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  1. Love it!
  2. That's pretty freaky! ._. Thx for the upload.
  3. It sounds good but maybe a video would help them more ?
  4. Why would you build that ? XD
  5. There's a video of basements. Once they'll work on the game to allow more stories then yes, it would be possible. It's rather easy to do
  6. Did someone say friends and multiplayer ? Here, add me if ya wanna play
  7. It looks a bit like a pyramid ._.
  8. Even though we hadn't seen him in recent years, he's the one who brought the zombie genre to how it is today. I'm glad that his family and favorite movie were with him when he passed away, he died knowing he wasn't alone. R.I.P.
  9. Ik xD Take a word out of context and it ain't a cat no more! :'D
  10. Maybe they'll fix it. I've been thinking of adding stairs under the bunker/roof so that people could go up on it. It would be really cool if it worked ! Might give it a try and test it out
  11. It would be, they might implement it in late 2017 beginning of 2018
  12. Hey guys, marked the 200 buildings anniversary that I made with this nice family sized Nuclear Bunker. It has 2 decontamination rooms, a common area, a kitchen, storage, bathroom, small armory, small medical supplies room, two shared bedrooms (F and M sleep in different rooms) and a storage room with food and freezers. It has a vent that goes outside, you can probably see it in the pictures. All is furnished and done, and yes, even the light switches are there, it's just that they are a bit hidden from view Hope you all enjoy my work for the upcoming Union City map !
  13. Yup, there's a lot of other stuff in the tiles that you need to place and would look cool
  14. I have about 200 buildings, I'll share them once the Union City Suburban Area is over and out to play. 150 of them are just houses. 110 at least are furnished and ready to be placed.
  15. Interesting. Took a look through the files. Might I be of use and help you out with some more scripts ? Never worked on one but I read all of the radio/tv transcripts. I've also worked on books on wattpad and made a few short movies, so I guess I could if ya want to Anyway, love the mod, subscribed to it and it works well in the game.