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    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    I'd implement it as a current that pushes you back to the shore where you came from at an angle once you get to a certain distance. But I don't see the need for swimming as an integral part. It's not immersive to not be able to, but not a major gameplay hurdle either imo.
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    Night Drivin’

    The main melody. It's like it's been cut to halves with different chording behind that makes it not easily recognizable.
  3. Suomiboi

    Night Drivin’

    Oi! Is that a Rolling Stones - Paint it Black reference I hear in the soundtrack at 0:31 of the video? How long has it been there and why haven't I noticed it?
  4. Suomiboi

    Higher Fidelity

    I actually prefer more skills and just like this, when you do something specific you get better at it specifically. If I swim a lot, that doesn't make me a good runner, it just improves my fitness. I find that too many modern games go with simpler is better approach because it seems intuitive, but it many times isn't better. This way increases differences in characters and therefore consequences for your actions and makes a more interesting gameplay. And hi to all! Long time no post.
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    Umbrella Mod (v0.11)

    Sry but I don't have the mod files at hand anymore. I've been on a long PZ hibernation. I'll try to dig the files someday if I have the time.
  6. Suomiboi

    Umbrella Mod (v0.11)

    Umbrella Mod (v0.11) This mod adds umbrellas to the world of Zomboid. Umbrellas keep you somewhat dry when it's raining. You might get a little damp, but no fear of catching cold anymore!! Use: As you find umbrellas they are closed and can be used as a very flimsy stabbing weapon. When you open an umbrella you can use it as cover from the rain by equipping it either in your primary or secondary slot. You can also close the umbrella to use it as a weapon again. This mod will only work from version upwards. It has been tested on (0014). Download from Have fun!! Known bugs: You can open and close broken closed umbrellas for infinite use. Don't cheat!I'm sure there was something else that I'm forgetting... hmh..well. I guess it was nothing.Let me know if you find some!atm I'm using the OnPlayerUpdate event to launch the functions, so if you see a noticeable fps drop please contact me for a work-around. Changelog: Please feel free to contact me on anything conserning the mod or about pretty much anything else in life. Here comes the deadly small print! Muhahahahaa!! If I'm lost for at least 4 months this is up for grabs! In that case, remember to put credit where due. The zombie umbrella (poster) image is not to be distributed or used without specific permission from the author, even if the 4 months has passed. Special thanks: Kinyoshi: For getting me back on track with his code from the raincoat mod! RegularX, Kjulo: For making their mods so I could learn some lua! Aricane: For PZ-mods hosting and mods that I've used for learning lua! RoboMat: Extra-special thanks for guiding me through some of the high learning curve I've been up against and for great mods!!
  7. EDIT: Until I find the time to update this a bit, after checking this go see Thuztor's Mapping Guide! It explains this process in a bit more organized way Hi guys! Here's a little tutorial on how to draw "handmade" maps for the PZ mapping tools. So, let's start! 1. Software You need somekind of a photo editing software. Paint will do, but I would recommend something with a bit more options. You could go with Photoshop or similar, but I like to use Gimp as it's free and has many similarities with Photoshop, but it's a bit more simple. Also as we're only editing a few colors we won't be needing anything too fancy. 2. Maps There are two maps we will be drawing. The "main map", which has roads, streets and lighter grass areas. Then we have the more intricate vegetation map. We will start by drawing the "main map". The image has to be sized by the amount of cells you want to have on your map. one cell is 300x300pixels which means that if you want to have a 3x3 cell map the image has to be 900x900 pixels. (I'm not sure which way the pixels have to be if you'd want a 3x5 map for example, but it is either 900x1500 or 1500x900 I'll update when I get the info...) 3. Drawing the "main map" When drawing a map 1 pixel = 1 tile Ok as said, we'll start by drawing the "main map". We have 6 colors to use in doing the map as follows: After finishing the your blueprint for your home town save/export the file as whateveryouwant.png The file format is essential here. Use .PNG format as I don't think WorldEd accepts any other file types. 4. Drawing the vegetation map We'll start drawing the _veg map over your existing main map. This is where it comes handy to have a little more than paint in your disposal as you'll be able to create layers and add those on top of the main map. There's another six colors that will define the vegetation. (If you're using paint or a program that overwrites the .png file, save this after a different name for now.) 5. Adding the maps to WorldEd Now that you have the two files, whateveryouwant.png and whateveryouwant_veg.png, make sure they are in the same folder. Then open WorldEd and from the top left click File, New... Then input the cell amount that responds with your map. Remember 1 cell = 300x300pixels. 6. Start editing! Here are the .png Files I used in making this tutorial: Feel free to use them in your learning! If you use them as a part of your mods or something else please add proper credit. Sorry if I forgot something or left something out. This went on a bit longer than I expected and I'm a bit tired. (It's about 4am here now and I have to wake up in 3 hours)
