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  1. [IWBUMS Build 40 Test Server] SpiffoSpace: Weather

    I blame @Fenris_Wolf. Always up to no good, that one.
  2. Men with Ven

    This is where the fun begins.
  3. Weight gain?

    Any food-related mods? Some do not have calorie/fat values. You'll have a very hard time surviving with just foraging/farming/fishing, though. There's not many high calorie sources from what I remember.
  4. Shelves Have No Stocked Sprite [V40.16]

    And if you have loot respawn, know that container overlays only appear when that chunk (the area you're standing in) is reloaded when you walk away and come back. They don't happen if you're standing beside it and loot respawn triggers. My default position when it comes to mods is if (problem AND modsInstalled) then removeMods() Ideally you'd try this on a new game, as if you try and previous game without mods, those modded items will vanish. You really can't assume that they don't interfere with the base game in some way. I get that it's annoying to try without, but it's an important step.
  5. Color Coding Food

    The sprite changes for most (all?) food items and does incorporate color? Not saying it's a bad idea by any means. Just curious if the different sprites were unnoticed or missing.
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.17

    Go to the install directory of the game, then /media/. Delete the /textures/ and /scripts/ folders. Then, in Steam, right click PZ -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify ... We updated/changed the filenames a while ago. Steam just sometimes ignores it.
  7. Crash at loading character textures - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

    I'd change it in the Options.ini file. It's right at the top. ... width=1280 height=720 ... Make sure you change this one to match. It's the FBO GUI: uiRenderOffscreen=flase And remember, you don't need to unsubcribe .etc to disable the mods. Just go to %UserProfile%\Zomboid\mods\ and delete the loaded.txt file. Hope that helps.
  8. Crash at loading character textures - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

    Setting the JVM"s Xmn value beyond 1280m on a 32-bit OS will cause an OOM. Perhaps you were only changing the Xmx value in the past? I'd not recommend it, regardless as it'll just crash when it inevitably uses more than 1280 MB. It does need to be a contiguous block of RAM, so relying on the Page file to provide additional RAM probably will not work. You might be able to play if you disable most of the video-RAM intensive stuff (a 512 MB video card is quite limited), such as zoom, FBO GUI, 2X textures, and play at a lower resolution. Removing the mods, at least initially, would also help get you started.
  9. [IWBUMS Build 40 Test Server] SpiffoSpace: Weather

    Should be updated now. Thanks for the nudge.
  10. New Chat System

    New Chat System In prior versions of the game, Project Zomboid’s chat system treated messages as though they all came from a single source. Now, in build 40, chat is separated into a variety of streams. These streams can be customized on the server. Chat Streams Chat streams can be turned on or off by adding their identifier to the ChatSteams option. It is a comma-separated list. These identifiers are based on the command used in-game. Say s Talk to nearby players; can only be heard from a short distance; visible above the player’s head White /say “blarg” Radio r Walkie-talkies and ham radios; visible above the player’s head; requires a working radio in hand (?) Grey /r “arg” All a Talk to everyone on the server; can be heard on Discord Yello /all “err” Whisper w Private message a specific user Purple "/whisper <username> <message> Yell y Shout to players nearby; can be heard further away; visible above the player’s head Red /yell “Hell yeah!” Safehouse sh Communicate with your safe house group Light Green /sf “I don’t think we should let him in.” Faction f Speak to only your faction members Dark Green /f “Something clever here” Admin Stream and Separate Tab There is also a special stream, just for admins. This is denoted with /a or /admin. E.g. /admin “Let’s ban him.” It is only available to admins. Admins will see this chat as a separate tab. Messages and commands can be entered here without possibly being seen by other users. Stream Config Enable all chat streams: ChatStreams=s,r,a,w,y,sh,f,all Enable Only Say, Radio, and Yell: ChatSTreams=s, r, y If a player sends a message in a disallowed chat stream then the chat panel will display an error message, giving the player a list of enabled streams they can use instead Discord Integration and Config Server owners have the option of routing general chat (/all) to a Discord server. For this to work, DIscord must be enabled in the server config, A bot token must be provided, and A valid room ID needs to be provided. Any messages in the specific room will be forwarded to players on the server. These’ll show up in the /all stream, as light blue text. You can find more about setting up your own bot here: https://github.com/reactiflux/discord-irc/wiki/Creating-a-discord-bot-&-getting-a-token Tips History The new Chatbox remembers your last used channel and message, and commands. Just press 't' or Enter, and the game will have your last used channel/command in the input field. To navigate over chat history use arrow up and arrow down. Each chat tab has its own chat history. Quick Chat The chat panel will remember the last stream you used, just press Enter. Rapidly Changing Streams For players, pressing Tab will cycle between the available chat Streams (e.g. /all -> [TAB] -> /say), saving time. Interacting With the Chat Panel and Combat You have to press Tab, T, or Enter by default to interact with the chat panel. You cannot click anything other than the cog, the pin, or the X button otherwise. This is to keep you from dying when in combat. You can now right click through the chat panel to activate the world context menu (e.g. climbing through windows) engage in combat despite your mouse being over the chat panel. User Customization You can see available chat settings by clicking on ‘gear’ icon of the chatbox. Here you will find settings for fonts, chat titles, timestamps, fade and transparency. You can lock chat size and position by click on lock icon. Known Bugs - History does not work in the current build - It is not possible to teleport to coordinates - Help displays /teleportto, despite it being removed - AddUserToWhitelist will generate a very interesting password if none is specified These will likely be sorted in the next release.
  11. Is Rosewood and riverside real places?

    The maps aren't going anywhere.
  12. Car Error (Build 39 & 40)

    Let's just try getting a new copy of the game; In Steam, right click PZ and go into properties In the Local Files tab, press the Local Files button This'll be your Project Zomboid folder. Delete everything in here. Now, back in the Local Files tab, press the Verify ... button. Steam will download a fresh copy of the game. Don't use Steam's Uninstall feature. It'll often leave bits of things behind.
  13. Is Rosewood and riverside real places?

    Some of the map and challenge descriptions reinforce this by calling it Knox Country. Easy to miss the R.
  14. Some medical suggestions.

    The thing is that this is the balance. It took quite a bit of arguing on my part to get broken/fractured legs to the point where you could walk with them and recover. The original design was just to kill you immediately, because how likely is it anyone would walk away from a fall and a broken leg? I'm not saying we're happy with the result, but I feel the "waiting" to recover is a better alternative, and we've added sandbox options specifically to make the wait for either modders or the developers to address it more bearable. Please, don't be afraid to use 'em (we can even add more or tweak 'em, if we get feedback on them).