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  1. See if this helps with the FPS: Go into nVidia control panel. Under 3D settings, try setting the power profile to "prefer max performance." Note: the mods are loading on start, so I don't think they're disabled? Could you go into %UserProfile%\Zomboid and delete the \mods\ folder, just to ensure they're off? Then start a new game and see if zooming performs as poorly.
  2. There are also errors with mods. It’d be best to disable them. Set fullscreen to false in the Options.ini file found in %userprofile%\zomboid if updating drivers doesn’t work.
  3. Any electrical connection will cause a house to remain a stable temperature in winter right now.
  4. That’s just a car to test animations. It shouldn’t be used.
  5. Does the crash happen on other servers without these mods or in single player?
  6. I haven’t used it in years, so you can imagine how confusing the google results were trying to look it up. It’s a confusing name for something purely command line. Linux is like that. :p
  7. Don't know if you can / how you'd go about it as a background process. In the past, I used Screen to have the server run on its own "window" inside the command line. https://linux.die.net/man/1/screen
  8. It's more down to the CPU's single-core performance. Tiles can't be sorted on the GPU, only the CPU (in addition to everything else it has to do). I imagine the 2080s are paired with different CPUs?
  9. I'm ultimately fine with having some sort of streamer mode to hide visible IPs, but it's really easy to figure this stuff out just by using Steam's own server browser or a site that scrapes info from that API, such as BattleMetrics. (These sites also exist for DST and can be fiarly extensive.) This is especially easy with a small game like PZ, where someone would only have to wade through maybe 10-20 of the top servers to find someone by Steamname. My only point is that there's basically no privacy with Steam public servers, whether the IP is hidden or not. Even the "recently played with" list can out you on Steam (not your IP, but your Steam profile and where you played, since those that played on the same server show up in this list). I'm not at all against hiding IPs and think it'd over-all be a good move, just not a very effective one. Most server owners will just buy a cheap server instance (or set up a virtual or dedicated server themselves) rather than self-host at home. These make it very easy to change the IP, as necessary and removes any real chance of being doxed. That's really the only effective way to protect yourself, if the concern is "doxxing" rather than just having people try and troll you on a public server.
  10. Yep, something is definitely broken there. You don't even have to place it in a container. Just attach the part then quit the game. Load back in, remove the scope, and you got a lighter rifle than should be possible. (ofc it goes away if you then re-load that save, but still). Very neat. Good find.
  11. Yes, different weight and ammo. Everything defaulted to 4.0 after removing these on my end. Went through the weight code and even wrote a script to spawn nothing but msr700s, but aside from variations in parts and ammo, I couldn't reproduce this. This includes switching versions, unfortunately. In the log, it seems there's an error with ISOpenVehicleDoor. [17-05-22 02:23:56.985] LOG : General , 1652747036985> bugged action, cleared queue ISOpenVehicleDoor. and spamming things like [17-05-22 03:28:59.992] LOG : General , 1652750939992> check item (though this might be normal, as it seems to involve placing items on tabletops, but I don't know why it'd be spamming it so much) Perhaps the scripts are corrupted? Go to %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\ Then, in Steam, right click PZ -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify to download a fresh copy.
  12. Eh. People are going to have to exercise some common sense, I think. (Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.) You can’t spawn 10k zombies and expect the game to handle it. Same thing for 50k items. Neither never happen during normal play.
  13. At that point the game is going to crash if you even interact with them. Though I agree it's a bug, I don't think it makes much sense to try and program out of states that should never be reached in the normal play of the game. I mean the only defense against this would likely be putting a hard cap on the number of items in the inventory, for example. It's just an entirely unreasonable amount of items to expect the game to interact with well.
  14. Some mods that add clothing or armor have been reported to balloon the game's vram usage with every subsequent hit. It's likely because they're using huge textures for their assets. Not much you can do beyond remove them and see if it happens again.
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