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  1. Well, if anything is going to sway me, it’s going to be an ego trip by someone telling me what my job is. I had no opinion as to whether you were ignorant or not, but you’ve certainly helped me form one just now. Roasting me for it preemptively seems a tad weird, though. Really, what’s the expected outcome here? Are you trying to get a ban or something?
  2. Exactly. Though, iirc, if you play on sprinters, they do have the old "repulsion field" that slows the player when they're near. I believe it is itself an option in sandbox. Kind of made up for the old days where zombies couldn't grab you. And the solution is still killing the player faster, re ping-ponging between zombies ... per my last two messages. Kind of hard not to sound patronizing when I have to repeat that yet again.
  3. Check out the scaling options in nVidia control panel. Generally you want the GPU to do it, not Windows, otherwise it can get rather weird fast. Be sure to pick a resolution that's half or a quarter of your current res to preserve aspect ratio.
  4. Basically, it nuked performance. Too many visible zombies.
  5. Oh, should note; we’ve replaced java15 with java17 in the next update. According to Oracle’s patch notes, this should fix the jvm bug that can prevent startup on shared cpus.
  6. Copy and swap would take a huge amount of time w/ the number of files as currently set up. Too many individual files. May be practical in the near future, if tests on a single db file go well. replied to the rest in the other thread.
  7. More likely the host service is using shared processors, which zgc won’t run on in java15. The alt gc consumes considerably more ram and resources. Or they’re doing what another server host seemed to be concerned about and incorrectly calcing ram based on the complete working set, which inflates how much ram the process needs by roughly 3x. But it doesn’t actually need that. It’s just the way windows displays shared memory (memory that can be used by other processes). Saving has no effect on game memory. All that is going on is that roughly 300 mb of map data is added when the number of concurrent players increases to a new maximum. These are reused. I simply added an additional 1.3 gb for server startup and 200 mb per player in the recommendation as a safety and incase of using mods. It should use less if properly set up, running zgc, and vanilla, not more. tl;dr: this might just be down to however the host tracks ram or the way they configured pz based on their server setup. Saving should have no effect.
  8. Could also be voltage settings, if it’s not running out of power. Take a look at Event Viewer around the time of shutdown. Look for critical/ error events. LTT just did a good vid on this: https://youtu.be/1EYLzD2GytA
  9. Back in the day, insanity was weird sound playing and ghost-zombies (not transparent, just not "real") attacking the player. So this is definitely something we'd want to explore in-game.
  10. iirc, walking backwards reduces damage a little. Later on we might include the chance to trip.
  11. Check if your display drivers were updated at some point. That's generally what the driver crashing looks like.
  12. Probably just forgot about it. I know I did. Will get it removed.
  13. There hasn’t been a melee charge mechanic in the game for many years. Probably almost 8.
  14. What language and region is your computer set to?
  15. No, there’s no documentation unfortunately.
  16. Yep. Should be up now. If not, in 15-30 seconds.
  17. Just noticed SteamCMD ignored my request to switch back to build 41 for whatever reason. Give me 2-3 minutes to reinstall the server. Annoying.
  18. Hm, of the 5 logs included above, 3 were crashes involving RedProtect.lua, one was a save reset due to the resetID not matching the server and the last was a rejected connection. hs_err includes some weird, repetitive stuff about hugetib (which is the big page files setting for linux, I think). Nothing really to go on there. Will get you to connect to my server w/o mods and running on Windows. Sec.
  19. Basically, the way it was st up is no one on an admin account is supposed to play the game normally. This was because back in the day there were constant reports of admins screwing with people. It's antiquated and needs to go at this point, but thought the explanation might at least help explain why it works this way.
  20. Use the json file to set parameters for the exes, which the script calls. None of the stuff after exit 0 is reached. It was removed in subsequent versions. Build 61 doesn't include many fixes and should not be used. Anonymous should always be used for the dedicated server package. Very odd that the scripts are different.
  21. My knowledge of this stuff is extremely limited, but this fellow seems to be going through the same process: In theory, it should work, but I can’t say for sure. Our Steam lib should work with ipv6 but I’m not sure about our RakNet implementation.
  22. All I can suggest is removing the mods. It’s simply impossible to know what’s going on with a dozen of them, let alone with 60+.
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