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Found 44 results

  1. Disclaimer: I've stayed at a few upper-scale hotels in my time but am by no means an expert. Soooo, for ideas... there's a few! A salon & spa. These are very common in luxury hotels. A luxury strip mall. These are oftentimes connected to a luxury hotel - you can walk indoors, or at least under a proper roof, from the lobby to the shops. Stores might include fashion, cigars, jewelry, "ethnic" nicknacks, and chocolate & macarons. A bar near the lobby. At least two hotel-owned restaurants - typically at least one is indoors and one is either outdoors or able to be converted to outdoors. Hotel rooms with conference rooms inside of them. They're less-relevant today, but back in the day, when C-suiters were interviewing for new roles or having secret, clandestine meetings or team vacations, at least one person would get a luxury suite with a huge conference table in it. These could seat a dozen people or more, typically somewhere near the door to the hotel room. These rooms were set up differently from others in that the bathroom connected to the living room, whereas most hotel rooms have bathrooms only connect to the bedroom (if it's a multiroom unit). An uber-luxury room. In the highest-end of hotels, rooms will have two stories instead of one story. Gambling, be it legal & flashy or not-so-legal. Offshore banking. These are flashier than you'd expect - a name like "KINGSMOUTH INTERNATIONAL BANK" in a former-colonial building in a downtown area. A swim-up bar. These are bars attached to pools - as in, you can swim up to them. Stations for butlers on the highest-end floors. A yacht rental spot. Bonus points if you can also rent snorkling gear. Daycare. Although this seems like it's meant to be a child-friendly hotel, a place to dump the kids for honeymooners & romancers. A room for storing luggage lorries used by valets. Condos / timeshares. Typically they're in a separate area from the main hotel so that they can have their own HSA and be given separate treatment, like more limited maid service. A towel stand, where guests can pick up & drop off hotel-provided towels. Bonus points if it also offers water. Double-bonus points if it also functions as a bar. Pure ideas for future floors of the Kingsmouth hotel, or new hotels on the island if it's in the works
  2. We can build walls and doors on level 3 carpentry, but there is for some reason not a single way to make a roof for your own base, unless u wait untill level 6 carpentry, build stairs and build a floor on a second story. So... Can we please get an abbility to build roofs? uwu
  3. Hello dev team and forum community! So, here's a small list of some ideas I've had for small details. -Choosing "short sighted" gives you glasses by default. That pair, and only that pair, negates the effect of the perk, if they're kept clean and not broken. If lost/broken, too bad. -Pain tolerance traits (increases/decreases pain moodle amounts) -Noisy clothing (like those pants that, no matter how you walk, always go "SHZWEP SHZWEP SHZWEP" when they move) -Different footwear should affect climbing ability and stamina drain -Gas masks should provide face protection, and maybe have stamina drain a bit faster when wearing one -Slings/straps/sheaths added to models on the player's belt or back, either as an added thing to the belt or weapon that allows it to be added to a quickslot, or just by default. -A separate mode or sandbox option or something for clothes being far stronger than they are by default so it can be more realistic, because holy fucking shit, no human being on the planet, zombified or otherwise, can get through a fucking firefighter's jacket with a single bite or scratch. That is insane bullshit. I was okay with ignoring how hard it is for human teeth to get through denim, because denim is very common and popular, gotta balance that and make it weak, sure, but heavy fabric lined with asbestos being just sorta okay protection is WAYYYY different than a pair of jeans. Got a little mad at the end but that's all. Elsewhere is a full review from steam that I wanted to make sure was seen and it mentions some of this.
  4. Hello survivors, my name is Filip and last year I was working together with Neutz to make a large city map. We both had to stale due to me having exams and getting into university, and also breaking all of my facial bones on my right side and forgetting a month's worth of things. I am happy to announce that as of now I am thinking of starting a map, while using the over 300+ buildings that I have made in the last year, plus hundreds more to come. I don't know the basics of map making or what my map will be off, just know that it will contain both rural , hills, towns and some cities. Alongside that I will be adding things such as a monorail and other assets that I think will make some people happy when exploring cities ( no, the monorail won't be drivable, but you can climb on the tracks, jump through the emergency openings and maybe find some valuable, random loot to check and stay safe in the air from the hordes of zombies below. Stores will be gated, broken down cars, checkpoints, contained areas and much more will be available in the cities, while the rural areas will be either picked clean or swarming with the moving hordes of the undead. You will be able to find an airport that you can explore, bunkers, cabins deeply burrowed in the woods, burnt down suburbs, a factory sewer system and much more. It will take time, sure, but I will do my best to see it done. Any ideas are welcomed for this project and I will take them into account. If you want any poi's to be added, anything special included and so on I will try my best to do so. Waiting for your ideas and responses!
