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  1. Hiya all, long time no... forum! I'd also just like to say that, as far as I'm concerned, this game has probably been overhauled and polished up so many times that it feels like I've played multiple different games since its inception. I went on a hiatus ages ago to wait until the NPC update but... couldn't resist taking a peek again, and wow. So kudos to the devs for seemingly putting so much effort into this game!
  2. The problem is that as soon as a zombie has a human behind it, it is no longer a proper zombie. You may as well be a human character with different animations, different movement speeds and different abilities. Because the point of a zombie is to be dull and have little to no intelligence, adding that makes it more than a zombie, hence the term 'special' zombie. I don't really feel it suits the game, and I believe the developers have already stated that it probably wont be in the base game. But that said, I have played a zombie survival rouge-like of which the name escapes me, which allowed you to play as your zombified self and it was good fun coordinating attacks against NPC survivors. So while it'd make a fun mod, I don't see it suiting the vanilla version of PZ.
  3. In my opinion, these sorts of apocalyptic games are always better when they remain ambiguous. So you never quite know if anybody outside is still alive, whether the country is still functioning, if the rest of the world has been overrun yet. So, I'd rather never see any 'direct' contact with a military- only hints, or remains. That odd helicopter thumping in the distance, or short burst of gun fire. Maybe thumps of artillery occasionally ring out in the distance, only to stop occurring sometime into the game. Were they overrun? Did they leave? Did they win? You never know, and so enter suspense. Just my crazy visions, though. I was kinda hoping that the planned radio broadcasts wouldn't reveal too much, or maybe would be slightly randomized so you can't guess what's happening outside.
  4. See, this is what worries me. Everything I've read seems to suggest that most American households are full to the brim with blades, firearms, and probably tanks somewhere too. Doesn't that make your country kinda... unsafe?
  5. Looks pretty good, the only thing is you might want to provide links to sources and such, just in case they're not free to use.
  6. TheCenturion


    This is one of those moments where you must sacrifice realism for gameplay. Let's face it, many gamers ( such as myself) love to dick around and screw things up if presented the chance. If a tank was added for example, people would drive them into things, namely buildings. Having total realism would say that the buildings must collapse once hit with a tank. This combined with the fact that every zombie in a mile and a half range would be drawn to the sound would cause so much stress on the game that it may crash. Project zboid would be much better without op classified vehicles I agree with Iudo, I always cringe when the term 'OP' gets thrown around a lot. You'll find real life balances things more fairly well anyway. A combat tank is going to be hard, if not impossible, to maintain by the average Joe, and I really don't think the average person is going to be able to drive one. Remember that the character's in this game aren't just you guys, they're everyone else. A tank would indeed be- loud, heavy, relatively clunky, and very fuel inefficient. Ultimately it wouldn't be very useful, and isn't something that should be on a priority list. However, there's a certain magic in having game elements there that are designed to simply be there, something that's a death trap waiting for a newbie to give it a go. The philosophy that everything in a game must have a use, is something that's really damaging the game's industry IMO. Not everything has to be there for a reason. Obviously not as something a developer would prioritise adding, but for the sake of ambience and a world that feels like it has consequences for bad choices. Though the tile destruction would be a problem.
  7. I like this idea. Make it so! Could I add something on? Perhaps there could be traits added which affect whether your character feels brave with a firearm, or nervous because they haven't fire one, let alone shot another human (yet zombie, but that image is still there). It would change with experience, obviously, as a character becomes more used to their new life.
  8. Interesting ideas, they certainly make sense. The only thing is, a lot of things would take many years to happen. Like, decades. Exactly how long are people planning to play servers for before resetting?
  9. Why take a replica or real life sword which requires constant care, attention and training to use, when there's probably a much more vast assortment of machetes laying around?
  10. Pretty much what Jatta said, I'm pretty sure the upcoming metagame will ramp difficulty and events for characters having a little too much good luck. I'd imagine it might even be configurable one day, so you could select a forgiving director, or a evil director, etc etc...
  11. I don't think these are those types of zombies, I believe these ones have enough intelligence to tell the difference between blood and a living being. They have that uncanny ability to track you, even when their senses have been damaged. True story. Read the Survival Guide.
  12. So... an average household then?
  13. I'm no expert, but doesn't it usually take a very significant amount of time for a body to fully decay into just the skeleton?
  14. Careful with that hype. She's a dangerous weapon.
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