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  1. EnigmaGrey

    Building Visual Glitch

    Select compatibility mode from the start options. Does the problem go away?
  2. EnigmaGrey

    How to stop Displaying World Age

    Remove the mod causing it?
  3. EnigmaGrey

    Cooking is difficult

    So don't try to min-max your diet. Not like it matters beyond ensuring perishable food isn't dangerous.
  4. EnigmaGrey

    Zombies in my house

    Disable sleep events in sandbox. It probably won't happen again. Are you on the second floor? Could you point out what building it happened in on map.projectzomboid.com?
  5. EnigmaGrey

    Floating cars

    Yuri is doing some work on this now. Hopefully we'll see it as part of build 41. Till then, there's not really much you can do a side from delete the car (necroforge) or try and knock it down yourself.
  6. EnigmaGrey

    Why is water poisoned?

    That's why it's only a chance that you'll get sick, not a guarantee.
  7. EnigmaGrey

    Steam 4 Pack Question

    Only the Gaben knows.
  8. EnigmaGrey

    Steam 4 Pack Question

    I'm unsure you can even buy it, if you already own the game.
  9. EnigmaGrey

    Missing files that are already there!

    Delete the file from the server.
  10. EnigmaGrey

    [40.43] [MP] Incorrect players counter

    It's been part of the game since the Steam release. It does not affect the population counter. It's just something that seems to break on Steam's end. Ofc it's possible that pz is doing something weird that it doesn't anticipate, but a few of the coders have looked at it and not found the issue over the years.
  11. EnigmaGrey

    Generators and fumes in open garages?

    As do generator manufacturers, in real life. They recommend not placing and running a generator in garages with the door open, under eves near a housr, or even on roofed porches. How likely it is to have negative effects, I do not know.
  12. There is a gun cleaning kit, though I've no idea what it does.
  13. EnigmaGrey

    PZ Doesn't work on SteamOS anymore

    What version of steamos is that?
  14. EnigmaGrey

    NPK Fertilizer should empty to sack

    This suddenly makes a lot more sense.
  15. EnigmaGrey

    Spooky Santa

    Yes, but it's really not a priority right now.