  5. Hello everyone, It's me, Decay, I haven't been on the forums for quite awhile but It's nice to be back and It's also lovely to see the progress that the IndieStone has made with their little game. I haven't been playing too much of PZ recently apart from the here and there testing of the new additions like vehicles and occasionally to try a mod or two out. But In saying that, my love for this game will always be there since I started playing in 2014 way back when baldspot could fatally mess up making a pot of tomato soup Anyways, here are my suggestions that I would love to see in project zomboid. 1. A more realistic inventory system It pains me to see dead human corpses with more than one large firearm in their inventory I mean where do you keep six rifles on you with three boxes of ammo without a bag and weapon holsters? A possible solution to this would be to add in a bit of text saying "You can only carry one large firearm at once and no large equipment without being severely encumbered" or even to add in weapon holsters/slings for your back. (I imagine firearms will be shown on the players back once animations are out, so holsters could be another thing.) Perhaps maybe even a complete inventory revamp in this manner because how do you carry all those tins of beans in your pockets? PS - A fix to the too many firearms in the inventory for corpse spawns could be to spawn them next to the corpse. 2. More random new game! It's lovely to have the chance to either spawn with a key to your house or not, it could add backstory to your character is this their home they're in? Or just a building they've gone to scavenge. I'd like to see more random new game in terms of characters moodles perhaps spawning in panicked? depressed? anxious? after all if we're to go by the (survival) timeline of the outbreak when you take control of your character at the start of the game if I can remember correctly it's already been three days since things have been kicking off so why not give us a bit of a taste into such things? Also in saying that perhaps a chance to spawn with car keys? Or (even a small randomly generated number of zombies killed at the start of the game, perhaps an option before you begin playing as I know the zombies killed meter is supposed to work for every zombie the player kills. Still, It would be nice to have it as a small addition.) Edit 1. Also a chance for your clothing to be dirty or bloody upon spawning in. Also.. putting sledgehammers in backpacks is that possible in real life? I assume that when the animations system is in place we'll be able to see items in our characters off hands and maybe even being able to fight using both weapons at the same time? Another thing, you shouldn't be able to push multiple zombies with only five strength maybe around 8-10 strength you would be able to push more than one. You should be able to jump in to the back of vans, sit in truck beds and even sleep in them. If I think of any other suggestions I'll make sure to bump this thread.
  6. Hey, I've been playing zomboid for some time now. I'm what you'd call a low profile surivivor, I just derp around as much as I need to in order to find myself the needed tools. Once I have an axe, saw, hammer and trowel, I settle down in a quiet spot in the midst of nature, build me a fence for protection and start farming potatoes. Because, we all know about them taters, don't we now. Boy, I love me some puturdurs. Stuff them in a stew. Make a soup. Mmm-hmm. Anyway, before I get carried away, let me list a few things I noticed myself missing in the game. 1. Something to cut them pesky fences with. Like wire cutters or such. Helps breaking into those storage areas without having to circle round and meeting a gathering of former employees all standing around snarling about the lack of grey brain matter in the cafeteria these days. 2. More clothes, and different kinds of them. I'm talking jackets, coats, shirts, boots, worker overalls, raincoats, whatever. Something to add to the survivor wardrobe for some stylish brain bashing, and to help protect against the cold and rain. We can't all be outdoorsmen, and I know I prefer being a spud farmer. Because boy, do I love me some taters. 3. A bit more variety to the tool world, and maybe loosen the need for them up a bit. I do apprectiate the fact that you can basically use anything to cut down your tree with if you have the time, but since we're already at the stage of being able to cut down a tree with a frying pan, why don't we use the saw to do the same? I heard rumors about a possible addition of a chainsaw which is very welcome, but I think I could fell a tree with the saw currently in the game. 4. This has been up before, but I feel I need to say it again. Vehicles. We're in towns, and I really feel we need cars. Even if they're not drivable yet, just abandoned vehicles littering the streets, acting as barricades, perhaps lootable for gasoline and wunderbaums. Tire irons and such. These car-casses would add depth and the sense of apocalypse to the game. RIght now, it seems you're wandering an idyllic amish village without the horses and the awesome hats. 5. A bit more realism to the water part of the game. Right now after the trusty pipelines go dry, you either find yourself a well, or hope to have that fouth filled square on your carpentry skill and build yourself a plain old box with a garbage bag in it to gather the water. Unless you happen to be in West Point where you can just scoop it right out of the river. Right when we got perfectly good trash cans and buckets and pots, kettles and mugs, bowls and jugs all over the game. So who says we can't just stick any old container out in the drizzle and wait for it to fill up? 6. Maybe some kind of activities you can occupy yourself with while waiting for them lovely spuds to grow. Maybe exercise? Maybe you could get better fitness by running around, work on that spare tire you got around your waist from all that fast food you'll never see again. How about crafting yourself some kinda weight lifting rig in your safe house to work on your triceps, getting that strenght level up? These are some things I come to think of. Other than this, I thank everyone involved for an awesome gaming experience. It's an unique game, exactly what I've been looking for since the beginning of zombies in games. When I saw it come out, I knew this was the game for me, and I haven't regretted it since. Tipped off all my friends about it. Regards, BoxBeckin
  7. Well, this is sad, I lost my game just for a stupid scratch. I would like to share my story because it's not so reallistic and I think this kind of events should be changed. I don't understand why a character could die in a few hours for a scratch, bandaged and disinfected. The story: My character has been surviving during 3 months in a long-term game, and I was so proud about it. Surprisingly, a zombi made me a scratch. I didn't have a bandage at that moment, but I taked my car and drove home to heal my wound. When I was there I had "severe damage". Well, I don't undestand how a simple scratch can threat a person's life that way unless the zombie has the wolverine's claws. So, I disinfected my wound, I use a bandage and I started to eat until I reached the best boost for healing. Suddenly, I was in "Terminal damage", and I don't understand why! I ate everything I could during several hours, but my character was just stable in this "terminal state" meanwhile I ketp eating without control... (this is not reallistic, really). That wound was completely impossible to heal, and later he died... yes, he died for a scratch, after having eaten half the food in my fridge. ..... How is that possible? Developers, I love this game, you're doing an amazing work, but I have to ask you to check the health system again, because if you reach that state it's impossible to keep playing. A scratch from a zombie should not kill you anyway. What kind of nails do they have? @_@ I suggest some kind of changes about the health system. Minor injuries should annoy and prevent you to run, take objects, etc, like when you have a wound in your hands. I think thats great. But defenitely, not to kill you. It's nonsense! Even if you have a terrible scratch, bleeding during a while, it shouldn't kill you at all!. It could make you