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  1. Be invisible. If you had to question someone as part of a forum game, what would you ask?
  2. Hah! Weapons!? When you're this fast, you don't need to survive, pal.
  3. We're fading! Yeah, yeah! Getting high off the ground!
  4. What you talkin' 'bout, G? I'm not asking you a question because I'm too good for you :/ Sorry.
  5. ^ Implying I give a shit. < Dunno lel V Enjoys falling down their staircase
  6. I don't see the point in this poll. No one cares for cake nor pie :/
  7. You could change your user title when you hit 500 posts. But they stopped it because I could edit my own one and they like giving me ones that mean nothing.
  8. Battlefield 4 is the absolute fucking shit!
  9. -10 for gif -20 for talking about senses of humour -100 for only 5 posts +130 for existing 0/10, you seem like a pretty cool person.
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