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  1. Hello! I have tried the new version and found some bugs or strange situations. The fight has changed, it seems good to me, but sometimes it is difficult to aim at an objective. When the zombie has fallen and is on the ground it is difficult to hit him, and the character kicks the ground, and when he is getting up (in the process), I have received bites. The character's movement is chaotic. It is not responsive, sometimes I want it to move in one direction and the character does the opposite and throw me against the zombies. There is a problem with the sounds of the
  2. Hi! I would like to ask developers if in their roadmap could exist the possibility to support different new screen display resolutions. I'm currently playing in 1920 × 1080, but I'm going to change my monitor soon, and I'm going to start playing in resolutions like 3840 × 2160 or 4096 × 2160. I'm afraid my new monitor is going to change my game experience to a worst one, due the lack of supported resolutions in the game. On the other hand, I've tested your game in my television (4096 × 2160). The game looks quite good although the real resolution of the game was maybe 1920 × 1080. The
  3. Electricity (I think we should have more options for this skill) //===============================// 738. Let players make electrical installations in buildings, inside or outside them. 739.Possibility to plug outside lights with an electrical installation with electric cables. 740.Energy machinery like small wind turbines. I'm not going to suggest solar pannels because in the story line the year is 1990 I think, but I would love to have them maybe in the future. 741.Clean clothes using washing machines and dryers. Possibility to use them in the future with generators and your electr
  4. Yes, I lost a lot of HP due the bleeding, that's why I reach that state I mentioned, but at least for me, a scratch should stop bleeding after a few minutes due the blood clotting. If you have a severe injury, I understand it could bleed for a long time, but you always recover for this kind of injuries next day, so, I assume we're talking about lesser injuries. The system is then kinda ridiculous. The problem I have now, is that I don't understant why you can't save your life if you reach "Terminal damage", even using medicines and good food. On the other hand, this kind of superficial
  5. @Blasted_Taco Yes, I'm afraid all it happened on the same day. I know it was my fault for not bandaging the wound quickly, but it's completely absurd to die because a scratch. I didn't catch any desease, my character died just because the HP bar reached a point (about 15% HP) which I couldn't raise, even eating all the food I had in the fridge. It happened maybe in 5 or 6 hours in game time. (I set game time in 2 hour of real time per day). It's important to write this down in the forum so developers can make some changes. The health system is great for the game, but it needs a l
  6. Really???? Then my character died stupidly hahahaha. Normally I don't get several injuries at the same time. But I think the fact is that if you get that stage of "terminal damage", is almost impossible to heal any kind of wound, isn't it?
  7. Hahahahahaha! Just as I imagined!!! xD Now I'm going to play scared of that kind of zombies. Get your hands off me! 3rd degree? You mean, like the school? Haha! I hope you're not saying that because my spelling, English is not my native language and I'm sure sometimes people could think that I write strange things, but I can assure you I'm trying my best!, but sometimes I don't get jokes, sorry (it's the same for english people in my country haha, they don't understand our jokes easily) Thank you! It's nice to know similar opinions, although I thought that
  8. Totally agree. But I think temperature system is going to gain more importancy when they release the weather system
  9. //Health System //=================== 734. I wrote a post about to do some changes in the health system, because at least for me it's totally ridiculous the possibility of dying for a scratch, as it happened to me in my last game (even healing the ******* scratch). Minor injuries should annoy and prevent you to run, take objects, etc, like when you have a wound in your hands. I think thats great. But defenitely, not to kill you. It's nonsense! Even if you have a terrible scratch, bleeding during a while, it shouldn't kill you at all!. It could make you feel so weak, in pain, etc. if
  10. Well, this is sad, I lost my game just for a stupid scratch. I would like to share my story because it's not so reallistic and I think this kind of events should be changed. I don't understand why a character could die in a few hours for a scratch, bandaged and disinfected. The story: My character has been surviving during 3 months in a long-term game, and I was so proud about it. Surprisingly, a zombi made me a scratch. I didn't have a bandage at that moment, but I taked my car and drove home to heal my wound. When I was there I had "severe damage". Well, I don't undestand how a si
  11. This is the first time I can go to the mall, thanks to the cars But if I go to the shopping mall, my game starts to freeze during 1 or 2 seconds (can you say stuttering? I read something similar from other user whit a similar problem). More comonly when I'm surrounding of zombies, making the game unplayable. If I left that area, the game keeps freezing every little while. When I honk my ban continuously, the sound starts to repeat, ok, but sound so weird, as if I realized that the audio starts again with a strange sound. Suggestions: Vehicle shops have only a few vehic
  12. Hello Connall! As you suggested me, I wanted to answer you in this message. Inexplicably my last thread has been deleted, or at least I can't find it haha. Here they are, all my suggestions, but maybe some of them are repeated, I didn't read all the 685 previous ones. //Agriculture & foraging: //=================== 686. Sprinklers in gardens or other water system (water hoses?). 687. Pots in order to grow all vegetables wherever you want, even inside your home. 688. Watering cans: They are so difficult to find, and it should be on every house, because they all have a garde
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