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  1. Game will not stop if u have to pause game in single play press esc. Bad idea. I offten do couple things offscreen when im reading or do boring stuff that dont need my supervising.
  2. Hello. Sugestion to put information to "how update interactive map" as a creator it would be nice to have it with other maps in browser. There are many maps rn that are not official but are very detailed and lack proper maping. If there is infromation how to do that i didint found it. https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#9702x5663x10
  3. Torches will be added as light source after NPC/Animal patch but for now u need to use mods.
  4. Deep wounds yep u will need stickes to stop blood but broken bones from biting? nah
  5. duh7


    Ofc it is logic but not all axes can do that and u can still irl put nails with ur hand and a stone if u desperate but game mechanic dont work like that and finding hammer and axe and using them as proper tools shuld give benefits.
  6. Ladders will be added at some point but rn devs preparing other stuff.
  7. Nice but im not sure it is possible as some things are pregenerated on map. Game information change mid game offten is very bugy.
  8. Ye i dont know why they split skill but u have right. Earlier versions of guns in game was a trap. Now are more balanced but are not realy "real". I like idea of puting a lot louder shots, RNG when u can shot urself if u dont have ur gun in good quality, but there for sure shuld not be one shot kill without a headshot. Most people dont know how to shot and even if they learned mostly are teached to hit torso so fighting zombies is something new for everyone in zomboid.
  9. the only problem is with naming i see here. If u want add another one to game u can do it or try to find mod. Yep naming stuff need to be accurate.
  10. U still can burn them u know? there is mod that can easly do a pile of stuff from around. Dont remember name but mod do everything on automatic so u dont need to click on every lying body around. U dont need pit to burn them only use fire on pile of bodies.
  11. duh7


    Horses are part of animal NPC pack after patch 42. If not added stright away they sure be latter as that patch will be huge.
  12. There are 2 groups of players there. 1. That dont like to micromenagment and will not like that idea. 2. That love as is part of an RPG experience. Im in that group and i realy like that idea. I realy like that idea but 1Aid will get overhaul like every occupation skill etc after 42 patch. U can still work with mods on that.
  13. duh7


    Adding new furniture, items, music etc take time. Use mods.
  14. A big No from devs Look at 1st topic. Devs dont want mutated zombies. But with tools u can put one in ur games. Make a mod or use one of what they are now.
  15. Ok so lets Say we have end of the world. Army is blocking ur internet connection and u can only use what u stored earlier. How much tv program and radio songs u have around stored for future use? I meaby have a couple of songs on my Phone and that is all. I know some ppl are realy intonit and have entire library of music, movies etc. But this is 90'. I dont know how offten u can see walkemens or stored music if u were not in music studio. There is mod for more radios, TV shows, or even ur own music. I would like to have option meaby a quest to restore some radio stations or get music from music studios for someone a'la 3dog from fallout3.
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