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  1. Test Track

    If Rockstar finds out that this company is using their stuff, Indie Stone is gonna get sued.
  2. Book Recommendations?

    Max Brooks - Zombie Survival Guide? Don't know how helpful it is, considering there are different interpretations of how zombies are, but it did help me a little bit in Project Zomboid. Good book? I don't know, its detailed and somewhat insightful, and it isn't boring.
  3. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    It'd be great, if the virus didn't literally kill and take possession of your body though. So... not exactly...
  4. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    Honestly using zombie camo is a great way to infect yourself. It exchanges via bodily fluids, the blood will soak or it'll get in your body somehow. Then you zombify.
  5. Servers Wont Respond.

    So I have this problem, I like playing multiplayer, especially when people aren't trying to kill you. I like that... But I have serious problems that make me just, not even try playing multiplayer anymore, because it isn't worth it. I can play it normally, join, play, all of that stuff. Then randomly all info such as info, status, version suddenly gets confused one day, then it wont let me join. FOREVER. Here is my problem
  6. Kennethdio's Building Thread

    So, first off is a four home condo, each home is the size of a one bedroom apartment. I'm not sure exactly what environment it belongs to. An example of one of the rooms Second Floor, First Floor is identical except for the house decor, each room is designed differently like it's owned by an individual person.
  7. Kennethdio's Building Thread

    I want to make some maps, my current ideas are of San Diego, New Orleans, random rural areas and so on. Sadly, I don't really know how to use WorldEd, TileZed, and stuff, but I do make some buildings for my map ideas. These buildings are made as like concept art for my ideas, if you ever see my maps on Steam Workshop in the distant future, you may not see some of the buildings shown in this thread. It's just concept. Also, I don't know how make Dropbox links and all that stuff, you'll only see screenshots, and some descriptions about it. Stuff about my building thread. Q: Why would you do this? A: Because, other people are doing it, so I thought... why not? And other things. Q: We saw your stuff, now what? A: You could leave, comment, or do some criticism. The main reason I made this, is to improve my skills, if you think it sucks then tell me, if you think its good, tell me. Or you just say it sucks, although that's not very helpful because I have to review and analyze my insulted building and determine a fault, which is basically a guess. Q: I'm too scared to criticize, what do I do? A: Leave or get over it, if you say it sucks, i'm not going to get salty, or burn down your house, hire a hitman, literally start a zombie apocalypse...etc. Whatever you say, as long as it's genuine, and helpful then I won't get any hateful or dumb thoughts about you, even if you don't be helpful and just say a single sentence, which would just confuse me. '
  8. Merry Christmas

    A little late for me to say so, but Merry Christmas to you too.
  9. TRUMPS QUEST - 8 bit Epic Political RPG Sim

    When will we ever see The Legend of Ajit Pai?
  10. Muffled Scream

    Isn't what you want, but i'll just help you understand the Celsius thing to a minimum 100 is boiling point. 50 is frickin hot, around 122 F. 25 Celsius is around room temp. 12.5 Celsius is 55 F. 6 Celsius is an early day, like 6 AM. 43 F 3 Celsius is basically rain 0 Celsius is around 32 F, it's when water freezes. -100 Celsius is beyond death. (Note: I'm guessing on the whole Celsius thing, correct me). (Note 2: Thanks Fenris_Wolf.
  11. How To Have Different Exterior Walls?

    Alright, looks as I got things covered for now... With your help, I managed to make this, to make that other corner New Orleans building I require info for it. But, here's a house instead. INTERIOR: Most important room.
  12. How To Have Different Exterior Walls?

    Yes, trying to make a New Orleans map, I noticed that I can't make wood pillars or fences. In the building tiles menu there's some applications, radios, do i use them? Also the pillars. Without the pillars I can't make this.
  13. . This is Building Editor by the way, i seen some maps manage to pull this off, how? If you can, could anyone explain how to do the same for interior walls?
  14. Waffles vs Pancakes