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  1. Gammlernoob

    Stellaris PZ Multiplayer round anyone ?

    Nice ! Whats your name on Steam ? I think it would be easiest to add you in order to organize a multiplayer session !
  2. Hey there PZ-Community, I absolutely love the new paradoxe game and if you haven´t picked it up yet I strongly suggest you doing it ( even though it has a rough start with all its complexity) So for the people who already own the game- would you be interested in a multiplayer session with people of the PZ-Community ? Because from my experience with CK2, paradoxe games are even more fun when you play them in multiplayer. It would be amazing if we would find a couple of people to play together a round and ( if it works and is fun) we could continue and play the round until we all get eaten by Cthulhu monsters from another dimension or get vaporized by our own mining robots. I have to admit I only hosted a server for 3-4 friends so if there are more people interested ( which would be awesome ) I would need some help to set up a server for the game. So would anyone be interested in it ?
  3. I really love it too, adds alot to the game ! But i have to admit its currently a bit hard to follow whats happening because A. The text moves very fast and B. Some text in darker colours are really hard to read Could you maybe add the option to display the text instead above the devices in a small box on the lower left corner, like the chat in multiplayer ? Because if you display it there its not a problem when you couldnt read the whole line because they dont to disappear that fast
  4. Gammlernoob

    Red Autumn D&D Campaign

    This works too i guess ;D Name: Nilus Brightwater Race: Human ( Male ) Age: 38 Occupation: Has a farm with various cattle, fields etc. Build his house , fences and barn by himself. Hobbies: Drinking, tavern fights, fishing and stupid bets with other peasants ( often drunken ) - but most of the time he has to work on his farm Memorable Events in his life: - Helped the village a few months ago by killing a nearby tribe of goblins with a group of peasants ( no peasant was harmed ) - Was kicked by various mules and horses ( no important parts of his brain were harmed ) - Won his wife during a drinking game with her father ( important parts of his liver WERE harmed ;D ) - lead an angry mob once ( parts of the village were harmed )
  5. Gammlernoob

    Red Autumn D&D Campaign

    I just played 5th Edition of D&D, but just choose what you would prefer the most I like the concept of choosing your class in the prologue ( in the system "Dungeon Crawl Classics" its even a basic part of the game -> you start with 4 random peasants and during the prologue at least 2-3 of them die and the one who survives is your character ( and you choose your class etc than)) So yeah, i like the concept of choosing your character stuff during the game ( maybe we could even use the concept of "Dungeon Crawl Classics" if you like it ( i played it once as gamemaster and killing about 12 characters in the prologue was kind of entertaining i have to admit ;D 4 people just died because they didnt make a jump over a spike pit ( the remaining characters could basically walk over the pit after that), the rest was slain by orcs/ a hungry treasure chest/ sacrificed and eaten by the players and one just straight up exploded because he failed miserably at a magic roll ;D ) Just choose what you prefer, buddy ;D But we should have 1-3 additional players before we start Edit: But i would suggest that we roll the 6 basic attributes for our characters and their race before starting the game ;D
  6. Gammlernoob

    Red Autumn D&D Campaign

    I´m up for it too. I play D&D from time to time with a bunch of friends ( never really played it online though ^^ )
  7. Awesome ! This is how I wanted the map editor to look like One question though: How does loot distribution work ? Players should name what room/building the containers are in ( for example kitchen/fire station or something)
  8. Gammlernoob

    Little Devil Inside

    Hey there I just found out about this : I think it looks bloody brilliant. At first the graphics dont look that good, but during the water scene and the desert scene I think it looked pretty stunning ( besides the overall pretty awesome atmosphere ..... I mean Vivaldi ALWAYS adds something to a great trailer ^^) I really hope the project gets funded ( I will probably back it in a few days). They also have a Greenlight page, so if you dont want to spend money and still help them, help them there ^^ What do you think about it ?
  9. Gammlernoob

    Trait - vegetarian, vegan

    In face with threats like zombies and starvation i think most of the vegetarians/vegans would give a damn about it and just eat meat too. I mean if you can´t put your life over the life of an animal, you have no chance in the apocalypse
  10. Gammlernoob

    A Few 3D Models for Project Zomboid

    Give this man a cookie ! You know fuck it, give him two !
  11. Gammlernoob

    Called the wrong Number

    So yesterday "Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number" was released in the steam store What are you thoughts/do you plan to buy it/play it ? I just played though it on normal difficulty and started replaying it on hardcore. The gameplay feels a bit different from HM1, much more strategic instead of cold hardcore action and its even harder than part 1 ( waaaaay harder, i unlocked the achievment "Karma" after 60% of the game ( you died 1000 times)). And the story, oh god the story is so - freaking - good. The twist at the end is just amazing^^ Its hard to understand what really happens ( and happened in HM1 ) , but if you look at all the details and listen closely ( and read the comics that are on their store page, too ) you get a pretty unique and interesting story.
  12. Gammlernoob


    This looks awesome ! Great work Suomiboi!
  13. Gammlernoob

    Bury Corpses

    I read "Buy corpses" ^^ Yeah like that idea even though it should take a lot of energy to make a hole ( especially a big one for more than one corpse) I like your blood cleaning idea ,too. Maybe a bucket of water + soap ( already in the game but without purpose at the moment) could be used to clean blood as well
  14. Gammlernoob

    A little more intuitive moodle redesign.

    Really like that
  15. Gammlernoob

    [Resource] Modding Tools