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    Hard reset (deleting everything) Problem.

    If your goal is to force everyone to create a new character than changing the port is probably the easiest way. You could go a bit further and change the server ID as well, then they won't be able to use their old save data to continue their old characters. Clever idea, Eno!
  2. EnigmaGrey

    Bug with red BBQ Build 40.43

    While I wouldn't consider it a bug, changing charcoal campfires to accept the same fuel as campfires is only logical.
  3. EnigmaGrey

    Hydrocraft: lost/missing items in containers after load

    Seriously? No, if you mess up during your playtime with Hydrocraft's code in such a manner as you've apparently done, the programmer isn't going to be able to save your ass. The "engine" is a mix of Java, C++, and Lua. Even now, it has no bearing on your own incompetence in modifying another person's code. The file structure does not, either. There are no standard layouts for a game's file structure. Stop trying to pass the buck.
  4. EnigmaGrey

    Cooking frozen food takes too long

    Except for the fact that it took 40 minutes when trying to reproduce this (in-game time). Which, if I'm not mistaken, isn't "several hours" but "minutes." Pizza is not a cookable item. It doesn't care about the oven. Which is silly in itself, but hey. It was added more for decoration for the Pizza Whirl, before freezers were even a thing.
  5. EnigmaGrey

    Cooking frozen food takes too long

    Huh, okay. Well, you can certainly continue communicating in an obnoxious manner (equivalent to shouting every couple of words, not emphasis), if you like. Just don't be surprised when it doesn't get you anywhere. Time already scales, and I certainly support more options for customization when possible. But, disagreeing with an implementation of a system doesn't mean that it hasn't been thought out or that the design is flawed. It means we have different goals - Project Zomboid doesn't need to have a 100% realistic depiction of the rate of which food thaws because it's not a cooking simulator. It would not be fun.
  6. EnigmaGrey

    Cooking frozen food takes too long

    Point is you're adding extra detail for no real reason . . . And incorrect detail, at that, given it takes 40-50 minutes in-game to thaw said pizza, not hours. THEN posting LIKE this. Otherwise, kind of agree? Putting something in an oven for 50 minutes and having it only transition to "thawed" is kind of silly. But then, it's also a video game with 10-minute steps for time and will literally burn your house down if you're not quick enough with taking something out of the oven. Kind of makes sense when you take into account fast forwarding and the ability to have days as short as 15 minutes. Take the case of bacon-past: In the bad old days, bacon would take 5 minutes to cook and, well, instantly burst into flame. In real-life, it takes ~3 minutes to cook bacon, yet even 5 minutes was too short. Real life, in other words, doesn't always work in Project Zomboid.
  7. EnigmaGrey

    Cooking frozen food takes too long

    Project Zomboid doesn't have pizza slices in the default game. And, looking at the Pizza item that does spawn in the game, it doesn't look like it's actually cookable. It, amusingly, burned down the Pizza Whirl trying to cook it.
  8. EnigmaGrey

    Hydrocraft: lost/missing items in containers after load

    Because either the error isn't tested for, the console doesn't actually show the errors that you think it shows, or a series of edits resulted in syntactically correct code that is logically flawed. Computers, being dumb things that do exactly what you tell them to, are not adaptable to situations that are unexpected. None of which has anything to do with the game's file structure (the way Steam sets up mods) or involves the Java programming language (the scripts are not in java).
  9. EnigmaGrey

    Hydrocraft: lost/missing items in containers after load

    Well, I don't really know what you expect any of us on the forum to be able to do about this but ... Start a new game and see if those items exist in the world. it might be easier to do this in multiplayer so that you can just try spawning the items directly with /additem If they do work, then congratulations -- there's no problem and I am wrong - why that would happen, I wouldn't know, even when modifying hydrocraft for my severs, it never occurred. Are you really changing only the spaces/tabs/line endings and not the order of variables, names, values, commas, .ect? It probably just means that people will have to start and save games when they use your modified version of Hydrocraft, in any case. If the items don't show up or additem errors out, then there's a problem with your edits. Then you've gone too far, too fast, and will probably have to start again if you can't figure it out yourself. Use tools like file compare and git to avoid these situations in the future. Then make small changes and test often. I highly recommend using itemzed, to make your own version of Hydrocraft rather than presumably overriding the mod directly (a recipe to lose all your changes if the mod ever updates, if you didn't copy the files out of the steam directory and into the user directory).
  10. EnigmaGrey

