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  1. Not to mention a real lawnmower would get clogged and die halfway through the first zombie.
  2. Which would probably have a couple of museums scattered around, sure. There are no museums dedicated to civil war history, though, so you'd have to hope one of the (two?) larger museums has an exhibit. And that the weapons aren't deactivated. And that you can find what you need to fire them, since museems don't generally keep stores of black powder and musket shot. If you can get all that going for you, though, you too can wield the shoulder-spraining power of a fairly innacurate rifle! Feel like a badass as you take a full minute to reload after every shot! Feel the relentless clawing of the horde as you... oh wait. If you found a civil war replica weapon designed to fire modern rounds that'd be a different story, but then you'd have to explain to me how that's different from any other gun and why it's worth the effort of putting it in the game.
  3. All of this is true, including the fact that you really should be able to drink from fresh water sources. There should be a chance of (normal) infection from drinking from an unsanitary source (especially a stagnant one) but you could totally survive on river water if you had to.
  4. I like the basic idea. To keep it from being too good you could make it so it has to be equipped to provide any defense. Then the first time you would have gotten scratched or bitten the lid drops from your inventory instead - as though the zombie grabbed your shield instead of you.
  5. And none of this would be found in real-life Muldragh, KY, a town of about 1000 people (as of 2012) with no actual museums. The closest one is the General Geroge Patton Museum in Fort Knox. Granted, that's only about four miles away, but you're not very likely to find civil war replica weapons there either.
  6. Hygiene is one of the topics that has been discussed to death around here. The general consensus is that while realistic, it would not be fun to force your Sim - er, character - to constantly shower or go poop.
  7. Pretty sure the topic title is "Working Cars should be a RARE Commodity." I agree that working vehicles should be rare but I don't think vehicles themselves should be. This thread is full of ideas on how to create challenge and scarcity even while having lots of cars on the server. Any performance issues they create are going to be minimal and only cause real problems if your computer already can't handle the game - which sounds like it's the case:
  8. Why would you have to label them? I understand that would make it more convienent for gameplay and all, but from a standpoint of realism almost nobody would have their keys labelled. Even so, keys usually modelled after the car company's logo. Even if we can't tell which individual keys are which this would give you an idea of what kinds of cars to be on the lookout for. If we don't want to have different manufacturers then we could have different types of keys for sedans, trucks, SUVs... you guys get the idea. Beyond that you'd just have to hope there's a logical place you can check if you find a set of keys. If you get keys from a house (or from a zombie in a house) try any cars outside. If you get keys from a zombie outside, check any abandoned cars in the general vicinity. There would be few enough cars in town that you'd have a decent chance of matching a set of keys to a car. On the highways and outside of town it'd be a different story. You might find keys on a zombie with no cars in sight, or with a bunch of cars gridlocked nearby and no way to quickly know which car they are for or whether the car is boxed in or even there. I think keys should be renamable so that players can keep better trak of their own keys, but that is about as far as I think that needs to go. I don't see a need to lead the player directly to the thing the key unlocks, although having a zombie spawn with a wallet and home address would be pretty cool. I think we should leave out NPCs too ... I fear they will take a toll on performance You know, the biggest performance issue for many players is the zombies. Think how much memory would be freed up for stuff like keys if we took the zombies out!
  9. Anyways, how hard would it really be to generate particular keys for particular cars? Each key could just have like an 8-character string (10,000 cars should be enough ) that's unique and matched to a particular car in the world. A car can only be started with these keys if the strings match. Make the keys spawn in one of three locations: inside the nearest house, on a random zombie nearby, or inside the car itself. At that point the server's work is done and it's no more resource-consuming than any of the other loot that's sitting in containers constantly. It's up to the player to track down the keys and try them on nearby cars.
  10. That's a picture of a very simple circiut we're building in my Electrics class right now. Go ahead and study it for a while, then tell me which components you need to bypass in order to get the speaker to emit a constant tone instead of an oscillating one. I'll wait. That's the problem with what is being suggested - electricial engineering is ludicrously complex and requires years of study to really get the hang of. The circiut pictured above is nothing compared to some of the wiring you'd find in a car. Say what you will about carpentry and trapping (which are purely mechanichal skills that anyone can learn to do if they put in the time and effort), but it is impossible for someone with no education on electricity and without a completed circiut diagram of the car's electronics to just hotwire a car simply through trial and error or "practice." You have to not only know beforehand what you're dealing with, but you have to know the math to figure out what you're doing to the circiut. Short out the wrong resistor and current will jump to the point where fuses start to open. Accidentally reverse the polarity of a circiut and at best it will cease to operate - at worst some of your components can literally explode.
  11. I've decided to start referring to all of my posts as "pillow talk". "Automobiles for Dummies" isn't going to contain information on how to rewire a car to get it to start. Even if it did, the process would be unique for every different model and make of any given car. As Rath said, it hasn't been about breaking open the dashboard and touching two wires together since the 80s. You need to actually bypass the system the car normally uses to start, which means rewiring components, which means understanding what those components do and the kind of voltage and current they need to operate so that you don't blow every fuse in the car when you clip on a jumper.
  12. Isn't there a military quarantine around Muldragh almost as soon as the infection breaks out (and well before the game starts)? It's possible the roads are crammed with the cars of people who tried to drive away only to find a tank guarding the highway.
  13. True. But if your goal is to restore water and/or power to an entire town, you probably have adaquete defenses and have already killed a lot of the zombies in the general vicinity. Maintinence would be a much bigger problem than zombies anyway - where are you getting spare parts?
  14. I agree that lockpicking shouldn't be an accessible skill to an average person, especially when you start taking into account the fact that most locks you'd find can't be picked without the proper tools even if you did know how. As Rath says, it is to a degree the problem with "internet kids" who see a video of a lock being picked or do it in Oblivion and think they could apply that to real life. As far as cars are concerned, I definitely think that they should be abundant. The chalenge will be in maintaining and fueling them. Keys shouldn't be hard to find. Even if they're not in the vehicle, you can check logical places for them. If there's a car in front of a house then go check the house for keys in a drawer or on a zombie. If you see a car on the highway just check the ignition - I bet a lot of people didn't grab their keys before trying to get away from whatever made them flee their cars. Similarly, I bet a lot of those people also didn't bother to turn their engines off. If you find a car on the road with the keys in the ignition, chances are it's been on for days or weeks and has certainly run the fuel tank empty and the battery dry. Given that people don't generally flee individually this would probably lead to you finding long roads gridlocked with useless cars. Plenty to get across the idea that people were trying to get away from this thing. Scattered in here and there could be cars the owners turned off before running. If you're Lucky you might find keys in a few of those, but you still have to deal with the problem of moving other cars out of the way. Otherwise the best you can do is try to move the fuel and battery to another car. Roads and homes inside towns would have far fewer cars with more in working order to show that whoever had access to a car took it, and any that were left behind were probably not used at all. Driving around inside a town would have you dealing with far fewer roadblocks and other obstacles, but the noise you make doing it would be a much larger issue than speeding along the open highway. The amount of working cars and available keys could be tweaked to get the appropriate difficulty out of it, and I feel like this is the best way to enforce scarcity while still making it look like the people in town owned more than 20 cars between 3500 people.
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