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  1. So I apparently misteriously lost several hats in my singleplayer game. They were just placed on the floor or on a table and vanished at some point but I couldn't tell when ! First I lost a couple of cowboy hats, then a military cap, then a fancy beret :p I have a few mods but these were vanilla hats
  2. This ! More trip sadism when panic'd/exhausted or in poor physical condition while backward fighting, I'm 100% in :3
  3. Nah it's still better to stay still, walking/moving when attacking gives some malus, just like for shooting I think (I might be wrong tho)
  4. So it seems I'm unable to dismantle doors if my character faces South or East to do the action (so if the character is "behind" the door), wooden doors and metal doors alike. My character just equips the necessary equipment and walks up to the door and then nothing happens. It works just fine when I'm facing North or West though. I noticed that bug in multiplayer, didn't get to try in solo yet.
  5. EDIT : Whoops, I thought I was in Suggestions, opened too many tabs ^^' can it be moved pretty please ? Pretty much anything that can be used to cook in the game should give the player the possibility to smoke if standing close to the heat source, without using lighter/matches. That would save the player many matches & lighters, which can be surprisingly rare to find in some runs ! Playing as a character with the "smoker" trait right now, lighters/matches is one of my most precious & rare ressources at the moment (1 month & a half in, looted pretty much 1/4th of Westpoint). I lit my campfire with notched planks + sticks to save matches, but I can't lit my cigarettes with that fire. (or if anyone can mod it, I don't have the slightest clue about how to)
  6. This was actually a thing wayyyy back in one of the first versions I played nearly 10 years ago, some "cabin fever" like paranoia that would make you hear zombies banging on doors and windows (and maybe see as well if I remember right), hope this comes back somehow with the scared/anxious/depressed moodles.
  7. Hey, I can't find a forum topic for this server and I've been having issues connecting to it for a couple days now. It was vanilla and now it's modded, which is cool and it worked for me at first, but more mods have been added and my game won't download all the "Scraps!" mods + The Workshop, it says the version of the server doesn't match the workshop's version. And when I do it manually through the workshop it's indeed not the right version and I can't connect. anyone knows whatswhat ?
  8. So, I bought HLD like a week ago, it was full price and I also bought the OST (it's amazing), and it was wayyy worth it. There's a discount with a major update right now and it would be a shame to miss it, this game is a soulful masterpiece. The atmosphere takes me places... there's no dialog and yet the storytelling is somehow touching. The visuals are handmade, and they're beautiful. The gameplay is on point and the game is pretty challenging, I'd strongly advise using a controller. There's something eerie about the universe, and the map holds many cleverly placed secrets (even a language to decipher if you're in that kind of stuff!), which gives it a pretty decent lifespan. Easily my indie game of the year, hands down ! Ho and there's a local co-op mod if you want to play with a friend of your other half :3
  9. I was about to make a thread about Exanima but search button told me otherwise ;o I bought it a couple days ago, and it's hella fun ! It's not quite a RPG yet, from what I understand Exanima serves some kind of beta purpose for Sui Generis, they're fidelling with the physics, combat, skills etc... There's a campaign and an arena mod ; I can't say for sure but the campaign probably is rather short, but it's enjoyable, and the arena mod is fun af : tactical & skillful combat with quite the learning curve, pretty difficult, and lots of brutal death. 15€ well spent ^^
  10. Personnal hygiene as a necessity is a definitive "NO" : too much micromanagement simply kills the fun. But I remind a non-mandatory shower being a possibility, something that would give the player a bonus but not penalize him/her if he/she doesn't shower. And yeah, the incoming blood overhaul...
  11. I think some stuffs about construction have been mentionned a few mondoids ago *looks for said mondoid* this : They took the simple wall as an exemple, but I think the system is supposed to cover everything you can build. Ain't that kind of what you were asking for ? (the part I put in bold)
  12. (on a more "serious" forum note : there's no way to know which scored what, we just have the stastistics as a result but not the name of each entry ! Well it's not like we often use polls, but you never know ;o)
  13. Hehe, I'm still waiting for a few of my main mods to be updated accordingly here. I might have to wait a couple more weeks D:
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