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  1. I really like those new sounds, much like you evolved from the bald-headed aliens from the earliest alpha builds to more humanlike zombies, the sounds have also gotten a much needed upgrade towards the more recognisable humanlike growling, hissing and snarling. Especially in "Atmospherics" video at 1:30 a zombie makes a long highpitched snoring sound, either choking on it's own blood and mucus or just rotten vocal cords. That is what uncanny means as someone previously mentioned. I think the problem people who have critique, be it needing more variation or it being too agressive actually want to say zombies shouldn't sound like this always, I aggree those barks and growls should be reserved for when a zombie has spotted a player and is chasing the player. When idling I'd expect a zombie to moan or just make sounds like it has trouble breathing (if it even breaths), much like the first and only sound a baby makes "euh", it's logical cause making the "euh" sound doesn't require any special position of the tongue or lips just opening your mouth and making noise, that's why we also use it a lot when we don't know what to say and want to bridge the silence. Also please in the future make a difference between fresh zombies and old rotting zombies both in sound (progressively less humanlike, from normal voice to more hissing, gargling) and visuals (torn clothing, green/black discoloured).
  2. After a long hiatus I played PZ yesterday and now today and the for a long time the bright nights really bugged me compared to classic PZ nights. They're back now and oh boy is it exciting. Before I could drive around at night without headlights on, now I was driving away from the towncenter late evening from a looting run to my farm safehouse, when I left the artificial light from the town on the highway I was suprised my car was driving through near pitch blackness aside from the roadlight every now and then, and the roadmarkers. Turned the headlights on and it started to rain, very atmospheric driving slowly to avoid hitting the zombies just standing there in the middle of the road as your headlights illuminate them on a cold rainy night. However I actually hit a zombie breaking the one headlight that worked, I had one spare left in the glovebox so I turned of the engine, got out and sneaked towards the hood with my screwdriver in one hand, flashlight in the other, which also is nescessary now to see in the dark, the zombies stood motionless 20 meters up ahead and I quickly fixed the light.
  3. Patience is a virtue Just remember, the longer they work on it, the better it'll be in the end. I adopted this reasoning after the ''Rome 2: total war'' disaster, although it is creating a paradoxical situation where the longer NPCs are held back, the higher the expectations, the more work is needed to archieve these expectation, longer waiting makes expectation rise, ... I truly hope the devs can pull it off though, and trust them enough to believe they can do it. P.S.: Sorry in advance to the dev-team, but to make clear to the OP. Early alpha NPCs were shit, they were boring, unrealistic and uninteresting and would give people a wrong impression were they added now.
  4. Lemmy, let me tell you this... I may have been away from these forums for longer than I can imagine but I NEVER EVER let this game go, I will admit that at some point I was done with this project and I decided to let it rest, put it on a fast-forward mode somewhere in the background so it wouldn't bug me every day. There are few, hell even no games to this date that had me in such a tight grip as this one, I may seem like a ghost but I still check the weekly mondoid even if I forget it and check it several days later I'm Always excited to see what's new. I have waited, waited for a long time, but I honestly don't care how long it takes anymore and at this point I really REALLY hope just because I've been following this team for so long that you don't fuck it up. The reason isn't because I'd be dissapointed in your project but because I don't want to see you and the team being rejected and forgotten, you guys don't deserve that, not after all the work that's already been put into this game. Stay sharp, this isn't a race, this is a marathon. We'll see each other again when this baby hits 1.0!
  5. This... this thing that crawled into my eyes, it... it can't be unseen...
  6. OMG DAT VIDEO OF SPIFFOLECIOUS! Tommorow last exam, physics...
  7. What's that face in the dark?

  8. Coke, and because I said that it's the only true answer...
  9. I think Starbound is a good game, I've seen several people play but isn't it just a tiny little bit overrated?
  10. The last of us Pretty much because it was the first time that a character has gotten SO CLOSE to my personality, I had a lot of moments where I thought about how I would do something and Joel would just litterally copy my thoughts. Joel pretty much reacted to same way as I would do to any situation, the scene where he interrogates someone I was like: Me: STAB HIM IN HIS RIGHT LEG! Joel: *stabs*
  11. They wanted to bring out a kind of coop when realeasing on steam, right now its said that it will be implimented shortly after, means i think end of this year but more likely early next year or even mid. Hey, I just rolled some dice... not my fault it gave 1 and 2... xD
  12. BURN THOSE LOGS! (Might put your fortress on fire too...)
  13. If you were to slap mutliplayer in this game, in this state then you would get something similar to 'WarZ' in terms of polish... (well I think it would still be better than WarZ BUT YOU GET THE POINT I HOPE.)
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