  8. Hey there mappers and builders! Since we've gotten a lot of new maps and mappers during the holidays I decided to go poking into the system behind the blends and rules of the mapping tools. After half a day of trying and failing I've gotten a decent system working where I can create diagonal roads for the mapping tools. Basically this: It works with a bitmap too! The colors are as follows: Light Asphalt: 170 170 150 Medium Asphalt: 130 130 130 Dark Asphalt: 110 110 110 (Just add ten (10) to every vanilla road value.) There are a few things that aren't a 100%. . . For example you'll have to hand place some of the diagonal tiles in crossroads that have different road types, if you want them to look correct. The blend system is somewhat limited in this way, but it's a very minute problem considering the benefits! Here's the download link and instructions on how to get it working with the tools: - 64bit version - 32 bit version (the only difference is where the files are placed, nothing fancy) How to install: How to draw diagonal roads in TileZed: NOTE that this works only for the mapping tools! You have to create the custom packs and tile definitions to get it working in game as with any custom tilesets!! Let me know if you can't get it working or run into problems!! Happy mapping and a happy Mondoid!!! (clyde)
  9. Yay! This was way due! Finally someone made a great video tutorial instead of a messy forum post. EDIT: not forgetting Thuztor's great tutorials!
  10. There have been a few suggestions on this in recent years, but it hasn't catched up with the devs. Here's one: As I said in that post, I'd prefer to have the grid plus the weight modifier together. The grid would be the limited space and the weight would affect your movement etc as it does now. But I don't think this that likely and although the devs have talked about an inventory overhaul, nothing to this direction has been mentioned. Modders ahoy!
  11. Hi! I'm welcoming you to join the first unofficial real world map expansion for Project Zomboid! Community project: Radcliff Now in blindcoder's PZ Map project! Map description: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Radcliff Beta v0.2 Disclaimer: I can not and will not support any MP versions of the map and can not commit bug fixes in the forseeable nearTM future. The map is a beta version and does have bugs. If you're willing to live with this knowledge without complaint here's something for you: DOWNLOAD Installation directions: just extract the files in your %username%/zomboid/mods -folder and enable the mod from the pz mods options window (you might have to restart the game). ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' As many of us know the developers have been hard at work with the mapping and Mash is pounding away in secrecy and deciding what will be the next big things added to the map. Also much hasn't been confirmed about how big the map will actually be and what it will eventually cover. We have had word that the map will be expanded, and some rumors that we'll likely see the impassable Fort Knox and the swarming city of Louisville implemented in the future. That is all we know. This project is here with that knowledge to be added south of the future Fort Knox and maybe even work as an encouragement for Mash and TIS on their great work. So, what is this about? I am creating (with hopefully some help ) a 10x10 cell map with accurate (as close to real life size and placing, as I have the fortitude) road mapping, forests, rivers, railways, paths and buildings of the town of Radcliff which is south of Fort Knox. Where do I fit in? Your job, if you wish to join and/or contribute to the project, is quite simple at the moment. I will need hundreds of buildings for this project and you as a budding Zob the Builder shall do my bidding , wait... no... can help <3 by making as real life accurate buildings as you can in the style of what is already existing in game ( own tilesets, at least for now). More accurately, you can check google maps for the area covered and try to copy buildings as good as you possibly can. We are also trying to imitate the style that has already been established in the game by our wonderful MashPotato. If you wish to do more than that, have some mapping required (simple) skills and are ready to dedicate yourself, you can contact me by PM and we'll discuss your future role on the project. (Read on for more accurate info on the buildings...) Why are you doing this? Because, I love Project Zomboid and the community and wish to help make this the best zombie survival game it already is! Also I have been doing a fairly large project on my own which includes my home city, but I have decided to put it on the background for a while and do something where the whole community will benefit. As to the purpose of this map, it is to be as good as (or even better ) than the original, existing map, expanding the playable area enormously and maybe even be incorporated to the vanilla map when it is fully fledged out. Only TIS knows! When will this be out? I wan't to play! I'm sorry to say that this being such a huge and intricate project, you're going to have to wait quite a while until it will be in any fully playable state. As in the Indie Stone fashion: No ETAs! That being said the ones contributing most can of course always make test versions for themselves and with agreement, share some versions with friends and others for testing/streaming etc. purposes. Once we get there I will publish larger alpha/beta tests for the public, but I'll say that as I'm quite the perfectionist, the map should be very much near completion at that point. Mainly this is a slow and steady project and I'm in no rush of finishing it tomorrow or the day after. Questions, comments, ideas? Post them below or PM me personally, but as always keep it civil, constructive and lovely, above all! Ok! to the pics yayyyy!!!: Full map plus roads: Roads: A finished cell (1,3): The most typical buildings in the area: png map: _veg map: Plan: Finished areas, buildings etc: Finished/submitted buildings: (note not all of these are yet included in the map but approx. 98% are) 35 garages 147 tiny houses 205 small houses 118 medium houses 2 apartment blocks 3 medium blocks 1 small block 2 large houses 21 trailers 1 medium warehouse 14 construction sites 118 custom buildings (including schools, baseball fields and basketball courts, a town hall, library, a gazebo, chicken coop, a full golf course with apartments etc.etc) 638 buildings in total updated 6.4.2015 Completely finished cells (with buildings/tiles): Important for sending houses: Contributors, thanks and active members: Stay lovely <3
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    Community project: Radcliff [beta released] v0.2

