running "much worse than in pre-vehicles builds" seemed to be on my end, with the similar occurence being in other games which I tracked down to something being at odds with my audio drivers or the way audio plays. Regardless, only a full wipe + reinstall worked to fix the problem and I finally managed to play the game again, and this time without issues. The game actually feels faster now with vehicles than it felt before, with it still only occasionally dipping when zoomed out at max and running about in busy areas, but with a much smoother performance overall. Again, I haven't done proper test (as it was just me fiddling about with getting the game to work at all) so I can't say the thorough percentage of how much better it ran. It ran so smooth, in fact, that I didn't lazy out from downloading a few mods from workshop (onto an iwbums build!) and playing around for about 3 or 4 hours.
  4. Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but it would be nice to have some way of pushing the cars (by taking the car off the handbrake and physically pushing it I suppose?) There was a moment where I've finally found a working car during my playthrough, spending whole night creeping through the abandoned house to find the keys and gas for it, only to realize that I can't refill it because it has spawned right next to the wall, and there is no physical way of getting around to refill it. I also think it would be interesting if leaving the car with disabled handbrake could lead to some interesting scenarios where it steers off from it's parked spot and crashes somewhere you wouldn't want it to. But that's something to think about later. Pushing is primarily what I wouldn't mind seeing implemented
  5. This is (technically) why I was scared to make a post about this. I haven't monitored either FPS or how much memory was used. I've just booted the game up to "test" how the game worked and wrote my dominant thoughts about this. My specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz 6GB RAM Windows 7 Home Basic, 64-bit (Service Pack 1) Nvidia GeForce GT 525M (1024MB DDR3) Edit: I Do have to note that I haven't booted up vehicle branch at all ever since vehicles were introduced, so I can't compare to how the game played *before* on the same branch. In my opinion, the amount of FPS lag kind of remained the same as with previous public builds (which I think is good, considering the amount of new features introduced?), with the only notable difference being the fact that my character now moves during the micro-freezes instead of the game going "slow-mo". Edit#2: I'll try and give a more detailed thoughts on how the game plays in appropriate topic (The Project Zomboid needs YOU (Yes, you) ). I wrote here just to try and raise the concern over the lack of "slow-mo" during fps lag that used to be in the game.
  6. Ah, that's interesting! I was never aware that the "game slowing down" was a bug. I gotten so used to it that playing the game without it feels scary. I'll explain. Playing the newer vehicle build has had my game freeze to 0 frames (Stuttering) for a chunk of time, after which my character would end up in a different part of the map (that is, if I held down run button/etc). Because of this I imagine I would haveten find myself running head first into a horde during stuttering, and having to maneuver my way out of being grabbed after stuttering is gone. Worse for vehicles, I might miss a turn and crash into a tree while the stuttering wouldn't even let me react to it. With the "slowdown" bug, I could at least feel safe that the FPS lag won't cause my character's death. Now I am not so certain.
  7. A bit of a feedback from playing around (I haven't really played enough of it, I feel, to do a proper feedback of how "the game feels now") - The uncapped FPS is great, I suppose, but I'd still like a toggleable option of forcing FPS to account for missing frames (so it doesn't skip them). While it does make the game "slow down" a little, for me it meant no zombie deaths because of FPS stutters. Right now I could easily die from car crash if the game stutters long enough, because it seems to "keep going" despite being frozen at framerate of 0 for solid 3-4 seconds.
  8. Давно не работал над переводом, но отчётливо помню, что в английской версии (ранее) строка про "ориентирование в пространстве" присутствовала. Скорее всего разработчики, в какой-то момент, её вырезали, а русский перевод остался без изменений.
  9. Russian Translation update for Build 35 Stable (Yeah, I know, Build 36 is already there, we're behind q.q) is ready. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fxey9jj733lf84/RU 16.01.17.rar?dl=0
  10. Russian Translation updated for Build 35 (stable) - New contributor (sserenkiy) - All new build 35 translations (no build 36 as of yet) Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fxey9jj733lf84/RU 16.01.17.rar?dl=0
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v4yr0xteypfs7ej/RadioData_1_RU.txt?dl=0 Version 1 update is ready.
  12. First of all - examine the bioluminescent enzyme - what it is, what is it useful for, and what does it do. Since we've gotten to be quite good at chemistry, I reckon it shouldn't be difficult to make an educated guess about the substance. Not figuring out how to refuel it but just what good can it do us in the future. I'm pretty indecisive about what to do next, so I'll leave the voting on where to head next to other participants. All I want to know at this point is what this substance does.
  13. A) Because it just makes sense at this point. Since we have no access to the Engineering Complex, we might as well go with the route F) on the odd chance that Kaila has higher level clearance and would let us in, instead of relying on poor luck. If not, we can always ask Kaila what she knows about damaged water pressure.
  14. D) - diverse knowledge around the area, skilled in many things. Who needs friends anyway? C) - as people above me have mentioned - blowing things up can never get dull. Perhaps the knowledge of how NOT to blow the explosive stuff up can also be useful in the future.
  15. Might be a little off-topic, but still relevant for suggestions regarding the improvements towards the build: Would it be possible to make the font for Russian/Cyrillic letters the same as those used in Radio/TV broadcasts? Because the one that is being used currently in Russian translation is missing the "black borders", making it difficult to read bright font on bright background when the people talk in local chat (the black border behind it helps very little.)
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