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  1. EnigmaGrey

    Stop the server when restarting.

    As a hunch, try removing map_t.bin in the server's save file. Maybe it's failing due to a discrepancy between the erosion file and the gametime data? This'll likely affect mod connect that saves to gametime and it will reset the current date in-game, however. It's purely a hunch. Erosion will be present because it's saved as part of the chunk files.
  2. EnigmaGrey

    (MP) Bite won't heal

    Great, thanks everyone. Will take a look. For now, (using an admin account or the server console) you can just do /godmode "name" followed by /godmode "name" a second time to heal up anyone affected. It'll cure all injuries.
  3. EnigmaGrey

    Is there any way to replace vanilla textures? 

    Glad to hear it worked out.
  4. EnigmaGrey

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    Yes. It'll be removed in the next build. The downside is that leads to compatibility issues for some people, so much as the vehicles build, the current public build acts a milestone for anyone affected to fall back on.
  5. EnigmaGrey

    Upcoming Combat Changes is a bad Idea

    You proposed a tolerance system after I posted, by a good five hours. I never mentioned one. Deaf zombies are specifically the ones indoors. Zombies otherwise have varied attributes based on the world age on spawn, from what I last checked. Zombies are distracted by other sounds and items in the world. Sometimes those sounds are in inconvenient places, resulting in inconvenient actions by the zombies. With only a small portion of the map being able to be loaded into memory at any time, real zombies only have a limited number of paths to get to those areas and, sometimes, it'll be through your house. They wonder somewhat randomly around on top of that. A zombie spotting or hearing you from 15-20 tiles beggar belief. I don't think it's actually a "problem" that requires a solution.
  6. EnigmaGrey

    Is there any way to replace vanilla textures? 

    Hm, I think the problem might be not having them packed into the same texturesheets. Unsure of how to accomplish that in the newer tool. Here, I just unpacked the Tiles2x.pak file then inverted it. I then repacked it. I placed it in my workshop mod, in the directory /texturepacks/ and started the game. In Mods, I enabled the mod then shut the game down. Next time I launched it, it properly overwrote the original texture pack's data:
  7. EnigmaGrey

    (MP) Bite won't heal

    The complaints were not about bites. They were about scratches in the vanilla game. So no, we weren't aware of this and we didn't try to fix it.
  8. EnigmaGrey

    Is there any way to replace vanilla textures? 

    Give the textures an identical name and name the texture pack the same name as the vanilla textures. You can make and open texture packs in the mapping tool. Or you can use this: Put it in a mod. Enable that mod then restart the application. It should then just overwrite any identically named texture. *I've only done this with individual textures (fonts), but I can't imagine it'd be any different for texture packs.
  9. EnigmaGrey

    Old version.

    Ah, missed it. All good, then.
  10. EnigmaGrey

    Old version.

    I really should upload my old key files. Not sure it'll disable the check but you can always install PHP then make a doc with the word "success" in it. Add desura.com to the hosts file, pointing to then it should read it as auth'd. Going by memory from 2011...
  11. EnigmaGrey

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    There are options to change how dark nights are in sandbox settings. There's also the weather debug panel, which should let you make it brighter and/or see the current values for reporting. Perhaps that'd help. I remain unconvinced that what I'm seeing in the above screenshot isn't just shaders being disabled. I get it if you had to turn them off for compatibility or performance, but the game is being designed around them at this point.
  12. EnigmaGrey

    Flashlight isn't working properly \ Dark is way to dark

    Do you have post-processing off, as Beard mentioned? The lighting shaders rely on it being on at this point. Some weather events will certainly down it out, but not usually to the point shown in the screenshot above after we capped their severity.
  13. EnigmaGrey

    Run time exception, first time map modding(Solved)

    Probably did not include Muldruagh/West Point when adding the map in-game or on your server? Pretty much all the error means is that that square doesn't exist.
  14. EnigmaGrey

    Most buildings have invisible walls...

    Honestly never seen that before. Throttlekitty's suggestion might be the correct one if you have 2x textures turned off in Options. The 100 to 1000 thing is just a consequence of a map mod. The 2x textures for Farmoid thing is just because of Hydrocraft. Both should be safe to ignore.
  15. EnigmaGrey

    Indoors should have Ambient Light in the day

    Probably not, no. Since the game is purely 2D, there's no 3D geometry to draw sunlight or shadows from. it could be faked, but that'd probably be costly and call attention to this flaw. Would love to have seen the game with it, though. Seems rather hyperbolic. Though some days are darker than others, I've not had much trouble getting around houses during the day in the game. There are some little glitches here and there where if you click through furniture or are on the arbitrary boundary of a "room" (say a kitchen and a dining room in an open floor plan) that it gets appreciably dark, but it's usually sorted by moving slightly. Do you have post-processing turned off? That'll certainly make the game's lighting worse as of build 40.