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Found 73 results

  1. It looks like damage chance is the same for "Thick/Thin Skinned" traits. It is also very different from the base chance. zombie.characters.IsoGameCharacter: private void damageWhileInTrees() { //... if (Rand.NextBool(i)) { addHole(BloodBodyPartType.FromIndex(j)); i = 5; // basic chance = 1/5 = 0.2 = 20% if (this.Traits.ThickSkinned.isSet()) i += 10; // chance for ThickSkinned = 1/(5+10) = 0.0(6) = 6% if (this.Traits.ThinSkinned.isSet()) i += 10; // chance for ThinSkinned = 1/(5+10) = 0.0(6) = 6% if (Rand.NextBool(i) && (int)getBodyPartClothingDefense(Integer.valueOf(j), false) < 100) { BodyPart bodyPart = getBodyDamage().getBodyParts().get(j); if (Rand.NextBool(i + 10)) { bodyPart.setCut(true, true); } else { bodyPart.setScratched(true, true); } } } }
  2. Axe man only makes your character chop trees with 1/3 less swings required (it doesn't affect your swing speed as said in description). Axe damage and swing speed is defined by Axe skill - (Precision about 0.5 sec)
  3. I usually play as a low fitness character and i was curious how body weight and fitness skill affects time you can jog. I did some tests in debug mode and is seems that overweight makes you loose endurance 2x faster (not exactly), while obese only affects your fitness skill (as you can see in description and even on old wiki page), so character with out of shape + overweight (3 fitness + 90kg) looses endurance faster than obese (3 fitness + 105kg), in fact obese doesn't change anything other than starting fitness. Character with normal weight and fitness lvl 0,5,10 will do the same as obese character with corresponding fitness lvl. For the bonus underweight and very underweight doesn't affect your fitness either besides starting fitness skill. All tests based on jogging only.
  4. So, your 8 months into the outbreak. You've got more skill points then you can spend in a lifetime. Your character is kicking ass, but....you're regretting that negative trait you picked on character creation....or your wishing you had picked that positive one...but its too late now right? WRONG! Now with the Buyable Traits mod you can spend those unused skill points on something useful! By default, adding/removing traits costs x4 as many points as the initial character creation. Learning a new trait grants all skill levels, and free recipes it normally would. Traits can be blacklisted from being added or removed (such as the Overweight in the screenshot above) Profession/free traits cannot be added or removed, negative traits cannot be added, and positive ones cannot be removed. Double clicking on a trait will bring up a confirmation box. This should support traits added by 3rd party mods as well. No refunds. Visa and Mastercard not accepted. Support for game controllers is doubtful at this time (I lack one to properly test) Current Version: 1.00-stable Download: https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/BuyableTraits.zip Github Development: https://github.com/FWolfe/BuyableTraits Credit goes to @Sparrow for demanding this be a thing
  5. Bug: You are able to select both the new driving traits at the same time. Instead of taking one trait and then not being able to take the opposite trait whether it having a positive or negative effect on the player. Fix: Only being allowed to take one of the traits; either faster driving or slower driving.
  6. I'm trying out the Smoking trait on my new playthrough and as a smoker I have to say it's not very realistic. First of all, I've read that you can't quit - not sure if this is still true, but that seems a bit harsh. At a minimum, a player who hasn't smoked for a month should gain the "Ex-Smoker" trait, giving them random, occasional but mild symptoms for at least another 3 months, maybe 6. At least put a limit on it! Now let's talk about the current "symptoms", which consist only of Stress, which climbs up to "Terrified" if you don't smoke. This does cause mild unhappiness as well, which should be part of the symptom set, but I don't think while trying to quit I've ever felt more than "Nervous and Jumpy". Sadness should be added as another symptom, but again only mildly. Fatigue and hunger should be increased, with maybe some nausea and pain from a random headache. These mild symptoms should occur at random times, with a chance of more than one at a time. In this way, the player might find their stats greatly reduced by an unfortunate combo of symptoms, such as Hungry and Nauseous at the same time while they are wounded, or Pain and Agitated when faced by a horde. Being hungry and nauseous at the same time is perfectly normal when quitting smoking, as are "stress headaches". If the symptoms stack up and the player is in danger, finding some cigarettes might be a tempting way to fix the problem! Having a cigarette should put back any progress in quitting by two weeks. As for relieving these symptoms, I think there should be an alternative to having a smoke, and the obvious one is eating. Ask any smoker and they'll tell you they put on weight when they quit. Eating does relieve the symptoms, but only mildly. If possible, the game could reflect this by removing some symptoms but leaving others - a snack will relieve any stress, sadness, fatigue and (natch) hunger, but a headache would still remain and nausea might get worse. In this way, you could quit smoking by eating more, running the risk of getting overweight (and depleting your stores quicker) but you'd still have some mild effects for a long time that you'd have to deal with.
