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  1. Store counters in some shops, in both official and custom maps stopped working. You can walk to them, open the inventory, but they dont appear to be usable, you cant click on them either. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5452936920217037,0.2943764042593244,411.36488720959557 this is the example of a shop with broken counters
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2010986515 for now u can use this mod here uwu
  3. If u mean the Life and living channel, its normal, it plays few programs that teach u skills if not its either a bug, or some mod thing :<
  4. We can build walls and doors on level 3 carpentry, but there is for some reason not a single way to make a roof for your own base, unless u wait untill level 6 carpentry, build stairs and build a floor on a second story. So... Can we please get an abbility to build roofs? uwu
  5. I always thought that its the trade-off of geting happines/boredom buffs from cooked food, but it could also be an uninentional bug aswell 😳
  6. As in the title, the zombie crawls towards you and pushes you away/stuns you/makes u fall down. Problem is, -player clicks to atack, then the zombie pushes him away before finishing a hit. after the push, player character continues the atack without player input. It results in the player (me a lot of times) being s, unable to move during the atack, just like shown on the video Project Zomboid 2020.06.21 - ve, dying in a result
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