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  1. Really hope you guys win! It would be deserved! I've enjoyed Zomboid for years and you are the most tenacious bunch of devs I know. Thanks for the years of fun and congrats for the nomination!
  2. Suomiboi

    Lone Survivor

    Coool! The first thing that came to mind when reading these, is a slight lack of personality with the speaker. Of course this is to be expected in the first versions, but I hope there are plans on continuing development on that route. I think phares like "God help them" and the example of "Idiot Brian" seemed to go into a more personalized direction which is great. All the best on your work! Still loving the game and been reading every update and tidbit since 2014.
  3. Suomiboi

    2022 and Beyond

    I got chills seeing Kate and Baldspot. Really happy about this news! Thanks for all the hard work through the years TIS! I really need to buy this game another time with a more proper price now. I've got almost 1000hrs spent into Zomboid (in steam alone, not counting the time before)! Still a huge fan and I really appreciate the tenacity of you guys.
  4. Suomiboi

    Search and DeZtroy

    Just a thought. Are the question mark pop ups needed with the foraging. Wouldn't it be more interesting to the player to actually try and see where the items fade in?
  5. Suomiboi

    Noise Works

    Great news on the sound department! As someone who's now worked in the music side of sound industry for a few years, I've been waiting for a sound "overhaul" for pz. I was thinking about starting a mod project for it, but this is awesome news!
  6. I'd implement it as a current that pushes you back to the shore where you came from at an angle once you get to a certain distance. But I don't see the need for swimming as an integral part. It's not immersive to not be able to, but not a major gameplay hurdle either imo.
  7. The main melody. It's like it's been cut to halves with different chording behind that makes it not easily recognizable.
  8. Oi! Is that a Rolling Stones - Paint it Black reference I hear in the soundtrack at 0:31 of the video? How long has it been there and why haven't I noticed it?
  9. Suomiboi

    Higher Fidelity

    I actually prefer more skills and just like this, when you do something specific you get better at it specifically. If I swim a lot, that doesn't make me a good runner, it just improves my fitness. I find that too many modern games go with simpler is better approach because it seems intuitive, but it many times isn't better. This way increases differences in characters and therefore consequences for your actions and makes a more interesting gameplay. And hi to all! Long time no post.
  10. Sry but I don't have the mod files at hand anymore. I've been on a long PZ hibernation. I'll try to dig the files someday if I have the time.
  11. I am seeing the images of the Radcliff project, its constructions are beautiful works of design, I hope to see your works again for the community, thank you for inspiring my work.

  12. Yay! This was way due! Finally someone made a great video tutorial instead of a messy forum post. EDIT: not forgetting Thuztor's great tutorials!
  13. There have been a few suggestions on this in recent years, but it hasn't catched up with the devs. Here's one: As I said in that post, I'd prefer to have the grid plus the weight modifier together. The grid would be the limited space and the weight would affect your movement etc as it does now. But I don't think this that likely and although the devs have talked about an inventory overhaul, nothing to this direction has been mentioned. Modders ahoy!
  14. There's no changes to the map until the next version after 0.2 (whenever that'll be) so no foraging or trapping unfortunately. There's no gun store because I think there weren't any in the game at the time I released this version. So sorry not that either. Also I'm not sure, but I don't think the Vine Grove area has any irl either. So you'll just have to try and survive without, let's settle to call it realism aka a feature... EDIT: now that I specifically searched there should be one in the town center... I'll add to my list for the next version.
  15. Check your rules.txt to see if you have those in place and that all of the lines look similar in the code. ie. rule { label = Dark Grass bitmap = 0 color = 90 100 35 tiles = darkgrass layer = 0_Floor } rule { label = Medium Grass bitmap = 0 color = 117 117 47 tiles = medgrass layer = 0_Floor } and not for example rule { label = Dark Grass bitmap = 0 color = 90 100 35 tiles = darkgrass layer = 0_Floor }rule{label = Medium Grass bitmap = 0 color = 117 117 47 tiles = medgrass layer = 0_Floor } or something like that. I remember having that same issue and changing the code fixed it. Or you can just download the file again and replace the old one.
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