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  1. If you search Google for the following, you’ll see a large number of hits that seem to suggest the problem is with cpu voltages: i7-7820X x299 blue screen it seems like a common issue with this combo. Certain applications cause increased demand (quicktime, adobe products, and apparently PZ), resulting in misapplied voltage settings. All three blue screens are related. Basically, general fault detected; watchdog noticed general fault; and, inaccessible address or instruction. Some fixes here: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/support-hardware/WHEA-UNCORRECTABLE-ERROR-on-Gigabyte-x299-and-Skylake-X-SOLVED-1042/ https://www.tenforums.com/bsod-crashes-debugging/90398-bsod-after-installing-new-i7-7820x-cpu-3.html https://community.intel.com/t5/Processors/Intel-7820x-Core-CPU-BSOD-s/td-p/318295 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/need-help-please/33fafc05-6f26-49fc-80a8-e622269de881 Seems to affect Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI boards similarly. As to why PZ might cause this: it’s heavily multithreaded. Most games still aren’t. This might be causing the system to over-volt the cpu to meet demand. Similar to the other applications mentioned.
  2. *Shrug* Not my call. Though I think you’re underestimating the power of minor inconvenience in shaping behaviour. I doubt most people will be constantly hovering over their weapons in the inventory while simultaneously trying to fight without frustrating themselves more than it’s worth. It’s not it is though, most people actually knew what that star meant anyway or even noticed its absence. Making weapons rarer or removing the durability stat entirely are certainly worth considering, I guess. Weapons certainly shouldn’t be as plentiful as you make them out to be and if the durability bar is so tantalizing, well, maybe something needs to be done to make it less gamey, as well.
  3. No, it is not a bug. We can’t literally connect zombies’ limbs to the player with the current tech, so there’s a gap. It doesn’t mean that “there must be space I can escape from.” You’re being grabbed, held, and munched. It’s no different than the intervening years before anims where just by being near 3 or more zombies, you were arbitrarily slowed. It wasn’t a bug then, either, even if some people (including myself) didn’t like it. I get it — it sucks to die and it’s natural to blame the game for it, especially if it teases you a bit with an opening and no clear connection, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bug — it’s just the best we can do for now, so try to imagine getting hugged to death in this scenario. Otherwise, I feel like my edit already addressed this. I understand if it was missed. You get a quick death instead of being ping-ponged: A counter could be added to make sure you only get X strikes in Y time, ofc. Edited 52 minutes ago by EnigmaGrey
  4. Two people grab you and take you by surprised. You try to run but can’t. Is this being stunlocked, or is this being held? There’s a limit to what can be shown through the animation system currently in ProjectZomboid, since we cannot lineup things like this at all, so the gap that may appear isn’t actually there as far as the game is concerned. You’re being grappled and mauled while you’re trying to turn and run. This, while not always clear, isn’t a bug. The reason you go back and forth flailing, is your character has a chance to fend off attacks, and sometimes this happens multiple times in a row. That is a bug, at least visually. That’s probably fixable — just the downside there is sometimes it does let you escape despite looking “stupid,” so I’m not sure how much we’d want to fix that? A counter could be added to make sure you only get X strikes in Y time, ofc.
  5. Tl;DR: really didn’t fit the feel we were going for with the combat changes to build 41. There seems to be some confusion about why the star is gone: I pointed out that the star wasn’t useful anyone because it was too small on higher resolutions, it being an original sprite from 10 years ago. It was also quite imprecise because it was small and only had a few frames. It didn’t fit the game’s art anymore or really convey that it was for condition (in other games it would be quality or favourite status). We all discussed options for how to improve it, make it clear that it was the condition of the weapon … but then that conversation took a turn. We realized that this took away any pre-planning and lead to people who actually noticed the thing were just riding the star condition in their attempts to kill as many zombies as possible instead weapon breaks happening more naturally and thrillingly while playing the game. So, it was instead removed. So far, very few people have seemed to notice (far less than I expected). I think we’re more comfortable with letting modders add back their own version of the condition star, and will pass adding a new version to the game at this point.
  6. Make sure no mods are enabled in the Mods menu. Now, start a new game. Does it work correctly? This is very likely to be due to mods and I doubt it’s possible to fix it for saves that have been broken by them, so please double-check that mods are disabled and start a new game.
