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Mapping Guide - v.0.2


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Welcome to Thuztors Mapping Guide Version 0.2.

With this document I'm trying to teach you in using the Mapping Tools.

New in this version:


- new BuildingEd tutorial

- Your building on the original map

- some other useful stuff. :D

or better you look yourself what the guide has been to offer. ;)

I hope it helps you out to understand the tools.

Here is the .pdf file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/adkkhrgxots0gn1/Mapping Guide_v0.2.pdf?dl=0

And sorry, if the english gramma is not as good as it should.
My native language isn't english. :D

You can find a list of planned expansions of the guide in the guide itself.


And here is content you maybe interested in:


The Last Stand Map for playing: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69737873/PZ/Sonstiges/mapping/MGuideLastStand.zip

Install: Copy the media folder in your ProjectZomboid game folder.

Overwrite - yes (the savefiles are in the folder with the name savefiles)


Four Buildings so far (use for free in your map): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69737873/PZ/Sonstiges/mapping/MGuide_buildings.zip


The Last Stand Map (it maybe has problems to load the textures correct [it's now a bit weird with the tileset path of maps and the programs]): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69737873/PZ/Sonstiges/mapping/LastStandMapMGuide.zip

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Hi guys,


started my mapping carreer yesterday and I really have to say im delightened about how smooth the tools are working. I worked with the Fonline 2238 engine (Fallout 2 engine) which was horrible in every way and i made some private maps for Shadowrun, which was at least a bit better. But the PZ map editor really is a class of its own. The ability to make maps from BMPs, thats just genius. The other isometric editors i worked with demanded every tile to be set separately. You had to work for hours just to make all the floors right.


Also i really want to thank Thuztor for his amazing tutorial. I'm on page 22/42 now and I have to say im really making progress here.

(Meinen allergrößten Dank :) )


But now for some questions i have:


1.) Is there a problem using MS Paint for painting the BMP files ? I get alot of wrong color warnings when I use BMP to TMX.

2.) Probably related to issue 1. But after you finished BMP to TMX, the image in the tutorial looks different to mine. In your one there are already trees and high grass visible. While mine kinda looks like the two BMP files just laying over another.


Thank you guys in advance.

Greetz Empty

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Thanks for the fast response. I really have to go to sleep now, because i have to get up early and I was checking tutorials and stuff half the last night. :)


Tomorrow I'm confident I'll get that little issue settled !

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Alright. Stood up super early today cause it pissed me off, that I couldn't get this stuff fixed. But now I did. :) Gonna be a zombie in work today, but at least it's friday.


1.) Tried a couple of things. Maybe it was antialiasing, but I think it was how I saved the bmp files (as 8 bit bmp). When I saved it as a 24 bit bmp all the colors were matching. 


2.) Was a real noob error. When i convertet BMP to TMX, i forgot to mark: "Assign generated maps to the world."


Can't wait to come home today. :)

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Hey hey,

[snip... never mind, I was being stupid. I had it on "select and move images" instead of the cells, WOOPS]

Also, for those using photoshop instead of paint etc... Pen tool does NOT use anti-aliasing and is amazing. It was a pain in my ass, those colours, but once I figured out what helped it was alright.

Thanx for the tutorial Thuztor!

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