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  1. Infection is just a counter. Once you hit 100, you die. Mortality determines if or how fast that happens. It’s entirely separate from wounds. So as transmission is on, you still get infected. The infection by itself simply does not kill you, but anything else on top of it can.
  2. Generally I wouldn't trust Intel's Driver Assistant to get the correct driver. It usually just defers to whichever company manufactured the computer instead of supplying the correct driver. It might be worth just uninstalling the driver then downloading one the exes from the link above instead. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29474/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-40-?product=81496
  3. Kind of odd. It seems you have a much newer driver than available directly from Intel for the 4600. Where did you download it from?
  4. EnigmaGrey


    I wouldn't think you can? You'd want to get the emitter that produces the sound and set its position instead of trying to use PlaySound directly? A quick search through the Lua files shows examples like ... function ISRevolverWeapon:reloadPerform(char, square) local weapon = char:getPrimaryHandItem(); char:playSound(self.insertRoundSound) ...
  5. EnigmaGrey


    I see someone answering your post with helpful information, what's here that I need "give a damn" about? Is the problem that music objects don't have a world position, since they don't use a sound emitter on the game map?
  6. Not enough time in the day to respond to every thread; especially not when you already know the answer and could just convey it yourself. It's supposed to be a community, after all, not just an AMA/suggestions box for TIS.
  7. Yeah, I don't think it's getting to the point where it's actually running PZ due to the outdated console.txt. Try disabling the Steam in-game community/overlay. Right click PZ -> Properties -> uncheck "Enable Steam in-game overlay" and see if it still crashes. If it does, the log could be helpful. Trying it now, after today's MacOS update, it's still running fine for me.
  8. No error. It looks like you make it into the game but it closes out? Is that right? i can only guess its one of the mods, given the last update was some days ago.
  9. Would there be enough? My impression from seeing others fall or react to less meaningful hits is that they’re reacting to the pain and instinctually moving away from it, at least in the provided videos. Even if it is enough to unbalance the zombie, I’d think it’d then be enough force to unbalance you, as well, leading to a pause - the very thing that’s supposed to be avoided by letting you throw hands at the undead instead of render a meaningful hit. ... Isn’t being able to shove good enough rather than somehow trying to incorporate this level of nuance?
  10. Well, it’s got to be the driver, as there is otherwise no reason a 4gb gpu can’t somehow allocate enough memory for the mipmaps necessary for the game. Try rolling back to an earlier driver. I also have an rx 550 that doesn’t show this issue. Should note, theres also an issue with missing dependences for Jinput, which suggests either something like an antivirus is interfering or missing files.
  11. A zombie that doesn’t care about being on fire isn’t going to react the same way a person would to being slapped, in my mind.
  12. Disable the ability for windows update to download its own drivers for its hardware, then try getting the driver from Intel’s support website again. Restart your computer after installing it. Make sure you have a couple gb free (4 gb in task manager) before launching the game due to using intel graphics on windows.
  13. Great. The vid is very helpful.
  14. Next build should move the pause for specific animations, so it’ll happen more like you’d expect (when the char puts his weight into his foot, generally), unlike at the end of the anim for all weapons. Not 100% sure that’ll resolve the weird double step we have happening occasionally, but we’re aware of it. It’s a bug as well.
  15. Unfortunately, we've not made any progress wit it. Any fixes we've tried, have not worked. So we're rather stumped on it, right now. All I can tel you is it's limited to Macs with Nvidia cards. I can only guess it's due to Apple having a falling out with them over a number of years, cumulating in dropping them in 2015. They don't provide any support for nVidia GPUs past a rather incomplete driver. Installing nVidia's web drivers do not seem to help. I think the only thing that might work is dual booting Windows on the machine (BootCamp would still use the host's driver, iirc).
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