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  1. Not 100% sure if the airdrops fit with the lore, but what do I know? Not much of the initial lore has been revealed quite yet. I wouldn't mind replanting tree's. It'd take a while for them to actually grow (Has to be about a year for full growth, at least...) Suggestions are always appreciated here. Give us your share of what you think this game COULD be. HAVE A GOOD ONE! ~(O.O~)
  2. This is a.... good idea! I like it. Does make that connection between traits/professions a bit more valid. Makes a lot more sense!
  3. Yeah, a bit more realistic approach to the locking system. I think the current safehouse system for Multiplayer works well, but I do like this one... especially when the NPC's make an appearance.
  4. Fuggin White Walkers.... They're to blame for the outbreak, I know it
  5. Yeah, what else explains the dead walking, huh? Bleugh? Science? Nah... science is for NURRRRDS! Its gotta be magic Now now. Some famous author said if science is advanced enough, it seems like magic. *Slices cake, eats it too.* Scientific Magic? Thats for Nurrrds! Now now..... Can I have some cake?
  6. Yeah, what else explains the dead walking, huh? Bleugh? Science? Nah... science is for NURRRRDS! Its gotta be magic
  7. Ah, thank you... I felt like I was a Zomboid Pro, then all the zombies came.... Haha, I felt like a beginner for a little bit.... Thanks bud!
  8. hehehe, that was awesome fun! I did manage to get away, and am currently on day 8, no bites or scratches...yet. Just heading back to the North Farm, and can hopefully avoid setting off any more alarms! No ones going to stick around when alarms go off anymore.... Hahaha xD
  9. Hey.... I think the population is a bit too much, considering its such a small population area I was in. I had one alarm blast off and... Maybe a hundred or something zombies showed up (Through the streets). Sorry, if this is me moaning about an error in coding, but its a bit crazy xD
  10. Mate, I thought the same.... Rather curious too
  11. Johnny


    D.... dis mod suks.... But seriously, it doesn't... It really does add to the multiplayer RP experience! I thoroughly enjoy it, as well as many others!
  12. Man, loving it... Working on a small fort in this apartment, I've burn't down another apartment complex, and I've tried to get into the cinema... Oh, not to mention I set off an alarm, and was noticed by several billion (At least) zombies.... Heh
  13. Survived a bit once... Got a shotgun out, got drunk... And went on a rage. Before a herd arrived to eat me up, I started to heal back up. Lets say my character died for no reason :3
  14. You know you play too much PZ when you walk around town with a nailed bat in your hand...
  15. Fabulous..... Brilliant, Superb.... Was a great watch! Hahaha
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