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  1. Light Drinker Trait

    Nobody drinks in this game, it's still free points, like hemophobia.
  2. How to kill off a large horde with only melee?

    And then my corpse full of stuff I REALLY NEED, mostly city and property keys some car keys because i'm rebuilding civilization in a server will be reduced to ash.
  3. The server I was using did use several mods such as Hydrocraft, new items, crafting recipes, and a different player texture. But I can't really see how those mods are relevant to causing a bug like this. Plus with this error I did reach terminal damage and almost died in a couple of seconds.
  4. You can't sleep, true I can avoid the issue, but it's still a bug, which means it should be fixed. Dropping everything for me does nothing and I continue to die.
  5. I found out that in PZ MP, you can quit while having the moodle, Extremely Heavy Load. If that happens and you rejoin, there is a chance you'll come back with Highly Critical Damage. Your health will rapidly decrease no matter what you do. You will die. I'm sick of the admin having to clear up these issues, and i'm sure that he's also sick of it. Please get it fixed, other servers don't have admins to solve everything.
  6. I'm playing a Project Zomboid RP server, some zombies swarm me while driving and I died. I went over to find my zombie and found it, i need to kill it, and it joined a horde of an estimated 141 zombies, how can I get rid of them with only a hydrocraft machete?
  7. Zombie, it’s cold outside

  8. Zombie, it’s cold outside

    When can we expect an Animations beta to come out?
  9. Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    We should get double wooden gates that can be barricaded, so I can secure my area in MP.
  10. Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    Build 41: Animations Build 42: NPCs?
  11. I know that the only reason why Project Zomboid is in an area of Kentucky that nobody cares about is because of Fort Knox, it might even become a selling point. But, how special will Fort Knox be? Is it going to be another generic looting area? Your one stop shop for guns and ammo? Or maybe when NPC's come out, it'll operate like an actual base and gun down zombies and survivors alike? Any ideas guys?
  12. When did you join pz

    Hah, 13 year old me weeded some guys lawn, went to Gamestop to exchange a giftcard, and then bought the game.
  13. How much is 10,000 meters?

    Very useful, thank you for this.
  14. How much is 10,000 meters?

    I'm in multiplayer without global chat and instead rely on radios. I have a US Army Comm and it has 10000 range. I don't know how big that is. Can someone draw a radius circle for that size or something onto the PZ map? It'll be helpful for me and future generations.
  15. How Resource Intensive WIll NPC's Be?

    Well it's good enough to at least be kind of confident that I can run the game with NPC's without a stutterfest.