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  1. Thursdoid Rising

    Please think about doing a SUV I saw that cool looking sedan already!
  2. Some opinions ? :3

    Most people when I asked here they said 7, so I'll try 8 soon enough as a test maybe. I've got a good 36 buildings just like these ones. I'll multiply all of them by x3 and change colors etc. This will make up for about 114 buildings that I'll use on the Union City map and then release it publicly.
  3. Some opinions ? :3

    Max number is 7 stories. After that the game might act funny as the engine does not support it or the game can't support it, yet. I saw on a custom map 8-9 story buildings that acted pretty okay, minus some lag.
  4. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    True, now we're talking XD Finding a hiking backpack or a military one would be sweet. Ofc, backpacks would be found in car trunks or in shelves etc and guns would go the same way, but also on zombies. I would love to see hunting knives, pistols and rifles on them. Sure, some weapons dropped, are out of ammo or in a bad shape, but in 1-5 corpses you should be able to find a gun and some ammo. That would be sweet. Right now there's a lack of weapons to be honest, and I mean in terms of rifles, semi-automatics, blunts and knives. Also, zombie patterns are unpredictable. Once a car gets stuck, either from zombie bodies/limbs stuck underneath or from engine, a whole convoy can get easily overrun, especially if the car is in front. Judging by the airborne virus in PZ, cars would lay abandoned on the road, meaning that national guard vehicles or any type of cars would have to move slow to manoeuvre through debris, bodies and occasionally, if not often, push cars out of the road. Also, here's a video of what a high speed crash with a 50-70kg dummy would do to your car. Notice a cracked windshield and a dented body in front of the car, meaning that the slower your car goes the more it can go through zombie infested roads. But, a humvee is only 10 times stronger or so, it could get stuck and eventually you'll either starve or have to abandon the vehicle. Plus it consumes a ton of fuel! Also this. Also in regards to axes and such, object like knives, screwdrivers and other objects will be in some zombies by people who tried to fight their neighbors, friends or complete strangers. Now, freshly turned corpses will be more flexible before rigor mortis sets in, making the limbs stiffer. Also some people had more or less muscle mass, making them unpredictable, hence some zeds rapidly following after you. Also, some bodies rot slower than others. Another thing that makes zombies spread fast, their resilience and their resistance. Sometimes, a zombie can resist a bullet to the head. Not all zombies die from a single gun shot as not all people die from a single gun shot, so watch out. You can take their limbs but not their will. Broken bones are the worst. They can cut you in a matter of seconds if you don't have a large ranged weapon or blade. Alone they are not that intimidating unless they are people you know or have more strength/agility then most or got freshly turned. Also they can sustain a large ammount of trauma to the head. Not all zombies are the same, some are weaker and some are stronger, more resilient. Damage is nothing to them, and being able to moan means getting others to follow. The sheer numbers are what kill the humans. Special effects are sweet.
  5. Did they add map yet ?

    True. Or just check the houses next door, or leave a trail of something, like clothes.
  6. useing peanut butter jars as preserve jars???

    It actually would. You could make pickle jars and take some out. Plus peanut butter jars are found in 1 out of two houses guaranteed, sometimes more than just one. So that would be pretty useful.
  7. Some opinions ? :3

    Buildings face different sides.
  8. useing peanut butter jars as preserve jars???

    It would be nice if we could do that, would help us in a 'pickle'.
  9. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    There might be one set in the UK I think, a small village ? It's in the mod pack, small town 15-20 houses or such, 200 population or so.
  10. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    I am also asking that myself. No. Chances of you finding that are low. First of all, the army usually burns the bodies and would take away any ammo that would fall into civilian hands. Clothes would get burned with the infected alike. Finding UCP uniforms maybe, but m4's on a zombie and huge rucksacks ? 22 storage on a big hiking pack is more than enough. Military backpacks are usually set to weight about 18-22 MAX. An army individual would only carry a small bonnet on him for rations at max. Most military servicemen would carry pistols on them and maybe M-16 if they are deployed to combat or do door to door sweeps. 30-40 of the military would guards/drive/ use machine guns/set defensive positions and evacuate civilians, so no, you won't find kewl guns and such. Also, only combat ready soldiers wear Vests, usually light or heavy armored in case the area is in need to be demolished. Scars ? Everyone has scars. Mercenaries depicted in movies have scars. Most military personnel have little to no combat experience, the most they could have is a tour in a country, most likely stationed somewhere playing cards as planes bomb down some poor souls. Multicam can't help you in case of zombies. The army hasn't changed that much over the years, only more technological advanced, but most stuff is the same or just improved a bit. Also, hoodies and other items of clothing were available back then also, just that you don't see it in all the popular movies depending on your tastes. If you watch pictures, documents and so on most clothing items are also seen today and used. Cheers.
  11. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    If you want to read some lore, I suggest you read the radio/tv transcripts, there's a huge pile that's been decoded.
  12. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    It was the start of a new era if I may guess. Computers were a new thing, small cellular phones too. That's why we don't see many in the game. Things were more simple then then now probably. And it gives a nice vibe, would you like to see some 2k17 zombies wearing stuff hats and overly enlarged breasts and asses that would kill you in an instant ? Not to mention all the media 'zombies' that would probably die tweeting or something.
  13. Jerseys/Suits and Ties/Mechanic's Uniform

    If they do it would be a good thing. Right now I think most people are waiting for the program cars are made to start working on custom ones from what I've seen so far. I do hope that they'll release tools but idk about that.
  14. Building buildings on steam?

    Rather easy, I still have things to discover, if you need help message me in private and if we find some time we can talk on skype and help ya out. :3
  15. Jerseys/Suits and Ties/Mechanic's Uniform

    Not to mention that LFD is also an airborne infection like in PZ, and I approve of this idea, it would give the game more diversity once animations are out and clothes are a main thing to work on. Having lots of stuff to find in an apocalypse would be cool. You'll find tons of clothes in drawers and such and might miss a gun or ammo since there's actual clothes instead of (2)socks or sweater from time to time XD