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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, warning, slightly long post here with a few of my suggestions for the game. I will continue to add to this topic when I feel an idea is worth adding, and I'll remove any ideas that you guys dislike. Would really love to hear a dev's thoughts on these to see where they stand. Please take a look and share your thoughts and ideas! #1 - The Hunger Zombies are primarily known for their hunger for human flesh, however in the game currently they'll take chunks out of you UNTIL you drop dead, at which point they'll leave the body and wander away. As of now this doesn't matter much, but when NPC's and Multiplayer are added, you'd expect the zombies to actually eat bodies, if they find a corpse they'll start to munch on it (unless there's already one or two zombies eating it) until they see a living human. For one thing it would increase the diversity of zombie behaviour, it would be easier to sneak past zombies who are in the middle of eating, and also can be used as a distraction (shooting your pal and letting the zombies eat him). Also it would give yet another incentive to remove dead bodies from near your base, as walkers would come for a meal. In order for this to work, there would need to be a new eating animation (bent over, gnawing on the corpse), and also perhaps a new corpse sprite (the point in which it's a bloody mess of half-eaten gunk). If left for a while the zombies will devour corpses entirely. #2 - The Bowman Bows and arrows, suggested a lot, but I feel like I need to add this here. In the gun store in West Point, I feel that there should be bows and arrows to be found. The bow would be equipped, and when holding CTRL or RMB, the character raises the bow, and aims in the direction of the mouse. Holding the left mouse button will draw back the string, releasing it will fire an arrow. Releasing RMB or CTRL before firing will cancel the shot. Bows would be a silent weapon, headshots would be essential to kill a walker, and your aiming skill would determine the probability of hitting the head (a lot like a gun does, however probably less chance on lower skill levels). Arrows can be recovered from a corpse or from the ground. Bows can also be crafted, albeit a more inaccurate and flimsy bow, same goes for arrows (trajectory would be off) Crossbows would work similarly to guns, in the way they are used, they'd have more range than a bow and also more accuracy, however the expense being the time taken to reload and being able to fire one shot at a time before reloading. Bolts can be picked up from corpses. Crossbows would not be craftable, only found in the gun shop and rarely in houses. Also they would not be entirely silent, about as loud as a melee weapon. #3 - Some more customization options Because why not? I think that at some point we should have a range of new hairstyles, faces and beards to diversify when multiplayer comes along. Also, a new range of clothing would be cool too (basic t-shirts, puffy jackets, cargo pants, hats, waterproof jackets with hoods, etc), the waterproof jackets would help out during the rain and puffy jackets would slightly decrease the possibility of bites and scratches breaking the skin (a bit like construction worker) I understand that graphics-wise this would be pretty tough to implement with all the animations, etc, but currently we do have a very limited customization range and I think things like waterproof jackets are definitely needed so that we can be out during the rain without getting wet (assuming you have your hood up which ALSO limits peripheral vision, so it's balanced) At worst, this could be a mod, however I do feel the game lacks in clothing, and diversity of characters. #4 - Some better weaponry Okay, so currently the majority of weapons generally do not survive a lot of combat, they break pretty easily since they're not designed with combat in mind (kitchen knives, baseball bats, etc). I was thinking maybe we could get some more combat ready weapons, I'm no weapons expert but a combat-knife of sorts would be similar to a kitchen knife but a lot more durable. Also machetes or even swords would be suited better for combat. As for blunt weapons, again I'm no expert on this but I'm certain there are plenty combat-ready blunt weapons. Honestly I don't care much for guns since they make a lot of noise, but an assault rifle and hunting rifle would be pretty good to have when dealing with hordes (on the downside, scarce ammunition for the assault rifle), hunting rifles will come in handy for hunting animals (also bows and crossbows for this) All of these 'better' weapons would be a lot harder to find than the common counterparts, any military or police buildings would contain some of the combat-ready weapons, and perhaps a store containing medieval weapons like swords, maces, etc; also, armour. #5 RIP #6 - Corpse Disposal Corpse disposal is planned, however I'm not entirely sure of which way we will be able to remove corpses. Personally, I'd like the ability to drag the corpses to an open area (or put them in a pickup truck and drive them there), put them in a pile and set it alight. However if it was a member of my group, I'd like to be able to bury the corpse and even give their grave a tombstone (craftable). I think that having a shovel, and the context menu option 'dig grave' could appear, allowing you to dig the grave, place the corpse in it and 'fill grave' would fill it back up. #7 - Better Trait System When choosing traits for a character, there could be an "Advanced Options" button in the corner that changes the trait menu into advanced mode. Advanced mode would mean that rather than choosing individual traits like: Strong Short Tempered Light Eater Brooding It would allow us to assign points to each trait (kind of like how Fallout does it) so that we could go: Strong <2> Short Tempered <1> Light Eater <4> Brooding <3> The number between the arrows would be the point number (1 to 4), which would increase and decrease by using the arrows. The 4th 'level' would be the maximum for the trait and would be stronger than the default is (let's say that the default for Strength would be 3, choosing 4 would make that strength trait a little bit stronger at the cost of an extra point, while choosing 2 or 1 would give a little bit of strength but not as much as default, but in return letting you use the leftover points to spend on other things such as Athletic 2 or 1) #8 - Social Traits With the arrival of NPC's coming 'fairly' soon, there isn't much in the way of traits that really contribute to your social abilities and interaction with other human beings (okay, short tempered could perhaps be related), so how about a few traits for better/worse social interaction with NPC's? Deceptive (-4) - People are less likely to be suspicious of you Obvious Suspect (+4) - People are more likely to be suspicious of you (even for things you may not have done) Cool Tempered (-3) - You don't get angry often Intimidating (-6) - People are less likely to cross you Timid (+4) - You are more likely to be threatened/attacked by other people Socially Awkward (+6) - People are less likely to listen to you (pretty much impossible to lead a group with this trait) Socially Confident (-6) - People will listen to you and look to you for guidance (Easier to become a leader) Comforting Presence (-3) - Your presence will help comfort most people (Kajin's Suggestion) These are just a few, I can imagine there is a very large amount of social-related traits that are possible. Some of these (Intimidating and Timid) could just expand on existing traits (Strong and Weak, respectively). Also the point addition/subtraction is not accurate, balance would need to be struck. -SUGGESTIONS END HERE- All done, let me know what you guys think of these idea, and to the developers, please consider these, I've tried to think of them in ways that will really fit with the game and enhance it. Thanks for reading. -GodWaffle
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