feel so weak, in pain, etc, but please guys, if human beings could die for a scratch in the reality, we shouldn't be here since several million of years. Unless you have a penetrating wound due some kind of accident or strong bite, any minor wound shoudn't threat your life! I propose to implement different types of wounds: A) Non-penetrating wounds: The result of blunt trauma or friction, scraping of the outer skin layer, like: Abrasions Scratches or lacerations from zombies, remember, their nails are not swords. Contusions (swollen bruises due to accumulation of blood and dead cells under skin) Concussions (damage to the underlying organs and tissue on head with no significant external wound) B) Penetrating wounds: The result from trauma that breaks through the full thickness of skin; reaching down to the underlying tissue and organs. (That kind of wounds could kill you) Stab wounds (trauma from really sharp objects, fall over an iron bar, etc). Severe and deep skin cuts (maybe a bite from a zombie) -> If you have many of them, you could die. Surgical wounds (intentional from other players or for a bad perform surgical procedures) Gunshot wounds on limbs. C) Deadly injuries: Several contusions from a zombie horde (Could break your limbs) Falling deaths (more than 1 floor). Serious infections (Caused by not treating a wound for several days) Food poisoning. Many open wounds (due the loss of blood). Gunshot wounds in important organs or head. D) Other kind of injuries: Thermal wounds: Extreme temperatures, taking hot objects from a cooker or a fire, operating generators etc. Chemical wounds: These result from contact with or inhalation of chemical materials from cars or industrial buildings. Bites from animals: Should cause infections. Electrical wounds: Maybe for manipulating electronic devices. That's all. I hope it could help to improve the game, or at leats give you new ideas. @Connall I summon you! I posted part of this post as a suggestion in the suggestions thread. Is it right? I'm not always sure where I should write a post hehe.
  8. I suggest adding a method that will allow us to load skinned mesh in game! I replaced the original models of clothes, and it looks good. But unfortunately adding them without replacing the original is impossible, since there is no skinned model load method. :(( Class LuaManager.GlobalObject has a method that allows loading a static model, but it does not allow upload skinned model, because it sends boolean true to ModelLoader.instance.Load
  9. The idea is to make a world where all zombies are entirely absent during the daylight hours, they would flee, and coop up and hide indoors. The zombies would also be blinded, during the day no matter what, and they would be more unaware of their surroundings. It'd be interesting as hordes coop up inside buildings leaving you to scavenge outside, foraging, chopping, building. During the day, they leave. They are fast, strong, good hearing, sight...etc. Yet the only thing that'll effectively keep them at bay, is light. I know this is possible, there's a mod that can make hordes go indoors when it rains. Why not? Or devs who read this, why not? Plus the gameplay would be interesting, you can loot most interiors during the night, when the power goes out, you'll need to scavenge batteries, gasoline, flashlights. At day, it's sort of a break. Everything outside is free to keep. You can look through windows, break doors, the infected won't give a shit, until night. They can pillage your base, the day will kill them, you will be killed by them. Can somebody actually do this?
  10. To put simply, I think it would be pretty cool to have an acoustic guitar or banjo where if equipped, you can use the numbers 1-6 to play each note. Can start in Standard tuning then add the feature to change the tuning. It would play a sound clip of that note when pressed. Chords can be held with 2 or more buttons. Just a random thought. Add something to do while the night passes by. If a window is open, zombies might be able to hear the said instruments.
  11. So, first, a scenario to illustrate my point: I started a new Sandbox game, and it spawned me in the middle of the woods. No big deal, right? So I walked in large concentric circles, expanding out as I went. After an hour (real-time) of finding nothing, not even a berry bush or a single zombie, it begins to rain. Fifteen minutes later, at this point I'm wet, hungry, and tired - I realize my strategy isn't working. I decide to pick a direction and just walk. I head Southeast. Another 1/2 hr later (with my actual fingers beginning to fatigue) I'm now starving, soaked, and exhausted. I'm about to just give up. Suddenly, I come to a clearing, thank goodness. It goes in two directions; West & East. I head East. Another few minutes of this, and it curves northeast. another 10 min and it comes to a road; Northwest & Southeast. Hallelujah! There must be a town or structure around here somewhere. I go back to my strategy of heading Southeast. Half a freaking hour later, barely moving and unable to run, I am nearing total exhaustion (and my fingers are aching), and I'm desperate for food and water. Where is everything? I decide to try and find some berries, and head into the woods again. Some more time passes, fruitlessly. It's not looking good, I'm just wandering aimlessly in the forest. I'm completly out of options. I die - alone, starved, and perplexed. Is this a Zombie apocalypse? I wouldn't know... I never saw one in nearly 2.5hr of playing. As far as I know, I just woke up in the woods, like an amnesiac dropped from the sky. That just felt like a total waste of time, unexciting, and not engaging - but it doesn't have to be. I love that you can get lost in the woods, and think being miles from civilization (as far as you know) really adds to the immersion. However, it's not very realistic that you can literally die of thirst while it's absolutely pouring rain outside, and reach exhaustion when you have plenty of trees to sit under (or simply stand still to catch a breath). Suggestions from Observations: 1) Water Sources; There needs to be more access to water. While out in the woods, or even in rural areas, some streams or small ponds, or at least SOME kind of water source every now and then would be helpful. Realistic, even. If you've spent any time in the wilderness, or live in a small country town, you'll know water sources are much more plentiful than this game portends. Especially after a rainstorm. They may not always be GOOD sources of water, but at least they're an option. Heck, even being able to wring-out the water from the soaked clothing would be a nice option; it's a totally viable solution when you're desperate and dehydrated. 2) Resting; There definitely need to be more options for resting, especially when lost in the woods. I'm really looking forward to the new animations hopefully introducing some more methods for resting without beds or furniture. It's ridiculous that we can't lay down, or even sit down , and sleep for a while in the woods, to rest and regain stamina. It provides just enough cover to at least be moderately safe, to a degree, for a period of time, and rest up. Instead we just stand there, breathing heavy, with no relief, gradually dying of exhaustion. In the middle of nowhere. 3) Long Roads; The roads are just TOO barren. Walking for, what seems like miles, with no idea if you're heading in the right direction is not very fun - especially after an hour or more without seeing ANYTHING. That's not a game, and I'm not even sure it qualified as a walking simulator; at least those give you something to do. I'm not totally certain of how to solve this, though breaking up the monotony and adding some minor interaction aspects would be a start. Maybe placing some street signs that, at the least, let you know there's civilization somewhere; a speed limit sign, a mile marker, a billboard ad, a rest area sign, an 'X-Miles to Next City' sign, something. Also, maybe the occasional random item, pile of junk, wrecked/abandoned car, etc. Some way to possibly get some supplies, even if they may not be too helpful. Something is better than miles and miles of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Even seeing a few Zomboids would be a start. Anyhow, that's my long-winded two cents.
