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  1. And ur wrong here. Devs said that they plan more layers on them map. I dont remember how much but we we will get sewers/basments and proper skycrapers. Map update Got a strong kick last month and we Got new places to see. But npc update is more important right now.
  2. duh7

    Car overall

    Cars have simplifed mechanic as game focus on diffrent stuff than them. There are mods that can cover up what u want.
  3. Overhaul of all proffesions/occupations and traits is in plans but that is after we get npc and animals.
  4. Play game. We have minimum 2 new zombie models. A typical american and slenderman.
  5. I like the idea if they give diffrent buffs or have diffrent power. There is mod that do that but ye we shuld have some variations.
  6. Well. I dont like idea to skillbooks that will give u back exp/lvl in skills but i like idea to loosing control to NPC take over if i want to try something new/diffrent on other side of map.
  7. Post from 5y lad. We have generator magazine and lots of mods add cooking recipe books.
  8. Right now we get more zombie models so if new zombie are in new player characterisation stuff to.
  9. We dont negate that the problem is with hordes and milions of items on the ground after u clean up waves. There are no servers that will not burn after that. Even items on heads like glasses/hats can slow servers/computers if are not cleaned. I would put a stuff that we could do from bones in game but that is a gore stuff.
  10. There is mod for that and devs put simple version. That is an option and i like it dont have big priority specialy if there is mod.
  11. So dont dump them and take only stuff realy needed. U see on model if zombies have weapons on them and type of cloths. Zombies are not resource to farm searching items.
  12. So there are 2 ideas. 1. I like to have option like that in sandbox. 2. Its hard to implement as zombies after destroing obstacle (door, window, planks) will reset path. Fences are fine i like it but we dont have animation to that to work and animation take most time to make.
  13. Not sure what u mean as after NPC devs will go full postapo and working car will be a tresure. OFC if they put more rpg system of creation of PC they will not stop with it but when it hit playable state is hard to tell. I will be happy to use horses.
  14. Idea was presented be4. I love it. People dont know in what they are good that info shuld be hiden. Occupation/trait system will get overhaul for more RPG one and there shuld be randomness. U can choice Occupation if there will be one from ur background but all other traits shuld be random and hiden. If u put all traits as importent nobody will feel as loosing from start as he can roll new hiden traits after his death. Loosing is fun. Game shuld automatic move time couple of days/weeks after each player character death on single player.
  15. Well i like it but shooting is more about ur posture than ur strengh. It can be a little better for shooting from hips or when running.
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