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  1. The framerate is the hz the game runs at. i don’t think the game has the ability to do this. Still, I’ll try it on my 244 hz monitor.
  2. This had to be removed as it massively harmed performance. Thousands of zombies being animated on screen on top of having to steam the map does not end well. But as Papa says, you can just swivel with ctrl instead.
  3. Unless vsync is enabled, it'd just run at whatever hz was last set. I don't know if LWJGL can actually tell what Hz is set inside Windows, as all it does is get a list of available resolutions/hz combos from the driver directly. You could work around this by changing it in Options.ini found in %UserProfile%\Zomboid, turning on vsync, or making the change in-game before changing it in WIndows.
  4. Still annoys the heck out of me that it's a propane tank being used straight instead of combined with oxygen or not a full A/O cart.
  5. Lol. Autocorrect working it’s magic. I’d assume that yes, it just kills the process from what you described. Most of these companies seem to be almost 1-man bands despite outward appearances, so writing a custom power shell script (or equivalent) to send keyboard input to the console is probably not universal. Pressing the off button in the web ui might even restart the vm, for all I know. :p ctrl+c just shuts it down immediately when sent. That means the internal save command never runs. Pure luck it doesn’t corrupt the files themselves … … and maybe we just explained how people keep nuking their map_meta.bins causing random house/survivor house rerolls, which can eat bases, or wreck safehouses … ooph.
  6. That’s interesting. I’ve never personally seen it reported, so I think this is the first we’re hearing of it, unfortunately. How do you normally shit down the server? It should always be done with /quit at a minimum (save followed by quit preferred).
  7. Obviously I read it and found much of it didn’t make sense, so asked for clarification and more details because you threw a lot of varied stuff out there and are even doing something really weird w/ the save system. That’s just not how it’s supposed to be used and I never would have thought someone would do that. But in short, no: I’ve not seen or heard of these problems before and neither has anyone else with a server that I asked. It doesn’t seem related to the op beyond some zombies look similar. I assume its either docker, as you say, or the save thing interfering. That’s really all I can suggest.
  8. I don't want to be mean here, but saving every minute means the server is going to pause both the clients and the server every minute. I can't see that being good and likely having unintended consequences. If the problem is that zombies basically "respawned everywhere" after something like a power outage happened, then it's more likely down to file corruption of some kind. It'd be a considerable number given you're far enough into the save to have snow checks firing in some logs, but this is just a guess. How much would be determined by the date and zombie settings in sandbox. Zombies lagging a house is normal. This is why the server culls them down to 500 on one screen when they're 20-odd tiles behind the player and out of sight. As some people tried to defeat this for "immersion," I need to point out that if you happened to disable this, it could be the cause. Otherwise, it just seems like a lot of zombies in a house and that can happen naturally while playing the game, unfortunately. I highly recommend setting zombie pop to normal or lower than normal values regardless to smooth things out. If none of this seems helpful, then could you try creating a new, vanilla server with all default sandbox settings and letting it run for a while? It might serve as a good control.
  9. I'm also seeing the server constantly spamming save/saveall for some reason. I take it an external script is going awry? But, to me, this looks like the normal amount of zombies you'd expect to see several months in to the game. Did you change any of the sandbox settings to affect peak day, zombie pop .etc? The duplicate zombies might be due to them spawning in the same zone, for example, rather. If there's only 1 or 2 viable outfits, you can get lots of the same zombie spawning. And there's this, but it only shows up once: :21 ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown org.sqlite.SQLiteException: [SQLITE_CORRUPT] The database disk image is malformed (database disk image is malformed) at DB.newSQLException line:941..
  10. We’re fine with it. Just don’t include nudity in the thumb / preview images.
  11. I don't think it can turn into something that it already is by getting better at it, Toshi. Stardew Zomboid.
  12. Tentatively, I can't reproduce this in single player and on a hosted MP server. It acts as I'd expect: it still lets you run (shift), but prevents sprinting (alt). Just to double check, do you have toggle to sprint set in Options? That would cause you to be stuck until you pressed alt again. But again, I couldn't get it to break even changing these settings.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't think Steam allows any packs larger than 4 copies of the game.
  14. That would be for excessive speed. So it could be due to high levels of lag causing you to teleport, for example.
  15. So long as you have a water source (like a cup of water) or a fire extinguisher in your inventory, yes.
  16. The only time I've ever experienced this is when I clicked outside the game's window when doing something or I pressed a system macro on my keyboard by mistake.
  17. It's a computer that's meant for light web browsing. It'll be alternating between cooking itself and throttling. That doesn't leave us with much in terms of "solutions," especially when the problem is one we've never encountered before. But I am curious, what was the solution? If it ever comes up again, it'd be handy to know. I actually have one of the HP Elitebooks with this processor, Saloran. You're probably not getting 60 FPS unless you're standing still and fully zoomed in. I'd recommend using an FPS counter to verify this, if you're just going off of looks.
  18. Anti-cheat doesn't delete items. It kicks users for a violation of whichever rule is violated. If they're showing up as duplicate items in the console, then they have the same item ID. Items can't have the same item ID and exist in the game. The modder is wrong to attribute this to anti-cheat in the mod description. Sounds like they're probably adding items to a container as though it were single player instead of creating them on the server. Or it's just another mod conflicting, because some do just eat dropped items. Either way, that's not anti-cheat.
  19. What update? PZ's last version was released in mid-May. If you have mods enabled, then it's possible one updated and broke something. In which case, the only thing i can suggest is disabling your mods and starting a new game to see if it happens again. If the whole screen is flicking and mods aren't involved, then it could be drivers or a configuration issue with the system or a hardware problem. Never encountered that before. Though Beard is right. That CPU, especially if it's in an ultrabook chassis, is going to have a very bad time with PZ. I would expect it'd be constantly overheating under intensive loads and being forced to throttle, be it PZ or Doom Eternal.
  20. Okay. That's a lot clearer. I misread this thread then. Do you have any mods that affect towing? Because my total, speculative guess from that vid would be that the trailer and vehicle's weight is being reduced considerably, which is something a few mods do to "improve" towing. It'd be worth trying it without those mods, if they're there. I know you give specific details in the OP, but it'd be worth double-checking if possible.
  21. I went through the workshop quickly and grabbed a few of the biggest packs. It appears to be working fine in excess of 100 map mods.
  22. I think this indicates more-so that the map_zones.bin is corrupt on the server, as it's failing after trying to get a short. Could you try deleting it from the server-side save and the client, then try again? Do the same for map_meta.bin just to be sure. Should note that you have like 310 mods here, not just 60 ... there's like 1800 entries that just refer to zones and 500 that override zones. That's ... pretty ridiculous. All it takes is one to have an error and it's going to break something. And many of these I'm pretty sure are way out of date.
  23. Not totally sure that makes sense, as the game will just chunk large files into 3 MB increments. The game doesn't have to hold the entire map contents in RAM. In this case, it's more likely that there's something wrong with the map_meta.bin or map_zone.bin files on the server. It'd probably best to post the log with the full stacktrace.
  24. In addition to the above: You could also try changing the port number (say 9766) in the server's config and try port-forwarding that instead, just to troubleshoot it. If you made any configuration changes to PZ such as adding a public IP, it might be best to back it up and delete/regenerate the files. Change only the name of the server, see if it lets you connect.
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