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  1. PZ uses opengl. Many games use DirectX and would behave differently.
  2. Quadros are known to perform poorly in games. They expect a very specific version of OpenGL that most games do not meet. In this sense, I'd consider the poorer performance normal, but try disabling real time protection in your antivirus and/or making an exclusion in %UserProfile%\Zomboid\saves\ just in case that's the actual cause.
  3. This usually ends up being a faulty or dying mouse. If it’s wireless, it could be interference from other devices or low on charge. If you’re using mods, then mods can have any number of effects on the game.
  4. Since the problem depicted is very likely caused by the pirated copy of the game, I'm afraid I can't help you with that specifically, no. All I can offer is that this computer is very, very old. It won't support shaders for the game unless you were to go back to a much older version of it. We include detailed recommended specs on both the GoG and Steam store to prevent mistaken purchases.
  5. I'm afraid we can't help with pirated copies of the game. If you'd like to support us, feel free to pick it up on GoG or Steam. GoG in particular has a very generous return policy.
  6. Say it takes 0.002 seconds to add a single Option. if I add 300 of them, I'll spend 0.6 seconds adding options. If I add 600 of them, I'll spend 1.2 seconds adding options. That's what you'd expect from a for loop: it'll scale linearly based on the number of statements and number of elements it has to process. Instead of 300 menus and 300 submenus, it'd probably be better to use other gui elements that aren't created every time they're needed, like what's happening with the context menu.
  7. You don't have footware. You run on a poor surface for running barefoot. Your feet bleed. Explanation and communication right there.
  8. Do you have a gamecube controller or some other USB device with a rumble function? https://forums.stardewvalley.net/threads/bug-report-steam-v1-5-6-ezfrd64-dll-file-prevents-launch.10607/ I've never seen that dll before, but that seems to be the cause of the crash. I suspect just deleting the dll (EZFRD64) would probably be enough, but it'd be better to uninstall the controller software properly. Same thing here: https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-dolphin-dev-builds-past-5-0-3977-crash-on-startup-with-my-controller-plugged-in?page=2
  9. It’s inappropriate to try and bully us into fixing a problem when you know it’s not within our ability to solve. It does not seem to be in any way a common source of problems among SteamDeck zomboid players. You also found a pretty basic workaround already. I’m not even sure your comments are related to op’s issues here.
  10. Okay, it's going further than it was earlier. You made it past the Steam check, sound check, and now it's hanging on getting the graphics info on the 64-bit bat. Could you try installing the latest nVidia driver for Windows 10 64-bit here? https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/192967/en-us/ Restart the computer after installing it.
  11. I'd assume it has to be system config related or we'd have it with every Steamdeck including our own units. Something like changing the order of sound devices could break it. I don't see any call for pulseaudio --check in our codebase. We just use FMOD. I don't think it's for us to change, as even their forums seem to indicate the workaround is exactly what you did, Fillet
  12. Could you go to %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid and try running the ProjectZomboid64.bat directly? It's the one with blue and white gears (not the red and black egg). The hs_err_pids are all from the 32-bit version of the game, so don't show us what's breaking.
  13. It's not practical to manually name hundreds of thousands of tiles. If you're just using the right click menu, then do this instead: Click the pickup tool on the left hand side of the screen, go to the last option (disassemble). Use R to rotate through objects on a tile. The highlight + tooltip should be enough.
  14. What's beyond understanding? Video games are simplified models of highly complex interactions. They'll always have conceits such as randomly applying damage to the vehicle vs. simulating every part that collides with a zombie and having a realistic damage model based on their physical characteristics. Games also attempt to balance things for the sake of gameplay (such as punishing players for wanton running over of groups of zombies). Thus there is always a game of tug of war between "realistic enough" and "it's a game."
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