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  1. Are they part of a mod? There are several BBQs, but I don't believe there are any BBQ pits in the base game.
  2. Not really a bug, since they were never meant to act as permanent, full-height walls in the first place. They're mobile; they don't line up with the tile grid; cars can be climbed over and under in reality if not in the game yet (with the exception of crawlers).
  3. It pretty much instantly cuts down trees; combat isn't the point of it. That said, it is way too slow and has been changed.
  4. Need to rack it to clear the jam, rather than use reload, iirc.
  5. I've checked in debug before. It's around half the sound of walking. So all of 5-6 tiles.
  6. Problem is, we never actually had to change it (despite mentioning it in one of the blogs after an early Stream), so we're rather at a loss for why it's different. Doesn't seem to be a guaranteed thing. I don't know if that means it's only a problem when you've played the same game for several days/weeks, or what.
  7. Delete the logs.zip in %UserProfile%\Zomboid
  8. If you're so close that it matters, you're going to die anyway. Don't fight two zombies so close, at once, that this is an issue.
  9. Still doesn't make sense. If you're out of range of a suitable target, you shove instead of stomp. Having a dedicated button wouldn't sort that.
  10. Yes, really. It'd been a big problem -- people setting themselves up in their little skyfort and just avoiding the whole game. Boredom was probably a poor choice to describe what amounts to cabin fever, in retrospect, and the system doesn't really "work" as intended regardless so it does need to be changed eventually. Interesting thoughts on the mall; I'd not considered it. You'd certainly not expect to get bored there unless the situation got rather extreme.
  11. Fair enough. Think that was an unintentional consequence, back when the moderate exhaustion moodle used to spam itself. We'll figure something out there, though I'd rather not have action bars be the solution. I'm sure there's other ways.
  12. Because the M16 is still largely bugged and should be ignored for now.
  13. Yeah, botched an edit of an earlier post. Meant to take the word "start" out. It doesn't shut off the engine.
  14. Only time it does that is if it's melted? Perhaps it was refrozen?
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