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  1. Sorry, but what's the typo here? Even sticking it into something like Grammarly has it come back clean, aside from the suggestion to tack "It" to the front of it.
  2. They're still distinct monitors. You'd need to use nVidia's or Radeon's software to merge them into a single cohesive monitor for the game to stretch across both when in full screen. Windows cannot do this for you. And definitely try changing display settings in windows with the game running. That's a recipe for disaster.
  3. I just don't think most, if anyone, would expect an ini file to work that way, even if I understand the desire to customize and organize it yourself. I'm all for making it more orderly, organized, and providing clearer comments where appropriate, just the rest of this suggestion feels like an opportunity to shoot ourselves in the foot.
  4. Where did you get the impression that sand/gravel would prevent plants from growing?
  5. The configs literally have the tooltips baked into them, if you don't somehow have access to a client. Why not just transfer them from the server or open them via SSH? You don't need the client. I don't know why you feel a 8 year old thread should serve you or why you seem to want to start something over it. A quick google will lead you to the community wiki, a place better suited for this sort of thing: https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Server_settings
  6. Mods can change basically anything, intentionally accidentally. The only way to know is to try and reproduce it without mods.
  7. This seems like an incredible amount of work for no gain. Why do you need this?
  8. You get prompted to pick your settings when you launch a server in-game. Just make the settings ahead of time, then there’s no need for futzing with it. If modders made the mistake of using duplicate ids, then it’d be best to ask them to change it*, but this shouldn’t be a problem in build 42. *that goes especially for people making packs of other peoples’ mods without doing so.
  9. Not being invulnerable was “the thought,” actually. Hence why most clothing isn't a 100% guarantee and incur penalties from encumbrance and weight, to insulation.
  10. Sure, am ultimately fine with that, but I do think this needs to be understood: Say I give myself a shirt and a jacket that both have 100% protection. I can get bit twice in the upper right arm without it breaking through the skin because it offers complete protection. If I wear two things that only give me 70% protection, there's a 30% chance that each of those two bites will penetrate. If you expect otherwise, you're going to have a very bad time, regardless of how it should be.
  11. Did you have 100% bite or scratch defence on the area bitten? If not, you still risk getting wounded by the attack. The number of layers don't matter; how much protection they offer does.
  12. You do realize that considering agility would just mean that you’d have less chance of a bump turning into a fall at higher levels, no? That is, you’d have additional tools to mitigate it. Right now, the only thing you have the weight traits. There’s no need for doom and gloom over stuff like this. We’re not going to severely alter the way the game plays after 12 years, after all.
  13. Realism aside, the game tells you ~1/3 bites is likely to get through. So is it surprising that one got through?
  14. This system does not meet the minimum requirements for the game.
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