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  1. His pineapples were rolling with a mamma dog attack helicopter. Then suddenly, a wild squirrel army and a squirrel commander demanded nuts. He only waited five squirrel seconds before he politely obliged. Before they ripped his pineapples away, they exploded, causing a squirrel massacre, while screaming, causing cancer, and destroying Sauron himself which caused the Apocalypse, leading to legitimate heterophobia. In the next nightmare of Bernie, the sky felt the need to defecate furiously. All umbrellas were utterly useless. The Sun then squealed and a Rainbow covered placenta tree grew trans lesbians. Banana hammocks were banned in Texas, Kentucky and so were regular pineapples. The Governor was unhappy with recent fruit events and created stronger LSD to control Bikini Bottom. Gradually, citizens and animals became cannibalistic and ate the bourgeoisie. "The doughboy award was fraudulently given out to vegan feminist Nazi supporters" said Shelly, as a giant Cthulhu fighter jet opened fire at people and Shelly was instantly killed. Meanwhile in Neverland, dragons want to have super gentle partytimes. The strippers philanthropically distributed rabid raccoons to nuns. These raccoons couldn't spell, hex, scry, or make orgasmic noises. However, while tied up, suspended mid-air was a BDSM fantasy. "Oh No," Raccoons grumbled as he amalgamated form, becoming a house-sized SufferPuddle®. Then suddenly mom's spaghetti was worshiped
  2. I don't know what could be causing that, I wouldn't be able to fix it even if I did know what was causing it since I lost all the map files a long time ago.
  3. Eh, what? When I played on this map in MP in earlier builds loot respawn worked just fine.
  4. Probably will. I expect it to treat the burnt walls as standard walls, so there probably won't be any bugs/glitches with it. That's just a theory though.
  5. I can't really remember at the moment as I haven't used the map tools in a while, but I think you have to take an item, place it(without releasing the mouse button) and move the mouse in the direction you want it to face and release.
  6. As Matthee mentioned above, there is a swimming pool in Drayton. You can find it here: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=Rebuildv1L0#0.5527289055457296,0.12466286391730479,61.72839506172841
  7. Probably because they're lacking shadows.
  8. I mostly care about the trailer, I didn't like the "new" one as much as the one before.
  9. Loving the new graphics! Also are buildings supposed to blow up randomly? I was walking by an apartment building and suddenly I heard an explosion and then the whole building looked like it got burnt down.
  10. People all around the world are outraged by a recent decision made by The Indie Stone.
  11. I went on projectzomboid.com and read it there. It saddened me, so I decided to do something about it.
  12. They changed the image of it, did you not read the mondoid?
  13. Penis ham was a majestic item brought to the world of Project Zomboid. I was deeply shocked when I saw the latest blog update saying that they overhauled it. That's why I made this petition and I'd appreciate your support. Let's bring back penis ham! https://www.change.org/p/the-indie-stone-keep-the-penis-ham
  14. Maps should still load unless you've already been in the places where the maps are located.
  15. "Half-walls" only exist for certain types of walls. You have to place one light switch in a room, so you could have light in that room. Lamps can also be put in the room while there's already a light switch in the said room.
  16. Happy holidays to you too. As far as I remember there's this grill that's located over here: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=Rebuildv1L0#0.6070206368320914,0.09750978250834465,114.47545997288273 I don't know if there are anymore grills in the map. Also it's, nice to hear that you're enjoying the map.
  17. I don't have TileZed installed anymore, so I don't really know where the shadows were located exactly. About the streetlights, you'll probably have to make them in BuildingEd and place them with WorldEd onto your map. I used basic street lamps in my map which are only one story tall. I've sent you a request on steam a long time ago, so I'd appreciate if you could accept it. I don't want to spam the thread with replies.
  18. Here's a little tip for the bridge: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=Rebuildv1L0#0.5928840051412628,0.3072317431285021,88.8888888888889 You can see that I put shadows on both sides of the bridge which makes it look like the bridge is elevated above the river. And for the 2nd picture, I recommend shading the roofs like this, otherwise they'll look a bit bland: (Click level 1) http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=Rebuildv1L0#0.7607277942506088,0.1619053575598144,153.6
  19. Some of the football goals are broken, so you should consider fixing those. Camping one shouldn't really be a building, you should do the camping site via TileZed.
  20. Just check the room definition in the armory. It should be gunstore or gunstorestorage if you want it to spawn guns.
  21. I'm pretty certain that you didn't create that.
  22. Safe to say that this project is abandoned. What a shame, it was probably the only map project I was looking forward to.
  23. Have you bothered opening the prison building file to check if there are any errors?
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