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  1. any chance of a map update soon?

  2. blindcoder

    On Create problem

    You're welcome, glad it's fixed
  3. blindcoder

    On Create problem

    Hi Jal. Two things: First: Put a line like this at the end of the file the lua code is in: pline("MedievalSmithing.lua loaded"); then look for that line in console.txt to make sure it's getting loaded. Second: Where exactly is that file located? Full path and filename if you can.
  4. blindcoder

    Getting stuck behind barrels

    If you jump down from the 1st floor window here: You end up stuck behind the barrels on the ground floor:
  5. I wanted to say thanks for uploading the new denver map on the site.Good job your the best!

  6. blindcoder

    Muldraugh/West Point Photos

    Yeeaah, of course it was
  7. blindcoder

    Project Zomboid Map Project

    Can't give an ETA for that, need to find possibilities first.
  8. blindcoder

    Project Zomboid Map Project

    I really need to get back on those downloads, but I gotta warn you, they're eff'in huge .
  9. blindcoder

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    Cool, thank you for the exhaustive information there It might be worth checking to make this a complementary mod as the functionality really isn't limited to this one.
  10. blindcoder

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    Sure! In the universe of PZ, destroying prefabs should yield which materials? Planks? Logs? Nails? Human skulls?
  11. blindcoder

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    That is certainly possible. Right now it only happens with playerbuilt walls, though, because prefabs do not have any building materials in their data like playerbuilt stuff does. I'll think about something, but I need to investigate US building materials first. Over here in Germany, it would mostly be rocks and girders, but from what I hear about US homes, they're mostly made of plywood and hope, so I'll see how I can integrate that latter one
  12. blindcoder

    Options to change measurement labels

    I think Demonic_Kat means the weight in the nutrition system.
  13. blindcoder

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    I just uploaded v0.4.1 which fixes these two issues and marks the pillars of wooden stairs as carrying walls similiar to wooden poles.
  14. blindcoder

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    Okay, similiar fix, I'll have it up tonight.
  15. blindcoder

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    The part above the STACK TRACE would be interesting av it contains the error.