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  1. There’s already an optional key binding to hide the ui. Iirc, that includes windows.
  2. You don’t need a fixed IP, but they may block p2p traffic to push residential users to purchase other products. You can instead use a vpn or software like hamachi to get around this.
  3. The file would only be updated when it saves to disk, yes, as otherwise it is in memory. This will apply for many files in the game.
  4. This is standard language for most EULAs and conforms to Steams own guidelines. I don’t think there’s much else to say on this? Going into enforcement action, suing .etc is boxing everyone in, but suffice to say, if you upload pornography to Steam and it gets reported to them, Steam would remove it (per their own eula).
  5. Yes: Weapon textures need to be a power of 2 but for some reason the mod author is using, as an example, 600 or 300. It’s causing visual errors when loading the texture. The mod author will need to do a 256, 512, .etc version in order to support 78.8.
  6. Unicode characters broke the server database. It was changed to accept Unicode characters last night and the server list was reset.
  7. Probably a mod update, as we’ve not released anything today.
  8. We cannot offer support for pirated copies of the game.
  9. Unfortunately, we can't support M1/M2 Macs at this time. On the Steam store, you'll see that the game's requirements list only Intel Macs as supported. PZ is not an ARM-native game and probably will not be for a long time, as there are several libraries it depends on that aren't ARM. The emulation Apple offers seems imperfect and prone to errors like those you've seen, and if anything seems to have gotten a bit worse since the initial release of the M1 chip.
  10. Kirrus has found a new dark mode theme. Looks quite good. Check it out at the bottom of the page: theme -> villain.
  11. GoG’s process isn’t fully automated within GoG’s tools, unlike Steam. It’s just the nature of the tech.
  12. My mistake on port 8766. It does indeed look to be retired. One less port to worry about.
  13. Unless you're running totally nosteam, 8766 is used by Steam to authenticate clients. It is necessary. I can't speak to 16262 somehow funneling traffic to 16261, unfortunately. Out of my depth on that one, but I wouldn't be surprised that the game uses both ports? I also have no experience with the community-generated dockers for PZ, but it's a fair bet they've not been brought up to date with build 41.77.
  14. Theme author abandoned it, so we have to find a new theme.
  15. Yeah, but modifying the distro directly with sandbox options doesn't seem to be a great solution and we'd probably break any mod that relied on the order in which these calls are made, if we were to change the order of events. If you were using the default Sandbox settings, then all you'd need to do is call ItemPickerJava's InitSandboxLootSettings() after you've made your changes, but that doesn't really help with a custom setting. If it's more about removing an item entirely from the distribution then it'd probably be best just to restart the server vs. trying to hook into events here. Distribution tables are very delicate and trying to recreate them in an active game seems like could break an awful lot.
  16. I'm not sure I'm following here. You need two ports for the game and one port for Steam. That's 3 ports total. 16262 is optional, you'll just get a naughty message and the game will have to use the Steam relay instead of a direct connection. 16261 (p2p) -16262 (direct udp connection), and 8766 (the steam port). All three can be configured in the server config. Forcing 16261 to be 16262 is not going to be a good idea.
  17. Well, in one it's whatever EasyConfigChuckedServerConfigs not existing that breaks it. That's not a vanilla file. I assume one of the mods also has a borked OnInitWorld() function, since you can see it firing before things die. So, it's still likely mods breaking it, but I wouldn't be able to narrow it down, unfortunately. For the others, often your Steam username and IP is null on the server. The authentication ticket also gets cancelled (presumably by Steam), which causes you to be kicked and the server to shutdown because you're no longer connected. I don't know why that'd be the case with mods but not without. It might be worth turning off Steam and seeing if it "just works" via the -nosteam flag and/or starting a dedicated server so that it doesn't just shut down if you get kicked. A cleaner option might be to just nuke literally everything from oribit. Rename the %UserProfile%\Zomboid folder to Zomboid_Old. Rename the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid folder to ProjectZomboid_Old. Then, in steam, right click PZ -> properties -> local files -> verify ... to download a clean copy.
  18. Default port is 16261. The direct connection port is 16262. Steam port is 8766.
  19. Mods working in single player doesn't mean they'll work in MP. It'd be best to follow Beard's advice here.
  20. After the initial M1 release, Apple changed something about how the system handles scaling and DPI awareness for x86-based applications, breaking this. So all I can recommend here is setting scaling to 100% in Mac's Settings -> Display and maybe doing borderless windowed instead of fullscreen. Because of this (and other issues relating to crashes) we can't support M1/M2 macs at this time, unfortunately. If the game does get a native build, these problems may be sorted, but for now we can't switch over. If you'd like to refund the game and are past the refund window on Steam or GoG, I'd recommend contacting their support channel anyway and explaining the situation. They're usually pretty helpful.
  21. Yeah, this was done to test out Noiseworks' stuff relating to vehicle sounds. It'll probably be put back to normal in build 42.
  22. From the error code, it looks like the Steam API timed out waiting to accept the P2P connection. From Steam docs: corporate firewalls can also block this (NAT traversal is not firewall traversal) // make sure that UDP ports 3478, 4379, and 4380 are open in an outbound direction I don't see any attempts by the server to forward its ports, either. If you turned off UPnP for some reason, you should probably turn it back on. Double check that your port forwarding points to the correct address of your computer (its LAN address). Don't forget to restart Steam and just see if there's any pending Steam client updates. Out of date clients won't be able to play multiplayer through Steam.
  23. Looks like it originates from the AMD driver. It might be worth seeing if there's any optional driver updates and trying the latest out, as it's failing somewhere it really shouldn't have issues with (drawing the mouse cursor in this case).
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