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  1. Delete the Lua folder in %UserProfile%\Zomboid
  2. Does it happen only when kiting groups?
  3. Not sure what to make of that — quick math suggests it’s running on 30 minute days. Was day length changed while the server was running? If so, was it through editing the text file or server commands? (I also need to double check that 3 is the correct value. Just can’t right now.)
  4. Yeah. That does not look like it’s working correctly.
  5. There is no bus in the vanilla game? its engine quality might have been too low to keep it from stalling, regardless of condition.
  6. What graphics card do you have?
  7. It’s showing that there’s no graphics driver capable of making a hardware accelerated window installed. What graphics card and version of Windows do you have?
  8. Still works by just tapping r? Holding r just gives more options. Unless it’s working in an unintended way for me, of course. Ha.
  9. EnigmaGrey

    The Walking Spiff

    Is the tldr of that “you’re spending too much time and money on blog posts. You could have hired specialists to implement mp for you by now.” ’cause all I can do if that’s the case is point out that the experts have been hired and the blog posts rarely ever cost us anything in terms of time or money. I get that build 41 is very impressive and going back to the public build instead to play with your friends is seen as a downgrade, but I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t exist just because someone feels they’re entitled to a feature in a beta whenever they get tired of waiting; a beta that is very much a privilege and something we’re under no obligation to provide (even though it is mutually beneficial to do so), let alone a single feature in that beta. Take it as a learning experience: don’t hang your hopes on what people hope to accomplish in the future (and especially don’t encourage your friends to do so based on that hope). Reality always differs greatly from what we imagine it should be. There’s no amount of abuse that’ll change that, as a seemingly infinite number of early access and kick-started games can attest to by now. No one forces you to spend your money and time on this and no one can take responsibility for your decision and subsequent anger aside from yourself.
  10. I would think that's down to the distribution options set by the mod author. They should tone it down considerably.
  11. It'll be done at some point, just know that there's a lot more work to get this functional than it might seem: basically, any scenery object that could clip over the player needs to be manually masked to indicate its height. Only two directions would work, otherwise.
  12. Not going to destabilize build 41 with big changes outside of mp development at this point. So, it’ll have to wait for build 42.
  13. How much ram and what graphics card do you have?
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