    There's no changes to the map until the next version after 0.2 (whenever that'll be) so no foraging or trapping unfortunately. There's no gun store because I think there weren't any in the game at the time I released this version. So sorry not that either. Also I'm not sure, but I don't think the Vine Grove area has any irl either. So you'll just have to try and survive without, let's settle to call it realism aka a feature... EDIT: now that I specifically searched there should be one in the town center... I'll add to my list for the next version.
  13. Suomiboi

    Mapping Guide - v.0.2

    Check your rules.txt to see if you have those in place and that all of the lines look similar in the code. ie. rule { label = Dark Grass bitmap = 0 color = 90 100 35 tiles = darkgrass layer = 0_Floor } rule { label = Medium Grass bitmap = 0 color = 117 117 47 tiles = medgrass layer = 0_Floor } and not for example rule { label = Dark Grass bitmap = 0 color = 90 100 35 tiles = darkgrass layer = 0_Floor }rule{label = Medium Grass bitmap = 0 color = 117 117 47 tiles = medgrass layer = 0_Floor } or something like that. I remember having that same issue and changing the code fixed it. Or you can just download the file again and replace the old one.
  14. Suomiboi

    Hope for Mac OSX Map Editor?

    The upcoming creative mode should be Mac compatible, as it's integrated with the game. It will also probably allow more editing options and extra user-friendliness than the current tools.
  15. Suomiboi

    Community project: Radcliff [beta released] v0.2

    There's a small grocers in the middle of the block which has the Pizza Whirled, opposite the Knox bank and church. There's also a food market on the east of the map, here. And the third is as you said at the mall. That's all there is (irl too). Foraging and trapping are out unfortunately yes. I've been waiting to see what the creative mode brings along, but I haven't yet abandoned this wholly. I've had to put it on the sidelines, since I've had a lot of work and school lately. I have been slowly adding to the map though and I do plan on finishing it some day. Foraging is something I haven't even tried to learn to put in yet so it's most likely gonna be a while until that happens.
  16. Suomiboi

    Metalworking *spoilers*

    A 24V truck battery (or 2 car batteries together), cables and a welding rod could be used for welding as well (maybe just for pros?). At least when cars are introduced. Would really bring some survival aspect into this.
  17. Suomiboi

    New Forums Layout

    Hey, I had the same as above happen to me when I cleared my cookies. Now I can sign in as normal. I've allowed the notifications now as it's more annoying to get the notification every time i open a link rather than every time I get a notification, which is rare nowadays anyway. So all fine for me now. The world symbol didn't let me disable the notifications either.
  18. Suomiboi

    New Forums Layout

    Firefox now keeps prompting me for browser notification on every new tab and every time I open a new link on the site. I don't want to put it on and it's not allowing me to say "never on this site". My options are not now and "Always recieve notifications". Anything I can do?
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    Edit The Original Map

    You have to make a single cell map and then offset it to match the one you want to replace. You'll have to know a bit about the mapping and modding process. Search for "thuztor's mapping tutorial". I think it has all of the required info, although you might need to apply it a bit.
  20. Suomiboi

    Edit The Original Map

    No it's not possible afaik. The devs want people to create new content rather than edit the existing one. Also they want to keep the artistic rights to the map to themselves. You can replace cells in the map, but not edit them. The creative mode might change this though. We don't know yet.
  21. Suomiboi

    Need Help Modding Weight

    Could you copy and place your code between code brackets like this: [code] [/code]It makes it easier to read and troubleshoot your code.
  22. Suomiboi

    UK inspired map and buildings.

    Looks nice. A few problems though. That/those large window downstairs won't work as it requires a specific holed wall to fit into. Also I noticed you don't have light switches upstairs which means it'll be dark in every room there. Overall it looks really nice and well planned. It does look lived in.
  23. Suomiboi

    2 nails instead of 1 for barricading

    But the item name is nails. And there's a picture of 3 nails in the item itself. I personally think this is a bit nitpicky (not meaning to offend ofc!)... If you really need to have 2 or 4 nails in your barricades, you can just edit the according files. I think it's balanced to fit the gameplay quite well now as is. Or should we turn this into a discussion whether we should have a picture of four nails, or change the name to nail and a pic of a single nail, or have a delta value of 3 for the nails item and edit every recipe they're included in?
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    Mash's secret project.

    Knowing Mash's work as the artist I'm guessing it could be either a texture overhaul or maybe a Sims style 4-way turnable map....?
  25. Suomiboi

    Foraged Tool Materials

    Did you know that blade maintenance affects on the durability of the stone axe? Have you tried it maxed out or at least on a good level? That does represent how well you know your weapons, impacting on how you swing them in order to not bend or twist them etc. I do agree that carpentry could/should (if not already the case, dunno...) affect the outcome of the blade. Otherwise, I think it might be too micromanagey to try and find better stones or wood just to build that crappy axe. Although I do think it'd serve for a challenge for those who are doing well in the game and have the time for that, it shouldn't be that significant of a difference though. Also 2 large trees with a makeshift axe you built for the first time in your life is quite good imo...