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  1. That sounds pretty cool. Though since glasses prescriptions are so percise, there could never be one other than the one you get at the start that work perfectly. Ooh, maybe an attachable lanyard that keeps them from falling off, too.
  2. So I realized this is probably not a very big priority for inclusion in the main game since it's fairly trivial, so I figured it'd be better suited for a mod. Basically, it's what the title says. Different models for player characters based on body type-based traits, like Athletic, Stout, Underweight, Overweight, etc, but of course since I'm not really sure how this works, this could either just be a few changes with new models, or it could require entirely new animations for all actions, so this could either be a small idea or a massive and unreasonable job. It's just a bit of det
  3. Hello dev team and forum community! So, here's a small list of some ideas I've had for small details. -Choosing "short sighted" gives you glasses by default. That pair, and only that pair, negates the effect of the perk, if they're kept clean and not broken. If lost/broken, too bad. -Pain tolerance traits (increases/decreases pain moodle amounts) -Noisy clothing (like those pants that, no matter how you walk, always go "SHZWEP SHZWEP SHZWEP" when they move) -Different footwear should affect climbing ability and stamina drain -Gas masks should provide face p
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