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  1. Lower frame rate when moving, zoomed out to 200%, at ultra wide resolutions should just be expected. its not a bug.
  2. Did the weapon break?
  3. Yeah, not sure. The point of using a library like LWJGL is to avoid having to get into that, but we’ll discuss it. Thanks for the heads up! I had missed that thread.
  4. Yes. It’ll be tied to your Steam or GoG account, which lets you download the game for Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  5. I ended up taking it out. It doesn’t include instructions to revert the change, so not sure it’s worth it: https://dhavaldalal.wordpress.com/2018/05/29/how-to-disable-failed-discrete-gpu-nvidia-geforce-gt-650m-for-macbook-pro-101-mid-2012-on-high-sierra-10-13-4/ The problem is the driver Apple released is well out of date. Apple’s not going to care.
  6. That’s normal. It only reports the currently active gpu for some reason... So, when the game runs, it uses the 650m instead. These errors are fixed outside of OSX. Apple just seems to have left it this way.
  7. EnigmaGrey

    Game crash

    That one looks like running out if RAM.
  8. Yes, without the same issue. Try this to make sure it doesn’t have the optional nVidis discrete gpu: About This Mac -> System Report -> Graphics/Displays
  9. EnigmaGrey

    Game crash

    Did you have a map mod installed at some point? You’re spawning at 158,157,0 which doesn’t exist.
  10. Certain it’s not a nVidia variant? The Intel-only ones aren’t affected by this ( I bought several used Macs to test it). As far as I can tell, there’s no way to force the 2012 to use the intel 4000 instead of the included 650m. We’ve no solution as yet, aside from dual booting windows or Linux so that you don’t have to rely on Apple’s driver. This might not work due to the 512 MB of GPU ram on different uses, since memory sharing could be OSX specific.
  11. Barring bugs, like fences failing to provide a stealth bonus mentioned above (this will certainly have to be fixed - stealth needs a second look at), this is why we have sandbox and other game modes. Apocalypse, in particular, should never have been so easy that a zombie can’t spot someone from ~25ft (about 10-15 tiles) away that takes no precautions, like avoiding line of sight, sneaking, and looking out the windows before you just bust open the door and walk out. As is, this bug fix would have occurred about three weeks ago, if not for Christmas. No one should’ve been able to just walk near a gargle of zombies and only have 2-3 peel off for you to dispatch at your leisure. This of course is a matter of opinion, but I don’t understand what would be fun about that, aside from easily racking up kills - since zombies were effectively legally blind before the patch. it’s not too hard to deal with: look where they’re looking and go around. Yes, its hard to do and they might spot you, but you don’t have to fight them all. You can walk or sneak away, break line of sight and lose ‘em. You just have to be willing to die a bit until you get a feel for it - or change it up in sandbox. And definitely don’t play six months later if this is the case. We do take these concerns seriously and will keep looking into it, mind.
  12. What are you using for a mouse? if it’s the trackpad, it should work. But it’ll certainly not be a fun experience. Get a USB to USB-C adapter and a normal mouse; or a Bluetooth mouse, if possible.
  13. The total lockup is a bug from the change. That’s why the fix is being redone. Regardless, better combat can come from the skill system (more fitting for an rpg) verses animation cancelling.
  14. We’re going to fix the fence/window thing. It’s been on our list for a long time.
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