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  1. Pretty certain that was done in part to balance the axe, but we're slowly moving away from that trend with items, so it's fair game to consider it a bug.
  2. To add to Pandorea's comment: is the house filled with tons of loot?
  3. Yep, brain fart on my part re: micronutrients. Regardless, I don't really care if the player base can't recognize the effects of nutritional deficiency right now. They'll learn. I just think if we go back to the "energy levels" + have a dedicated Moodle for it, it'd fall into the same trap curtain vitamins do. It doesn't. have to, of course, it just feels a tad regressive.
  4. You really wouldn't be going down to the micronutrient level. A, C, B1, niacin and protein/carb imbalances pretty much covers the 7 or so major long-term nutrition-related illnesses necessary to represent in a survival game. Most of those diseases have pronounced symptoms, such as scurvy, goitre, or beriberi and therefore should be "easy" to recognize. The point would only be to discourage people from eating cabbage year-after-year vs. micro-managing energy levels and individual nutritional values.
  5. It should be running LJWLG 3, from what I remember. It was just prone to error and limited to Windows only, with no way to debug the OpenGL side.
  6. Probably impossible as the game currently stands -- it's still running on LWJGL 2 after it was discovered that there were a ton of OpenGL related errors trying to convert it over in the controller test build (it's also why we still have the alt+tab crash on select hardware/configs). In order to even diagnose those errors, rewriting part of the game's rendering code to utilize a scene graph is necessary. Why? I won't even pretend to understand it. A useful tool for debugging OpenGL was also bought out and abandoned some years ago, so there's no good option aside from upgrading, anymore. I've seen a few other open-source implementations of Vulkan and Metal for JWLGJ as well as the one linked, but I don't know how far they got with it. But, because most of those are based on LWJGL3, they can't easily be swapped into the game, anyway. Personally, I think the real moral of the story is 'don't use OpenGL directly for your game project; use a api that supports multiple graphics apis from the beginning." But that's hindsight for you.
  7. The reason they're being disabled is because one or more has an error in it, preventing that Lua code from loading. Only thing you can do is turn off the mods and work out which one is breaking. It appears to be one that involves a mouse click on the player creation menu in some of the errors.
  8. This. I mean you should be going to the support section and submitting a ticket for account issues. They usually get back to people within a day or two, so hearing that they've not replied in months is very odd. If you just popped them an e-mail or contacted them by some other means, then it could explain why it was missed.
  9. Generally, this is down to your keyboard. Many can only handle a certain number of pressed keys for each zone on a keyboard. Though I’ll need to check if this is the case when jogging.
  10. Pretty much matches my thoughts on it.
  11. If you’re overheating, avoid doing activity and strip down?
  12. Yeah, the log is in %UserProfile%\Zomboid You can upload the logs.zip either in an attachment here or send it to support@theindiestone.com, if you'd prefer. Glad to hear most of the issues resolved, though. If you have any mods, it might just be one behaving badly.
  13. https://m.twitch.tv/videos/659492899 An oddly loose relationship with the truth for someone that tells it like it is. I never said you should have felt honoured to be part of the test group, just as no one suggested you should "slave" 'away testing the build before it's released, or that the issues you experienced were the fault of your i9 and thus necessitated a CPU upgrade to smooth out. No one has called you a hater, or demonized you, or "attacked" you beyond explaining why "this" hasn't been going well for anyone involved in this chat. Though I admit I can see why having a bunch of unpleasant text at you can feel like an attack, I can only hope it provides a spark of empathy for how it feels on our end to be criticized over trivialities like ... failing to put functional glasses in the game months ago ... No one here was asking you to work for us, to provide advertising for us, to educate our users -- something you objectively can't do in any noticeable capacity with an average of 35 viewers, anyway. Yet, you seem to think you deserve a credit, an in-game item, even possibly paid and direct influence on the direction of the game for ... A few posts on the forum; a few hours streamed each week. It's a sad fact in life that rarely does anyone get "credit" for something others never asked them to do, but that acknowledgement is even far less likely when you peace out at the first step (the test group) and get snippy with the people you'd have to work with, should the rare thing happen and you actually get a job offer for testing a game (they're far rarer than you think; and even rarer still in the day and age when an ever-growing audience will do it for free or themselves pay for it). And by all means, don't think I'm attacking you for these beliefs -- I'm no believer in common sense after 9 years of this -- we all learn these lessons in our own time, in our own way. We all learn, eventually, that it's not just about "me;" that relationships are symbiotic things: we make a game, you buy a game, you enjoy that game, you talk about and share that game, and it results in that game gaining popularity and we sell more copies; but you still get something out of it -- you get the game, you get the enjoyment from playing it; from your friends playing it. You even get viewership because you can make something entertaining with it. There's little point pretending it's all take and no give. For anyone else experiencing slowdowns in the build, try turning off the FPS cap and disabling vsync. It might help, but it's a shot in the dark, so I can't claim it's the solution. I would like to hear from others on it, if possible. I really have no answers for it; watching other twitch users today, it seemed like their experiences were generally fine aside from some stuttering when seeing zombies for the first time; usually it seemed to smooth out after the first encounter or only happen sporadically later in their play through; it did not seem to match the stuttering in your stream, Koet. There's just very little to go on.
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