  12. Pushing zombies through the window Throwing items through the window Bottles = throwing bottles create sounds Throw able items can destroy windows Peeking before opening doors or use mirrors to peek Zombie falling through stairs when pushed Dismembering zombies when hit by a sharp weapons like axe Bashing zombies while running Different animations when destroying doors with different weapons Jumping through different floor to the ground have different animations. Jumping through higher floor may result in death Different characters positions when they die Firing zombies do not make them fall instead it's making a hole in the part where the bullets go through A way to see the health of an item, windows, doors with the looks of it. For example when the health of the door fall then it became cracked and it is the same with items that can be used for barricading Four nails for barricading Items on the ground not just in the containers pocket flashlight = doesn't need to put on primary or secondary small flashlight = can be attached to gun with a duct tape Destroying a wall with sledgehammer needs more than 1 try. Cracking first then destroying it Other light sources can be place and act like a lamp (source of light) Zombies on the bathroom , room needs to see instantly rather than it takes seconds before the characters see a zombie Floating bases should be remove or re-balance Soaked clothes when going outside while raining may reduce your movement speed Getting 2 bags with a ton of stuff on the same time reduced your speed a little Air condition can be open to reduced heat inside the house
  13. 1: Give Recipes IDs Why? Because replacing a vanilla recipe is impossible without replacing the entire recipes.txt file. Let's say I change the functionality of a Base item like the Count value of Nails, it will break the recipe of Open Box of Nails by giving too much or too little and the only way to make it work right would be to replace the entire recipes file. Not to mention being able to make make some recipes NeedToLearn in a mod or removing that restriction would be nice. Or there are many cases where I would like to add some OnCreate lua functionality to base recipes and I can't because I won't make mods that replace base game's files. Recipes Displayed Name could be defined by DisplayName = Make Stuff, like it is for items. 2: Add a Type = xxxx, for items. What? Type = ExampleType, where ExampleType would be used in recipes and .lua it would help streamline some recipes and add many variants of the same item, with the same functionality without the need to make a ton of recipes. Like an alternative for nails that doesn't require modding or remaking the entire Build menu lua code. 3: New Category: Drinks What? Why? A combo between Food and Drainable, items like that would have a straight up UseDelta instead of using Hunger value as UseDelta, would make using liquids more straightforward in recipes as well as being able to remove the Hunger buff from them which doesn't make sense anyway and keep the other stuff. Drinking All\1/2\1/4 would just use 1 0.5 or 0.25 of it, regardless of UseDelta value while recipes would use them up like regular UseDelta. 4: ReplaceOnRot or ReplaceOnAge = X Why? Because it would be nice to have a way to turn some items into different items after they rot or if some item passes (Items Age reaches a certain level) I believe HydromancerX once suggested something like this with the idea of turning a living Rabbit into a Dead Rabbit Or just make something through crafting that you then have to leave be so you can get the final product like, idk, various alcoholic beverages. 5: ReplaceOnBreak and DestroyOnBreak Why? Because some weapons can't be repaired and just remain broken forever while they could be simply removed or replaced by some base material after they break (Eg. get a stone after your stone hammer breaks) 6: RottenHunger, RottenThirst, RottenUnhappines, RottenPoisonPower etc. Having a way to control the item's base stats after it rots would be cool, or making them poisonous over time, yeah. 7: EffectiveOver and EffectiveAfter Why? Because it would enable creation of edible stuff (or simple medicine) where the Hunger, Happiness, Boredom effects are applied over a certain amount of time (Preferably In-Game Hours) and\or after a certain time has passed. 8: RottenNamePrefix Why? Because imagine Molten Icecream done in a simple way without tooling around with temperature. 9: AlcoholPower stat that affects how quickly the given drink get's the character drunk. Because all it does is effect how effective it is as a disinfectant. Or it could be used make an item that reduces drunknes (Realism be damned) Edit: 10: Renameable = True\False Why? Why not? Add it to any item to give players an option to name their favorite plushie or weapon, for fun and roleplaying. It's one option I really wish I had sometimes. ---------- I believe having those would make things a lot easier for modders as well as open the possibility for them to create some really fun mods without having to know .lua much. And I think it would add some neat functionality to the game itself.
