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  1. Charisma Skill for NPCs and You

    Now look, I don't want this now, but maybe when NPC news will come back soon after animations. But something realistic when you're recruiting survivors is "How good are your looks and speaking skills?" So I kinda want a Charisma Stat similar to Fallout 1. For example, a more handsome/beautiful looking character naturally has a higher charisma stat, but if you have a low stat, you can only make non handsome, scary characters, like a crusty old raider, so do genders should have a role in this. Usually, women look more beautiful than men, thus they'll start out with a slightly higher charisma skill, but they can be ugly, you could have a lower charisma skill in exchange for more meager trait points, or something, maybe a couple of new jobs that add more charisma, traits and stuff. So when you try to set up a settlement, or recruit people, your charisma will have more convincing dialogue, and will look presentable. I'd say there would be downsides, but Indie Stone says no rape will be ingame, so charisma will have no downsides. Also it'll give out an actual use for the bathroom items, cologne, combed hair, and no blood on you, it'll make you more presentable thus more charismatic, but charisma won't be all perfect, how you are will be completely different in different circumstances. Now imagine it's the first week, your fancy looks won't be as effective as nobody would give a shit, too busy getting killed, also would make others think of you as some perfumed pissfuck. So your charisma if based on looks won't be too significant, it'll be mostly your language that'll win over others. If you decide to run settlements, trade, and advertise for your things, that's when the charisma skill could really shine, when you advertise and stuff especially after 6 months later, all cleaned up and smooth talking, people would be convinced that your ambush spot (or settlement) is really the best place for them, but that's the best for looks, smooth talking for recruitment, and just likeability. Apologies if this doesn't make sense, I should be sleeping right now.
  2. Bridge of Dies

    I thought I was done with the soundtrack.
  3. Sorry once again, YouTube acted like a douche and caused some errors yesterday so I had to finish it today, plus school and stuff, so time wasn't much of a luxury. I have finished them all now, all clustered into one playlist, maybe even an hour long video with all tracks and shit. You can download them off SoundCloud + Youtube, here's the playlists links. SoundCloud. Alright now, I am now at peace, a bit now. I did something for you guys, I need you to do something for me, some help. You see, when I started out, MrCouper has no in game soundtracks but the main theme, he asks for a I have no fucking clue how to do this, and I need help. Can somebody give me instructions on how to do this?
  4. When did you join pz

    2017, I was 13. I'm still 13 when I watched "Ross's 23 Most Anticipated Games" list. Anyway the concept of a realistic zombie apocalypse survival simulator seemed like a swell idea, the trailers and updates got me hooked. I tried the demo, not a fan, but I knew I'd like it if I wasn't infected so I weeded a couple yards and earned a $20. Then purchased a GameStop Steam Gift Card, used those Steam funds to buy the game. It was hard at first, but I like it now. Currently I only have 171 hours. I'm not playing right now due to the game seeming to be boring without new mechanics, npcs to spice things up, the vehicle build isn't exactly enough but It added a couple hours into the game. I'll wait.
  5. LF a PvE server to casually play on

    There's not a lot of servers on Project Zomboid, even less with PvE, so far I'm able to find only 2 PvE servers. The destruction and abstracted construction is inevitable when hundreds of players have been in the server in its entire lifetime.
  6. The Crossed - Infected Overhaul

    I basically read all the Crossed comics and, we are absolutely fucked without survivor npcs or a big bunker, and those are usually compromised somehow. Also in Crossed +100 a group of Crossed became smarter and was able to restrain from their barbaric impulses, turning them into an army that literally demands human sacrifices or destruction. We are mega fucked if we have the supercrossed like Smokey, we'd be dead in moments because they can sprint and do everything you can, and most people can only start out with a frying pan as a weapon. Really good idea, not so if you're a casual gamer.
  7. LF a PvE server to casually play on

    You're out of luck mate.
  8. It's been a while, a few months while. Sadly during those times, I slacked off and did no work on my planned maps or creating new buildings. Now I'm getting back to that and I finished up one of my many planned buildings. It's a survivor warehouse. Just before the end times there are always fanatics who will prepare for the inevitable. They hole up, get armed, barricade their homes, stocked food, they have it made. Well, here's one of the fanatics castles. You may use it for your own maps. Dropbox link last. FEATURES Armory Lots of details Makeshift Medbay Restroom Office Room Stocked Kitchen Bedroom Entrance Room Makeshift Garage Living Room PICTURES exterior interior Download Link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This is my first attempt of a download link, any problems with it, come tell me).
  9. Test Track

    If Rockstar finds out that this company is using their stuff, Indie Stone is gonna get sued.
  10. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    It'd be great, if the virus didn't literally kill and take possession of your body though. So... not exactly...
  11. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    Honestly using zombie camo is a great way to infect yourself. It exchanges via bodily fluids, the blood will soak or it'll get in your body somehow. Then you zombify.
  12. So, first off is a four home condo, each home is the size of a one bedroom apartment. I'm not sure exactly what environment it belongs to. An example of one of the rooms Second Floor, First Floor is identical except for the house decor, each room is designed differently like it's owned by an individual person.
  13. I want to make some maps, my current ideas are of San Diego, New Orleans, random rural areas and so on. Sadly, I don't really know how to use WorldEd, TileZed, and stuff, but I do make some buildings for my map ideas. These buildings are made as like concept art for my ideas, if you ever see my maps on Steam Workshop in the distant future, you may not see some of the buildings shown in this thread. It's just concept. Also, I don't know how make Dropbox links and all that stuff, you'll only see screenshots, and some descriptions about it. Stuff about my building thread. Q: Why would you do this? A: Because, other people are doing it, so I thought... why not? And other things. Q: We saw your stuff, now what? A: You could leave, comment, or do some criticism. The main reason I made this, is to improve my skills, if you think it sucks then tell me, if you think its good, tell me. Or you just say it sucks, although that's not very helpful because I have to review and analyze my insulted building and determine a fault, which is basically a guess. Q: I'm too scared to criticize, what do I do? A: Leave or get over it, if you say it sucks, i'm not going to get salty, or burn down your house, hire a hitman, literally start a zombie apocalypse...etc. Whatever you say, as long as it's genuine, and helpful then I won't get any hateful or dumb thoughts about you, even if you don't be helpful and just say a single sentence, which would just confuse me. '
  14. TRUMPS QUEST - 8 bit Epic Political RPG Sim

    When will we ever see The Legend of Ajit Pai?
  15. Muffled Scream

    Isn't what you want, but i'll just help you understand the Celsius thing to a minimum 100 is boiling point. 50 is frickin hot, around 122 F. 25 Celsius is around room temp. 12.5 Celsius is 55 F. 6 Celsius is an early day, like 6 AM. 43 F 3 Celsius is basically rain 0 Celsius is around 32 F, it's when water freezes. -100 Celsius is beyond death. (Note: I'm guessing on the whole Celsius thing, correct me). (Note 2: Thanks Fenris_Wolf.