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  1. EnigmaGrey

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    So, not "biodiesel." You mean burning a blend of heated vegetable oil and solvent, such as . . . diesel or gas. No "generator" necessary unless you mean filtering used fry oil, which was popular for a time (restaurants used to just throw it out). Yeah, conversion kits became popular for this in the early 2000s, as I said above when the price of gas started to skyrocket. It didn't make sense to do this before -- the conversion kits were more complicated than you're making it out to be - and if you mess it up, you end up fouling the engine with carbon deposits. "Easily done ... with scavenged parts from a car engine" my arse. Easily done in 2019, with Youtube and readily available aftermarket parts, sure. That's implying a hell of a lot more technical know-how than most people ever bother to pick up in their lifetimes, let alone in 1993, when knowing about this tech made little sense. American gas was cheap as hell back then (it doubled in 2004-2005, making this popular and "common" knowledge for truck enthusiasts.)
  2. EnigmaGrey

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    I'm very skeptical of that. I think you've confused it with wood gas. Civil Defense went so far as to send out pamphlets on their construction in 80s. Or maybe multi-fuel engines, such as those that can burn kerosene or alcohol, rather than biodiesel (oil treated with enzymes blended with methanol). Biodiesel, though it started gaining popularity in the late 90s, really didn't come to fruition until the gas price crunch in 2005-2007. Just looking it up on Google, it seems biodiesel was much more successful in Europe early on than in the US, like many things.
  3. EnigmaGrey

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    So much of this isn't going to happen because the game is set in 1993 and not 2000. Crap solar from an 80s rv or children toy, wood gas, wind turbines. Not biodiesel, residential solar panels .ect.
  4. EnigmaGrey

    Combat should be made harder, not easier

    Because they're zombies.
  5. EnigmaGrey

    Diagonal/Corner Walls

    Becomes even less feasible when you consider that all collision and any rendering code focusing on character clipping would have to be changed with diagonal walls in mind. Textures would have to be redrawn specifically for diagonal tiles. Then there's furniture placement . . . The current maps would have been edited and changed so that it didn't look weird seeing them in just one new area. Much like having hills in the game, it's "possible," but not practical unless the game was designed that way from the beginning.
  6. EnigmaGrey

    Too much distraction

    This is fine.
  7. EnigmaGrey

    Admin bug or something

    Not at the moment, unless someone's released a mod. It will be fixed when build 41 releases, though. Until then, you can still type the name in chat Pretty sure it's still /additem itemModule.ItemName username quantity e.g. /additem Base.Axe EnigmaGrey 10
  8. EnigmaGrey

    Internet problems

    tl;dr: It's best to play with an ethernet cable and a wired connection if you have the option. Internet speed doesn't matter (past a point); rather, the quality of the connection does. Distance to the server or client, whether the connection regularly drops or not, if data make it intact through each step in its journey (and there can be an awful lot of them). With wireless Internet, the signal strength varies constantly and this can result in being disconnected for very short periods of time. This might not matter watching a video or browsing the Internet, but for a video game like PZ it'll look like lag or even result in getting disconnected. Mobile Internet will be worse than home wi-fi because the signal must travel much further. (This might be fixable, to some extent, in the future. PZ doesn't use "prediction" right now to guess what the player is doing or where they are, so it needs a fixed connection to work. This -might- change during the IWBUMS for build 41, as it'll be necessary to some extent to get animations syncing nicely between other players)
  9. EnigmaGrey

    Katana and Turn Animation Super Weird?

    90s rural Kentucky, not 1870s Japan. It doesn't need to be remotely perfect or accurate.
  10. EnigmaGrey


    Does it really need to be proper? Random Kentuckian finds cheap-o knock-off katana Uses katana improperly. Dies.
  11. EnigmaGrey

    Save cannot be loaded bug

    I mean a new single player game, just to get that file. Don't delete your multiplayer game or anything.
  12. EnigmaGrey

    Save cannot be loaded bug

    Make a new game. Copy the map_ver from it to the broken save. See if that lets you in. Is always possible to actually broken server-side if its mp. But try the above first.
  13. It's a hard no regardless of how you feel about it. Not doing two sets of ai at this point. The game would have had to been designed with this in mind from the beginning. No point leading people on about it.
  14. Yeah, that's fair. iirc, I checked the definition of rural. It's pretty useless -- a thousand people or less and a population density of less than 400 per km2, so there's lots of room for argument as to what constitutes too small. I was pretty surprised that Montague, PEI, for example, wouldn't be considered rural by that definition, or even the town I spent a lot of years growing up in, right beside CFB Borden. And you're right, I wasn't factoring in March Ridge / Rosewood, Riverside. Good point. I would think all three are in the >1k range, but that could still conceivably mean 3-5k people without including Lousiville in the future (I did say earlier it'd make more sense with Lousiville in). Having a specialty grocery nearby would be less weird in that case. Still don't think it's fitting for the game, but fair enough there.