  14. Hi guys I joined this forum today so please excuse my very little knowledge of the forums, but I am here to suggest my thoughts about the upcoming NPCs and vehicles. NPCs and vehicles combined: NPCs should be able to get in cars with you and if the vehicle is full they can get in a second car that is functional and follow you in their car. If you are driving through a big horde if the NPCs are armed with guns they should be able to smash/open the window and shoot out at the zombies. Also if there are NPCs that are bandits they should be able to shoot at you through the windows. NPCs: There should be traits that involve social behaviour with NPCs. Socially Awkward: Easily stay on the negative side of survivors. Socially Brave: Easily stay on the positive side of survivors. Suspicious: Survivors may have a chance of warning you and then attacking you if you threaten them. Trustworthy: Survivors may have a chance of joining you or trading with you. Persuasive: Even higher chance to convince survivors to trade/join you. Implausible: Even lower chance to convince survivors to trade/join you. Good Conversationist: Alot of good things to say. Bad Conversationist: Alot of bad things to say. NPCs should also be designated into three types: Heroes/Survivors/Bandits Heroes will trade with you even if you are a bad conversationist, heroes will also attack bandits on sight, if you were to murder heroes you would become a bandit and it would be even harder to recruit survivors and heroes will attack you as you would be designated as a bandit Survivors will be neutral with the player if you provoke them or threaten them they will attack if you speak nicely to them or trade with them they might join you if you kill a survivor you become a bandit. Bandits will attempt to kill you on sight no matter who you are, there can be bandit factions so the bandits can team with other bandits but bandit factions will attack ANY NPC type of faction, if you kill a bandit you will become a hero but if you have killed survivors/heroes in the past you will be a permanent bandit and therefore will be attacked on sight by both of the other types of factions. NPC types should have their colours for their factions Green=Hero Yellow=Survivor Red=Bandit The colour code should also apply to the NPCs you come across in the game. The hero factions will be displayed as green on the factions menu and it will display how many heroes there are in it, Hero factions will only attack hostile factions e.g Bandit factions. The survivor factions will be displayed as yellow on the factions menu and will display how many survivors are in that faction. Survivor factions can attack both heroes and bandits, if they attack heroes their faction name colour changes to red, if they target bandits their faction name colour changes to green they are designated as a hero faction. The bandit factions will be displayed as yellow on the factions menu and will display how many bandits are in that faction. Bandit factions will attack both factions mainly heroes as heroes are the main people who attack bandits. The faction menu will be in order of how many members are in the faction e.g the faction with the most members will be at the top of the factions menu. Vehicles: There also should be military/emergency/civilians/SWAT There should be a different amount of HP for every vehicle, military vehicles being the highest (duh) And there should be a blowtorch and metal sheets to repair the vehicles, and in the garages can have wheels/windows/blowtorches/metalsheets/engine parts/fuel tank and you can fill the gas up at gas stations. The vehicles should be able to run over zombies at a high speed (if this isn't added.. i dont even..) You should also be able to add armour the cars with metal sheets on the windows or find bulletproof tires at military areas. And there should be different engines fuel tanks and wheels for bigger and smaller cars. You should also be able to shoot out of the vehicle you are in by smashing the window (this will make you bleed) or just simply open it (silly!) And finally there should be zombies hiding in cars more zombies hiding in bigger vehicles less in smaller cars. I'm really sorry for the long topic but I just had to release my ideas for the upcoming NPCs and vehicles. Thanks for reading!
  15. hey guys ! No game suggestions here, i just wanted to say that i read many suggestions these last Times, and i saw many similar or same posts. Many of them are good, but unfollowed. We got to remember that a suggestion is stronger if many of us support it. No matter who post the suggestion, ideas are here, and devs dont look at the person who post the suggestion, but its content and its number of followers. All to say that we need to read old suggestions, wich have been debated, improved by the community and support by it. I know it is all said in "read before Posting" posts, but i feel like many of us didnt take time for read it, and so condemns And burried many of the Best suggestions i read before, by Posting same titled and nearly same mechanics, but sometimes less well explained than older ones. Writting this in english was a real pain, please apologize my poor english and ask for precision if i didnt make it clear, but i felt it got to be said ! Keep suggesting guys, and devs, just keep your way, you build one of the Best game i ever knew from far !
  16. I think having a title by your name would be pretty neat and could change the dynamic if RP's and multiplayer in general ranging from creating groups to being more unique. /settitle text here would be the command. So your name would be for example if you typed: /settitle West Point Survivalist your name would be displayed as: MyName [West Point Survivalist] pretty simple, but effective.
