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    Video games, writing, eating, being lazy, kinky stuff that you'd run away from me if I'd were to tell them. Being gay af <^^>

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  1. Legoland99

    Union City

    I could work on making some more buildings haha
  2. Legoland99

    When did you join pz

    That's better, thx.
  3. Legoland99

    When did you join pz

    Oldfag ? the two words seem to be a bit out of context.
  4. Legoland99

    Death Cab for Zombie

    This is so exciting ! Will we find more clothes now in drawers and wardrobes, or stores ? I'd love that! Having a variety of clothes to try out, as well as weapons, raging from sticks to chainsaws and ak's... DAYUM! What I am really hoping for is lower FPS requirements. In custom maps my FPS is killing the game and lagging it af.
  5. Legoland99

    Back to Making Buildings! -Union City Project- Explanation

    I will. I do hope FPS can get better in PZ. Thank you for the appreciation.
  6. I've been away since I had to finish 12 grades of school and got myself a place at a Physiotherapy Course in Groningen, The Netherlands. I only have a month left until the big exams to get my Bacalaureat Diploma, so I was really busy to finish well in school and study for them. I hope ya'll can understand this. I do have a bit more free time until the last week of the exam and can work on PZ buildings. After that I have even more free time to work on PZ, so get ready peeps! Here is an Office Building I've just made.
  7. Legoland99

    When did you join pz

    I pirated it back in 2014 and 2015, took a break from it, in 2016 made my debut on the Indie Stone forums, and got in 2017 a free copy of the game from a friend who tested servers and had been given free keys. Now I've been taking a break from early 2018 until now to focus on my education, and recently got back to the PZ World. I do hope to see 10+ story buildings in the near future and will continue to make my buildings for the Union City Map.
  8. Back From The Dead. Will continue working on buildings for the Union City map. It will be slow, but my big exams are coming up and if all goes well, I'll have enough time to do three times+ as many buildings as I did before.


  9. Legoland99

    Union City

    Back from the dead. Final exams coming soon and got accepted abroad to a good Uni. All in all, Project Zomboid is back on my timetable and I'll be working hard to help with more buildings. So excited!
  10. Legoland99

    Union City

    24 More buildings to finish up and I can give you apartments for life man. (in a month hopefully)
  11. Legoland99

    [APARTMENT] 3 story highly detailed apartment building

    You still have to finish the balconies and such and add windows/doors/furniture/rooms. Post a complete picture once it's finished.
  12. Legoland99

    Legoland99's official custom buildings thread!

    Zuela was short for Venezuela XD I was wondering how's your life going there, last time you said it was pretty difficult so I was wondering if it's a bit better now.
  13. Legoland99

    Legoland99's official custom buildings thread!

    The properties are defined Atoxwarrior, they are not furnished but the room definitions and the rooms themselves are made, all of them have lights placed inside. Storefronts represent what that place should be. If you can help with some it would be more than welcomed. I just have to finish 30 more buildings and I'm done for this year. XD How are things for you in 'Zuela my friend ?
  14. Legoland99

    Legoland99's official custom buildings thread!

    84% out of the 200+ pack done. Here's a ground floor parking lot for a small apartment building. Easy way to park your car and close it off once garage functions come to the game.
  15. Legoland99

    Slay Bells Ring

    Sweet !