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  1.  PK'EZ-54


    Is not a Qirex scrub.
  2.  PK'EZ-54

    Game Of My Year

    Wipeout. MOAR WIPEOUT.
  3.  PK'EZ-54


    Less than Connor Gill.
  4.  PK'EZ-54

    Ask the User below you Anything

    Be invisible. If you had to question someone as part of a forum game, what would you ask?
  5.  PK'EZ-54

    How ready are you for the apocalypse?

    Hah! Weapons!? When you're this fast, you don't need to survive, pal.
  6.  PK'EZ-54

    Trypophobia [possibly disturbing/NSFW]

    We're fading! Yeah, yeah! Getting high off the ground!
  7.  PK'EZ-54

    Ban The User Above You

  8.  PK'EZ-54

    Ask the User below you Anything

    What you talkin' 'bout, G? I'm not asking you a question because I'm too good for you :/ Sorry.
  9.  PK'EZ-54

    The ^<V Game

    ^ Implying I give a shit. < Dunno lel V Enjoys falling down their staircase
  10.  PK'EZ-54

    Cake vs Pie

    I don't see the point in this poll. No one cares for cake nor pie :/
  11.  PK'EZ-54

    How do we change member title?

    You could change your user title when you hit 500 posts. But they stopped it because I could edit my own one and they like giving me ones that mean nothing.
  12.  PK'EZ-54

    Waffles vs Pancakes

    Lol@PancakeScrubs! #ConnorGill4Lyfe
  13.  PK'EZ-54

    Last To Post Wins

    Battlefield 4 is the absolute fucking shit!
  14.  PK'EZ-54

    Rate the poster above you

    -10 for gif -20 for talking about senses of humour -100 for only 5 posts +130 for existing 0/10, you seem like a pretty cool person.