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  1. It's not so easy to do, I'm not an English-speaking user. :))
  2. The fact of the matter is that you do not need to delete this, because this is a very simple method that you should add to your system if you plan to load the models via Lua.
  3. How soon will it be? There's a conversation about adding just one method, which according to the logic of things and so should be in the program.
  4. I suggest adding a method that will allow us to load skinned mesh in game! I replaced the original models of clothes, and it looks good. But unfortunately adding them without replacing the original is impossible, since there is no skinned model load method. :(( Class LuaManager.GlobalObject has a method that allows loading a static model, but it does not allow upload skinned model, because it sends boolean true to ModelLoader.instance.Load
  5. I think that this is the best mod for this game, I for myself identified two modifications without which the game looks unfinished, this mod, and mod adding real firearms. In the build that is now the transfusion adds very few hit points, I think the author of the mod will fix this in the near future.
  6. Thanks for the permission! ) As for the code I had in mind. Do not replace the files in the folder zomboid, but to throw them in a separate mod. I'm talking about the fact that very little code out and update it a matter of five minutes.
  7. Доброго времени суток! Я так понял что автор модификации человек русский? :)) Я хотел спросить разрешение на выкладывание измененной версии вашего замечательного мода в своей сборке для будущего сервера? Я уже выложил мод, думал что вы больше не работаете над модификацией. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=874056047
  8. By the way, I wanted to ask! can I put your code on the armor in my mods on Steam?
  9. Not so much code must be rewritten, well, that's your business, in any case, i did what i wanted.
  10. In general, I had to dig into five game files to make everything work correctly. ISInventoryTransferAction.lua (Here I entered the removal of objects from the character when moving them from inventory). ISInventoryPage.lua (Here I entered my handbags so that the game would give them the icons in the inventory). ISInventoryPane.lua (Here I prescribed that the game should count my items dressed and properly sort out from the general list). ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua (Here I removed the options "Equip_Two_Hands", "Equip_Primary" and "Equip_Secondary" for equipped it
  11. No. I use, ISInventoryPane.lua To deceive the game and make it think that the item is equipped.
  12. NO! :))) Of course not, I have a few bags, holster, scabbard, tactical vest and magazine pouch, and the actual armor.
  13. You don't see the difference between the equipped item and just lying in the inventory? Equipped item is marked with a small red circle is removed from the stack and placed on top of the inventory. Besides, the equipped item has only 30% of by weight of not equipped the item.
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