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  1. Something different from those Ambient Tracks, sorry but this is the common tracks you'll hear a lot. YouTube link. SoundCloud MP3 Download That's all for today. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next track "Chase!"
  2. Alright here you go, the last Ambient track, there'll be better tracks now. Here's a YouTube link. MP3 Download, SoundCloud and stuff. Enjoy if you like this sort of track. Stay tuned for the next track "Barricading!"
  3. Here is another track, don't worry we're almost done with the ambient tracks. Good stuff coming soon. This track is almost entirely piano and other stuff, something different. YouTube video. MP3 SoundCloud thing. That's all for today. Stay tuned for the next and last Ambient title track, "Ambient Raider!"
  4. Alright another day, another remastered OST release, here's Ambient Low. TO ANYBODY WHO DIDN't SEE MY OTHER TOPICS, I won't be posting the track "Ambient" because it is identical to "Alone." YouTube link. And for mp3. Enjoy, if you listen to this type of stuff. Stay tuned for the next OST track, "Ambient Piano!"
  5. So here you go, the third uploaded track, "Ambient Guitar." The track "Ambient" is the same as "Alone" so I won't be posting that. Youtube link. And a soundcloud mp3 thing. Enjoy... And stay tuned for the next track "Ambient Low."
  6. Not so tech savvy, but i'll try to do that when I'm finished.
  7. I'm getting to the rest, just finished with "Alone."
  8. I finished recording nearly all of the soundtracks. I can listen to them all I want, and you can have them too. Since I have school, editing, and plus for some reason it takes hours to upload onto YouTube, i'll upload 1 track per day until I run out, then make a playlist. Anyway, here is the next track, "Alone." YouTube Video And an MP3 soundcloud link. Next up, "Ambient Guitar." (NOTE: I will not being uploading the track "Ambient" because due to Necroforge, it appears that "Alone" & "Ambient" is literally the same track).
  9. If you like Project Zomboid's OST, you'll realize that every playlist available contains pretty much only early access music. You can't even find the remastered main theme, that sucks. I'm pretty sure Indie Stones OST DLC won't be coming out any time soon, so I took matters into my own hands. So far I only got the Main Theme up on YouTube, ready to download on mp3, don't worry. I'll do the rest of the tracks. Here you go. And for mp3.
  10. LF a PvE server to casually play on

    There's not a lot of servers on Project Zomboid, even less with PvE, so far I'm able to find only 2 PvE servers. The destruction and abstracted construction is inevitable when hundreds of players have been in the server in its entire lifetime.
  11. Is this game still being developed?

    By the words of the staff, mostly lemmy. If they used a different game engine than the one they're using right now. There would've been a lot more progress being done.
  12. The Crossed - Infected Overhaul

    I basically read all the Crossed comics and, we are absolutely fucked without survivor npcs or a big bunker, and those are usually compromised somehow. Also in Crossed +100 a group of Crossed became smarter and was able to restrain from their barbaric impulses, turning them into an army that literally demands human sacrifices or destruction. We are mega fucked if we have the supercrossed like Smokey, we'd be dead in moments because they can sprint and do everything you can, and most people can only start out with a frying pan as a weapon. Really good idea, not so if you're a casual gamer.
  13. LF a PvE server to casually play on

    You're out of luck mate.
  14. Is this game still being developed?

    Well, yes. With vehicles. So far with the normal builds, there is about zero progress being done because the majority of time is being used for weather and vehicles. Which you can try out the vehicles by changing the betas in your Steam games properties. A lot of the current development either isn't released or in the vehicles build.
  15. It's been a while, a few months while. Sadly during those times, I slacked off and did no work on my planned maps or creating new buildings. Now I'm getting back to that and I finished up one of my many planned buildings. It's a survivor warehouse. Just before the end times there are always fanatics who will prepare for the inevitable. They hole up, get armed, barricade their homes, stocked food, they have it made. Well, here's one of the fanatics castles. You may use it for your own maps. Dropbox link last. FEATURES Armory Lots of details Makeshift Medbay Restroom Office Room Stocked Kitchen Bedroom Entrance Room Makeshift Garage Living Room PICTURES exterior interior Download Link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This is my first attempt of a download link, any problems with it, come tell me).