  17. To put it simply, I think it would be neat to toggle the UI + overhead of names with the "V" command like you can already do to turn off UI and on. I also think it would be a nice mod to create: Groups/Parties! Groups can be infinite or a set number. (I recommend 12 since most groups aren't that massive, more personal and closed, and an important part of the game + max players can't go too high on servers or invis. players until a fix.) The roles can be custom or overwrite the names of the default, but the default ranks goes: Leader (1) Coordinator (2) (Mission coordinator, Loot coordinator, etc., basically the Leader's right hand men.) Member (3) So it might look something like this in-game with a UI.. /groupmembers would display either in a UI or text in chat... : Leaders: RichCoconut(occupation) Coordinators: player1(occupation), player2(occupation), player3(occupation), etc Members: player1(occupation), player2(occupation), player3(occupation) - You cannot cause damage to others in your group regardless of PVP... - You all can communicate on a different radio signal for communication (/group say text here for example.) - If there is no Leaders left, either promote a random coordinator, or disband the entire group.. - You get a group message when logged in. - List of groups are saved server-side for obvious reasons. - You can remove yourself from the group by doing /leavegroup group name if you are apart of one, assuming. Commands: - /creategroup group name = Create group, makes you automatically the leader - /addtogroup playername = Add user to the group, they will either be asked or automatically added to the group with a message sent to both players via text to confirm it worked. - /changerank player r=rankname p=position in group = (Leaders ONLY, only affect those listed in group) Would change the rank of the player in the group, since we're using numbers you can make the ranchman whatever you want but the p input is important as 1 = leader status 2 = second tier and 3 = third tier. So, if you wanted to change my rank if I was a member to make me a leader or coordinator it would be the following: /changerank richcoconut r="Awesome Leader" p=1 - /removefromgroup player = (Leaders+Coordinators ONLY, only affect those listed in group) remove a player from the group - /changegroupmsg = (Leaders + Coordinators ONLY) Would change a pre-made message that people can read when they log in IF they as associated with a group. Kind of like a bulletin board info of whats going on in the group, events, plans of moving locations, location of bases, etc. Just about anything. /groupmsg msg = (Leaders + possible Coordinators) Would send a message to those in the server what you want to say, same thing as /servermsg but /groupmsg . /givecoords = (All levels) Simply give the coords of where the player is to the group so its easier to find them. *Subject to edit* Tell me what ya think! !
  18. Hey people, long time player AND lurker, first time poster! I've put more than 100 hours into PZ, and I've had plenty of ideas that I'd love to share a few mod ideas I've had. Now, excluding big things like ability to learn how to fly and travel between maps, I'd rather focus on small things that would either just be fun, useful or plain logical. Blindfold Could be attached to zombies or players by "attacking" them with it. Removes all vision, except for things that are like... literally touching you. Capture the Dead Inspired by Day of the Dead, it would be really fun to be able to capture zombies. Not for any particular reason. It could be a few items that just makes zombies harmless. A muzzle that makes them unable to bite. Handcuffs that make them unable to scratch. A collar that you can attach a chain to, to keep them in your back yard. You could attach it by "attacking" them with the equipped item when they're on the ground. Notches I'd love to be able to carve notches into walls, similar to the spray paint mod, but with sharp objects, and onto walls. Each notch "upgrades" the texture to a new one. Not a big deal, but would be kinda cool. Pots and Pans By leaving mugs, cooking pots and bowls outside during rain, they fill up with water. Dirty water, perhaps, but water nonetheless. Could be useful for characters with low carpenting! Solitaire My illiterate character needs some way to decrease boredom. We already have playing cards, why not have some fun with it? Wheelbarrow Basically a movable container. Winter is Coming Not a big thing, but during winter and cold weather, zombies should be slower. I'll probably update with more ideas further. Please feel free to comment or use it.
  19. The multiplayer is severely broken. Like, really, really broken. With that being said, I understand that I purchased this game with Early Access via Steam and willingly took on the responsibility. However, I don't think the focus should be on adding cars and the such when the MP side of things are so broken that it might ruin the potential of it ever being what it could be down the road. I might have to stop playing all together because it's that bad. With that being said - it has a lot of potential, but some things I thought of, in my opinion, my plant some seeds - who knows. If you are already working on some of these things, great! If not, then I worry a bit. I understand that this was a SP game first and foremost, therefore if the focus isn't going to be on multiplayer in fixing these huge problems within the next few months, then I'd say remove the MP until it can be better focused on altogether because the single player is great! This is from two weeks and almost 100 hours of playing Project Zomboid Multiplayer. (I played the single player like it was going out of style from 2013 and up and love the idea of the multiplayer) 1. Server Side Saving This would fix so many problems it's not even funny. People can easily manipulate the saves therefore, everyday on the server I'm on we're hit by more hackers than actually DDOSing now because people just load their save right back in once they die, or they edit the save file since it's saved on the computer in an easy-to-find location. It doesn't quite make much sense. This would prevent the easy editing and at least make it much, much harder to change things in-game. The server I'm on even checks files for its size to see if its been modified and still to no anvil. 2. Server optimization The netcode could be optimized a lot better than it is, but I'm sure this is already being worked on. 3. Zombie spawn behavior The spawn system for the zombies are a little weird, I think from experience the game checks to see if there isn't anyone in the area and if it isn't then it'll spawn zombies, so the end result is that you have zombies in places nobody will ever visit/or visit often and most of the zombies in the city killed off. Shouldn't it be something along the lines of % based + the activity in the area? I.E. if there's more activity in the city than the highway, then focus on spawning zombies around that area instead of the house by the lake which no one goes to and it ends up lagging the server because of all these zombies. (One time it was so many zombies, they all would lag off my screen when shot, then reappear out of no where and some wouldn't die, but they couldn't do damage to you when I had 67-92 ping) 4. Balance the weapons The weapons are extremely unbalanced in the multiplayer side of things. I'm not exactly sure how the weapons act besides from experience, reading the wiki, and hearing from others but it seems its just single player weapons for multiplayer. 5. Respawn times I had food from the night before, I logged back on the server and one second later it's rotten.. What? I just made it. It shouldn't go by the timer of the server if it's in your bag, each item should just have it's own timer, global protocols don't work for everything. 6. Multiplayer should only allow one file save. I've noticed that people are modifying saves so they can get resources way faster by just making multiple accounts all hacked to max level in different areas gathering different things. Not sure if that's an issue, but - it's happening. I think one save is good enough since it's a hardcore game first off and secondly, it'll probably be a lot more manageable for the server, the dev and the end user. 7. Fires can start but can't be put out without an admin? Fires should be able to be put out with dropping water on the ground at least. Or a fire extinguisher that's located in most stores. What happens is if an admin isn't on, people start fires online and it lags the entire server badly. It's like if one person is lagging, everyone is gonna lag - regardless if they aren't even by the fire itself, they will feel the lag as if they were nearby it for whatever reason. Misc. things Logged in but I'm not logged in.. How does that happen? It should be a checker to see if they haven't moved/said anything/no interaction with anything then they should be kicked after a certain time for inactivity instead of being denied service. Even after kicking the "ghost" of my friend dark nano, he was still unable to come on because it said he was still on the server. I think if you have a backpack on you, you shouldn't need to drag items to your main inventory, the game should just know what items you have and either just do it automatically or just treat it like an extension of the player, which it is, and cut out the dragging of items so much. These are a few of my ideas, regardless of them all I hope that Project Zomboid thrives to become something amazing as it's one of the best Early Access games I've gotten to read about, see videos of, and play myself for me to see that this is a game with a great community and even amazing devs with passion. I just really want the multiplayer to thrive because I believe people come for the single player, and stay for the multiplayer. I'll make another one of these if more ideas come into my head.
