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  1. When it's ready.
  2. I wouldn't want to deprive you of more things to complain about, Paul. That'd be cruel. Though I'd really rather TIS had started with a monthly format rather than weekly, changing the format now would just bring about even more ridicule, not to mention disappoint those that enjoy the weekly sign of life. I doubt the complaints would really change anyway.
  3. A) Developers will do as developers do. There's no point trying to dismiss this thread just because you feel it's a waste of their time or trying to play "I'm the boss." B) I don't get what's hard to understand about this concept: Indie devs make a product; people like that product and want to help support it financially, both to reward its creators and give them greater resources to make the game better. It's only stupid if you think the devs are just pocketing the money, don't need additional resources, or . . . . whatever that starving artist crap about bankruptcy is. No one's begging here or asking you to personally try and "save" them. There'll be no DLC for PZ. If PZ is sucessful, I'm hopeful this'll be the first and last EA title they do, as well.
  4. Remember that Project Zomboid is set in the very early 90s . . .
  5. Doesn't look like it for the moment, if you're not able to install that version of libgcc on your system. The script and the missing jar also needs to be added to the server package. I'd just put this on hold for now. The car build doesn't play that well in MP anyway and needs a bit of fixing.
  6. Are you trying to install a vehicles-based server instead of a normal one?
  7. Responded over on /r/ProjectZomboid:
  8. People can lie, misrepresent, and be mistaken.
  9. You'll need to install Java, but the demo still works on modern systems: https://www.fileplanet.com/220702/220000/fileinfo/Project-Zomboid-Pre-Alpha-Tech-Demo The game, as it is now, is just too big to support that kind of zombie movement.
  10. Yes, thecontinator. Since Saturday of last, no one (or a few very lucky people) can receive invites via the Steam client. Not all games on Steam work, either, and past versions of the game have the same problem. There's a work around here: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2017/05/cardevdoid/ But you might also need to open these ports on your router and firewall until we're able to open the specific one necessary when launching the game: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8571-GLVN-8711
  11. Exit Steam fully. Launch Steam. Download whatever updates it has waiting.
  12. Cars are scaled to the models used in newer animations, so they'll continue looking a bit off until they're released.
  13. They stop following you within half a screen unless you go very slowly. Zombies seem to have a low chance of actually honing you in when in motion. There'll be no circling the block to move them from around a house or building now, you'd have to drive close to every zombie and hope they "hook on" and don't fall behind. Having to manually and constantly blast a horn to do this just doesn't sound very appealing to me, though I"ll give the radio a shot.
  14. I'd say sound's been nerfed to the other extreme. Starting up a car seems to only attract the closet zombies. Driving past hordes, they often won't turn and notice you until you're almost right on top of them. Zombies only follow until you out pace them by 20-30 tiles then just stop. If you shut off your engine, only the ones within 10-15 tiles seem to keep coming, though they sometimes lose focus and just stand there. Now they're no longer useful for distraction or moving hordes around unless you go really, really slowly - and even then it's debatable. Maybe the radio would help, but haven't bothered. On the plus, performance in Six Months After is now good. Without having all those zombies path-finding to a single object, it's very playable. Just without this, it's now very easy to "win." Drive around / through hordes, go to a clear area. Live in peace and harmony. A damage model would, of course, change that since there's so many of them, but I genuinely found it much more fun trying to move them out of the way with the vehicle's noise mechanics, than shouting or carrying around a gun. It's hard to conceptualize how this'll play out. This really does kill the enjoyment for me, though. I really did like the hustle and movement present in the prior build. It was fun thinking of how to mitigate the flood of zombies that'd come trying to start up an old beater, not to meant filling it with loot as quietly as possible before fleeing, and using other cars / noise makers as distractions to loot high-value targets. Losing the hordes by zigging and zagging complimented it nicely, realism be damnmed. Sandbox options for sound radiuses changed would be very helpful.
  15. A) TIS already stated they have enough to complete Project Zomboid, if sales were to cease. That might mean cutting back and the dev team and taking more time, but we're not dependent on a few nice people buying extra copies of the game. B) You underestimate how much game development costs when protracted over a number of years. PZ is far from the most successful EA game due to how little it's sold for.