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  1. ‘’ add memory modification option to steam startup item‘’ At present, the 64 bit system can only use 2GB of game memory, and many people don't know how to change its upper limit. It is suggested to add a button to the steam startup item to modify the memory. File: "projectzombid64. json" LIne:"xmx2000m"
  2. I gave feedback many times, but there was no response

  3. Hope to change the way of multi person online archive in version 41。 The current version of 40.43, due to the mechanism of archiving, will produce a lot of problems. For example, players entering the server to search for archives are based on the server IP address. For many dynamic IP address servers, every time you change the address, you need to manually modify the archive name located on disk C. This is not good. And because the certificates are stored locally, players can back up their own archives. Once the characters in the multiplayer game die, they just need to exit the server and
  4. It is suggested to add the domain name option to allow IP connection to the server through domain name resolution. Moreover, the multi player game archive can identify the folder through the domain name. (some users do not have static IP address). Add the domain name option in the configuration file.
  5. The method of archive recognition is changed from IP address recognition to stem64id based recognition
  6. Can the game add a new archive mechanism? The current Archiving Mechanism of multiplayer game keeps the player's archive locally. Once the IP address of the server changes, the previous archive will fail. Can you change the archiving location of multiplayer game to cloud server?😥
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