  20. So as far as I can remember, Panic has remained unchanged. For those of you who are new or haven't played for a while, Panic is the "shocked" moodle which can narrow your cone of vision and reduce weapon accuracy. As far as game mechanics goes, it's decent though relatively unrealistic. I propose a future rework of the panic mechanic where stress levels take a front seat to driving many combat and other related mechanics. Higher levels of stress lead to both beneficial and adverse effects. Stress is caused by things like combat, tense situations with survivors, and general illness or lack of basic needs like sleep and nourishment. Things like drugs and food reduce stress as well as getting out into the sun. Hyper/Hypothermia can negatively impact stress. Low levels of stress promote a relaxed state of mind. This means you read faster and gain increased benefits from these activities (increased reading speed, slight xp multiplier). While relaxed you sleep better, eat consistent portions and are generally a less moody survivor which makes it easier to deal with other people. Health is consistent and you perform complex tasks with ease. Medium levels of stress can cause blurred vision, increased heart rate and breathing, and an increase in strength (making it easier to carry a heavy load if mildly overburdened and fight off one or two zombies). You are likely engaged in sustained combat with a zed. The longer you spend in combat, or running from things, the quicker your stress increases. If you try to sleep while in this zone of stress, you will suffer from mild insomnia which decreases your sleep and interrupts your circadian rhythm. Medium levels of stress can trigger the adrenaline moodle near the high zone which grants you bonuses to combat while exhausting you more quickly. Bleeding is lessened, and broken bones impede you less until it wears off. Better give yourself some first aid. Minor tremors prevent fluid lock picking and increases the chance of failing to open a window. Go out for a smoke, it'll calm you down. High levels of stress decrease cone of vision and shoots more adrenaline into your body. You're fleeing for your life by now, increasing your endurance and speed of climbing over fences and ascending/descending rope. Don't look back. Minor injuries to medium injuries (like scratches and bites) will not be noticed until you calm down some. You will not stay in high stress normally unless you are still in combat or have taken the brooding trait. You are quick to anger in this level. Massive tremors prevent timely lockpicking. By the time you have that door open, you're either being eaten, or back into the medium levels of stress. Spend your time running. Time to pop open that wine bud. Fatal levels of stress can cause heart palpitations and overweight players will likely suffer a heart attack. Your body is shutting down and needs rest, you are blacking out. You are distinctly aware of injuries, stamina recovers slowly, you're basically one of them. Very real chance of death unless you find a safe place to rest. Can't bring the stress down with alcohol or smokes. Both will make your situation worse. This is what I came up with. I think the panic mechanic is outdated and needs an overhaul or total rework. I think even encountering one zed and getting panicked is silly.
  21. GENERALLY In my opinion PZ so far has a lot of potentials. And in comparison with other survival games it feels more complete. I know that the game is still in Alpha test, however i would like to make a suggestion of some features that could - in my opinion - fit perfectly the game. IDEAS More interaction with the environment e.x the animation of sitting on the chair, sleeping on the bed or the couch, or generally move, destroy the furniture's. More crafting features e.x more lighting recipes ( torches, lamps ), items - or item recipes - ( power generator which it will produce light to the building HOWEVER it will make a lot of noise which could attract a lot zombies ) Vehicles 3 for now in my opinion that should be added. All critiques are accepted!!!!
  22. Since I am new to this, i'll jump straight to the stuff WE NEED A NAUSEATED MOODLE do you ever wonder why your player character never feels bad around decaying flesh zeds? They would stink, really stink, enough to make 'early player character' vomit when facing a zombie or a horde o' zombies. basically, -reduce accuracy -increase chances of vomiting in front of zombies every level(?) -attract zombies when vomiting -hard time sleeping when there is a zombie's body in your room or house and if you don't clean your weapons, you will get this moodle.
