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  1. This sounds like too many convenient things need to occur for this to be an event you'd see more than once or twice
  2. All I can say is that unless we can also wear gloves or something, splinters are going to get really annoying really quickly
  3. Could skipping stones be a way to reduce boredom perhaps?
  4. That's very true, seasons and such would affect the rate of flooding, as well as how often it rains But at some point it may become too complicated to program and would instead become Project Rain Simulator lol Maybe it would actually be easier to move the cars while it's flooded, as you could just push them while they float, so you could build like a blockade out of cars lol
  5. It'd be especially interesting if cars really are solid objects and could pile up and block the road if a storm was really bad...
  6. That's exactly my problem You can't even see what's biting you, which is pretty unfair and frustrating gameplay Maybe you could see bubbles coming from them or something? But then the question is whether they can drown or not lol I like all these suggestions as well! I'll add them into the original post It'd also be cool if maybe intense flooding could wash your vehicles away if you aren't careful!
  7. The only issue is when you start asking these questions you realize that zombies aren't really feasible lol I just think chilling at the bottom of a river til someone walks by is too much suspension of disbelief I agree with this, especially the fact that Crawlers are super uncommon, I only see them when I hit a zombie but it doesn't die
  8. I guess that begs the question: Do zombies need to breathe? Can zombies drown?
  9. I could understand them maybe popping out of the water but it seems almost a little unfair to be bitten by something you can't even see, even if it's plausible
  10. That would only work for the first few weeks, because after the virus escapes the quarantine society will collapse and there will be no one to monitor weather, except maybe the military, so unless you get your hands on a military radio you're fresh out of luck
  11. I think it's more interesting if weather is more random each time you play, determined a few days in advance, but they could definitely base part of it on actual weather patterns
  12. Actually, washing out baby crops after intense storming would make an awful lot of sense, then you'd have to keep them safe in pots or something until they're big enough to stay in place
  13. Thanks for all the support guys The Devs are pretty good about reading all the suggestions, so I'm sure if they like the idea they'll give it attention and if they don't they'll just keep on doing what they're doing
  14. You could likely do both, with the notification only showing up if troubling weather arises. The menu could stay there full time just in case you're curious.
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