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  1. What’s your computer’s specs, btw? Helpful to know if it’s consistent with specific setups.
  2. Go to %UserProfile%\zomboid\ and delete the mods folder. Assuming this happened because you went from build 41 to build 40, it's just that the newer file isn't compatible with the old game. If this is not the case, do you see the credits scrolling on the top-right of the screen?
  3. You're right, I was wrong. there is indeed one. I just never used it.
  4. I'm fairly sure you posted this elsewhere, given the 2017-thing seems rather specific, so ... You're making the mistake of conflating all problems with lag as the same problem ... Of course, since the game is built on java, we've always been fighting against the garbage collector and it's uncontrollable pauses, off and on, since the game's inception. We fix it and inevitably an update months or years later adds new trash that then needs to be sorted itself. In that sense, certainly we've been dealing with this for a very long time now. But, in general, the lag I'm aware of In build 41 is mainly on AMD cards running on Windows, driving around for a long time without seeing zombies causes the game to lag until either a zombie is spotted or the client is restarted. Another common cause (graphics-card/OS agonistic) is just slow mechanical hard drives unable to deliver chunks fast enough; if chunks bottle neck, you get a pause until it can be loaded. These is different from lag that just happens because you zoom out too far, or there are two many zombies on the screen, or because it's a system with integrated graphics and is running out of RAM (or it's just ultra low power RAM), or it's a dual-core with hyper threading (thus the game thinks it has 4 cores when it only has two), or vysnc is enabled and the system can't keep up .etc. All can be described in similar manners, but all aren't the same problem. Going off an old thread that may or may not have had an answer or resolution doesn't mean we don't address issues.
  5. There is no metal wall frame in the game, only a wooden one.
  6. EnigmaGrey

    Loot tables

    Yeah, I stumbled onto this quite a long time ago when trying to balance loot from Hydrocraft on the Redboid server. It's something that can't really be looked at right now, as any large changes could have cascading effects on build 41.
  7. This is not the case. Chunks are cleared and reused.
  8. It's simply not practical to do this. For one, modders and devs alike would then be getting errors from mis-matched versions of the game and it's rather important to know what breaks / is fixed for each release. It's the risk associated with beta testing; even more so when you throw mods into the mix.
  9. Then post a link instead. Pretty sure there's nothing we can do to change this.
  10. Because the mod hasn’t been updated, presumably?
  11. Assuming that’s the ~2010 model, it won’t be capable of playing the game. I take it it’s the i3 model?
  12. Doesn’t look likely that this can run it. What cpu or laptop model, specifically?
  13. It all affects the angle of the vision cone. If it is 75 degrees instead of 170 degrees, then the above happens. You see a few squares behind and to the side to simulate hearing and to make the game a bit fairer.
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