  7. Engine, existing map, and map tools were never built with it in mind.
  8. I’d explain it the same way I just did. The visible screen amounts to 50 x 50 tiles, or 5x5 chunks. A cell is 300 x 300 tiles. The area screen is what your character remembers. Nothing new and it doesn’t mean we’re rendering tons of data that’s unseen. I can’t imagine we’d save much of anything by rendering only the room you’re in, as you seen to be telling us to do. Can’t imagine that’d play well.
  9. The game already works with small 10x10 chunks of map data, loading only slightly more than is visible. The game does not load entire cells. Anything outside of the visible chunks are despawmed. This is how it’s worked since 2014.
  10. Looks like it’s falling when it tries to get the display settings. The driver might be returning incorrect information. Maybe the hub has its own display driver or interferes with edid (settings in firmware for the monitor) somehow? Either way, the game is getting an invalid location in memory from it. Not sure what you can do about that aside from ensuring that you have the latest drivers for the hub and monitor. (Aside from not use the hub, ofc.) Is it a thunderbolt hub by Belkin by chance? I’ve got a cranky one myself. It requires its own set of display drivers to function properly.
  11. Nothing that I recall, unless the stacked log recipe only uses rope. I don’t get what the hangup is.
  12. it’s offensive in every region at this point. So, you will stop using it or you will lose you forum privileges. It’s not up to everyone else to make up for your lapse once you’re informed of it, regardless of whether it’s your third language or not.
  13. Yep. Individual interest does not override the group, even ignoring that buying a game doesn’t give anyone control over it or the business that makes said game. Likewise, MP being in the game for 6 years doesn’t just miraculously cease to exist because you refuse to use it. I’m glad people are interested in the game, that that interest is sustained, but some of you are letting the vision of mp you imagine override the reality of it. It’ll be released when it’s reasonably fun to play and stable. Until then, the second-guessing, the entitlement to an optional beta, and the rewriting of history in an attempt to make a stronger point will achieve nothing other than make us a bit disappointed and a bit less trusting that our community can handle the imperfection of reality over their idealized version when the time comes to release mp to iwbums. I am immensely thankful to everyone that bought the game, that stuck with it for years. We know we wouldn’t be here without you. At the same time, we’ve grown the game immensely over the years and our future as a game, as a company, and as a community rests on how build 41 is received. We’ll not willfully jeopardize that just because the wait is longer then any of us would like — especially given that this has been our default position most of the last 10 years. The fear that we’ll suddenly be unable to carry on due to a lack of interest, if only we do not go “faster” has never been realized. In fact, any time we’ve tried, we’ve been resoundingly punished for it, from reviews, to criticism on the forums, to poor sales. Instead, the longer we take, the better and more explosive the reception has seen. So please, don’t worry.
  14. Tilezed, the pz mapping tool, does not work on Mac.
  15. Yeah, think throwing themselves at the entire side of the car and incidentally breaking the window vs targeting the glass specifically.
  16. The discrepancy is that “things existed before moveables aren’t moveables” and therefore rely on older coder. I imagine it’ll be cleaned up at some point.
  17. It can certainly, but an awful lot of the fun in the game comes from the trill of getting there vs actually arriving. Some of that is ofc down to there just not being much to do once you get past the first 8 months or so. Another part is just that you’re not supposed to get there in the first place, so the game ends up being front heavy by its nature. (If most people don’t last two weeks, then content past that point is also invisible.) This won’t always be the case, hopefully, but an awful lot of suggestions are about subverting the early game to make it easier to get to the … boring part (as it is currently). Cover yourself in entails (but don’t get infected, start off 360 no scoping zombies with guns with little risk or skill, be able to treat zombie infection indefinitely … that sort of thing. It’s not really about the long game but being unable to get there in the first place (sometimes).
  18. The tagline is “this is how you died.” Doesn’t really indicate a long existence.
  19. All I can suggest is googling the error code, as Steam doesn’t document this stuff. There are unfortunately a lot of different fixes for this one.
  20. The game cannot save properly if it ceases to exist, so the condition of the save can’t be guaranteed when there’s a crash. The source of the crash has to be found and fixed.
  21. Normally this only happens with corrupt map data, such as from older versions of the game. Try wiping out the media/map directory and reverify the game in Steam. Start a new game and see if it still happens. If you have map mods, remove them.
  22. I’m not going to repeat myself ad infinitum just because my opinion isn’t good enough for you. So, let it go and knock off the rudeness or leave. Pick carefully.
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