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  1. If it's an option, dual-booting Linux should allow it to work. It might not perform very well, but it should run. I'd not recommend spending time on this if you have the option and would like to refund the game on Steam or GoG, though. No point losing the return period troubleshooting an issue. Generally Ubuntu should work out of the box; some distros just have out of date glib that can make getting up and running a bit of a pain.
  2. Looks like you have the last driver Intel released for this cpu (2013). It doesn’t seem possible that this computer can run the game. Sorry for the bad news.
  3. The only solution I can offer is installing homebrew so that you can use Intel graphics instead of nVidia, unfortunately.
  4. Alright. The driver vers. had me worried that this was something like a GMA card, as it’s from 2013. What model of i5 is it? You should be able to see this in dxdiag.exe, from the Run prompt on the Start menu.
  5. What graphics card do you have?
  6. I notice you probably used mods in the past and that there’s some issues with loading items. It’d be worth manually deleting the game’s install dir and reinstalling the game through Steam (you have to do this by deleting the pz directory yourself, or Steam can leave files behind). Try renaming the user directory (%userprofile%\zomboid) to zomboid_old so that you get a clean start. ... It’s a 15 watt cpu. Short of disassembling the thing and pressing your hand against the cpu, it’s probably not going to be very hot on the outside. A screenshot of it on the d
  7. I think it’d be worth throwing SpeedFan on that thing and checking the temps while playing. 1.0 ghz base means it’s pretty much guaranteed to be thermal throttling playing the game unless the designers of the laptop made it to handle its max wattage. Most tend to drop the ball in this. The base clock is well below what we consider min, but I’m not sure that matters too much, depending on how it operates. This chip is particularly interesting in that it throttles the integrated graphics, as well.
  8. Try restarting Steam itself. There might be a pending update breaking integration with the game? Hopefully it’s something that simple, as others have inexplicably had issues the past two weeks, despite us not releasing an update since early Jan. Rather confusing, overall.
  9. Like I said, 4 gb of RAM is too little. You’ll have 2 gb for graphics (mirrored because that’s how integrated intel graphics works on Windows, 1 gb for the Java side of the game, and ~800 mb for everything else, including Windows and any other programs you have running. It is not enough. This is why we don’t recommend integrated graphics in the min spec. Can’t fix it with optimizations. Support for computers like this has effectively been at an end for 2 years now because the game has long outgrown them.
  10. Since I can’t reproduce it, I can only assume the problem is Steam is failing to update the files correctly. Make sure build 41 is selected in the a Betas tab. Do not use the reinstall feature. Go to %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common and delete the ProjectZomboid folder. Verify the game in Properties -> Local Files. If it still doesn’t work, rename the %username%\zomboid folder to zomboid_old and try starting fresh.
  11. 4 GB of RAM + integrated graphics is too little for the game. You can try the 32-bit version by going to %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid and running the ProjectZomboid32.exe file. Turning down most settings may also help. Would also recommend closing any other programs before launching the game.
  12. Seems to be a bunch of stuff missing from these, such as resolution and version of the game you're trying to play. But to double check: does this happen only when mod template is used? has the template been modified at all? Did this happen after switching from Build 41 to Build 40 or vice-versa?
  13. What all mods are you using? I see several additional texture packs such as NZTilePack, RussianRetecture .etc, but not the names of the mods themselves. I'd assume a mod is interfering in some way with the drawing of the ListBox, so breaks spawn selection.
  14. There’s been no negative impact, probably because there’s always people who only do most convenient thing and no more and that most people buying a game don’t actually research it in any way. It’s no different than failing to read pins on a forum before posting — it’s just too easy to post instead. The second guessing is therefore rather pointless. Just because someone has an issue doesn’t mean it has to be solved, in general. Trying to do so just lead’s to chasing one’s tail.
  15. Tbh, that shouldn’t be capable of running the game past build 38 due to the integrated graphics version. Being a 11 year old CPU, it can’t keep up. Not much you can do about that beyond lower settings as much as possible.
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