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  1. Suomiboi

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    I'd implement it as a current that pushes you back to the shore where you came from at an angle once you get to a certain distance. But I don't see the need for swimming as an integral part. It's not immersive to not be able to, but not a major gameplay hurdle either imo.
  2. Suomiboi

    Night Drivin’

    The main melody. It's like it's been cut to halves with different chording behind that makes it not easily recognizable.
  3. Suomiboi

    Night Drivin’

    Oi! Is that a Rolling Stones - Paint it Black reference I hear in the soundtrack at 0:31 of the video? How long has it been there and why haven't I noticed it?
  4. Suomiboi

    Higher Fidelity

    I actually prefer more skills and just like this, when you do something specific you get better at it specifically. If I swim a lot, that doesn't make me a good runner, it just improves my fitness. I find that too many modern games go with simpler is better approach because it seems intuitive, but it many times isn't better. This way increases differences in characters and therefore consequences for your actions and makes a more interesting gameplay. And hi to all! Long time no post.
  5. Sry but I don't have the mod files at hand anymore. I've been on a long PZ hibernation. I'll try to dig the files someday if I have the time.
  6. I am seeing the images of the Radcliff project, its constructions are beautiful works of design, I hope to see your works again for the community, thank you for inspiring my work.

  7. Yay! This was way due! Finally someone made a great video tutorial instead of a messy forum post. EDIT: not forgetting Thuztor's great tutorials!
  8. There have been a few suggestions on this in recent years, but it hasn't catched up with the devs. Here's one: As I said in that post, I'd prefer to have the grid plus the weight modifier together. The grid would be the limited space and the weight would affect your movement etc as it does now. But I don't think this that likely and although the devs have talked about an inventory overhaul, nothing to this direction has been mentioned. Modders ahoy!
  9. There's no changes to the map until the next version after 0.2 (whenever that'll be) so no foraging or trapping unfortunately. There's no gun store because I think there weren't any in the game at the time I released this version. So sorry not that either. Also I'm not sure, but I don't think the Vine Grove area has any irl either. So you'll just have to try and survive without, let's settle to call it realism aka a feature... EDIT: now that I specifically searched there should be one in the town center... I'll add to my list for the next version.
  10. Check your rules.txt to see if you have those in place and that all of the lines look similar in the code. ie. rule { label = Dark Grass bitmap = 0 color = 90 100 35 tiles = darkgrass layer = 0_Floor } rule { label = Medium Grass bitmap = 0 color = 117 117 47 tiles = medgrass layer = 0_Floor } and not for example rule { label = Dark Grass bitmap = 0 color = 90 100 35 tiles = darkgrass layer = 0_Floor }rule{label = Medium Grass bitmap = 0 color = 117 117 47 tiles = medgrass layer = 0_Floor } or something like that. I remember having that same issue and changing the code fixed it. Or you can just download the file again and replace the old one.
  11. The upcoming creative mode should be Mac compatible, as it's integrated with the game. It will also probably allow more editing options and extra user-friendliness than the current tools.
  12. There's a small grocers in the middle of the block which has the Pizza Whirled, opposite the Knox bank and church. There's also a food market on the east of the map, here. And the third is as you said at the mall. That's all there is (irl too). Foraging and trapping are out unfortunately yes. I've been waiting to see what the creative mode brings along, but I haven't yet abandoned this wholly. I've had to put it on the sidelines, since I've had a lot of work and school lately. I have been slowly adding to the map though and I do plan on finishing it some day. Foraging is something I haven't even tried to learn to put in yet so it's most likely gonna be a while until that happens.
  13. A 24V truck battery (or 2 car batteries together), cables and a welding rod could be used for welding as well (maybe just for pros?). At least when cars are introduced. Would really bring some survival aspect into this.
  14. Hey, I had the same as above happen to me when I cleared my cookies. Now I can sign in as normal. I've allowed the notifications now as it's more annoying to get the notification every time i open a link rather than every time I get a notification, which is rare nowadays anyway. So all fine for me now. The world symbol didn't let me disable the notifications either.
  15. Firefox now keeps prompting me for browser notification on every new tab and every time I open a new link on the site. I don't want to put it on and it's not allowing me to say "never on this site". My options are not now and "Always recieve notifications". Anything I can do?
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