  7. Very simple request. I'd like to see the ability to save your characters during their creation, much like how you can save Sandbox settings alongside the pre-existing presets (Default, Beginner, 8 Months After Apocalypse). This could lead to some very interesting concepts later down the line when customization of characters becomes more in-depth, as you could have people sharing different character creations with each other with different trait and profession combinations. I find it slightly irritating having to create my preferred builds over and over, though I don't mind. It would just be helpful and more efficient if you could save them for easy access.
  8. I was testing stuff with a deaf character, and realized that when I turn the radio in a vehicle, I see the usual <bzzt> and <fzzt> above that – I think deaf character shouldn't hear the buzzing sounds. After further testing, It seems that a deaf character can even listen the auditions in car's radio as usual. I checked if I can watch TV or listen regular radio when deaf, but it seems that only vehicles radio is the one that's affected, so it seems like an omission.
  9. Pann

    Negative Traits

    I have a functioning profession mod that I intend on releasing soon. I have figured out how to make positive skill traits simple enough. Where I am confused at is how to make new negative traits to help balance out. For example, I'd like to make a skill: Amputee: The person would have their prosthetic, but I'd like to have a negative trait modifier of -2 to axe and blunt skills. If a character chooses it who has positive, it would simply lower it by two, but how would this work with someone who has a 0 start with? With positive traits, you can increase the xp gain of these skills, is there a way to DECREASE the xp gains of these skills and like it to a trait?
  10. I'm pretty sure that a few builds ago we were able to have 0 cost traits. It would be nice to have that back again for modding purposes. The thing that comes to mind is @RoboMat's movie nerd trait. Rather than requiring a point to be spent on it just have it be zero. And they could all be in the positive attribute side of the pool. Just something I've thought about.
  11. Hello again. I was thinking about how much I like to test the negative traits for usefulness and I came across a few things that may be improved in the sight/sound department. I'll start with the deaf trait. While it may seem like a good trait to pick at the time with a +12 and the loss of sound I think the trait could use a bit more work. To modify: -Better vision in either max range or better peripheral vision. Most of the time when we lose one sense we gain better perception in others. -Inability to receive or send local chat -Taking this trait also opens: -Sign Language (free): allows deaf players to communicate with each other -Lip reading -1: can be taken to receive local chat when players facing others and are within X distance. Players outside this radius show a garbled chat if speaking. -Speaking -1: can be taken to send local chat To add: -Sign language books: Either one long read book (like skill books) or tiers of books that must be read in order -If possible, for players who use a controller, a rumble when grabbed from behind -for players without controllers a slight screen shake or light flash I'd also like to say I enjoy the how hydrocraft uses hearing aids to remedy hard of hearing. It'd be nice for this to be added to the main game. -Players must wear/keep in inventory just like in hydrocraft -Players must replace batteries after so many days/hours (must find more hearing aids to remove batteries from) -Brings "hard of hearing" to normal and "deaf" to hard of hearing. -Doesn't remove the inability to send/receive local chat debuff if deaf. Please let me know what you think!
