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  1. "Error loading savefile" after the last update

    Did re-enabling Slocan Lake sort it, though? That's my main concern with the map's name change. I suspect we'll be getting more of these posts.
  2. Jar of [Food] "minor" bugs

    Are you using reusable lids or specific jars? It's the gasket material on the lid that provides the seal, not just the lid by itself. It wears out quickly. http://imgur.com/a/bPuZZT2
  3. New Update 40.26 Bugs that i have Found

    What CPU do you have, specifically? I don't see it mentioned here.
  4. New Update 40.26 Bugs that i have Found

    Try a normal survival game, without any erosion.
  5. Already in. Just need a can of paint and a brush.
  6. New Update 40.26 Bugs that i have Found

    Don't really know what to suggest there. It looks like the map stops loading for a few ms then the game catches up. Normally I'd assume it's a problem with the harddrive, but others in this thread seem to have modern enough systems. I see lots of erosion. Does it happen in a new game, as well? Note, it's expected that the first time you drive through an area it'll be a bit choppy as the game caches and saves the area for the first time, but it should go away after a few seconds.
  7. New Update 40.26 Bugs that i have Found

    Try turning off the skybox and window reflections in Options (leave post-processing on). Let us know how it goes.
  8. Turning off fog in single player

    If you run the game with the -debug flag, you can modify the weather effects. In Steam, right click PZ -> properties -> Launch Options This'll prevent you from joining servers as non-admin, however.
  9. Players logging into server instantly dying

    Blood types mod? It's the only thing that kills on spawning.
  10. Button Creep

    I think I'd be more for just having the alarm clock interface extend it to its logical conclusion. Add a mode button. Switch to alarm. Change it there. Or, if we use the radial menus, and the alarm is going off, show me the option do turn it off there. Lots of good thoughts, everyone. Keep it up.
  11. 9pm - daylight illumination.

    Your mistake is basing your expectations off of the non-shader setting. First, it hasn't been kept up to date. Second, it will not be optional for the animations build. You're misappling your arguenent to this thread. Having a bright night around 9 p.m. is expected for the area, and the month. It is not a result of the difference between shaders and non shaders. it is, unlikely to be something that we're going to address further unless it happens at times that are illogical. It makes it harder to argue your point when you either engage in hyperbole or try to push an agenda for an unrelated matter. There are, after all, things that we do not like about the newer version of shaders - flash lights and headlights are overwhelmed by the field of view at night; interior lights aren't as effective; it sometimes stays too dark or too heavily foggy. These are issues that we would like to address.
  12. 9pm - daylight illumination.

    I provided data showing that it is exprcted during the month of July. If you have something other than your expectations, I'd appreciate seeing it Though I've lived further north (and now north east), I, a night blind individual, can walk the local trail at that time of night in July. It's presumably pretty bright to normies.
  13. Runs poorly now that 40. update

    Eventually. Better to manually delete them (or just delete the loaded.txt file). And increasing FPS is not what you want. Disable vsync and set the fps to the lowest setting, just to see.
  14. Compass Item

    Ah, so more dead reckoning with a map and compass, than just approximate to directions around town. Now I get to ya. Makes sense.
  15. Font sometimes seems blurry/difficult to read

    Ah, that makes sense. I only bolded the normal font as a test. Awesome deduction @MadDan2013