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  1. Thanks I will give it a try! Do you know if it works with IWBUMSB? Also I would like your reply but I have apparently reached the like limit?
  2. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for the early versions when items transferred faster/instantly. Hoping someone knows of a mod, I have done a quick search with the terms I tagged but came up with no mods. Even one that makes everything instant would be ok, but just inventory picking up and putting away would be perfect. And I don't want to change the code of the game, because I like the system, I just want the option to turn it off every once in awhile. As far as I am aware changing the code would change it for everything, and every mode.
  3. Earlier I was listening/reading the radio events and I noticed the president had a private meeting with the CDC. I would love to hear the other side of the story, but logically there is no way the player would be privy to the president's meetings. I would love to hear the explanation of walking corpses to the president, his reaction and the CDC recommendations. So what if as you accomplished things in game (Such as get X kills, Die from infection/starvation/lead poisoning murder, Convince an NPC to do etc, Burn down a building, die in a fire, survive being on fire, survive a bite/scratch, etc) You would unlock a 'gallery' entry or two. Things like art, behind the scenes/ in-progress art/clips, and 'extra' story elements (Like the president's meeting, how the military knew to mobilize so quickly, notes from CDC scientists studying the infected after the exclusion zone, military/survivor journals from up north, other neat Lore things)
  4. So with the implementation of the random chance of starting injury (Which I think should also include random thirst/hunger/mood when NPC's arrive) there have been a few people who were less than accepting of the situation, and a few who love it. I suggest a compromise. A new trait, which costs 0 points called 'opt out'. All it does is give you standard starting stats for hunger/thirst/injury and mood. Everything else remains the same. (Potentially there could be a list as well, like remove random from hunger or thirst or mood or injury so you can still have some random fun) This way people who don't want it can just opt-out, and those who do can revel in the challenge of randomly having a really CD-DAy. EDIT: As well comments have made a good point about this also being a checkbox during world/sandbox creation.
  5. I just had a thought while reading through the release notes... Will the PC requirements for the game change as it updates?
  6. Oh I love that movie, and the 1992 remake was good too. I own the first one, love watching it for the whole 'house survival' vibe. Once creative is out I might make the house in-game.
  7. Yes please! I have had a few times where changing a bandage was a panic scenario because there is no pain, the bandage stays clean, but then when you take it off you start gushing blood.
  8. Sort of on topic: before they erupted, they mentioned this happening on Easy. In the release notes it says that this feature isn't on during easy mode. They may have been right about it being a bug (Assuming they were on easy)
  9. "You now have a minor "chance" to spawn a new player with minor injury (could be bandaged), minor panic or a bit exhausted, won't happen in easy difficulty " Apparently it might be a feature now? Do you know if you spawned with it?
  10. I do have mods, btu I noticed it seems to be a system sound according to my sound mixer, but no errors pop up, and screamik says his friend uses no mods but has the same problem. I had the last version before and had no problems with my mods though.
  11. TheWraithPlayer suggested I post it here to see if it gets noticed: Basically, each skill can have a trait which gives a boost (10-20%) to earned experience, but gives NO skill points. It would be cheap (1 or 2 points, depending on the skill's 'importance') and would be mutually exclusive i.e. you can only pick ONE 'talent' for your character. PS: As well on a side note, what about being able to use zombie ashes for fertilizer? Like adding it to the compost bin, ashes are usually good for gardening I've heard.
  12. I'm loving the changes so far (Especially the furniture you are looting being highlighted, very useful) But I noticed a weird bug(?) when I start it up. It starts beeping while showing the indistone logo. Like an electronic beeping? Anyone else getting that? It stops when the menu music takes over.
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