  12. Suggested Occupation's. Librarian Bonus xp Read's faster (original I thought that librarians should have all recipes, but decide it would properly be to powerful) Prepper Knows all recipe's Don't work well with others (probably works better when npc's hit) Technician +2 Electrical +2 Metalwork (knows metalwork and electrical recipes) Architect +2 Carpentry +2 Metalwork (knows metalwork recipes) Truck driver -2 Fitness Night owl +4 extra points to spend Suggested traits. Don't work well with others -5 Randomly yells at other players and npc. Prepper +12 Knows all recipe's
  13. Parkour (Traceur) (+6) +1 Sprint, +1 Nimble Fencer (+6) +1 Blade Accuracy, +1 Blade Guard Tip-Toes (+3) +1 Sneaking Tinker (+4) +1 Electrical Quick Draw (+4) +1 Aim Speedloader (+4) +1 Reload Masochist (+4) Cannot become unhappy while in pain or bleeding. Ignores accuracy reduction while in pain. One Arm - (-10) Cannot use secondary slot, or wield weapons that require two hands. Terrible Cook (-2) Your cooking will never give an increase to happiness. Ever. Ombrophobia (-2) Panics during rainstorms. (panic while indoors, extreme panic outdoors) Photodermatitis (-8) Being outside during the daytime causes gradually increasing Hyperthermia, regardless of the weather. As Hyperthermia increases, Sickness and Pain develops as well. Once it reaches Fever and Agony, health starts to drop. Nyctophobia (-4) Fear of the dark. Extreme panic while outdoors at night, or indoors without a light source.
  14. At first, I thought of some traits like "Cooking hobby", "Hates fishing" that would give skills. But that would be too much of clutter for the traits list. So it may be nice to buy some skills directly for skill points in a most expensive and non-economic way! Or get some points for taking multipliers like 0.25. Any thoughts about it?
  15. Categorised professions' list. This would allow to add more of them without turning list into a mess and just look handy. I also would like to suggest few more of professions and traits. Example: Category - medic. From best to worse first aid skill, from the most expensive to the cheapest. From Norse to horse Surgeon. From what I've heard, you need years of practice and learning to start working as a surgeon. Bonus trait - treats wounds better. Therapist. Slightly cheaper, slightly lower skills. Trait - treats diseases better. Pharmacist. Not so doctor, but still. Trait - uses medicine more effectively. Or (inspired by Zorak, I think) has trait, that works like Herbalist - where, for example, other see "pills" (with exception of few common pills), pharmacist sees "beta-blockers" or something similar. Nurse. Less training, less skills, but still better than "Average Joe" in first aid. Ambulance driver. Minimal skills. He's still working near the medics, so probably could know something. Better driving skill, if there's ever gonna be one. That could add more roleplay and more fine-tuning to the character creation. Traits. More diversity - the better right? As for traits, I suggest to split them into 3 groups: Physical. Blind, wounded (I.E. starting with moderate injury) overweight etc. Skills. Herbalist, marksman, slow reader. It would be nice to see a trait for each skill Social. I know, that these would be useless right now, but when one of the main feature will come out, social skills will be needed. The main point is, that all professions and traits use those points. That way you can create pro, that doesn't know how to convince people, that leads to living alone, talkative fellow, that is almost useless in combat and crafting and many other interesting combinations. What do you think about it?
