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  1. As more of a lore-type question, and a question about zombies in general (not just in Project Zomboid), I just had a thought: Why do zombies bang on doors and windows? Now firstly, just gonna rule out any of the 'smart zombie' stuff, I would never watch any zombie film that has memory-retaining or tool-using zombies in it simply because I find it stupid, it doesn't and will not make sense to me no matter what anyone tries to say. So let's look at the zombies in Project Zomboid, where they will see you inside a building and walk towards the windows or doors (why don't they all push up aga
  2. Awesome to see my little zombie eating bodies suggestion here, I agree with all of these ideas, none of them feel overpowered or too advanced for the game. I especially agree with the water animation, although I've yet to try fishing in the game, when I first saw water I wasn't actually sure what it was because it doesn't even really look like water. Some form of basic Minecraft-like water animation would be sufficient enough to give it less of a solid feeling. I also think they need to expand upon water and make it a feasible escape route. (If I'm being chased by a horde of zombies I woul
  3. The Governor is the new 'codename' for the sadistic AI director, Lemmy told us all Yes this is a much faster and more natural way of doing it I think, mouse input in this situation would be too time consuming, and imagine in a more tense situation (an NPC has one of your group members at gunpoint, you're trying to talk him down), where you simply wouldn't have time to hand-eye-coordinate your mouse while also focusing on the situation, having numeric options would make that feel more natural I think.
  4. I also agree that zombies should roam the map, but my more important point was this: If a zombie grabs you from behind, you should not be able to walk away unless you push that zombie off, the game shouldn't be holding your hand and making you assume your character magically struggled away, that should be a player action and if the player action does not happen, then the player should face the consequence for walking too close to zombies. I personally do not think this should be only for 'superhuman' zombies, in reality anything with a human weight behind it that grabs you and tries to pull
  5. I hate to be a bastard and do this, but the game is still a work in progress. Not everything is done -- and I'm sure they'd want better animations for this sort of thing. Yet some people still struggle with this . . . not to mention it being tedious as hell, particular if your character is weak and becomes exhausted. The axe is one of (if not the) best weapon for doing this work. A single zombie isn't meant to be a threat except in situations where you're caught off guard or without a weapon (though the latter applies more-so to people who've not gotten down the shoving/kicking mechanic -- s
  6. Although people are saying that more customization has ruined other games, I don't see that happening with Project Zomboid, in my opinion the more customization the better, same goes for vehicles when they're added, I think that there should be plenty of ways to 'upgrade' your vehicles (within the bounds of reality obviously).
  7. The devs need to see these ideas, definitely would add a ton of depth to the game, I mean, in a real zombie apocalypse, who would be walking around slamming doors open and shut without a shed of caution? They would be a vital obstacle that can save your life (or doom it, if locked) and I think they should have a bit more depth.
  8. I believe addiction is something that the developers intend to add, so wanted to just share some of my thoughts on how this could work. Firstly, there would be an 'Addictions' menu which could appear with the other character tabs. In this menu, there would be a table which would show an item, and next to it a percentage of how addicted your character is (things at 0% won't be shown). All 'addictive' items would have a 'addiction risk' when hovering over them, so you can avoid accidentally getting addicted. Once you are addicted to something, if you go for an amount of time (depends on the
  9. I think I'd try and lay low for a week or two, try not to attract any attention to my house, if someone tries to break in I'd threaten them and if they persisted then I'd have to kill. Once the initial panic was over then I'd go out and quietly loot whatever I can, I'd probably head to the motorway and loot people's cars where they would be abandoned. I'd probably also raid libraries and what-not on maps and books that could help me, and head back home, eventually I'd plan to move to a more permanent place, perhaps Warwick castle.
  10. Of course you wouldn't be burying every zombie you come across, that would be silly. You would bury your group members or people you know, and you would burn other zombies. I think this would definitely suit the main game and should be added, I don't want to see that just as a mod to be honest.
  11. As much as I enjoy the isometric view/graphics of this game, I would very much enjoy a more realistic first person game with the same mechanics/concepts. I would also love a more in-depth looting system, where you would actually open cupboards and drawers and search through them manually, rather than an in-game window. It is something I would love to see (with a focused singleplayer mode like PZ), and also with Oculus Rift/VR support, that would be amazing. Of course it will never happen for PZ, but we can hope that someone will do this someday! (And get it right)
  12. Hrm, are you running on a multiplayer server? Is this an upgrade, or a clean character & map? It's a singleplayer map, and I started the world on the last IWBUMS branch.. One of my containers reset but that's manageable, I will test on a new world when I get home later.
  13. Hey, just tried recording a new episode of my let's play series with the new build but I had to stop, for some reason when loading cells the game seems to hang for about half a second and sometimes more, only when entering another cell though.. I've never had this before. Any thoughts?
  14. finally, someone have brought this up. It does make sense to make it visible - good idea bro! Haha thanks, this is actually something that really bugs me when playing for some reason, like my guy has a back on his bag and is carrying another one but there is no visual representation of that at all.. also when equipping a weapon it should be in one hand unless you choose "equip in both hands".
  15. Hi, so I was just thinking about the 3D system that's been added. I haven't got any modding experience with this game but it does interest me. Anyway, will there be some sort of tool that will convert 3D models and their animations into the game format? And then how will you be able to access these in-game? Personally I'd like to see (or make) a mod that adds more asthetic features to the game (characters mainly). I'd like to see: Hats, Jackets, Visible 3D Bags, Variations of existing weapons (visual change only), Different shoe types I would do this by extracting the existing models and
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