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  1. Patch Regular Branch someday ?

    You most likely need to update the tile properties in isbuildnenu, iswoodenwall .ect Lua files to match the changes in the vehicle build. Now I could be wrong and maybe the game is inheriting properties from Sprite names, as movables do, but I'm pretty sure ChrisW did it the simple, easy to mod way. So really all you have to do to figure out what changed is do a diff between 38. 30 end the current vehicle built the Lua files responsible for building. *I could be wrong, I have not looked, and this is off the top of my head while on mobile
  2. Big Freakin' Fonts

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1308392484 Scale the game's UI with larger, clearer font sizes! Perfect for high res users and couch play! Includes A choice between bold or four enlarged fonts Each level increases the font by 4 more pixels than the previous size Play on any server with larger fonts! Just remember You must restart the application after enabling the mod to see the font effect! Simply disable BFF and restart the game to go back to the original font For the most part, the game will scale the UI to fit the different texture sizes, but the larger you go, the more likely it'll break free This mod doesn't need to be enabled by server owners It does not work with all languages, as this is only one specific character set In the future, I'll look at correcting issues with UI scaling and support a larger number of languages.
  3. Patch Regular Branch someday ?

    It doesn't appear that mods have saved the servers at all. Despite good sales and lots of people playing, the game maintaining its average player per hour consistently for the past few years, public multiplayer has greatly diminished in terms of the number of players. Regardless, we do our best to ensure that the game doesn't change so drastically between updates that it will break mods. But, because of the way mods work, and because of the limited amount of time and resources we have, there is no way to guarantee that mods will work and that mod authors won't have to maintain their mods. We can't develop their mods and make a game at the same time.
  4. Multiplayer Deconstruction timeout

    Do you have any mods installed?
  5. Vehicle build server stops booting up (objects.lua)

    You've made sure no mods are loading?
  6. Car testing loop reading bug?

    It's not too late, EP! There's still time!
  7. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    Yes, it's up. Make sure it says 39.36.4 on the main menu. Sometimes Steam does hide list entries depending on where you're located, though. If that's the case, the IP is Port is the default, 16261.
  8. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    Just a reminder: The server is located in Queubec, Canada. For some of you, the lag is probably due to distance. It's still good to know and get feedback on, though! PZ does have quite the International audience.
  9. Car testing loop reading bug?

    I think EasyPickens added the ability to press ESC to stop timed actions like reading, while in a car.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    It's just temporary, as the faster method had a few critical glitches that are being worked on now.
  11. Startup Crash

    No crash in the console. It looks like it just stopped while loading the buttons for a controller. Try this: Go to the installation directory of the game by right clicking on Project Zomboid and selecting Properties in the Steam game library then press the Browse Local Files button shown here: http://i.imgur.com/PFy0kmJ.png While you have these options open, disable the Steam overlay in the General tab. Find the ProjectZomboid32.bat file (blue gears for an icon, not a red and black egg) and double click it. Once (if) the game crashes, take a screenshot of the console and upload it to imgur.com, linking it here. This will hopefully tell us what's wrong. =)
  12. Crashes

    Yes, it's Hydrocraft most likely.
  13. Crashes

    There's a problem loading a model, an issue with a require statement, an inventory item using an unsupported image format for a food item, the irrigation mod component is spamming the console any time you right-click, a recipe looks broken, and there's a problem with the compass mod. Hydrocraft also causes the server to stop responding when attacking zombies, which is probably the source of the crash (as I had it, too, with a server). That's a pretty surprising amount of things.
  14. Hydrocraft Mod

    So far, this seems to fix Hydrocraft:
  15. Getting backup save to show up after reinstalling the game?

    The easiest solution is just to rename it to servertest. I don't remember off handif there's any way to set a name for a server outside of a dedicated server, using the -servername launch option.