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  1. Cars are broken again.

    Windows, but the setting is os-agnostic.
  2. Cars are broken again.

    Really need the setting tested, guys. it resolved the issue for others.
  3. Cars are broken again.

    Can you try changing the setting if not already? So far it seems to have resolved it for others. Just might not want to restart it. Multiplay may reset the value to 500 on startup. Call /reloadoptions in local chat instead then everyone log out.
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.60

    I could be wrong, but if you click the console a white character appears, the server will stop until the selection is cleared, whether that's by enter or not. It's a feature of the windows console.
  5. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    The map has been reset and cars have been set to EasyMode to facilitate easier testing. If people could hop on for a few, drive around like maniacs, and see if this happens that'd be fab.
  6. Cars are broken again.

    * Try setting PhysicsDelayServer to 0 in Admin Panel -> Server Config. It'd probably be best to restart the server after making this change, as you have to disconnect for it to take effect anyway. * A video of the problem might be helpful. Does it look like this one? * What are the server specs? What company (if any) is the server purchased from?
  7. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.60

    It was intentionally removed as it caused issues with the player name and was redundant, given it's shown in the inventory.
  8. legal issues with distorted music?

    Fair use is a defence for a violation of copyright, basically. The bullet points don't make your work any less a derivative product of the original, but may be sufficient to avoid being sued over it. The author may not know it exists or may choose not to enforce fhier rights, but when dealing with large record labels, I wouldn't hold my breath. May help to google a bit about resampling in electronic music and find a few notable cases. It's ... weird and confusing to say the least. Caveat: I'm a bored idiot on the internet, not a copyright attorney.
  9. Crafting skills need to be reworked

    I'm not against home renovation skills. I'm against restarting the industrial revolution as one person, or easily doing things only the rare person was interested in back then. Blacksmithing, ferrierng, wheel wrighting are largely dead skills, killed off by the rise of the assembly line and automation. I wouldn't be surprised if the lone enthusiast existed in a ratio of one in hundreds of thousands for something like backyard smelting and metallurgy. Practical skills like putting up a wall or changing a tire, or even cutting out sheet metal are more acceptable. Finding iron stock and beating out nails is reasonable. Making the iron from a lump of ore or from forks and tin cans is really pushing it. Making it act like magic (forks, axes, and fence rail -- workable metal -- instant ammo) as tis almost did with metalworking would greatly shift the tone of a game thats already confused and sprawling. That makes sense in minecrat fantasy setting or cdda's SciFi future, but not in 1993 This isn't on the time scale of Earth Abides or Land of The Dead(?). Even a hundred hours in game only amounts to months passing, not years or decades.
  10. Crafting skills need to be reworked

    Most of this information wasn't around back then ... Practical jigsaw projects, lead figures, masonry, plaster castibg, and woodworking (carvings, toys) , some welding, were what the older people of my childhood did. This was the stuff you found in thise encyclopedias. Not backyard smelting with a shop vaccume to explode watermelons .. Our access to information today really seems to cloud our memory of the past
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.60

    Depends on whether the whole "cars teleport back to their original position" thing is sorted. Really need people to check in MP.
  12. Crafting skills need to be reworked

    So long as blacksmithing nails requires finding the actual tools to make them (maybe a rare find on a farm to imply someone had a hobby), require a bunch of trial and error, and have a unique item, then I really don't care about those. I still think it'd be easier just to cut cleats from sheet metal, though. Smelting itself doesn't make sense for nails, as you'd just just ruin the temper of the metal. They're forged (not poured), as in hammered out, of appropriate iron stock then the head is made with a header. It doesn't make sense for getting a stock of iron, either, given there should be plenty of iron in a game that's trying to be realistic . . . Same applies for planks in game . . . Really could just use a lumber yard to liberate and ransack dressed lumber from, not to mention tearing them out of houses. I really don't like that the game forces the primitive option of going out into the woods, knocking down a tree, then using a handsaw to get the equivalent. Though it could certainly be an option, later in game, it'd be nice if it were dressed up a little (e.g. using an axe, wedges, and hammer to split rough planks; handsaw or other tool to dress them). PZ doesn't really know what side of the realism fence it sits on. Some things are way too rare, some systems are way too simple . . . . yet others are deeply complex. For example, an Engine is just an "engine" with "engine parts." There's no radiator, water, oil, or a few other parts that can normally be damaged in a collision. Yet there's three kinds of seats for each class of vehicle. Same discrepancies applies to many things and these flaws, I don't think, give license to just add more. (e.g. melting down forks, knives, and axes to one-step "smelt" fully working bullets.)
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.60

    Windows and antivirus software don't always appreciate it. Most OSes have a container for this purpose, which really should be AppData, but such is life. It would also be very easy to accidentally delete user info, since someone might not understand these files are there. Steam also has a habit of purging the folder, though it's inconsistent.
  14. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    The server's been updated to 39.60. Hopefully this'll also be the end of the "car snaps back to a different area of the map."
  15. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.60

    It's a wiki. You're that person. Congratulations.