  16. Some of the trait descriptions are a bit lacking, and not fully understandable. Some of them don't even work atm. Here is a list of traits that could use some cleaning up or explanations. Baseball Player: Currently states +1 Blunt Accuracy. From what I understand, RJ said it also provides slightly faster swings with bats. Trait should state +1 Blunt Accuracy. Slightly faster bat swings. Justifiable, as blunt weapons atm are slightly weaker than sharp, and it doesn't hurt to provide this info. Lucky/Unlucky: Trolliest trait as far as descriptions go. I understand they may want this to remain as is, but the only things confirmed are loot rolls and repair chances. Not even going to dive into this one. Resilient/Prone to Ilness: Currently states Less/More prone to disease. Slower/Faster rate of zombification. This could use some clearing up. If this doesn't affect zombification from scratches, and only affects colds (as its believed to atm), it needs cleared up. Was this ever updated to provide resistance to non-zombie infections? Anyways, disease is too broad of a term, especially when there are no diseases in game other than colds (and perhaps zombification if its not space magic). If it does only affect colds, then both traits need major overhauls, as outdoorsmen makes Resilient completely useless, and makes prone to illness a free +2. Pacifist: Never taken this trait honestly, and I really have no idea what exactly it does. Description says Less effective with weapons. Is it simply less damage done, less knockback, less accuracy, less XP gains, and/or hidden skill modifier? Night Owl: Doesn't do anything, should be removed till it does. Axe Man: Currently states Better at chopping trees. Faster axe swing. Better at chopping trees part is kinda vague, but otherwise pretty self-explanatory.
  17. I was playing a multiplayer game with another player (just us). We had just started a new server with new characters and at some point I started to recklessly kill zombies with a screwdriver (headshots) thinking I'm Conan the zombie slayer from the previous save. It got me killed, twice. Seeing as the game was fairly fresh, I just spawned in a new character and basically I wasn't penalized much at all for the recklessness. Here is my suggestion: You can enable "Only the good die young" mode where you can spawn a new character, but the cost of positive traits are increased by 1 point each time, thus making your build weaker each time you respawn. This, in addition to losing all your progress could make the price of death feel a bit more impactful. If that system doesn't work, maybe you can lose a random positive trait, gain a random negative trait etc. I'm sure you catch my drift.
  18. So with the new Pick up/Place options I think Burglars should get a buff! Skill added to Burglar class: Sticky Fingers - Pick up/Place items faster(stacks with dexterous) Get it All and Go - Items grabbed with "Pick up" weigh 1 less
  19. I searched and didn't see anything. I was wondering we could do Complex Traits. Things that change the way we play rather then just a +1 this or that. Right now unhappiness doesn't really do anything, there are mods where you can reread books and wipe boredom away. you can solve boredom by reading a newspaper. But after awhile. You read. Oh hey, the Raiders won the Superbowl... Bet they won't do it again this year.. Take me for example My character gets bored when i'm screwing around sorting items. This kinda sucks because I am very OCD and a Perfectionist and I spend a lot of time sorting items in my base. It makes me happy to do these things while playing the game. You could spend points to buy this trait, I would just on this alone. However, if possible I think it would be great if the trait could have more then just one meaning. What if it started with gaining happiness to sort things, but if you are carrying bags with missorted items then it causes unhappiness. if you shove items from more then 2 or 3 different spawn types into a certain bag then it triggers (Example: A bag with a warehouse crate item, a medical item, a house food item, a weapon, a bathroom item) To bypass this is to sort bags inside of bags or carry multiple bags, or use the proper bags, like sticking medical things in a medical bag. The character could also be unhappy if stuff is on the floor, if trash items are on shelves, seeing broken windows, dirty bandages or rags as bandages instead of proper bandages. Etc. etc. Maybe call it a subtrait called Perfectionist. Maybe if your character gets to unhappy, they start to do weird things. Take my perfectionist, say he just starts picking up random trash, automatically picking up things that don't belong in the right box. Walking past a broken window may cause them to automatically just start clearing the broken glass. They might rip off dirty bandages. There are many other things, Like a Thrill Seeker needs some level of panic, a Nomad might hate staying in the same place for more then a day. A homebody might get upset if you move to far from where you slept the night before. An outdoorsy person may be unhappy sleeping in a bed or chair instead of a tent. A Socialite may need to talk to NPCs or read magazines and books, listen to the raid. An angry person may need to break things or hit zombies. A pyro may need to light a fire or will start one randomly, A fraidy cat may not be able to sleep unless ALL entrances to the room are barricaded. An architect may need to build stuff, a protector may need to make sure a whole area is clear of zombies. Each can have pluses and minuses depending on how you play. That was just an idea, Do with this what you will.
