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  1. Kennethdio

    Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    1. Already exists. 3. Already exists. 5. Get better radios. Rest are good suggestions.
  2. Kennethdio

    How do I edit the current map?

    I have been making some bunkers and I want to hide them around in Knox County (or Meade, I dunno, this game geography is weird). I know I can get ms paint stuff and dump that into either map or world editor, so is there an ms paint of the map or something in the files I can open?
  3. Kennethdio

    I Am Sad

    I was building a full on city in an rp server, and named it Ekron Republic. I started writing history books, laws, making factories, perimeter log walls, offices, and worked out a full government system, got ahold of a lot of weaponry to stock up the Republic Military, radios, and a good arsenal of functional vehicles. Got 6 generators. I did this by myself as others have abandoned me. I was nearly ready to start getting citizens, I was excited. Built lending library. Was planning on unionizing with other groups to form states and a small nation. Then Weather build came, and a full on server reset. All gone. I still can't get over it.
  4. Unfortunately I can make buildings but have no clue how to make maps, so it doesn't exist. This bunker is meant to be a piece for mappers so they could download it and use it in their maps. Your image issue, I have no damn clue what's happening, so you should try describing your issue more.
  5. Downloadable Works in Profile now. The profile section actually has a purpose now, amazing!

  6. Wowee! When the apocalypse rolls around, you need protection, perhaps isolation, people, and a stockpile of supplies. Being in those circumstances when hell happens will likely prove to be very beneficial and a lucky position. But despite all this, you may still fall. This is one of those scenarios, nothing went right. Those who thought they were safe met their untimely demise. This bunker is resilient despite falling to either raiders, hordes, or anything in fact, as this is your asset, your piece now. This bunker has a lot. - 26 rooms. - Highly detailed. - Contains both .tbx and .bak files. - Barricades and furniture arranged to explain it's demise. - Given room definitions. - 6 hours of work done on this. - Me approving this to be high quality. These 26 rooms are- - Garage / Bunker Entrance - Garage Storage - Male restroom. - Female Restroom. - Cafeteria / Corridor. - Maintenance Sector Hall. - Water Treatment Plant. - Generator Room. - Maintenance Storage. - Cafeteria. - Cafeteria Kitchen. - Cafeteria Kitchen Storage. - General Purpose Sector Hall. - Showers + Bathroom. - Locker room. - Quarters. - Library. - Briefing Room. - Armory Office. - Armory. - Medical Bay. - Medical Storage. - Laundry Room. - Private Quarters Living Room. - Private Quarters Bedroom. - Private Quarters Bathroom. ================================================================================================================================================================= DRIVE LINK HERE: (Google Drive is supremely easier than Dropbox, so i'm using this now). Any questions, criticisms, compliments, i dunno, or something. Just post it and stuff.
  7. Kennethdio

    Light Drinker Trait

    Yes, as useless as it is, I do like more points.
  8. Kennethdio

    Light Drinker Trait

    Nobody drinks in this game, it's still free points, like hemophobia.
  9. Kennethdio

    How to kill off a large horde with only melee?

    And then my corpse full of stuff I REALLY NEED, mostly city and property keys some car keys because i'm rebuilding civilization in a server will be reduced to ash.
  10. The server I was using did use several mods such as Hydrocraft, new items, crafting recipes, and a different player texture. But I can't really see how those mods are relevant to causing a bug like this. Plus with this error I did reach terminal damage and almost died in a couple of seconds.
  11. You can't sleep, true I can avoid the issue, but it's still a bug, which means it should be fixed. Dropping everything for me does nothing and I continue to die.
  12. I found out that in PZ MP, you can quit while having the moodle, Extremely Heavy Load. If that happens and you rejoin, there is a chance you'll come back with Highly Critical Damage. Your health will rapidly decrease no matter what you do. You will die. I'm sick of the admin having to clear up these issues, and i'm sure that he's also sick of it. Please get it fixed, other servers don't have admins to solve everything.
  13. I'm playing a Project Zomboid RP server, some zombies swarm me while driving and I died. I went over to find my zombie and found it, i need to kill it, and it joined a horde of an estimated 141 zombies, how can I get rid of them with only a hydrocraft machete?
  14. Kennethdio

    Zombie, it’s cold outside

  15. Kennethdio

    Zombie, it’s cold outside

    When can we expect an Animations beta to come out?