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  1. It is using the nVidia card according to the log, as I said. So, there are 3 possibilities: a) a hardware defect, such as a damaged gpu from over-heating b) a driver issue, Intel, nvidia, or device manufacturer specific c) a system configuration issue, whether by the user or the factory Any of the above are exceedingly more likely due to it being a laptop than “the log is lying. It must be using the wrong gpu.” It’s not like you’re the first to use this gpu with PZ. We know it works normally, so can only guess as to why it will not in your spe
  2. Nothing that I recall, unless the stacked log recipe only uses rope. I don’t get what the hangup is.
  3. it’s offensive in every region at this point. So, you will stop using it or you will lose you forum privileges. It’s not up to everyone else to make up for your lapse once you’re informed of it, regardless of whether it’s your third language or not.
  4. Never would have guessed that. Good find. Thanks for letting us know.
  5. Yep. Individual interest does not override the group, even ignoring that buying a game doesn’t give anyone control over it or the business that makes said game. Likewise, MP being in the game for 6 years doesn’t just miraculously cease to exist because you refuse to use it. I’m glad people are interested in the game, that that interest is sustained, but some of you are letting the vision of mp you imagine override the reality of it. It’ll be released when it’s reasonably fun to play and stable. Until then, the second-guessing, the entitlement to an optional beta, and the rewriting
  6. It is using the nVidia card in the first log, so using the wrong gpu isn’t the issue. Realistically, there’s no reason this laptop should have issues with the game. Have you tried turning off any antivirus software? If that does not work, try grabbing the nvidia + intel drivers directly from MSI’s site. Though rare, sometimes generic drivers cause crashes on laptops. (More often its the opposite.) If this is still a problem, it could be that the laptop is in a low power state. Try plugging it into a wall and setting power options to performance.
  7. The game doesn’t pick the gpu, the driver does. So, of course the game “can’t see” it — it wasn’t launched with it in the first place. That means you need to know how to work with that computer rather than insult others that are trying to help you.
  8. Tilezed, the pz mapping tool, does not work on Mac.
  9. Yeah, think throwing themselves at the entire side of the car and incidentally breaking the window vs targeting the glass specifically.
  10. Yeah, I’m not a fan of the shotgun basically being a force-push blunderbust. We’re kind of stuck with it because of the way the system handles angles. That’ll be fixed when it eventually gets replaced with one that draws rays for bullet paths. For now, it’ll have to remain comically overpowered vs a pistol. If it’s red or orange, it’s either too far away or you’ve not waited long enough. Regardless, orange is still a fairly high chance to hit. Green is just the top end.
  11. Where are you getting that there’s a “huge penalty” from being close? There’s a penalty for rushing too fast and constantly moving. If even professionals in high stress situations have a high rate of misses, you’re not likely to do much better, regardless of how it seemed on the range.
  12. Yeah, to say the least, I don’t buy that they could. People have enough trouble with hammers and nails, and that’s both connected to their body directly and a stationary target. I don’t think they’re going to be blowing out the brains of former humans that are trying to eat eat them first time they pick up a gun. You can still get lucky, ofc. 30 seconds just maximizes the chance to hit. If you’re trying to kill larger groups and minimize waste, then you’d want to wait. Chance to hit also improves the closer zombies are to you, up to a point, depending on the weapon type
  13. Except, once again, this is at level 0 out of 10. At a low level, it should be expected that a skill is frustrating or there would be no sense of progression through gaining levels. We’re simply not going for the Hollywood treatment of guns, regardless.
  14. Problem is, by misspelling the youtuber’s name and video title, you end up getting results in Google about a MineCraft YouTuber who raped someone. Instead of … So it overall seems like a misunderstanding … or it would have, had you not posted the meme with an edited title vs link the vid. So, in short, it seems like you did indeed post a rape meme. It being based on a tame vid doesn’t make it appropriate for our discord. :/
  15. This is at level 0, so expecting it to be awesome is kind of pointless: You stand still, then you unload a clip with some minimal spacing between each shot. You hit 3/5 shots and likely kill 2-3 zombies with each clip. Then you move perpendicular to the direction the zombies are traveling, lose any that peeled off to follow you, square up, and shoot again. You don't need to space out shots by 30 seconds every time. Panic, by comparison to just squaring up for those 30 seconds and staying still, can be pretty much ignored. Even non-critical shots still stun the zombie, causing it to paus
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