  20. Currently, if you make a profession add a 'free' trait that isn't a profession-specific one, it can still be manually removed by the player (thus creating a second duplicate of the trait in the list). This is a problem when we want to mod in our own professions that add existing traits. While there could be other ways aroudn this, it requires modifying large amounts of code, and some that cannot be modded, so... Would it be possible to make it so that *any* trait added for 'free' by a profession was 'locked' in place and unremovable when added in this way? That way, manually adding - for example - the Graceful trait would allow the player to add and remove it during character creation, but a profession that added the same trait for free would *not* allow it to be removed unless another profession was chosen? This would be a big help too if someone wanted a profession to add a permanent 'negative trait' ("Pensioner" = low vision, for example) too. If this requires a huge effort in the game code, I understand not doing it, but if it's a fairly simple change, could this perhaps be implemented?
  21. After a long time away from PZ, I've returned to the game and am loving all the new improvements since I last played! I've of course been equally excited to get back into modding again. I have been re-creating my old outdated mods such as my new professions, but I've hit upon something I never could figure out last and wanted to finally ask: If I want to assign an existing trait (e.g. Graceful) to be given 'free' by a profession, this works fine except that the player can 'remove' that trait if they want to. This is to be expected; these traits weren't designed to be exclusive to a profession. Of course, this is visually ugly (duplicate traits in trait list) and not really the designed functionality. The answer, I would have thought, would be to create a 'duplicate' of the desired existing trait (e.g. "Poised" for "Graceful") and set as an exclusive profession-only trait with a 0 point cost. Makes sense to me! Except... how *do* I duplicate the functionality of an existing trait, such as Graceful or Light Eater or Brave? Unlike the simple traits that increase skill points, I can't find the "mechanics" of these traits anywhere in the game's files (lua or otherwise). In other words, if I make my own "Eats Less" trait, how do I make sure it has the same game effect as selecting "Light Eater"? Presumably, there's some code somewhere that does some sort of "if has this trait, do X" but the place to find this is a total mystery to me, hence I have no idea how to code my own such traits! If any experts here could even just point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it!
  22. Just finished putting together my first proper mod for Project Zomboid (The first one I made was just a minor edit to some vanilla code for some XP values). Trait Training Books http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=606059733 What does it do? Trait Training Books adds a series of books to the game that can be used to learn traits in a ladder like system of progress. Currently the mod is only in initial release so at the moment there are only books in the game to handle the reading line of traits. An example of how it works in game If your character has the "illiterate" trait, they have the option of trying to find the TTB book related to the Illiterate trait, in this case named "Burch and Friends - Let's Read Together!". If the character has the illiterate trait, when they right click the book in their inventory or another container they will see an option in the context menu for "Struggle to Read". When selected, the player will start reading through the pages of the book in the same way you would read any other skill book. When completed, the Illiterate trait is removed from your character and replaced with the Slow Reader trait. But how can you read if you're illiterate? The mod uses a custom class that is based off the ISReadABook class used to read books in order to specifically handle trait books through an action that is on the surface functionally identical to reading, making use of pages and starting and stopping reading as any other literature item in the game would do. This was to work around some of the restrictions surrounding reading timed actions that would typically fail read attempts with the native read class. Balancing I'm still pretty new to modding with PZ so I wasn't able to find a way to request the server value for DayLength which was originally the idea I was thinking of to try and make a variable timer for reading so that the same mod could be used on various server or SP configurations without becoming too impractical at either extreme of DayLengths, so that's something I may try to get in when I learn more about what's availiable to me in LUA and if I can get the DayLength from the server. Until then though, this mod is specifically balanced for use on Real-Time multiplayer servers or Real-Time SP games. Reason being I designed this primarily for use on my own MP server but it can still work in SP games or other MP games as long as you're aware of some balancing issues with the books being 25, 50 and 75 pages. The books are a rare find, with a loot distribution of 0.3, 0.2 and 0.1 in Shelves, 0.5, 0.3 and 0.1 in bookstores and then 1.0, 1.0 and 0.5 inside schoolbags for the basic, intermediate and advanced books respectively. (For comparison, books in Hydrocraft have a 1.0 loot distribution) So these should be pretty rare finds, combined with how they are consumed on use it should hopefully keep things fairly balanced. Future Plans I'm hoping to tinker around with the hobby traits over the next few days and get to grips with how the game handles them on characters, once I work things out there I'm going to start looking at getting in books that can be used to learn other positive traits or remove/lessen negative traits. I also want to look into seeing if it's possible to implement some usage of the leveling and skillpoint system in the game, so that reading a book may require you have a skill point available that would be consumed when learning or removing a trait with the book. Figure out a way to adapt the time taken to read pages of these books based on the DayLength setting for the server or SP game.Credits Robert Johnson for the original ISReadABook.lua class that was used as the basis for TTB's reading class.BryBry for help in finding a way to refresh the character's info window to display the updated trait window without requiring a relog.
