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  1. Hello everyone, It's me, Decay, I haven't been on the forums for quite awhile but It's nice to be back and It's also lovely to see the progress that the IndieStone has made with their little game. I haven't been playing too much of PZ recently apart from the here and there testing of the new additions like vehicles and occasionally to try a mod or two out. But In saying that, my love for this game will always be there since I started playing in 2014 way back when baldspot could fatally mess up making a pot of tomato soup Anyways, here are my suggestions that I would love to see in project zomboid. 1. A more realistic inventory system It pains me to see dead human corpses with more than one large firearm in their inventory I mean where do you keep six rifles on you with three boxes of ammo without a bag and weapon holsters? A possible solution to this would be to add in a bit of text saying "You can only carry one large firearm at once and no large equipment without being severely encumbered" or even to add in weapon holsters/slings for your back. (I imagine firearms will be shown on the players back once animations are out, so holsters could be another thing.) Perhaps maybe even a complete inventory revamp in this manner because how do you carry all those tins of beans in your pockets? PS - A fix to the too many firearms in the inventory for corpse spawns could be to spawn them next to the corpse. 2. More random new game! It's lovely to have the chance to either spawn with a key to your house or not, it could add backstory to your character is this their home they're in? Or just a building they've gone to scavenge. I'd like to see more random new game in terms of characters moodles perhaps spawning in panicked? depressed? anxious? after all if we're to go by the (survival) timeline of the outbreak when you take control of your character at the start of the game if I can remember correctly it's already been three days since things have been kicking off so why not give us a bit of a taste into such things? Also in saying that perhaps a chance to spawn with car keys? Or (even a small randomly generated number of zombies killed at the start of the game, perhaps an option before you begin playing as I know the zombies killed meter is supposed to work for every zombie the player kills. Still, It would be nice to have it as a small addition.) Edit 1. Also a chance for your clothing to be dirty or bloody upon spawning in. Also.. putting sledgehammers in backpacks is that possible in real life? I assume that when the animations system is in place we'll be able to see items in our characters off hands and maybe even being able to fight using both weapons at the same time? Another thing, you shouldn't be able to push multiple zombies with only five strength maybe around 8-10 strength you would be able to push more than one. You should be able to jump in to the back of vans, sit in truck beds and even sleep in them. If I think of any other suggestions I'll make sure to bump this thread.
  2. Decay


    The character things sound awesome, will there be random gen stories for new game's on survival and what not, or will it be something like a scenario?
  3. Decay

    Last Resort

    Shesh.... It'll take a little more than a bucket and a mop to clean that mess up.
  4. Decay

    A few suggestions

    Hey. So I was playing PZ and I was fighting zombies and I noticed how my guy was getting panicked very quickly after three showed up so I ran back a little dispatching of a few and I missed a swing which could have potentially caused my character's life. So I thought about It and It came to my mind that my character should panic with a zombie so close and that somehow he had managed to miss hitting It. I think they should add In that missing hits on zombies with close ranged melee weapons should Induce panic. And can anybody tell me this, does your character automatically get unhappy as they survive further on In the game? If not I also add this Into my suggestion here during the first 2+ weeks after you spawn In you should start to get mood drops sometimes and as you survive longer the mood drops stop as often because you've became desensitized to how the world Is now.
  5. Decay

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    No, In SP I just played there ran about and heard groaning never seen any zombies then got attacked. I disabled all my mods verified my game cache on steam and It's still the same.
  6. Decay

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    being attacked and hearing zombie noises without actually seeing them.
  7. Decay

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Invisible zombs...
  8. Decay

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Sometimes the orange tint on a corpse doesn't disappear even If your searching another corpse.
  9. Decay

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    tea beverage only sates hunger.
  10. Decay


    Man, if only someone updated this mod when the new build becomes stable.
  11. Looks like a good mod for noobs and veteran players alike! or simply for others wanting to meetup on multiplayer.
  12. Decay


    I love being weird, unless there are children or doppelsoldner drug friends hanging around my house. However this doesn't prevent them from noticing the strange things that try butt chocolate. I'm a curious homophobic pagan who buys people. From Japanese.
  13. Decay


    I love being weird, unless there are children or doppelsoldner drug fiends
  14. Decay

    Re-Animator Mondoid discussion thread

    Got a few questions. Will clothing degrade overtime? If I get scratched or bit will It tear a hole In the clothing? Will NPC's comment on clothing types as such so If I have a chef outfit on will they ask If I was a chef or a military outfit or vice versa?
  15. Decay

    IWBUMS: Build 34.12

    Also another bug: I see question mark tiles sometimes