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  1. LOL. Same. 6 years and still going.
  2. The clouds were fairly quick. I use Photoshop 5 and used a few layer effects along with a normal brush. I always start my clouds as very rough blobs of circles in different sizes overlapping one another and shave off what I don't need in order to get a decent silhouette.
  3. Oh geez it's been a hot minute. Glad to see this thread still going and with so much more awesome content from everyone. Gonna do an art dump I guess. Re-imagining of the Blind Archers from Samurai Jack. Still a W.I.P Phelddagrif from MTG. And some pen doodles.
  4. Digging the new layout, very slick.
  5. got drunk and decided to start drawing a puppy for some reason
  6. Drew my friends D&D character who gets drunk all the time and wears a box on his head. Naturally his name is boxy
  7. Oh this thread lol Haven't done much art in awhile but I got back into the groove I feel. I converted that photostudy I did some time back into this Tagged for boobies
  8. LOL one of their selling points is "Incinerating weeds and pesky insects" Give me a break
  9. The connotation of the word free in that sentence made it sound like you thought people wanted drugs to be given out for nothing, I don't think I've ever heard anyone use "free" in relation to legalizing something.
  10. No one in this thread said this or even implied it.
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