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  1. Just to be sure, under the Workshop tab, the mods are listed? There's two places, mods and workshop in the server settings.
  2. This is honestly a bit weird. Please report map problems w/ coordinates to the bug forum?
  3. iirc, we've already released a patch bumping up the HP .etc of vehicles. Older vehicle mods that haven't been updated since October or so probably wouldn't have adjusted their own. Might help to get a screenshot of the vehicle's mechanic window if a problem with the vanilla game?
  4. If you really want to tune it, grab visaulgc so you can see what it's doing. For example, setting the xmx value so high might mean it's just collecting trash instead of clearing it. When it does a more complete collection, it might cause issues given it has 8 threads dedicated to gc on an 8 core processor (3 and 3 would probably be fine for parallel/conc).
  5. You could report the issue so we can try and fix it, assuming it's not caused by a mod?
  6. Glad to hear the new computer worked out.
  7. I'm not hearing any metallic sounds testing it today, so I assume it has long since been addressed by NoiseWorks and just hasn't been released yet.
  8. Far as I can tell from past reports, it's limited to certain video cards. So it's less of a general problem and more something specific to the way those OpenGL functions we use work on a subset of video cards or specific drivers. We're unable to reproduce it here, so it's difficult to fix. And, tbh, we don't really have the expertise to delve deep into the differences between individual GPUs at this time, but hopefully the fellow that usually helps out with this sort of thing will have time to take a look in the nearer future. Do try updating your GPU's drivers. It's possible it's an implementation issue on AMD's end and it'll get fixed in an update, as well. Oh, btw, if you're not on Build 41 (version number in the lower-right of the main menu) you might not have one of our fixes relating to this. You can get it in the betas tab (right click PZ in the Steam game library -> betas -> iwillbackupmysave or build 41, they're identical).
  9. We simply cannot support HD 3000 due to Intel's drivers and have been unable to offer support for it for many years now. The HD 3000 is not supported for Windows 10, either. The hardware is theoretically capable of running the OpenGL commands necessary, but you'd probably have to install Linux or roll back to Windows 7 to do it. Many of those games are also DirectX, not OpenGL. A API natively supported by Windows and games made by mega-companies like Rockstar, Bethesda and Electronic Arts, whom have GPU manufacturers bending over backwards to support their stuff will of course have better compatibility than an indie.
  10. If that doesn't work, go to System Preferences -> Sounds -> you should be able to select. your default playback device there. On Windows it's "Manage audio devices" in the Start bar search menu.
  11. Note: I am aware the rain issue is actually that you're not getting soaked, only "humid." We'll def look at that. I just misread the translation.
  12. Fair enough. Thats a bug. You’re no longer in the house, so you experience outdoor temps. The car doesn’t inherit the house’s value.
  13. kind of looks like the display adapter crashes. Does it happen at other times than when it’s raining heavily/puddles on the ground?
  14. It'll likely be updated sometime during or after MP is out on the beta branch.
  15. iirc, to have "big trees" you need to define the area as "deep forest" in the zones file. I could be wrong on this, as I've no experience with mapping.
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