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  1. No, games are meant to have some degree of challenge. Otherwise you might as well just play MineCraft Creative . . . Which you can, by the way, by going into Sandbox and disabling the helicopter.
  2. Are you still busy answering all the PM's?

  3. I appreciate the attempt to help and can sympathize: perhaps it'd be a good idea if PZ's error message were simply "You've already created the account Biofringe. You may only have 1 account" but there's a few reasons why that'd be a bad idea. Denying that typo (you used a lowercase f the first time then a capital F the second time) and ignoring my explanations to accuse me of being disrespectful is, itself, disrespectful. It isn't helpful. Instead of working with us to resolve your issue, you came out swinging. Let's move on, please. There's no need for anyone to continue this discussion.
  4. [28-06-17 16:02:06] 76561198009840849 "Biofringe" attempting to join. [28-06-17 16:02:06] 76561198009840849 "Biofringe" allowed to join. [28-06-17 16:02:22] 76561198009840849 "Biofringe" removed connection index=31. [28-06-17 16:02:42] 76561198009840849 "BioFringe" attempting to join. [28-06-17 16:02:42] access denied: user "BioFringe" reason "MaxAccountsReached". @BioFringe?
  5. Yeah . . . I don't know what you want, here. I'm not Valve: I don't decide the maximum number of slots for a server. I'm not Valve's server list, which often incorrectly states the players currently in-game and the maximum number of players that can join a server. I'm not you, throwing a fit and refusing to acknowledge you might have simply messed up out of frustration. I'd likely have offered you a key if you didn't try to get your way by acting like a jerk. Though I'm open to the possibility that there's some miscommunication going on here.
  6. I'll be processing a dozen or two a day for the next week.
  7. Best to PM me. Just hover over @EnigmaGrey or my username and click the "Message" button. Otherwise it's going to be hard to track who got what.
  8. Thanks everyone. Will start processing these tomorrow. For anyone that hasn't done so yet, please PM me your screenshot and SteamID if you played between 7 PM BST and 9 PM BST.
  9. I missed the post. The error message you posted indicates you created several accounts on the server and, perhaps through mistyping, tried to log on to a different one. The limit for unique accounts for one person is one. You're wrong about this, dude.
  10. Steam puts a finite cap on the number of players that can join a server. Regardless, I doubt that's why you can't connect unless the error message specifically mentioned it. Steam supports a maximum of 127 players on a server. It's not hit that cap yet.
  11. If you're on the wrong version of the game or playing through a non-Steam version of the game, you may not be able to connect. Do you see it listed in the server list (Internet) tab?
  12. Test successful guys, though the event is scrapped, as the area got destroyed / far more people are playing than expected. So if you've played for a while between 7 PM BST and 9 PM BST please PM me your screenshot and a link to your steam profile.
  13. did the server just break or did my game crash from alt tabing out to try and send message?

    1. EnigmaGrey


      Looks like it's still up. :)

  14. Yep, just seems to be respawn that's broke. Log out then back in.