    Hydrocraft: lost/missing items in containers after load

    Changes to scripts will precipitate to other files on load because they do not truly exist in separate files in memory. It is not as though Hydro has practiced good coding practices by using multiple different tables (modules) when he copy, pasted, and renamed the original mods. So, don't mess with mods if you want to preserve your saves that include those mods. It's basic cause and effect: you changed something and it had an effect. Don't do that.
  11. EnigmaGrey

    Hydrocraft: lost/missing items in containers after load

    Only reason would be that you made a bigger change then you thought such as cutting out a parenthesis. Perhaps you are using the wrong encoding for the file (e.g. Linux end line vs. windows end lines). I don't really know. But, no item definition means no item which means it gets removed on load. changing item types in particular will break either the chunk item is on or the character containing the item.
  12. EnigmaGrey

    Console errors: can't find recipe source

    You're asking the wrong people. Talk to Hydro about it.
  13. EnigmaGrey

    Double Stairs, invisible wall between

    They weren't designed for that, so trying to do this will not work.
  14. EnigmaGrey

    Vehicles Just Spinning Out and Not Moving

    It sounds like you're being disconnected / lagging out on the map streaming connection.
  15. EnigmaGrey

    Hydrocraft: lost/missing items in containers after load

    Maybe you should just not care about that, given it'd be very silly to be altering mod content on an important save.
  16. EnigmaGrey

    PZ Lacking Sprites

    Ha ha, fair enough, @jamesorbe0 . I misread that as weather not providing enough variation, so I took the total opposite in meaning.
  17. EnigmaGrey

    Creating new java classes in lua

    I think it might be down to RadioLine not being exposed in LuaManager, but these ones are available: setExposed(zombie.radio.RadioAPI.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.devices.DeviceData.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.devices.DevicePresets.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.devices.PresetEntry.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.ZomboidRadio.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.RadioData.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.scripting.RadioScriptManager.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.StorySounds.SLSoundManager.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.StorySounds.StorySound.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.StorySounds.StorySoundEvent.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.StorySounds.EventSound.class); setExposed(zombie.radio.StorySounds.DataPoint.class); None of them seem to provide an easy way to access RadioLine, unfortunately.
  18. EnigmaGrey

    Vehicles Just Spinning Out and Not Moving

    By co-op, do you mean splitscreen, from the same computer, or over the Internet/LAN?
  19. EnigmaGrey

    Mac OS problem 3D

    Unfortunately, it's just not something we've ever encountered on Mac. I don't know what else we can suggest. The only older Mac I've got to test is a Mac Mini from 2011, but it uses Intel-integrated graphics, instead of nVidia. It works OK.
  20. So, Dan, does it happen when 3D corpses and 3D characters are set to "all?" I'm curious if there's something going wrong when it hits its cap (e.g. player + 8) where it doesn't render the 8th zombie on death. Just a guess, though. Appreciate keeping these posts alive!
  21. EnigmaGrey

    PZ Lacking Sprites

    This sort of criticism will always exist, no matter how much variation is added. Everybody always wants "more."
  22. EnigmaGrey

    Will New Animations Break Saves?

    I guarantee it.
  23. EnigmaGrey

    When are the NPC‘s gonna release

    When it's ready.
  24. EnigmaGrey

    When are the NPC‘s gonna release

    No one knows, but the current plan is to have basic NPCs be the next build, following the animations build.
  25. EnigmaGrey

    Car Parts Breaking Incorrectly

    There's no "QA team." There's Sasha, myself, and a few volunteer testers from the community. And no, neither of us have time to go through every single post on each community then reply. Even if we did, we'd just increase the likelihood of someone throwing a little tantrum when we tell them their special, long-running issue might not be our focus for the moment - maybe weeks, months, even years. Don't think I'm not thankful for you reporting it or bringing it to our attention again (things do slip through the cracks from time to time). I do get it. After all, I've got a laundry list of my own bugs and issues with the game, many of which have lingered for a very long time, that no one has time to address or can't be released. It's like this for everyone.