  23. Should be great if player 2 or even 3 and 4 be able to use extra monitors without Multiple Monitor Software
  24. Game starts 1. In the beginning, you get a semi-random home depending on the proffession, not always a house, maybe not even a roof over your head, just a home you had the time. 2. After you choose a proffesion, you'll have a choice, to either do the one thing the game would ever tell you to do, which is do what the proffesion is, and where they want you to do it. Just to familiarize you with what you're supposed to know how to do. 3. However, if you don't need to, or don't want to, you don't have to, you could just start familiarizing yourself with the people, or the places around you, maybe find out who you'll befriend, rob, and/or kill. Get an early start on your home fortification, or you could just go nuts and start raging on people before the chaos even hits (GTA style). Or you could just roam or something. From Order to Chaos and Back 1. After the first day, panic hits, and the virus spreads within hours. 2. Since the game is already random with zombies, the timing of the full blown riot can vary. 3. As the riots continue from dusk till dawn and beyond, you'll see the zombie population growing, and your fellow human population dwindling right before your very eyes. 4. The military begins the quarantine, they set up outposts, they block the roads, they do sweeps on land and air, killing zombies and people alike, just taking orders. The End Times A. With the military only able to do so much, the zombie populations around you continue to rapidly grow. B. With the military ordered to hold the line and shoot everything that moves, many of their outposts and road blocks quickly became low on ammunition and couldn't hold out, the quarantines failed. C. With quarantine, after quarantine failing, the panic now spread across the country, the people realizing their government could not protect them any longer, decided to revolt by taking what they wanted and needed and leaving, the government fell. D. The game would normally start here. E. With the military not getting orders from up high anymore, or getting fresh intel from central HQ, the military itself simply disbanded. F. Most soldiers decided to go there own way, they will become survivors just like you, but better equiped, and you will either befriend them, rob them, and/or kill them. Extra Ideas Aging. With aging, you would be able to pick which age to start from, and depending on what age you are, there would be some extra buffs and debuffs to come with it. Plus, after a long time of this shit, zombies would eventually slow down, weaken, and then simply die from deterioration, the zombie population would eventually descend. Dreams & Hallucinations. Somehow, dreams and hallucinations have to be a thing in this game. Love ya, PEACE!
  25. Hi Guys, I've been following PZ since it was in its early days, and may I say it's certainly coming on. It's not often I find myself on forums but tonight I feel (after playing PZ for a few hours), my time to make some suggestions has come. So far I am enjoying the PZ experience as I am totally into Survival RPG games, and as far as I'm concerned this is the only legitimate Zombie simulator, so thankyou to the Indy Stone team for continuing their efforts on this game, Thumbs up guys!! Now, onto some suggestions... I apologise if anything here has already been covered in previous threads; First and foremost, whilst playing PZ I usually hold up in the Large warehouse to the north of Muldraugh. This just so happens to get very cold at night... And currently I cannot find any other warmer clothing than a Sweater, Pants and shoes... Are we going to see coats (protection from rain), hiking boots and equipment? etc... Another small point is perhaps clothing and footwear should slowly wear out, giving use to ALL the other clothing in game. I'm sure I had seen sleeping bags mentioned somewhere, but perhaps these could be found in the world and crafted from a few sheets, a pillow, a needle and thread (which I've also seen mentioned, I believe needle and thread are already being added in game). Bleeding: When a player is bleeding and is not bandaged, it would make sense for them to leave a visual trail of blood... this could be used to track down other players... Stop this by bandaging the wound. Trails should be removable with cleaning items. I would also suggest adding this into the hunting section for tracking animals when that gunshot doesn't deliver a fatal blow.. (are you adding deers etc?) I have heard that RJ is working on the firearms and has been working on attachments.. I'm just wondering if a silencer has been considered... Kinda important... but again, hard if not impossible to craft these items would be RARE! PLEASE reduce the amount for PAINT spawns! Seriously... it's ridiculous how much paint I have! (which I will never use! Good idea though ) Have the team taken into consideration about Illnesses? I mean catching a cold will make you sneeze etc, have you thought at all about belching and passing wind after eating? Random coughs perhaps... You know, that situation where your hiding in the closet as a heard of hungry zeds pass through the house, your absolutely terrified and what do you know.. out comes a little toot... phew! HATS! Yes, Hats.... where are all the hats!? Aches and Pains? Presumably from running a lot. I know this fits closely with fatigue but I think the pain of hurting feet could be a big issue, maybe stress the player out and most noticeably slows the players run and walk speed.... I know this was already refused... but hygiene... seriously guys... no hygiene? MUSIC! This should be one of the major forms of stress relief! Find an old CD player and some CDs? An IPOD perhaps, maybe even a MP3 player! With the use of batteries and headphones this would muffle all sound but would be very relaxing. DRUGS! What else in the world would YOU do during a zombie apocalypse? I know you guys are looking at a season system in which to implement the cold weathers of winter and the hot sticky sun of the summer... I just wanted to point out the fact of walking sounds and tracks. If you implement snowing, footprints MUST follow along with the AWESOME sound snow makes under your feet. Also in the autumn, you'd have the problem of those pesky leave crushing under your feet. POCKETS! HAS ANYONE THOUGHT OF POCKETS? For example your character may be able to carry SO much in weight... but where the hell does he put 400 nails when all he is wearing is underwear...? Following this point perhaps your 'Naked' char should only be able to carry so many items... but when wearing clothes adds a higher limit to the number of items the player could carry. Thus limiting the weight and number of items a player can carry... logical? HAIR! Has anyone considered the fact hair grows.... PUT A USE TO THE INGAME RAZOR !? That said I'm sure there are many other suggestions I could bore you with, but as it's 4:10am I think I'll leave it here. Please leave me some feedback and again apologies if some of this content has already been covered in other threads. Finally, I would just like to say that you guys at the Indy Stone ROCK! You have created a masterpiece from scratch and despite the world taking a keen interest in zombies, you guys have made the ONLY zombie game which comes close to actual zombie survival. Well done! - Wiizzy (PZ Fan - Survivor)
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