  23. So I've run into something that seems to have stumped me. I'm currently experimenting with hobby traits (Traits that add an XP boost to a perk 75%/100%/125% and a point in a perk) when added to a character post-character creation via getTraits():add(""); and I've found that if a trait is added post character creation there are some aspects of them that won't apply. One example being when First Aid is added to a character, while the trait shows up on the character, the perk level and perk xp boost remains unchanged (see below for example) I had expected that this might have been the case but needed to test to make sure before looking into how to go about adding a perk level and the boost. I have a generally decent idea on where to look for the perk level addition itself, but what I can't figure out at all is how to apply an XP boost to the perk out of character creation. Any help figuring this out would be greatly appreciated, specifically looking to find how to apply either increment the XP boost on a perk or get the current boost on it and then apply one to overwrite it.
  24. Hello. I was thinking about the threads about having durability on sheet ropes and zombies falling out of windows (also about how I constantly fall off of things, irl and otherwise), and I have come up with a new trait! Limber: cost 4 points x% reduced chance to break extremities when falling from level 2 heights. For each additional level -x%. There could be an opposite trait for it as well. Also I was thinking that there really should be a % chance you die when falling from a building. I mean if I fell out of a window, I'd probably land on my head (I'm just that d**n graceful).
  25. Since I'm getting into PZ again, I thought I would make a suggestion. I have already seen all 3 of the things that I am about to suggest listed on this forum, I just thought I would back their ideas and show my support without resurrecting 3 separate threads. Keep in mind that I do not have knowledge of the entire change log, and since I have only recently started playing, I may be rambling on about things that may already be implemented into the game. Problem- I feel like the chef profession, along with the cooking skill in general are bad trade-offs in comparison to other skills such as carpentry. While it is nice to be able to maximize food potential, I don't feel the need to be a dedicated cook, since you can easily find foods in town, grow them in your garden, go fishing, or be a trapper. While being a chef isn't necessarily bad, I feel like there are many other professions which trample over the usefulness of being a dedicated cook. Solution- I would suggest giving a player with a high cooking skill the ability to create foods with certain perks or bonuses, with potency based on cooking skill. This would allow a dedicated chef to prepare his group with certain foods that would provide temporary buffs such as reduced panic, increased strength, better accuracy, and increased stamina. Problem- Foraging is a very nice, and welcomed addition to any survival game. I feel like foraging has its uses, but it could be so much more. I feel like alone, foraging isn't something that would make a man rich, however I feel like it should be a means of substitution for other professions to acquire certain products (Albeit diluted products) that are difficult to find otherwise. Solution- Foraging should be a skill that also benefits either the group, or another profession. Adding a few very basic herbs to the game (Such as Aloe, Chicory, ect.) would allow a high level first aid player to treat minor wounds, and make a diluted substitute for other medical items. This could also apply to other professions, such as cooking, fishing, and trapping. Let me know of your thoughts on this.
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